Ballad Titles - Y

Yankee Doodle WJ185
Yarmouth Tragedy:
       see Jamie & Nancy's Garland
Yellow-haired Laddie JR146
Yeverton Maums TWA51
Ye Warwickshire Lads TWA52
Yorkshireman in London TB119
You don't know What TK61
You know my Way TK62
You'll remember Me MC1, WPP142
You/Ye Mortals All HW25, TB106
Young Agnes TWA7
Young Betsy of Deptford ETC5, 34
Young Dicky Lumskull SR11
Young Edwin JR237, WJ186, WP346
Young Ellen Loraine WJ187
Young Harry the Tailor WW166
Young Henry of the raging Main JR62, JW29
Young Henry the Poacher JR178,
       WJ188, WP347
Young Johnson JR238, TB65
Young Lady turn'd Soldier TW155
        Young Love JR146, 205, TWA46
Young May Moon JR146, TWA9, WW100, 156
Young Morgan WJ178
Young Napoleon ETC35, JR3, 237, 239, WW100
Young Paris JR218, JW82
Young Ramble Away TW66, 156, WJ189
Young Recruit WP348
Young Riley JR39, WP157
Young Roger the Ploughboy WW167
Young Sailor Bold JR106, 240
Young Tyler TW157, TWA53, WP188
Young William TW158
(Young) William of a/the Man-of-War JR241,
       WJ190, WP339
Young Women's Dreams WP349
You shan't come Again WW168

Yankee Doodle TWA28
Ye Mortals All TW54


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