Ballad Titles - C

Cab, Cab, Cab MC2
Cabin Boy DW13, TWA1
Cabman WJ21
Calais Packet WW19
Caledonian Maid JR33, WP32, 74, 170, 198,
       252, 308, 310
Call of Liberty TWA14
Call to Drunkards JR9
Canadian Boat Song JR185, JW73, WP236
Can I e'er Forget WJ187
Can She be Happy TWA 41, 46
Canst Thou Love WJ109
Captain's Frolic TW21
Captain whipping the Policeman JG3
Captive's Song TWA5, 43
Careless Billy DW40
Carnal and the Crane JGU1, SM1, TB14, TW22
Carol for a Wassel Bowl SM2
Carol for Christmas TW23
Carol for Christmas Day DW11, SM1, TB102
Carol for Christmas Day: see Carnal and the Crane
Carol for Christmas Day: see Truth sent from Above
Carol on Our Saviour's Sufferings SM1
Carol on the Nativity of Christ TW140
Carpenter TB15
Carry me back to ole Virginny WP56
Castilian Maid TWA42
Cast Iron Man WJ22
Castle Hyde WJ23, 81, WP234
Cat WP39
Catch (Fire, fire) MC1
Catch 'em Alive TK10
Catholic Missionary: see Good Time's Come
Catskin TB16
Caudle's Warbler TWA9
Cauliflowers ETC18
Chandler's Shop TJ12
Change for a Guinea TD3
Chapter of Cheats JR34, WJ24
Chapter of Fashion DW12
Charity Sermon: see Bishop McCue
Charlie is my Darling JR236, JW89, WP345
Charming Woman TBU2, TJ14, TK11, WJ35, WP40
Chaunting Ben WH4
Cherry Ripe WW20, 100, 156
Chevy Chace: see History
Chief of the Gipsy Tribe WJ67
Child's Appeal WP6, 46, 50, 145
Child's Dream: see Story of Heaven
Chinese Love Song SR10
Cholera Morbus JR108, TWA127
Cholic ETC29, 31, JR4, WP41
Choristers TB17
Christ Church Bells JR108, TWA27
Christians Awake DW14, JGU2, TB18,
       TW24, 110, TWA8
Christian's Patience: see Weaver's Garland
Christmas drawing Near WP304
Christmas Goose: see Change for a Guinea
Christmas Joy TB1
Christmas Log WP238
Christmas Night DW15, 37, JGU2, STM1, TB103,
       TW25, 71, TWA8
Christ's Humility DW25, TB4, TW86, 95
Christ's Love CW2, DW16, TW26
Christ's Love for Sinners TB19
Chummies Society JW19
Chummy's Wedding JW20
Churlish Husband turned Nurse TB88
Clar de Kitchen TJ33
Coachman with Child TW27
Coal Black Rose WW22
Coal Hole JR23, JW14
Cobler Frightened TB20
Cockney's Trip to Brummagem JR35
Cold Blows the Wind WJ25, WP43;
       see also Weeping Lover
Cold Flinty Rock WP294
Cold Winter JR36, 187, JW74, ST7, TJ51, TW28, WW23
Coleman's Carol DW7, JGU3, TB21
Colier DW18
Colin and his Cow WP44
Colin and Phoebe JR180, WW61, 128
Collier Lad's Lament WP45
Collier Lads who Labour WP46
Collier Swell WJ41
Collin TB22
Come and Welcome WW84
Come let us be Happy TJ67, WP47, 284
Come Music TK49
        Comfort(s) of Man JR34, WP48
Comforts of Marriage TB23
Comical Inventions SR6, WJ26
Coming through the Rye TWA43
Condemnation CW5
Conquered Husband ETC14
Constant Farmer's Son: see Merchant's Daughter
Constant Lover: see Female Tar
Constant Lovers WW24
Constant Maiden DW19
Conversation of/under the Rose, Shamrock and Thistle
       ETC1, JR168
Conversion of a Drunken Father Wp49
Convict's Child TWA46, WJ21
Copy of Verses composed on Horrid Murder WW26
Copy of Verses composed on Imprisonment of
       Sir Francis Burdett
Copy of Verses composed on Michael Ford WW25
Copy of Verses in Commemoration of Sir Robert Peel Wp50
Copy of Verses (Oh! every feeling heart) WH3
Copy of Verses (Of all the dreadful deeds) WH2
Copy of Verses on Appalling Murder WW127
Copy of Verses on Awful Murder JBR1
Copy of Verses on Death of Simon Byrne JR10
Copy of Verses [on 1831 riots] WH1
Copy of Verses on Hampden Club HW1
Copy of Verses on Lamentable Death TWA11
Copy of Verses on those Three Unfortunate Men WW28
Copy of Verses written by a Lady DJ1
Copy of Verses written by a Lady
       and Miss Charlotte Crutchley
Cork Leg ETC30, JW75, TWA12, WJ153, WW21
Costermonger's Many Scenes TK12
Cottage WP51
Cottage and Mill WP52
Cottage on the Moor DW20, 50, TW29
Cottager's Daughter DW24, JR30, JW17
Cottage that stands by the Sea WW29
Cot where I was Born WP336
Could I her Faults JR146
Country Club TB68
Country Courtship WJ28
Country Crop TK13
Country Gaby WJ27
Country Hirings WP53
Country Lass WP54
Countryman in London WJ29
Countryman's Ramble WP55
County of Tyrone SR17, WJ107, WW50
Courtship soon Over: see Week's Matrimony
Cove wot Sings JW21
Crafty Lad's Policy ST9
Crafty Maid JW19, TW78
Crafty Ploughboy WP56
Crazy Jane JR38, 63, TW9
Creation of the World JG4, TB24
Crib and Molineux TW30
Cries of the Nation TB51
Croppy Boy JR39, WP57, WW30
Crossing Sweeper WW133
Cruel Cooper DW21
Cruel Miller ETC6, 32, WJ30, WP58
Cruel Ship's Carpenter WJ6, WP59
Crystal Palace WP42
Cuckoo WW136
Cunning Cobbler WJ30, WP60
Cupboard Love: see Butter and Cheese
Cupid's Advice WH5
Cupid's Chains HW6, JR40
Cupid's Garden JR41
Cupid the Pretty Ploughboy TWA10
Curious Dialogue JR42
Curly Hair JW22, WJ158, WW99
Cushlamachree WP66

Calder Fair TB47, ST26
Castilian Maid WP208
Chapter of Kings DW46
Cork Leg TJ11
Country Club TW109
Cryer TW54

Carols TWA8
Choice Collection of New Songs DW12, 13
Choice Selection of Songs ETC5
Christmas Carols CW1, 2, 4, 5, 6
Clown Songster WW21
Coal Black Rose WW22
Collection of Songs TWA10

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