Ballad Titles - O

Oakham Poachers WP161
Oak Table WJ47
Obadiah the Fighting Quaker WP3
Obstinate Gal TK46
O Charming Mary TK47
O Dear O TJ35, TWA5, WJ120, WP70
Odd Dealer TW94
O Fair, (O Fair) Jerusalem DW49, HW16, SM2, TB72, TW95;
       see also Fair Jerusalem
Oft in the Stilly Night WW100
O give me a Girl TK48
Oh Cruel ST26, TB47; see also Polly and the Fiddler
Oh Dear how I long to be/get Married TJ31, WJ121
Oh Do not Forget JR108, TWA27
Oh!/Old England what have you come to JR158, WJ122, TJ36
Oh Had I Leisure: see Dearest Fanny
Oh Have you seen my Pussy WP65
Oh No We never mention Her ETC9, JR156,
       JW65, TJ37, WP208, WW100, 156
Oh Rest Thee TWA1
Oh the Bright Eyes TWA46, 50
Oh the Mistletoe: see Mistletoe Bough
Oh 'Tis Love WW156
Oh What a Charm WP144
Old Abbey Clock TWA7, 50
Old Adam TWA10
Old Armchair SR8, TWA46, WP142
Old Church Bell WJ75
Old Dog Tray MC3
Old England for Ever TW96
Old England shall Weather TWA4
Old English Gentleman JR159, JW22, WW136:
       see also Fine Old English Gentleman
Old English Squire SR19, TWA32, WP209
Old Folks at Home WP158
Oldham Recruit WW111
Old Hat WW112
Old House at Home TWA29, WJ15, WP210
Old Hundredth JR160
Old King Cole JR120, JW52
Old Man's Love ST24, TW156
Old Man will never Do TWA1, WP211
Old Man would be Wooing WW156
(Old) Mr December JR161, JW66, SR20, 21, WJ123, WW104
Old Ned's a rare strong Chap WW113
Old Parson JW54
Old Roger TB73
Old Soldier's Daughter SR22
Old Towler DW12, TJ38, WW156
Old Woman Jealous TW21
        Old Woman of Rumford WJ142
Old Woman's Wish WP212
Old Women's Sayings TJ39, WP213
O Let me like a Soldier WP335
O Listen to the Voice TW97
O, Merry Row JR111
O Nanny JR146, WP257, WW114
On Board the Victory WP220
On Christmas Evening (Arise and hail) JGU8
On Christmas Night: see Christmas Night
One Bottle More ETC30, JR154, WJ33
One Suit between Two TWA33, 50
One Thing or T'other SR23
On Miss O'Neill's Want of Generosity JR163
O No my Love JR162
O Nothing in Life JR108, TWA27
On the Banks of Sweet Primroses JR140
On the Banks of the River JW67
On the Glorious Victory (at Trafalgar) TW98
On the Loss of the Earl Moira WW115
On the Performance of Miss O'Neill JR163
On the Vices of the Times WW116
On to War WJ159, WP29
Opening the Oxford Railway: see Pennyworth of Fun
Open Sea: see Sea
O Rare Turpin WJ73
Orphan Boy TW99, WP124
Orphan wet with Rain TW100
O Say Not JR146
Oul(d) Bog Hole TWA34, WP215, 216, 217
Our Ancestors TJ58, WP218
Our King is a true British Sailor JR164
Our Old Tom Cat TK45
Out John WJ147
Outlandish Knight (An outlandish knight he
       dreamed a dream) HW17, JR165, WJ162, WW117
Overseer TWA35, WW118
Overseer and Madman WP219
Over the Hills: see Tommy Tight
Over the Sea TK49
Oxford City WJ125, WP220
Oxfordshire Tragedy STM5
Oyster Girl ETC21, JR47, WP64, WW47, 119

Old Dan Tucker WP311
Old Towler TW54
Over the Water to Charlie SR26


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