Ballad Titles - F

Factory Girl Wp90
Fair Ellen JR48, 63, SR9, WW156
Fair Flora HW7, WW48
(O) Fair Jerusalem DW49, HW16, SM2, TB72, TW43, 95
Fair Maria WJ46
Fair Phoebe ETC30, JR231, JW86, WW127
Fair Rosanna's Overthrow: see Oxfordfshire Tragedy
Fair shines the Morn MC3
Fair Susan JR64, WJ47
Fairy Tempter WP91
Fair Zephyr WP92
Faithful Lovers JR145, WW49
False hearted Lover/False lover(s) WJ25, WP43,
       WW49, 71, 113; see also Green Bushes
False one I love Thee TWA14
Famed for Deeds of Arms DW13
Famous Battle between Scott and Gransby TW44
Fancy Lad TB34, 35, 43, 60
Fanny and her Pitcher WW21, 50, 156
Fanny Blair TJ16
Fare thee Well ETC34, JW30
Farewell He ST7
Farewell, lovely Nancy TW45
Farewell Sue TD4
Farewell to the Mountain(s) JR65, 66, 228
Far, far at Sea JR191, WJ34
Farmer in a Hobble WW51
Farmer Man WJ146
Farmer's Blunder TWA18
Farmer's Boy WP92
Farmer's Daughter's Love TW46
Farmers done Over WW52
Farmers, don't you Cry WP93
Farmer's Downfall TB36;
       see also Free Trade (Good people all)
Farmer's Lamentation HW8 (Sad dreadful cries),
       HW9 (Draw near my good people)
Farmer's Son JR67, TW5, 47, WJ48
Far over Land TWA1, 41, WW75
Fashions of this Town WP94
Fast Day WP90
Fast Young Man TK20
Father and I TW48
Father Paul WP95
Father's Old Farm WJ49
Female Auctioneer WP96
Female Cabin Boy WP280
Female Coachman TW49
Female Drummer ETC11, JR76, TB39, TJ17, WJ50
Female Robber TW50
Female Sailor JR69
Female Tar ST14, TW52, TWA19
Female Transport JR71, WW54
Feyther's Old Sow JR72, JW32
Fidelity Rewarded CC2
Fifty Years Ago: see Wonderful Change
Fight JW33
        Fine Sight for a Father WJ51
Fine Young German Gentleman TWA20
Finikin Lass JW33
Firm as Oak TWA9
Fisherman's Boy JR133, WJ53
Five and Twentieth of December TB37, WP97
Flash Company WJ106
Flash Lad TB38
Flashy Back JR215, JW81
Flea ETC29, WJ166
Flitch of Bacon: see Methodist Parson
Flora the Lily of the West ETC5, 29, JR29,
       73, WJ54, WP98
Flower o' Dunblane: see Jessy, the Flower
Flower of Lancashire WP99
Flowing Can WP115
Flow on shining River JR74, JW34
Floweret Gay JR146
Fly away pretty Moth JR145, JW83,
       TWA9, WJ111, WP193
Fly from the World JR48, 153, JW64, WJ36
Fly not Yet JR185, JW73
Fly Soft Ideas JR146
Foggy Dew WJ113
Follies of a Night TK21
Follow the Drum ETC9, JR108, 137, 157, TWA27
Forester's Daughter JW35
For thee I Left TWA1
Fortunate Factory Girl JR232, WP100
Fortunate Farmer's Son: see Ulster Tragedy
Fortunate Maid JR75, 76, WJ55, WW55
Fortunate Sailor WJ56
Fountain of Christ's Blood CW1, DW14,
       TB106, TW23, 53
Four and Nine Tile TWA23
Fourpence ha'penny Cap WP101, 309
Four Seasons WJ57, WP102
Free and Easy JR81
Freebooters' Song JR100
Freemasons' Hymn WJ58
Free Trade WP104 (Good people all),
       WP103 (Since free trade's the cry)
French Invasion: see Soldier Boy
Friend of my Soul JR180, WP105
Friend of the Distress'd WW56
Friend to Liberty: see Birmingham Union
Frolicsome Farmer TB91
Frost, Williams and Jones TWA21
Fuddling Day ST16, TB113
Funny Eye WP106

Faith I'll Awa' WJ183
Fine Old English Gentleman TJ55, TK42, TWA20

Fate of the Workhouse Boy WW53

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