Ballad Titles - A

Abel and Isabel TD1
Abide with Me CC1
Abraham Brown TBU1, WP168
A-courting I Went JR1
Adam and Eve JR31
Adam was a Gentleman JR159
Adieu my Lovely Nancy WJ1, WP1
Adieu my Native Land JR2, JW1, SR1
Adieu my Native Shore WP215
Adieu to Old England WW1
Adieu to Your Judges ST1
A down TW1
Adulterations TK1
Adventures of Little Mike JR3
Affectionate Soldier WJ47
Affectionate Transports WP2
Age and Life of Man DW1
Age of Man WH8
Ah Why did I Gather JR60
Aileen Mavourneen WP267
Air Balloon DW2
Alas, those Chimes WP143
Albert, Victoria and Napier WP3
Alice Gray ETC15, 30, JW2, RH16, WP96, WW2
All (a) Courting SR2, WJ2
All in the Fashion EB1
All is lost Now MC1
Allow'd to be drunk: see Tiddle-winkie
All round my Hat ETC30, JW3
All Serene TK2
All's Well HW19, JR108, JW29, TWA27, WW53, 84
All will Hail JR146
Alterations of the Times WW3
Always do the Best TD1
American Stranger WW167
Anchor's Weighed JR4, 108, TWA27
And has She then Fail'd JR171
And Ye shall Walk JW76
Angels from the Realms CW4, TWA8
Angel's Whisper WJ174, WP109
Answer to Alice Gray JR93, 115
Answer to Blue Eyed Stranger ST26
Answer to British Man of War:
       see Susan's Adventures
Answer to Bundle of Truths TW2
Answer to Burns's Lovely Jean RP1
Answer to Freemason's Hymn WJ58, WP4
Answer to Garden Gate WP107
Answer to Garland of Love HW1
Answer to Habit Shirt TW3
        Answer to I'm Going for a Soldier:
       see Jenny's Reply
Answer to Irish Molly WJ83
Answer to I should dearly like to Marry:
       see Indeed I want a Husband
Answer to Jack return'd from Sea TW4
Answer to Jack's Return TW5
Answer to Lady and Ploughboy TW41
Answer to Light Guitar TJ37
Answer to Maria, Unfortunate Fair JR5
Answer to Mason's Hymn WW97
Answer to Parson Brown's Sheep TWA17
Answer to Poor Man's Labour TW86
Answer to Red, White and Blue WP5
Answer to Stolen Child TJ49, WP6
Answer to Three Strings RP2
Answer to 'Tis hard to Give WP17
Answer to Washing Day: see Fuddling Day
Answer to Will you Love MC2
Answer to Undaunted Mary WJ4
Answer to Young Rambleaway TW67
Arise and Hail CW1, DW3, HW2, ST2, TB1;
       TWA8, WP168; see also On Christmas Evening
Aristippus RM1
Artful Dodge TWA2
Arthur o' Bradley JR6, JW4, SR3, TJ1
Arthur o' Bradley's Wedding TB2
Artichokes and Cauliflowers ETC29, JW5, 68, WW57
Ascension of the Gospel: see Sinner's Redemption
Ashes of Napoleon TJ2, TWA3, WP8
As I sat on a Sunny Bank: see Sunny Bank
As I view these Scenes SR4
As I wandered by the Brookside WP9
As I wandered by the Cook Shop WP19
Atheist Converted TB3
Auction WH1
Auld Lang Syne WP10, WW4
Awake, Awake CW5
Awake my Glory TWA8, WP304
Away, Away to the Mountain ETC14,
       JR108, JW2, TWA27
Away Dark Thoughts HW20, JB4, WP304
Away with Melancholy JR146
Awful Execution of James Crowley WW5
Awful Execution of Jeremiah Corkery TS1

Ax My Eye TJ61

Albert TWA1

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