Ballad Titles - G

Gaby Gruff JR77, JW36
Gaily the Troubadour TJ4
Gallant Hussar JR222
Gallant Poachers JR76, WJ59, WW57
Gallant Sailor JW76
Galley Slave WW127, 156
Galvanic Ring WJ60
Garden Gate ETC26, JR79, JW37,
       RH10, WJ61, WP107
Garland of Love TW54, WW21, 156;
       see also Golden Bull
Garland of Love's Craftiness: see Golden Bull
Garland of Trials STM2
Gather ye Rosebuds WP323
Gay Cavalier WP108
Gay Old Cock JR184
Gay Old Man JW72, WP109
General Distress WW58
General Haynau WP110
Generous Farmer TB39
George(y) Barnwell JR80, JW31, WW57
George Robins JG10
Giles Scroggins' Ghost JR104, JW49
Gin WJ62
Gipsies WW62
Gipsy Girl TWA50
Gipsy King WP108, TWA23
Gipsy Laddie JR81
Gipsy Party TWA22, WJ62
Gipsy Tent TJ18
Girl (that) I Adore JR238, TB40
Girl I left Behind WJ64, WP346
Girl of my Heart JR82, TB105
Girl that I Love JR229
Girls of ---shire WP111
Give Honour TD7
Glasses Sparkle JR83, 108,
       TWA27, 30, WJ65
Glee (To be joyful) MC1
Glorious Star DW33, JR84
Glorious Victory of Navarino RH6
Glory to God WP304
Gloucester Election JR86
God bless the Queen WW133
God defend the Right TK26
Goddess Diana JW75
God from on High TWA8
God rest you merry Gentlemen DW25, JGU5,
       JR86, TB41, TW55, 140, TWA8
God save the Queen: see National Anthem
God's dear Son TB42, TW56, WP304
Going Home WP112
Going out a-shooting JR88, JW39
        Going out to Market Wp113
Go it Neddy WP219
Golden Bull EB4
Golden Glove JR89, WP114
Golden Vanity WP115
Good Sir Robert TK22
Good Tidings CW2
Good Time's Come TR2
Gosport Beach JR19, JW12, TJ6
Gossiping Wife WP116, WW59
Go to it Neddy WJ66, WP219
Gown of Green WH6
Grab, Grab, Grab TK23
Gradgeral Macghre TW57
Grand Air Balloon RPE1
Grand Conversation JR8
Grand Conversation in Old England WW32
Grand Conversation on Napoleon ETC12, 18
Grand Conversation on O'Connell WP117
Grand Conversation under the Rose SR10, WW156
Grand Meeting JR90
Grandmother's Boy WJ67
Great Booby TW158
Great Fight between Paddock and Tipton Slasher WW60;
       see also under Paddock
Great Gals at Home TK24
Great National Exhibition TJ19
Great Sea Snake WP164
Green Bed: see Fortunate Sailor
Green Broom(s) JR134, WP26, 146, 177, 265, 322
(Down among the) Green Bushes RH4, WH4
Greencoat Boy's Garland:
       see Pretty Greencoat Boy's Garland
Green grows the Rushes WP196
Green Hills of Tyrol ETC13, JR91, JW40, WP16
Greenland Fishery RP8
Green Mossy Banks JT27, WJ96, WP118
Green Willow JR230
Grey Mare WP119
Ground for the Floor SR30, ST17, TW50, WJ68, 115
Gubbins and his Donkey WP120
Guild Hall in an Uproar JT5
Gutta Percha Man TK25
Guy Fawkes WW61, 156
Gypsies WW62

Gallant Hussar JW87
Gee Ho Dobbin HW23, TW124
Give me a Cot TK48
Guy Faux TK55

Gem Songster MC1

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