Ballad Titles - H

Habit Shirt TB43, 69, TW60
Had I a Heart JR146, TWA14, WW22
Hail smiling Morn TJ8
Hamlet TK26
Happy Change WJ121
Happy Couple WJ125
Happy Land TWA19
Happy Land, Comic Version WJ69
Happy Strangers TW61, 98
Hark, Hark CW1
Hark the Herald CW4, JGU6, TB44, 67, TWA8,
       WP97, 304; see also Nativity of Christ
Hark the Lark MC2
Harmonic Meeting TK18
Harness HW10
Harp in the Air WP300
Harp that Once WP218
Harry Bluff ETC9, 18, JR92, JW41
Harry Hawser SR11
Harvest Home WW63, 84
Has she then Fail'd WW156
Have you seen my Baby TK29
Health to Queen Victoria ETC14, 15
Heart TWA9
Heart and Lute WW57, 156
Hearthstone Man TWA7
Heart of a Tailor WW156
Heart of a Woman JR146
Heart that can Feel JR93, SR23
He fears not WW22
Helen the Fair JR94, JW42, WJ70, WP194
Helmet on his Brow WW136
He loves and rides Away ST11, WW156
Henpecked Husband ST18
Henry's Departure JR119, WJ85
Henry's Downfall: see Young Henry
Henry's Farewell ST19
Henry's Gone DW12, 27, JR206, TW62, TWA42
Here We Meet RP17, WW156
Her Mouth with a Smile JR146
Hero Rewarded: see Faithful Lovers
He's got no Courage: see O Dear O
He that will not merry Be JR156, JW65
He was such a nice young Man ETC29
High Germany WW64
        Highland Home WW65
Highland Laddie TWA1, 50
Highland Mary JR83, RH16, WJ65
High-mettled Racer JR82, 95
Highwayman Outwitted: see Crafty Ploughboy
Hills of the Highlands JR108, TWA27
Hippopotamus WP124
Hiring Day WW66
History of Chevy Chace TB45
Hodges and his leather Breeches WJ71
Hodge and Kate's Courtship TB56
Hole in her Stocking JR96, TJ20
Holly and (the) Ivy DW28, HW11, JGU7,
       SM1, TB44, TWA8
Holy Friar JR65
Holy Well JR97, TB46, TW63
Home sweet Home WP125, 317, WW156
Honest Ploughman WP126
Honest Soldier TW61
Hookey Walker WP242
Hope Told JR146
How deep in Love TB47
How Five and Twenty Shillings were Expended WP127
How I love Her WW57
How sweet's the Love DW47
How to get a Living WP128
How, when and Where JR98, JW43, WW21
Humours of the Races TB48
Humours of this Fair WW67
Humours of this Town WP129, 172
Hump-backed Drummer TJ21, WJ71
Hunter's Horn TWA42
Hurrah for the Bonnet so Blue RH16, WW156
Husbandman's Prayer JR99
Husband's Dream WP130
Huzza for England SR4
Hymn JB2
Hymn for Christmas Day: see Sunny Bank

Hearts of Oak TW87, WW137
Helmet on his Brow WW133
Highland Home WP260

Hymns JB3

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