Ballad Titles - D

Daddy Come Home JBR2
Dame Durden JR43, WP275
Damsel's Adventures WJ32, WP61
Dancing Family WJ90
Dandy Bonnet WW31, 32
Dandy Husband JR45, JW23, WP62
Dandy O TW30
Dandy Petticoat RP6
Dandy Wife JR45, JW26, WJ33, WP63, WW156
Dangers of Evil Company: see Carpenter
Dan the Waiter TW32
Daring Rifleman WP305
Dark-eyed Sailor: see Fair Phoebe
Dark-eyed Village Maid ETC22
Darlastone Wake Bull-baiting JR46
Darlin' Ould Stick TJ13, TK14
Dashing White Sergeant TB115
Daughter of Israel JR68, 155
Dawning of the Day JR47, WP64
Days we went Gipsying WP42
Dead Men WH6
Dearest Fanny WP65
Dearest Then MC2, TJ14, WJ35
Dear Irish Boy WP66
Dear is my little Native Vale DW22
Death of General/Sir John Moore ETC5, JR48, 108, 153,
       JW64, TWA7, 27, WJ36, WW133
Death of General Wolfe JR49, JW25
Death of Nelson JR50, TWA7, WP67
Death of Parker JR51, TB25
Death of Princess Charlotte TW33
Death of Queen Caroline TB26
Death of Robin Adair TWA4
Death or Liberty JR189, WW33;
       see also National Convention
Death's Warrant WW63
Deeds of Napoleon SK1, WP68
Deeds of Bold Napoleon WJ37
Deeds of our British Soldiers WP69
Deep Blue Sea TWA10
Deep in my Soul TWA42
Deep in the Forest TWA14
Delights of the Huntsman WW34
Dermot Astore TJ15
Derrydown Dale: see Nothing at All
Deserted Mother WW35
Deserter(s) HW7, JR52, TW30, TWA13
Desponding Negro TW34
Devil and Buonaparte TW35
Devil and Lawyer JR220
Devil and Little Mike JR26
Devil and the Flea JR138
Devil and the Washerwoman TJ15
Devil on his Ramble WP166
Devil's in the Girl WJ171, WP70
Devil's Own Darling ST10
Dialogue and Song ETC7
Dick Awl ST23
Dick's Courtship TB27
Dick the Joiner TB28
Dicky Lumskull RP7
Disappointed Maid WP71
Disappointed Soldier TW119
Disasters of poor Jerry Blossom TW36
Discontented Pair WJ38
Disobedient Lady Reclaimed: see Prodigal Daughter
Distress'd Maid WW36, 56
Diverting History of John Gilpin TB29
Dives and Lazarus JT4, TB30, TW37, TWA8, WP304, WW37
Divine Poem STM1
Do a Good Turn WP72
Doating Old Man JR53, WP73, 212
Do Come Along WJ30, WP329
Doctor WP74
Doctor's Boy TWA15
Doctor's Knock TK15
Doctor's Shop WW38
        Doctor's Uncle TK8
Does your Mother Know JT3, SK2, WW133
Do it Again TWA15
Dolly Dobbs JR54, JW26, SR7
Dolly Duggins ST11, TB114
Domestic Felicity TK16
Domestic Missionary TR1
Donald of Dundee WW156
Donkey Death: see Daddy Come Home
Don't be Addicted JR55
Don't be Foolish WW39; see also Rosa Lea
Don't say one Thing TK15
Don't Tell TWA14
Don't you know Cock Robin JG4
Do the Best you Can TK21
Dover Lady's Tragedy EB1
(Down Among) the Dead Men SR8, WH6, WP75
Down by the Spanish Shore WH7
Downfall of the Banks: see General Distress
Downfall of the Claimant JBR3
Downfall of the Petticoat WP76
Downfall of the Three Lovers DW23
Downfall of Tyranny: see Britons United
Downhill of Life JR56, 57, 89, TT1
Down in our Village JR12, JW7, WW40
Down in the Valley WP160
Do you ever think of Me JR194, TJ57, WW136
Do you really think she Did TK52
Do you think I can Forget WP102
Draw the Sword JR58, JW27, RH5
Dreadful Acto of Body-snatching WW41
Dreadful Colliery Explosion WP77
Dream of Napoleon JR59, TWA53
Drecharian O'Machree WW42
Drinane Dhun WP78
Drink Old England Dry WJ40
Drink to me Only JR60
Drover Boy WJ31, WW136
Drowsy Sleeper ST12, TB31, WJ41
Dr Stafford WW43
Drunkard's Farewell WP79
Drunkard's Looking Glass WP79
Drunken Cobbler JR61
Drunken Cobbler's Wife WJ42, WP80
Drunken Husband ETC8, JR37
Drunken Tar TW38
Drunken Wife WW44
Duck-leg Dick WJ43
Dudley Farm WJ41
Duke William's Frolic WW45
Dumb Wife's Tongue TB32, 33, 117, WW46
Duncan Camble WP81
Dunois the Brave WW36
Dusky Night JR206
Dyer TW39
Dying Child WH8, WP295
Dying Criminals TW40
Dying Husband's Farewell WP82

Darby Kelly TJ56, WJ150
Days we went Gipsying SK4
Death of Nelson TD5
Derry Down JB1, JR85, WP25
Dicky Birds TK56, WJ104
Disabled Seaman DW40
Dives and Lazarus SM2
Do Cease your Clack WJ143
Doctor's Boy WJ91, 109
Doll at the Fair TK21
Dolly Dobbs WJ105, WP182
Drops of Brandy TJ65, TK31, WJ29, TWA25
Dumble Dum Deary TBU1

Dick Turpin TWA14
Dover Garland EB1
Drunkard's Catechism WP79

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