Ballad Titles - W

Wager WP315
Waggoner WP316
Wake of Teddy Roe WW156
Walker, the Twopenny Postman WP156
Wanderer JR16, JW8, WJ11, WP78, 276
Wandering Bard WJ167, WW159
Wandering Boy WJ168, WP338
Wandering Savoyard ETC30
Wandering Shepherdess RM3
Wanton Seed TB112
Warbling Waggoner WP317
Warrior's Little Boy TD7
Warwick Gaol WJ169
Warwickshire Heroes TW144
Washing Day ST4, TB113
Waterloo Man TB114
Waterloo Wedding ST39
Way of Landlords TB115
Ways of the World JR224, TB89, WJ170
Way to Live WP18, 134
Wealthy Farmer's Son ETC10, JR240, WJ171
Weather Eye JT8
Weaver's Garland DW51, TB116
Webster the Grinder WC1
Wedding HW24
Wedding Song ST40, WP318;
       see also New Song called the True Lovers
Wedlock's Joys WJ172
Wednesbury Cocking JR225, TW145, WP319, WW82
Wednesbury Concert DW46
Week's Matrimony WJ173
Week's Reckoning WP320;
       see also How Five and Twenty Shillings
Weel may the Keel Row ETC30, 31
Weeping Lover RH17, WW160;
       see also Cold blows the Wind
We have lived and Loved JR66, 108, TWA27, WW161
Welch Harper JR20, JW13
Welch Ploughboy JR36, WJ174, WP321
Welcome Sailor WW162
Well done, Nell: see Brave Nell
We Met ETC18, JR227, JW30, TJ64, TWA23
We're all Beastesses TK59
We're all Cutting TWA47
We're all Gard'ners TWA48
We shall never see its Like WP51
West Country Wager: see Merry Broomfield
West Countryman at Church TWA9
We've lived and Loved JR228
What are you At WW43
What are you going to Stand WJ175
What a Sight WW163
What a stunning Pair of Legs WJ176
What do People marry For WP322
What do you think of my Bonnet TJ65
What Man would Be WW164
What's Old England come to WP323
What will Old England come to JW85
What will they say in England TK58
Wheels of the World WP324
When first I went to Sea TJ61
When I heard he was Married WP325
When I was out A-drinking JR161, JW66, SR21
When my Wife lies in WJ177
When/while pensive I Thought DW13, JR11,
       RH18, WJ12, WP325
When the rosy Morn JR146
When War on Earth CW4
When, Where and How JR229
When will you meet Me WW57
Where's the Money gone:
       see England's Stagnation
While the Lads of the Village JW34
While/whilst Shepherds watched CW6,
       HW16, TW146, WP304
White Hare WP327
White Squall TJ29
        Wholesome Advice WP328
Who's dat Knocking WP329
Who shall be Fairest MC3
Who's your Hatter WP330
Why did my Master sell me:
       see Uncle Tom
Why walk I TWA42
Widow Bell JG10
Widow Machree WJ178
Widow's last Prayer WP331
Widow's Tears WP332
Wife of a Bachelor WP333
Wife well-managed TW147
Wild and Wicked Youth
       (I am a wild …) JR189, TB118;
       (In Newry town...) TB117, TWA36, WP334
Wild Boar Hunt TK24
Wild Rose of Erin WP227
William and Dinah WP335
William and Harriet JR230, WP336
William and his True Love TW148
William and Mary's Farewell WP337
William and Nancy/'s Parting TW127, WJ179
William and Phyllis JR231, 232, JW96, WP338
William far Away TW149
Willie we have missed You MC3
Willow Tree RP23, TW150
Will the Weaver ST41, TJ66
Will Watch JR233, JW71, 84, WW83
Will you come to the Bow'r ST42, TW151
Will you go to California WJ180
Wine, rosy Wine JR108, TWA27
Winter's Evening WP340
Winter's Night TW152
Wishing Gate WP262
With all thy Faults TWA7
Wittham Miller DW52
Witty Shepherd WP341
Woman WJ48
Woman, dear Woman JW87
Woman is the Comfort WJ185
Woman is/'s the Pride TWA49, WJ181
Woman Rules TWA50
Woman shall never Conquer TJ67
Woman's Love JR236, WW156
Women's Glory ST43
Wonderful Change WP342
Wonderful Crocodile JR234, WW57
Wonderful Ducks TK60
Wonderful Old Man WW164
Wonderful Song TW65
Wooden legg'd Parson WJ183
Woodland Maid JW48, WW156
Woodland Mary JR235, JW88, TJ68, WJ184, WP58
Woodlands DW20, 50
Woodman spare that Tree TWA14, 23, 48
Woodpecker WW156
Worcestershire Christmas Carol WP304
Worcestershire Murders WW165
Word of Advice WW45
Workhouse Boy WP343;
       see also Vorkhouse Boy
World's Redemption: see Slumbering Sleeper
World turned upside Down RP24
Worth of a Woman WP344, WW22, 73, 156
Wounded Hussar JR108, 236,
       JW89, TW153, TWA27, WP345
Wounded Sailor's Lamentation TW154
Write to Bell's Life WJ104

Wednesbury Cocking TW88
Welcome Royal Charlie WW127
We're a' Noddin TWA47
We're all Gard'ners TK59
White Cockade WP24

Woodbine TWA50

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