Ballad Titles - M

Mad Bull TK37
Magic Mouth TJ11
Maid and Soldier: see Seventeen come Sunday
Maiden and Shepherd TK56
Maiden's Bantam Cock WP166
Maiden's Complaint TB87
Maiden's Tear ETC35
Maiden's Wants WP167
Maid I Love WW156
Maid of Bordeaux RH16, WP208
Maid of Judah ETC5, 16, 29, JR14, 132,
       JT6, JW60, TWA46, WW100
Maid of Llangollen ETC29, JR83, WJ65, WW57
Maid of Llanwellyn ETC5, JR174, WJ135, WP204
Maid of Marlivale JR146
Maid of the Mill JR171
Maid of the Rhine TWA7, 50
Maid's Advice TW80
Maids of Merry England TBU2, TJ43
Maid's Resolution TW90
Major Longbow WJ46
Making a Night of It TK38
Making Love by Moonlight TD6
Maniac TWA42
Man of the tight little Island ET1
Man that couldn't get Cool WJ99
Man that couldn't get Warm TJ29
Man that is Married SR2, WJ2
Man that Lives WP168
Man that must learn to Die TWA8
Marble Halls SR19
March to the Battlefield WW138
Marco and Pedro TJ28, WW136
Margaret's Ghost TB101
Margaret Walker SR20, WJ123
Margery Topping TW81
Maria the Unfortunate Fair JR5
Mariner's Child ETC30
Mariner's Compass WW93
Mariner's Grave TBU3
Mary Ashford JR12, JW7, WW57, 96
Mary Ashford's Tragedy TB62, TJ30, WJ100
Mary-le-More JR133, JW61, SR15,WJ101
Mary of the Dale HW14, WW156
Mary of the Moor JR134
Mary of the Silvery Tide ETC14
Mary's Dream JR33, TW82
Mary's Garden and the Gardener's Root TBU1, WP169
Mary's Lament ETC8, 28
Masonic Hymn WW97
Massacre in India WP170
Matches TW83
Matrimonial Bliss TK39
Matrimonial Miseries JR227, TJ64
Matrimonial Songster TB63
Matrimony MC1, TWA7, 50
Matters of State TWA1
Maugh Bonomalath WP171
May-pole JR135, JW62
May the Young Queen WW133
Medley (If you listen to me) WJ102, (On mad dogs) TW54
Medley Song WP172
Meeting of Dick Turpin and Tom King SK3
Meet me by Moonlight RH16, JW41, WJ5
Meet me in the willow Glen JR227, TJ64
Meg of Wapping WP173
Men of Merry England TK50
Merchant's Daughter JR36
Merrily O WW154
Mermaid WW98
Merry Bells WP337
Merry Broomfield JR136, WJ103
Merry Cobler DW34
Merry Days WJ60
Merry Gipsy Band WP174
Merry Little Soldier TJ3, WW156
Merry Maid(s) of England WP40, 175
Merry Ploughboy TK40, WP10
(O) Merry row the bonny Bark JE50, TWA42
Merry Sailor DW34
Merry Swiss Boy TJ37
Methodist Parson ST15, TJ21
Militiaman's Rules WP176
Milkmaid WW99
Milliner's Maid WP177
Mind your own Business TJ31
Miner's Return: see Going Home
Minnie WP178
Minstrel Boy JR209, WW21, 156
Minute Gun JR108, TWA27, WP118
Mirth Inclined: see Sinner's Redemption
Miser's Man WH9
        Miss Flora Pink TK41
Miss Lucy Long TWA46
Miss Lucy Neal WJ104
Mister Ferguson JT2
Mistletoe Bough JR137, 157, JT6, WW136
Mixed Marriages WP39
Model DW12, 35, JR216
Modern Slap-up Swell TK42
Modest Maid DW36
Molly Coddle WW100
Molly Dear the Row is Over TK17
Molly the Betrayed WP179
Monkey Barber WW101, 118
Monks of Old TWA9
Moon is Up WJ164
Moonlight Sea JW25
Moon shines Bright DW11, JGU5,
       TB64, TW84, TWA8
Mortals All TJ32
Mother and Boy WW101
Mother, don't you Cry WP1180
Mother, is the battle over? MC1
Mountain Maid JW60, 69
Mountebank JR138
Mournful Lady TW34
Mower TJ17, WJ50, WP181, WW102
Mr December WW104, 156
Mr Lowe and Miss Cundy JW63
Mr O'Muff's Misfortunes WP290
Mrs Clark WJ105, WP182
Mrs Heeltap's Bellows WJ95
Mrs Jane Crow ETC17
Mrs Jenkins of Billingsgate TK43
Mrs Mitchell's Lament SR16
Mulberry Tree WW105
Mutton and Leather JG9
My Arab Steed TJ53
My Bathing Machine JG8
My Beautiful Muff WP183, 184
My Beautiful Rhine TWA14, 41
My Bounding Bark TWA52
My Cottage WW106
My Dear Little Girl JW13, WJ115
My Ellen TWA50
My Father's old Farm TWA29, WH3
My Friend and Pitcher ETC9, TW85, 103
My Gentle Mother TWA41
My Grandfather's Days JR139
My Happy Home TWA7, 50, WJ129
My Heart and Lute MC3
My Heart's in the Highlands TJ37
My Heart with Love TWA20, 31
My Helen is the Fairest WJ106
My Home WP348
My Hour has Come RH15
My Lovely Nancy JR140
My (Lovely) Village Fair ETC2, JW46
My Lowland Caroline SR17, WJ107
My Lushy Dear WJ99
My Mamma did So TB56, TWA1, 41
My Master's Drum TJ33
My Master's Gun TWA41
My Mother's a true-born Irishman WP185
My Mother's Portrait WP202
My Musical Friend TWA30
My Native Highland Home ETC4, 18, HW13
My Native Hills JR141
My Own Bluebell(s) ETC9, 21, 30, JR141,
       TWA42, WJ164, WW91
My Own Dear Home TJ34, WW107
My Poor Black Bess SK3, TWA14, WW108
My Pretty Little Dear JR192
My Private Land to Let WP186
My Skiff SR22
Mystic Kiss TWA46

Major Longbow TWA37
Merrily danced the Quaker's Wife WP290
Merry Little Soldier JT7, WW33
Miser's Man TK44, TWA14
Miss Gayton's Hornpipe WJ78
Mistletoe Bough TK60, TWA46, WW53
Molly Maybush WJ67
Monkey turned Barber TD3
Mother, is the battle Over? WP331
Mr and Mrs Bustle TK54
Mrs Clark WP172
My Heart and Lute TBU1, WP169
My Native Hills TWA7


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