Ballad Titles - P

Paddy O'Murrough's Wedding WJ126
Paddy Ramble ST28
Paddy's Blunder all Over RP16
Paddy's Blunder(s) JR166, TJ41, WJ127m WP221
Paddy's Grave WP222, 259
Paddy Shawn WJ126
Paddy's Wake WJ128
Paddy swallowed by a Whale TK50
Paddy's Wedding WJ129
Paddy will you Now TWA36, 46, WJ130, WP325
Painful Plough/Plow TB74, WJ131, 189, WW120
Papist Wife WP249; see also Mixed Marriages
Parody (When lovely woman) MC1
Parody on The Cavalier TK51
Parody on The Funeral of Sir John Moore:
       see Drunken Cobbler
Parody on I'm Afloat: see Shop Boy
Parody on The Iron Child WP223
Parody on Katty Mavourneen: see Pawnbroker
Parody on Nothing More TK52
Parody on Old England shall Weather the Storm TWA4
Parody on The Old Folks at Home:
       see Great Gals at Home
Parody on the Red, White and Blue: see Three Cheers
Parody on Rosa May: see Factory Girl
Parody on The Sea: see Road
Parody on Shells of the Ocean TK47
Parody on Susannah: see Rosannah
Parody on The Wishing Gate: see Mrs Jenkins
Parson and Old Woman: see Bit of Old Hat
Parson and Tythe TWA23
Parson Brown's Sheep WP224
Partant pour la Syrie TK58
Parting Kiss JR108, TWA27
Parting Moments JR146
Past Ten o'Clock JW5
Patient Grissel STM6
Patrick O'Neal TW101
Paul Jones WP225
Pawnbroker TK53
Peace and Plenty ST29
Peggy Band DW38, JR167, WJ132
Peggy Band's Answer DW38
Penitence of Two Unfortunate Men:
       see Dying Criminals
Pennyworth of Fun WP226
Pennyworth of Wit WW121
Pensioner's Complaint WP287
Perfect Cure WP88, WW47
Perpetual Motion WP292
Philadelphia Lass JR44, JW3, WW35
Philosopher's Stone WP227
Phoebe JR168
Phoebe Morel TJ46, WJ138, WP228
Picture of England TJ42
Pigeon HW14
Pigtail Lamentation HW18
Pilgrim Boy HW19
Pilgrim of Love JW2
Pilgrim's Progress TB75
Pilot JR108, TJ34, TWA27, WP228
Pilot's Grave TWA17
Pipe of Tobacco WW156
Pirate's Bride ETC3
Pirate's Serenade TJ43, WP270
Pirate's Song WW136
Pitiful Case of Georgey Sloan WP229
Pity the Sorrows TJ42
Plain Gold Ring JW73
Plains of Waterloo JR169, WJ4, 133, WP230
Plato's Advice JR211, WW122
Please your Wife TD6
Pleasing Wife JR170
Pleasures of being too Late TK54
Pleasures of Matrimony TJ44
Plough Boy TB76
Ploughboy TW102
Poacher(s) TB77, WP231
Poem on Christ's Humility: see Christ's Humility
Poisoned Family WP232
Policeman TD5
        Political Dance ST30
Polka TJ18, TWA7
Polly and the Fiddler TB78; see also Oh Cruel
Polly Hopkins JR171
Polly Oliver's Rambles JR57, 72, 172, JW32, WP233
Poor Bessy JR108, TWA27
Poor Black Bess: see My Poor Black Bess
Poor Caroline of Edinboro' Town JR241, WJ190
Poor Charity: see Poor Robin's Dream
Poor Dog Tray JR197, SR28
Poor Drunkard's Child WJ130, WP234
Poor Fisherman's Boy JW68, SR15
Poor Flora ETC22
Poor Irish Stranger JR173, WJ134
Poor Joe the Marine TJ45
Poor Joe the Miller WP235
Poor Jo in the Dumps: see Britons Triumphant
Poor Kate of Kintore SR27
Poor Little Child TW103
Poor Little Fisherman's Girl WP54
Poor Little Sweep JR174, TB79, WJ135
Poor Lucy RP17, WW123
Poor Man's Labour TW6
Poor Man's Work TW104
Poor Mary Anne JR4
Poor Mary in the Silvery Tide JR105, 175,
       TWA4, WJ136, WP236
Poor Mary of the Wild Moor ETC23
Poor Old Horse RP18;
       see also Lamentation of an Old Horse
Poor Old Maidens WP237
Poor Peasant Boy JR209
Poor Robin's Dream DW39
Poor Soldier's Daughter DW40
Poor Tom JW46
Poor Unhappy Transported Felon's Sorrowful Account: TB80
Poor worn-out Sailor WP238
Pope and Cardinal Wiseman WP239
Pop goes the Weasel MC1, WP240
Popular Ballad of Isabel WW124
Post Captain JR2, JW1, SR1
Postman's Knock WP303
Pray Goody JR146, 206
Present Fashions ETC18
Present Time(s) WJ39, WP241
Pretty Butcher TW105
Pretty Caroline WH6, WP242
Pretty Girls of Brummagem JW69
Pretty Girls of Islington WP243
Pretty Girls of Paddy's Land TW46
Pretty Green-coat Boy's Garland EB3, STM3
Pretty Jane WH6
Pretty Little Dear WP99
Pretty Love Birds WP14, 142
Pretty Maid Milking WJ13
Pretty Ploughboy JR176, TW60, 96, WJ137, WP224
Pretty Sally TJ46, TW106, WJ138
Pretty Star JR197, JW45, SR28, WW21
Pretty Susan JR177, WJ139, WW57
Pretty Young Shepherdess ETC24, JR178
Price of my Pig WP245
Pride of old Kentucky TWA41
Pride of the Times: see Present Fashions
Prince of Morocco TB81
Prisoners in Warwick Jail RH18
Prize Baby Show TK17
Prodigal Daughter TB82
Promised Child TB83
Promised Saviour TB83, TWA87
Proper Subjects for the Treading Mill WW125
Protestant Song WW126
Publican's Complaint WJ140

Paddy will you Now WP277
Partant pour la Syrie TK58
Poacher TK55
Poor Dog Tray WW108


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