Ballad Titles - L

Laboring Man WP149
Ladies' Bustles WJ87
Ladies who wear the Breeches: see New Bloomer Costume
Lads of ---shire WP150
Lads of Virginia TJ28
Lad with his Carrotty Poll JR120, JW52
Lady and Footman ST1
Lady and her 'Prentice Boy WP2
Lady of the Lake TJ45, WP151
Lady's Love TW72
Lake of Killarney TWA16, 38, WJ110
Lamentable Ballad DW31
Lamenting Maiden: see Bonny Light Horseman
Lamentation of an Old Horse JR150, WJ114;
       see also Poor Old Horse
Lamentation of Joseph Dace TB54
Lamentation of Philip Matsell TW73
Lamentation of Rebecca Hodges TW74
Lamentation of Three Men {Warner, Wood, Williams] ST34,
       TB28, 40, 56; see also Sorrowful Lamentation …
Lamentation of Twenty-five poor Colliers TB55;
       see also Sorrowful Lamentation …
Lamented Loss and Death of Sir Robert Peel WP152
Lancashire Lads TB57
Land JW77
Landlady TB58
Landlord, don't you Cry WP153, 246
Landlord's Bar WP154
Land of Pleasure JW53
La Poker Mad TK33
Lark and her Nestling WJ143
Lash'd to the Helm DW32, JR108, TB59, TW147, TWA27
Lass I Love JR123
Lass of Loch Lomond TWA1
Lass of Richmond Hill JW60, TWA46, 50
Lass of --- Town WJ88
Lass wi' the bonny blue Een TD5
Lass with the jet braided Hair Wp155
Last Farewell TJ31
Last Half Inch JG7
Last New Act of Parliament WP156
Last Night as I lay Sleeping WP132
Last Rose of Summer JR141, TWA23, 41, 46
Laughable old Song: see Wednesbury Cocking
Law RP11, JW54
Law & Old Parson JR121
Lawyer Outwitted: see Brave Nell
Lays of an Old Friend TWA28
Leather Breeches JR122, JW58
Leaves of the Tree WH1
Lecture on Heads: see All in the Fashion
Left with the Foe FW1
Leicester Chambermaid JR123, TWA4, WP157, WW83
Lera La TT2
Let not Rage JR146
Let's chase dull Care STM4
Let us go Cadging TBU3
Life and Death of Tom Spring WP286
Life, Death and Resurrection W84
Life of an Honest Ploughman JR121, WJ89
Life of a Soldier TD2
Life on the Ocean Wave WJ43
Life's Largest Cup RH16
Life, Trial and Execution of Thomas Jackson WW85
Life's Voyage WW86
Lift up your Heads DW33, JGU6, WW79
Light Bob ST12
Light Guitar JR141, RH16, WP123, 244, WW87, 136, 157
Lighthorseman Slain: see Bonny Lighthorseman
Light of Other Days JR125, TWA7, WW100
Lilies and Roses JR146, TW75
Lilly Dale MC3, WP158
Lines … on … the victory WG1
Lines on the Death of Sir S. Romilly TB85
Lines spoken at a Meeting HW23
Lines written on the Condemnation of … Corkery TS2
List of Sweethearts TK34
        Little Girl's Lament WP159
Little Gypsy Lass ETC5, JR176, WJ137
Little Jim the Collier Boy JBR5
Little Mary the Sailor's Bride ETC9,
       JR194, 214, TJ57, WW87
Little Native Vale WW100
Little Town's Boy WJ90
Live and let Live TJ59, WJ151, WP160
Lively Flea WJ91
Lives, Trial and Execution RH9
Loaded Pops in Hand TB35, 40
London Exhibition TK35
London Lady TB61
London Merchant WJ92
London 'Prentice Boy JR126, JW56, WJ93
London Rover TW13
London Sights ST23, WW88
London Town WW89
Long, Long Ago WP93
Long Tail Blue TJ22
Lord Bateman JR127, WJ94
Lord Marlborough JR128, JW57
Lord Ullin's Daughter WW90
Lord Wellington for Ever TW76
Loss of our Hero WJ95
Loss of the Albion RP12
Love among the Roses JR129, 146
Love and Folly JR146
Love and Murder TB22; see also Cruel Miller
Love has Eyes JR146, 207
Love in Long Acre JR130, JW58
Love lies Asleep JW40
Lovely Caroline WW22
Lovely Charmer ETC9, WW156
Lovely Charming Woman JW34
Lovely Jane of Devonshire TJ27, WJ96
Lovely Joan JR150, JW58
Lovely Milkmaid RH10
Lovely Nan TW77
Lovely Nymph JR145
Lovely Tamworth WJ97
Lovely Village Maid JW59
Lovely Woman TWA7
Love Not WP35
Love One Day JR146
Lover's Complaint TW78
Lover's Downfall WW156
Lover's Dream WP162
Lovers' Parting WJ98, WP1103
Love's a Mischievous Boy ETC10
Love's a Tyrant JR146, JW26, SR67, WW92
Love-sick Looby WP163
Lovesick Maid WW93
Love's Ritornella JG2
Low back'd Car TK36
Lowland Bride ETC16
Lowland Queen WW94
Low Lands of Holland JR234, TW79, WP164
Low Lands Low: see Golden Vanity
Lowland Willy TW80
Loyal Local Militia TW49
Lubin and Mary JR131, WP165
Lubin's Rural Cot JR1
Lum-ti-tum: see Country Gaby

Let us be unhappy Together JR147
Light of other Days TWA28
Literary Dustman WP41
Lord Tom Noddy TK16, 18
Love-sick Looby TK57
Low back'd Chair TK36
Lucy Long WP94
Lunnun is the Devil WJ71

London Vocalist MC2

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