Ballad Titles - B

Babe of Bethlehem CW1, TWA8
Bachelor's Hall JR207
Bachelor's Lesson JR7, JW6
Bad Times among the Farmers WW6
Bag of Nails DW13, WW159
Bailiff's Daughter TJ3
Baking Day WW7
Ballad Singer DW12
Balaklava WP11
Baltic TK28
Bang Up TW8
Banks (and braes) o' Bonny Doon ETC1, WP216, 226
(On the) Banks of Allan Water ETC 30, RH16,
       JR132, WW133
Banks of Banna TWA19
Banks of Claudy WJ5, WP165
Banks of Dee JR8, SR10
Banks of Newfoundland JR9
Banks of Sweet Dundee: see Undaunted Mary
(On the) Banks of Sweet Primroses JR140, WJ1, WP1
(on the) (Banks of the) Blue Moselle ETC5, JR91, 108,
        JW40, TJ60, TWA27, WW100
Banks of the Nile WP20
Banks of the Suir WJ154
Banner that Floats JR108, TWA27
Barbara Allen WP12
Barber's Shop WP13
Barley Mow: see Zachery Bell
Barney Bodkin TB23
Barney leave the Girls Alone TW9
Batchelor Snip TK3
Bathing at Brighton WP14
Battle and the Breeze WP11
Battle of Algiers TJ4, TWA5
Battle of Boulogne: see Second of August
Battle of Bunker's Hill WW115
Battle of Glencoe FW1
Battle of the Nile DW12, JR51, TW10
Battle of the Shannon and Chesapeake WJ6;
       see also Shannon and Chesapeake
Battle of Trafalgar JR10
Battle of Waterloo TW11
Bay of Biscay MC1, TWA1, WP15
Beautiful Biddy WJ7
Beautiful Maid JR146, 203, WJ49
Beautiful Sukey TK4
Beautiful Venice WP343
Beauty of Dundee: see Phoebe
Beauty's the Pride of a Soldier JR229
Bedlam City WJ8, 55, WW139
Bedlam Door TB81
Beggar Girl JR205
Behold how Brightly JR1, WW136
Behold the Grace WP304
Behold the Man WW156
Be in Time WP4
Belfast Mountains TWA7, 50
Belfast Shoemaker TW132
Believe me if All JR146
Ben Battle TJ53
Ben Bolt WP16
Berkshire Tragedy: see Wittham Miller
Besom Maker JR135, JW62, TJ5,
Bessy the (was a) Sailor's Bride JR11, TWA9, WJ9, WP17
Best Wisdom CW2
Bets(e)y of Dundee JR49, JW25, RP3
Better Land TWA7
Betty Gill and the Parson WP18
Beverley Maid and the Tinker SR4, WP19, WW8
Bewildered Maid JR12, JW7, WW9, 100, 156
Bid me not Forget JW48
Big Show Coming TK5
Bill Bounce WP20
Bill Brown JR13, JW9, WW10
Bill Jenkins TWA9
Bill Jones WJ10, WP21
Billy and Molly's Parting EB3
Billy Barlow WP22
Billy Barlow among the Rooshans TK6
Billy don't you Cry: see Unfortunate Sally
Billy Make Room TD2
Billy O'Rook's the Boy JR158, JW85, TWA23
Birds of a Feather JR14, WW11, 156
Birmingham Ale ST3
Birmingham Apprentice JR15, TWA6
Birmingham Boxer TW12
Birmingham Boy in London JR15, 16,
       JW8, RP4, WJ11, WW12
Birmingham Council Election JT1
Birmingham Investigation WP23
Birmingham Jack of All Trades WW13
Birmingham Omnibus WP14
Birmingham Rat WW14
Birmingham's Improving: see Steam Bread
Birmingham Union WW127
Birth of Christ WW144
Bishop and Besom Maker WJ12
Bishop McCue WP25
Bishops Substituted JR17
Bit of Old Hat JG1
Bit of the Brown TW13
Black and Rolling Eye SR14, WJ86
Blackbird Most Royal WJ13
Black Decree TB5, DW4, JW10, TW4
Black-eyed Susan DW4, ETC9, JR18, JW11
Black-eyed Susiannah WP33
Black Flag WJ103
Black Thing WP26
Black Velvet Band WP27
Blanch Frigate JR19, JW12, TJ6, TW15
Blasphemer's Punishment TB6
Blessings of Peace WP28
Blighted Flower TWA9, WJ66
        Blighted Murphy TJ7
Blind Beggar's Daughter JR50, WJ14
Blithe as the Hours JR146
Bloody Gardener DW5, TJ8, WH2, WW15
Bloody Miller JR219
Bloomers WP29
Bloom is on the Rye ETC10, JR20,
       JW13, TK59, WJ9, WW2
Blow the Candle Out JR67, WJ90, WP30
Bloxwich Wake Bull-baiting TW88
Blue Bells of Scotland JR21, TW82, WP48
Blue Bonnets over the Border JW27, RH10,
       RP5, WW156
Blue Ey'd Ellen TWA4
Blue Eyed Mary ETC4, WJ10, WP21
Blue-eyed Stranger TB8, 78, JR200, JW78
Blue tailed Fly JR21, WP31
Boarding School WP32
Boatswain TW16
Bob the Groom WP33
Bob the Policeman WP34
Bold Fisherman WJ79
Bold Prisoner TB9
Bold Privateer JR95, ST4
Bold Robin Hood JR22, TB10
Bold William Taylor WJ15, WP35
Bonaparte's Lamentation ST10
Boney be Quiet TW17
Bonnet(s) o' (so) Blue JR56, WP85:
       see also Hurrah for the Bonnets
Bonnie Bessie Gray TK45
Bonny Blue Handkerchief WW16
Bonny Boy TW141
Bonny Breast Knots ETC2, RH16, WP118
Bonny Broom EB3
Bonny Bunch of Roses: see Young Napoleon
Bonny English Rose WJ56
Bonny Hodge JR23, JW14, WJ77
Bonny Jean WP216, 341
Bonny Labouring Boy WP67
Bonny Light Horseman JR135, JW62, WP136
Bonnie Lassie WW138
Bonny Lass I Love JR24, TJ9
Bonny Wee Lassie WW43
Bony the Deserter: see Dyer
Bowl Away WP95
Boyn Water JR25
Boys of Kilkenny ETC3, JR26, WW53
Boys of Switzerland JR93, 115
Brave Collier Lads WJ16, 152
Brave Nell ETC34, JR27, JW15, TJ10, WJ17
Brave Nelson JR28, JW16
Brave Old Oak JR76, 125, 175, JT2, SR5, TWA41, WW127
Breeches/Briches DW6, 7
Bridal Ring ETC13, JR29, 73, WJ54, WP116, WW136
Bridal Wreath JT3
Bride's Burial DW8
Bride's Farewell MC3, WP344
Bright is the Morn CW5
Bright Jewel TWA1, 41
Brightly breaks the Morning TWA4
Brighton Chain Pier JG2
Brindled Cow TB59
Brisk Young Sailor WP37
Bristol Bridegroom RM2
Bristol Garland DW9
Bristol 'Prentice Boy JR13, JW9
Britannia's Sons: see Answer to Jack's Return
British Man of War SR5, WH3
British Oak JR108, 142, TWA27
Britons Triumphant ST5
Britons United WW17
Britons Wish TW18
Brixton Tread Mill TK7
Broken Contract WW18
Broken-hearted Gardener WP38
Broker spare that Bed TJ11
Brothers' and Sisters' Lamentation TB49
Bruce's Address JR30, JW17
Buffalo JR31
Buffalo Gals TK3, WJ18
Buffer don't you Cry TK9
Bull in a China Shop TW134
Bullock Hunter's Medley TB11
Bunch of Roses: see Young Napoleon
Bunch of Rushes JW28
Bundle of Truths ST6
Bung your Eye TB12, TW19
Burlington Bay WJ101
Burns' Farewell JR103, JW47
Butcher's Frolic TW20
Butcher spare that Lamb WJ19
Butter and Cheese JR32, JW18
Buxom Dairymaid TB13
Buxom Lass WJ20, WP263
Buy a Broom RH16, WW156
By the Light of the Moon WP161

Bay of Biscay WJ128
Bewildered Maid JR12
Boatman's Dance TJ18
Bob and Joan TK36
Bold Dragoon TK55, WJ71
Bold Soldier Boy WP269
Bow, Wow TW54, TWA28
Brags of Washington TW76
Brave British Boys TW91, 92, 98
Bronze Horse TK20
Bustle HW24

Bandit's Revenge TWA4
Brilliant Songster TWA7

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