Ballad Titles - K

Kate Kearney WW133
Kate of Kintore JR195
Kathleen Mavourneen WP289, 320
Katty Darling WP148
Keel Row ETC32, WW47, 119
Keepsake MC2
Kelly the Pirate TB90
Kelvin Grove WW29, 106
Kind-hearted Girl TK32
King and (the) Countryman JR116, 164, WW80
King Canute WP203
King Death JR100, 117, JW43
King, God bless Him JR143, WW156
King of the Cannibal Islands JR118, RH16
King's Command: see True Lovers
        King's Sentiments WW81
King William IV RH16
Kissing WP31
Kiss me in the Dark SR14, TWA9, WJ86
Kiss me now or Never WH8
Kitty Jones JR119, WJ85
Kitty of the Clyde DW13
Kitty Tyrrell MC1, WP369

King and Countryman TWA9
King of the Cannibal Islands JW39, TWA28
King of the Forest Glade WJ67


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