Ballad Titles - I

I cannot Stay WW156
I can't find Brummagem JR23, JW44, TJ9
I'd be a Butterfly WW156
I'd be a Gipsy TJ62
If I had a Bean WW156
If o'er the cruel Tyrant JR146
I guess you'll be There TK39
I had a Heart WW156
I hate those Pills TWA7
I have found my Missus WP131
I likes a Drop of good Beer WP24
I'll be no submissive Wife WP297
I'll love thee Ever JR146
I'll not beguile Thee MC1, WJ48, WP349
I love but Thee WJ40
I love Jesus WP132
I love the merry Sunshine WP131
I love the Night WJ78, WP342
I love You JR108, TWA27
I'm a family Man JW21
I'm Afloat TJ22, WH8, WP98
I'm a Gent WJ74
I'm a Man of Consequence TWA7
I'm a regular Ax my Eye ETC24
I'm a spruce young Tiger Sam WP225
I'm going for a Soldier WP133
I'm like to be There WJ75
I'm Ninety-five TJ25
I'm often Drunk WW168
I'm too Little JR100, 117
I must not tell Tales TJ26
Indeed I want a Husband WJ73
Indian Lass JR101, SR12
Indian Maid JR209
Ne'er from Thee JR146
I never had but one Sweetheart TB49
I never moves under a Tanner: see Jim Baggs
I never sarves a Hanimal JR126, JW56, WJ93
I never says Nothing WW69
I never takes More WJ46
In my Cottage JW3, WW70
Innocent Mirth TB64, WW71
In Peace Love JR146
In Storms TWA9
In the Days when I was Hard up WP134
In the Days when we went Gipsying WP342
In the Dead of the Night TJ43
        In this old Chair WP25, 135
I once had a Heart ST20, TB50, TW130, WP186
I Remember WJ76
Irish Cuckoo's Nest JG5
Irish Emigrant WJ167, WP136
Irish Girl TB51
Irish Jig WP315
Irishman TJ50
Irish Maniac: see Mary-le-More
Irish Molly TWA23, 41
Irish School JR162, 202
Irish Stranger JW33
Irish Transport SR6, WJ26
Iron Child JG6
Isabel TWA42
I saw what Seem'd JR146
Isle of Beauty JR102, JW45, 46, WJ77, WW100
Isle of France WP137
Isle of Hunkyway WJ78
Isle of St Helena JR103, JW47, WW57
Is there a Heart JR146, TWA41, WW22, 156
I stood Amidst JR156, JW65
It blew great Guns JR92, JW41
It can't Last: see Happy Man
It is all Serene WP138
I took her to the Play TD5
It's all very Fine WW136
It's easy if you Try: see Always do the Best
It's no use Teasing TK49
I've been Roaming JW48, RH7, RP9
I've been Roving RP10, WW72
I've been to Australia WP139
I've got a soft Place WJ79
I've parted from Annie WP140, 205
Ivy Green TWA1, 24, WP141
I wish I was a Bee JBR3
I wish that I was Free: see Downfall of the Claimant
I would be a Solider WJ80

I Remember TWA45
Irish Emigrant TK18, WP84
Irish Hunt DW2
Irish Molly TJ27, WJ86, 96
Ivy Green WJ75

Incidents of Glencoe FW1

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