Ballad Titles - R

Race Horse DW41
Rage of Fashion TW107
Ragged Coat TJ49
Rakish Husband: see Pennyworth of Wit
Rakish Squire TB84
Rakish Young Fellow WJ53
Rambler TW108
Rambler from Clare WP153, 246
Rambles of Spring Heel'd Jack WW136
Rambling Boys of Pleasure WP101
Rambling Sailor JR183
Rambling Solider JR233, JW71, WW22
Ranting Parson JR184, JW72
Rat Catcher's Daughter WJ19
Red Cross Banner TJ50, TWA48
Reds and Blues WP247
Reformed Drunkard WP248
Reilly and Colinban WP249;
       see also Riley and Colinband
Rejoice and be Merry CW6
Remember Love: see Ten o' Clock
Remember Me WH4, WW128
Remember the Poor TB86
Renowned Jack Sheppard TK55
Repenting Sinner JW53, WW84
Rest, Warrior JR185, JW73
Resurrection WW84
Return of the Admiral WJ142
Richmond Excursion JR112, TW109
Ride WP74
Righteous Joseph TB66, TW110
Rigs of Birmingham: see How to get a Living
Rigs of London Town TB50
Rigs of the Fair ST31
Rigs of the Mops TJ44, WP250
Rigs of the Races ETC10
Rigs of the Times WW129
Riley and Colinband ETC25, WW130
Rise Gentle Moon JR28, JW16, RH16
Rise Herod JR109, TWA27
Rising of the Dead TB86
Rival's Beauty WY143
        Road WP231
Robin Adair WJ177
Robin Hood JR186, TW7, 50
Robin's Petition JR187, JW74, TJ51, WJ144
Rob Roy McGregor TBU2
Rochester Lass TB87, TW111, WJ45
Roger and Sylvia WW131
Roger's Request TW112
Roguery found Out:
       see New Song called Justice Awake
Roguery of Every Trade: see Chapter of Cheats
Rory O'More JR188, SK5, WW127
Rory O'More's Flare-up in Birmingham WJ145
Rosa Lea WP281
Rosa May WP252
Rosannah don't you Sigh WP252
Rosebud of Summer JR146, WW57, 156
Rose in June WJ20
Rose it Died SR24, WW100, 156
Rose of Allandale ETC29, SR24
Rose of Ardee WJ18, WW51
Rose of England JT6, WW156
Rose will/shall cease to Blow JR12, 205, RH16
Rose Tree DW42, JR189
Rosetta and her Gay Ploughboy ETC26,
       TWA42, WP254, WW53
Rosy Ann WJ42
Rover WJ146, WP173
Rover's Bride JR54, WJ24
Roving Bachelor WW132
Roving Journeyman ETC10, WP255
Royal Fortune Teller ETC27
Royal Rooks WW157
Roy's Wife JR146, WP180
Rule Britannia JR179

Rob Roy McGregor WP40
Rory O'More WJ126
Roving Bachelor WP149
Rumsty Bumsty WP271

Royal Songster WW133

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