Ballad Titles - S

Sacred Poem on the Birth of Jesus Christ TW113, 139
Sacred Poem on the Death of Christ TW114
Safely Follow Him ETC5, 30
Sailor and Nobleman JR190, RP19
Sailor and Shepherdess WJ168
Sailor Bill WW147
Sailor Boy WW134
Sailor Boy capering on the Shore TB25
Sailor Boy's Dream TK56
Sailor Boy's Goodbye WJ147
Sailor Deceiv'd TB88
Sailor's Adventure TW115
Sailor's Farewell WJ187, WW135
Sailor's Frolic TB89
Sailor's Love JR59
Sailor's Return TW157
Sailor's Tear TWA9, WW100
Sailor's True Love TB90
Sailor's Welcome Home JR173, WP207
Saint Monday: see Fuddling Day
Sale of a Wife WP256
Sally Carter WJ120
Sally in our Alley WP257
Sally is the Girl WP258
Sally's Complaint TW106
Sam Weller's Chapter of Crows WW136
Sandman Joe WP256
Sandy and Jenny JR108, JW75, TWA27, WW137
Sarah I will ne'er deceive Thee TWA1
Sarah Wilson JR208, SR25, TB91
Sary Sykes JW87, WJ76
Saturday Night at Birmingham DW43
Saucy Sailor Boy WP259
Sausage Man E. Watts 1, TWA39
Saviour's Love TB92
Saw ye my Saviour WW84
Scarlet Flower WP210
Scavenger's Lament WJ87
Scene CW5
Scots wha Hae TW116
Sea ETC29, JR218, JW82
Sea-girt England MC1
Sea's my Home JR191
Second of August JR192
Second Thoughts WP207
Seeds of Love ST32, TB32
Sentinel WP260
Sequel to the Galley Slave TW158
Serious Call to Farmers TW117
Servant Boy WP138
Servant of Rosemary Lane WJ148
Seven Joys DW3, TB93
Seventeen come Sunday TWA9
Shamrock Green WP261
Shamrock Shore WP262
Shannon and Chesapeake, Battle of the WJ6
Shannon Side JR41, TW118, WP263
Sharp's Fate WJ84
Sheep's Head WW133
Sheffield Apprentice JR224, TB95,
       TJ52, TW99, WJ170
Sheffield Park RP20, WP264
She is far from the Land WP35
She lives in the Valley DW22
Shells of the Ocean TJ53
Shepherd Boy JR93, JW43
Shepherds Amazed HW20, TWA8
Shepherd's Daughter Betray'd:
       see Bloody Gardener's Cruelty
Shepherds Rejoice TB92, TWA8, WP304
Shepherds were Watching TWA8
She's all my Fancy TWA1
She wore a Wreath of Roses ETC28, JR108,
       TWA23, 27, WJ149, WP265, WW161
Ship Carpenter: see Cruel Ship Carpenter
Ship Carpenter's Love:
       see Bristol Bridegroom
Ship on Fire WP266
Shipwrecked Tar WW139
Shop Boy TWA16
Shufflers ST6, TW119
Shuttle Cock TB79
Sicilian Maid WP130, 232, 282, 298
Sight for Father SR26
Sights of the --- Fair WP75
Silent Tear WJ134
Silly Old Man RH14
Silver Moon WW140
Simon Bore RP21
Simon the Cellarer WP52
Single (young) man Lodger JT9, SK7, WP267
Sinner's Dream SB1, TB96, TW129
Sinner's Redemption DW44, EB5,
       ST33, TB97, TW121
Sir John Barleycorn JR235, JW88, TJ68, WJ184
Sir Robert Peel and his Budget TWA40, WW141
Sketch of Roguery TJ54
Skewball TW20, WJ175, WW142
Slap Bum Tailor TB112
Slap-up Swell TJ55
Slumbering Sleeper JGU9, TB98, TW122, 123
Smile Again JR60, WW100, 156
Smiles and Tears WP331
Smuggler King WJ97
Snob and the Bottle WP268
Snob's Confession WJ183
Soft Flowing Avon EB1
Soft Flowing Cedron TWA8, WP304
Soldier again Defeated ETC9
Soldier and Sailor's Happy Return:
       see Peace and Plenty
Soldier Boy WP269
Soldiering Chap TJ56, WJ150
Soldier's Adieu DW12
Soldier's Dream JR195, JW76, SR27, WP270
Soldier's Tear JR193, JW77,
       SR33, WP2266, WW128
        Soldier Tired JR108, TWA27
Some love to Roam ETC20, JR108, 194, 195,
       SR27, TJ57, TWA7, WW100
Song (I tell her I love her) DW13
Song, Jack upon the Green:
       see Jack upon the Green
Song of Steam TK15
Song of the Bloomers TJ58
Song of the Haymakers WP272
Song of the Scaffold TJ59, WJ151
Song of the Shirt WP184
Song on a Desperate Boxing Match JR196
Song on the Ascent of Mr Sadler TW124
Song on the Loss of the Comus & Harponeer TB99
Sons of Albion JR75, JW35, WP124
Sorrowful Husband JR197, SR28
Sorrowful Lamentation of John Lomas TW125
Sorrowful Lamentation of
       Mary Ashford's True Lover
Sorrowful Lamentation of Mary Baker WP273
Sorrowful Lamentation of
       thirty-six poor Colliers
Sorrowful Lamentation of Three Men ST34
Sorrowful Lamentation and Weeping
       of the Widows and Orphans
Soup Shop JR198
South Australian Emigrant WP274
Southern Breezes JW48
Spanish Noah [Nore] SR29
Speak of a Man WP307
Spell is Broken TWA38, 47
Spencer the Rover WP275
Spider and Fly JR61, WW100, 156
Spider and Bluebottle WP276
Spoil'd Child TW39
Spooner for Ever WW46
Sporting Humours of the Races WP277
Spotted Cow JR101, 199, SR12, WP236
Sprig of Shillelah TW126
Spring hell'd Jack WW136
Spring time of the Year WP245
Squire and Farmer WJ152, WP278, WW143
Squire and Milkmaid TB84
Squire and Thrasher WJ153
Squire's Change TB27
Standard Bearer WP272
Stark naked Robbery TW127
Star of Bethlehem TB102, TWA8, WW144
Star of Glengarry WP279
State of old England WJ154
State of Spain TW102
Steam Arm ETC25, 29, JR200, JW78, WW136
Steam Bread ETC10
Steam Cigar SR30, WJ155
Still so Gently WP280
Stolen Child TJ13, WP281
Storm DW45, JR201, 217, TJ60, TWA41
Storming of Sebastopol WP282
St Patrick's Day in the Morning JR202
Streamlet DW13, JR146, TB82, WP31, 143
Streams of Lovely Nancy JR94, JW42, WJ70, WW40
Streets of Birmingham JB6
Strephon of the Hill JR28, JW16, WW145
Strew, Strew JR146
Striking Proof WP284
Struggles for the Breeches WP285
Struggle for the last Half-inch WP286
Stupendious Stranger CW4
Styles and Fashions WP287
Success to the Nine Hours Movement JB7
Such a Getting out of Bed JR203
Such a Getting up Stairs JR204
Sucking Pig WJ156, WW146
Sunday Night WP288
Sun is on the Mountain WJ49
Sun it's Bright WW156
Sunny Bank HW3, TB103, TW24, 128, TWA8
Sunshine after Rain MC3
Sun that Lights JR74, JW34
Sup of good Whisky DW46
Susan my Dear JR25
Susannah, don't you Cry WP289
Susan's Adventures TWA43, WJ157
Sweet Caroline JR146
Sweet Caroline doth Blush TWA20
Sweetest dearest Spot WW156
Sweet Evening Bells ETC10
Sweet Jenny Jones WW127
Sweet Jenny the Flower o' Dunblain TB101
Sweet Jesus TB104
Sweet Lass of Richmond Hill TB105
Sweet Light bonny Moon ETC18, JT8
Sweet Passion of Love EB1
Sweet Robinette JR205
Sweet Rose of Cashmere TJ47, TWA9, 14, WJ141
Sweet silver Moon JR110, 239, WJ82
Sweet Tambarine WP290
Swiss Boy ETC9, JR206, WW100, 156
Sylvia's Request WJ181, WP291, WW142, 147

Sam Hall TK55
Shop Windows WP213
Skewball JR196
Snob's Confession WJ163
Soldier's Tear ETC30, 35
Spider and Fly WH1
Sprig of Shillelah WP61
Susannah, don't you Cry WP153, 246, 295

Sam Weller's Songster WW136
Singer's Companion MC2
Skylark (I) ETC29; (II) TWA41
Songs of Braham TWA42
Spirit of Harmony ETC30
Straw Bonnet Garland EB3

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