Ballad Titles - T

Taglioni Coat WJ158
Tailor done Over WJ159
Tailor in a Hobble WW148
Taking of Bellisle EB3
Taking Tea WP292
Tallyman WP293
Tarry Sailor JR43
Tartar Drum JR207, JW40
Tartar Tongue WJ101
Tater Can TJ61
Tea-drinker's Delight: see Women's Glory
Tea-drinking Wives TW35
Teddy the Tiler JR45, JW24
Temperance Society Tee-totalist JT11
Tempest TW129
Temptation of Good St Anthony TWA50, WJ160
Ten o' Clock WP119, WW149
Termagant Wife JR208, SR25, WP294, WW150
That Income Tax WJ145
That's the way she sarves me Now TWA45
Theatrical Alphabet TK56
There is a Friend WP295
There is Nae Luck JR209
There's a Brightness JR108, TWA27
There's No Mistake WJ179
There's nothing like the Ladies WP296
There's Room Enough WP297
They have given her to Another JT9
They mourn Me JW59
They say I'm too Little WW151
They told her to Forget WJ71
Thief's Arm JR210, JW79, SR31
Thine am I JR146
Things I'd / I should like to See TD41, WP298
Thinks I to Myself: see Grand Air Balloon
Thirteen pence a Day: see Young Recruit
Thorn TW130, TWA14
Thorney Moor Woods JR211
Those Evening Bells JR55, TWA43
Thou Art Gone WP299
Thrasher WP15, WW152
Thrashing Machine WP300
Three Balls ETC10
Three Butchers WW78
Three Cheers for an Irish Stew TK60
Three Frightened Virgins JR212, JW80, SR32, WP301
Three Maids A-milking WJ165
Three Strings to my Bow WW153
Thro' the Woods TJ36, WJ122
Tiddle-winkie JR213
Tidy Suit TJ62
Time enough for That JR193, 214, SR33
Time is on the Wing ETC10
Time to Remember the Poor JR215, JW81
Time to say No: see Bachelor's Dream
Times are Altered WJ161
Tippy Jack's Journey TW131
Tired Soldier ETC9, JR108, 183, WW136;
       see also Soldier Tired
'Tis hard to Give WP306
'Tis the last Rose of Summer JR146
To Adam Thus CW6
To All you Ladies TK55
        To Arms WG2
Tobacco JR216
To be Gazing JW60, 69
To be Sold WP251
Toby Philpot JR201, 207
Tom Block TW132
Tom Bowling DW13, JR108, 218,
       JW81, TWA27, WW100
TomHalliard/Haulyard JR167, 186, TW133, WJ132
Tom Moody JR219, 220
Tommy make Room TD2
Tommy Note TB107
Tommy Tight Shoe WP302
Tom Starboard DW13, 18
Topsails Shiver TW83
Torments of Love WP100
Trade Man's Lamentation RP22
Tragical End of William and Margaret:
       see William and Margaret
Transport's Farewell TB8;
       see also Adieu to Old England
Transport's Farewell to Ireland WW136
Transport's Lamentation SK6
Traveller WW156
Travelling Tinker WJ162, WP185
Treat for England TWA44
Trial Behaviour TV1
Trip to the Wake TW151
Trip, Trip: see Ride
True Blues of Hall's Mill HW22
True Christian's Real Comfort WP304
True Description of a Trip to the Fair TW34
True-hearted Maid TW135
True-hearted Woman ST20, TB76
True Lovers JR128, JW57, 61
True Lover's Lament WP305
True Lover's Trip WP299
True Picture of the Present Time JT10
True State of the Nation ST35
Truisms WW154
Trumpet Sounds DW47, TW136
Truth sent from Above DW10, TB108, TW137
Turkish Lady TW138
Tutbury Humbug ST36
'Twas Nature's Gay Day TWA14, 41
'Twas within a Mile WP339
Twelve Articles DW28, TB109, TW143
Twelve Points JGU5, TB110
Twin Brothers TK57
Two Bob a Week WJ163
Two Orphans WW155
Two Sides to a Question: see Domestic Felicity
Two Wenches at Once WW156
Tyler and Robinson JR221, ST37

That Beats Me TK55
Trab, Trab TK23
Tuck-out JW36
Two Strings to your Bow JW6

Three Favourite Carols for Christmas TB106
Three New Carols SM1, 2
Two Carols TW139, 140

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