Ballad Titles - U

Ulster Tragedy DW48
Umbrella Courtship JR177, JW83, 84, WJ139, WW57
Unbeliever's Eyes Opened: seee Atheist Converted
Uncle Ned WP306, 307
Uncle Ned's Ghost WP308, 309
Uncle Ned's Visit WP310
Uncle Tom WP135
Uncle Tom's Description WP311
Undaunted Mary JR222
Under the Rock TWA1
Unfortunate Sally WP312
Unfortunate Wife TW51
Unfurl the Flags TK58
        Unhappy Bride TW150
Unhappy Little Man TWA44, WJ164
United Lovers: see James and Flora
Universal King HW26
Unkind Shepherdess JR24, TJ9
Unlucky Fellow JR79, JW37, WJ61
Up to the Forest TWA50
Useful Knowledge TJ63

Umbrella Courtship WJ158

Upwards of One Hundred Songs WW156

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