Ballad Titles - N

Nancy's Love for a Sailor TW45
Nan of the Valley JR53, RP13
Napoleon is Coming WP187
Napoleon's Farewell WJ108
National Anthem JR87, 142, 143, 144
National Convention JT7
National Emigration WP148
National Exhibition WP41
Nativity (As shepherds watched) TB66
Nativity of Christ CW2, DW37, TW86;
       see also Hark the Herald
Nature's Gay Day WP188
Ned Haulyard DW13
Need for Jesus CC3
Negro Boy's Tale RPE2
Nelson's Last Victory TW87
Never get Drunk TD3
Never get Kick'd TK44
Never takes More TWA37
New and Diverting Dialogue TB68
New and Popular Song, My Brother-in-law WP73
New-born King TB67, 93
New Bloomer Costume WP189
New Carol HW3, 15
New Carol for St John's Day SM2
New Carol on the Shortness of Life HW3
New Christmas Carol : see Universal King
New Comic Song called the Good Times WP190
New Comic Song of Dudley Street WJ109
New Comic Song of Lather-em WJ110
New Copy of Verses RH11
New Coronation Song WW156
New Deserter RH12, WP191
New Exhibition WP192
New Garden Fields JR145, WJ111, WP193, 194
New Hunting Song WW109
New Land we live In WW126
New Lovesick Maid RP14
New Song (A certain street) TB69, (Kind Neptune invites)
       EB3, (on the Hampden reformers) ST24
New Song All about Nothing JR96, TJ20
New Song and Dialogue on the Opening of the Ports WP195
New Song called Bloxwich Wake Bull-baiting:
       see Bloxwich Wake
New Song called Justice Awake TW93
New Song called Opposite a Playhouse TW89
New Song called Proud England RP15
New Song called the Sporting Hero WP196
New Song called a Touch on the Times JR147
New Song called True Lovers JR161, JW67
New Song called Young Rambleaway WP197:
       see also Young Rambleaway
New Song composed by William Sullivan WP106
New Song composed on the Death of Lord Nelson JR148
New Song composed on the Loss of the Ship Henrietta WP198
New Song, The Day we got Married SK4
New Song for Christmas WP261
New Song for the Lads and Lasses WP199
New Song in Favour of Her Majesty ETC19
New Song in Praise of Her Majesty SR18
New Song in Praise of W. Lovett ET2
New Song, No my Love TB70
New Song on the Club Walk WP200
New Song on the Birmingham Election ETC20
        New Song on Charles Heenan:
       see Maugh Bonamalath
New Song on the Death of Nelson TW90
New Song on the Famous Battle between …
       Bullock and Graves
TB33, 118
New Song on the Ghost
       of Mary Ashfield / Ashford
TB20, 34
New Song on the Glorious Victory:
       see On the Glorious Victory (Eylau) TW91, 92
New Song on the Opening of the
Birmingham and Liverpool Railway
New Song on the Present Times WP201
New Song on the Queen's Coronation WW127
New Song on the Repeal of the Corn Laws TWA31
New Song on the Statutes WP285
New Song on the Victory obtain'd
       over the French Fleet
New Star of Bethlehem WP304
New Statute Song SJ25
New Surtout WP202
New Tariff: see Good Sir Robert
New Teetotal Song WJ112
New Times ETC23, WJ113
New Version of Old Rosin the Beau TWA6
New Way to make a Good Husband WW110
New Willow Tree WP206
New Year's Carol TB71
New Year's Gift CC4
New York Streets JR150, TB119, WJ114
Nice Young Gal JT1, WJ136;
       see also Miss Flora Pink
Nice Young Man WJ115
Nicholas and his Rhino WP203
Nigger Medley WP94
Night Coach Adventures WJ116
Nightingale JR151, WP204, WW23
Nightingale Club JR152
Night Squall WJ182
Nine Times a Night TB13
Ninety Years Ago:
       see Life of an Honest Ploughman
Nix my Dolly WJ117
Nobby Head of Hair WP206
Noble Sportsman WJ118, WP136
No More shall the Chummie WJ149
No, my Love TW100
Norah Macrea TK45
Nosegay Girl WP167
Not a Drum was Heard: see Death of General Moore
Not a Trap was Heard WJ19
Nothing JR154, WP174
Nothing at All JR131, 155, WP207
Now Hope JR146
Nut Girl WJ64

Nae Luck TWA1
Nix my Dolly TK55, TWA28
Nobby Head of Hair TK62
Nottingham Ale DW43

National Vocalist ETC18
New Selection of Christmas Hymns JA1
New Social Sheet of Songs JR146
Norah Macrea TK45

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