Ballad Titles - E

Edwin and Flora WJ44
Edwin in the Lowlands ETC14
Edwin the Gallant Hussar WW161
Effects of Love TWA4, WW168
Eight Shillings a Week: see Present Times
Electors' Chaunt JB1
Elegy on the Death of … Wellington WP83
Ellen Aureen WW156
Emigrant's Bride WP84
Emigrant's Farewell WP85
England, Europe's Glory WJ45
England's Queen to England's Heroes TK17
England's Stagnation WP86
English Emigrant TK18
English Lady in Love TW41
Englishman SR22, TWA42, WP9
        Eniskillen Dragoon ETC9, JR62, JW29
Ere round the huge Oak JW5
Erin go Bragh: see Duncan Camble
Erin's Green Shore TJ24
Erin's Lovely Home WP87
Everybody's got their Feelings TK19
Evesham Race Ball ST13
Exciseman TW42, WP88, WW47
Exhibition of All Nations WP89
Exile of Erin JR8, 63, SR9, WW156

Englishman WP185

Ever Green ETC10

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