Kaiso No 3

Greetings and welcome to the latest bits and pieces of calypso research flying out of Alaska.  Thanks for all the comments so far.  I am steadily adding new e-mail addresses and trying to spread the word on this.  For people who want it and aren't Wired, I plan to send a hard copy once a month that has all the ones to date.


Chalkdust reports the recent death of Kitchener's wife, a sad occasion with a funeral not far from their home.  

Rawle Gibbons says the Creative Arts Centre has a play manuscript on contemporary calypso from GB that they are hoping to mount for Carnival 1999.  

Who's Who:

Lord Intruder (Winston O'Conner)

A little-remembered calypsonian out of Tobago who was active in the '50s at the OYB.  Recorded one single for Sa Gomes 164, Annual Walking Race and Is By Animal Motor Car Was Invented.  In 1953 with Disaster With the Police and Jumbie Jamberie.  In 1954 Good Friday Happenings, Ah Can't Bear the Torture, Ashe's Experience in a Walking Race and Some People Does Get to Resemble They Work.  For 1955 OYB sang Advantage in Room Renting.  In 1956, he did Destruction of Hurricane Janet and Doctor Shop Scandal.

Anyone have more info on him? The Sa Gomes 78 recording is not one I have a copy of, regrettably, and don't know if any copies survive.  Errol Hill had a copy of the Sa Gomes catalog so I know the record was issued.  In fact, there are many Sa Gomes records issued mid-50s that have to date not turned up.  Any leads?


As usual the mystery only deepens.  I do have a recording by a calypsonian from the '50s named Intruder but it is a Guyanese recording and presumably a Guyanese calypsonian and the real name is listed on the record.  It is one of three records on the Affonso label that Steve Shapiro acquired.  Affonso appears to have been a record store that distributed Deccas but like Sa Gomes decided to start its own label in the 50s.  I can find nothing further about it nor anything about these calypsonians.  The recordings are mushy and hard to make out the words.  

Affonso label:

Anyone know more about the label, the artist, etc?  I have come across very spotty info on Guyanese calypso to date.  Any help would be great!

In fact, this is all I have on Lord Canary.  Anyone know his address or know if he is still alive?

Lord Canary ( Malcolm Corrica, Guyana)

A Guyanese calypsonian who started coming to the tents in Trinidad in the 60s.  In 1966 and the 1970 OYB tent.  Competed in the 1985 King of Kings competition singing Wicket Cricket.  He became a minister in the '80s in Guyana government as co-ordinator of Cultural Affairs.  Presented the paper, "The Nature and Function of Calypso in Guyana" at the 1986 University of the West Indies conference on calypso and society.


In light of the Viagra furor, I expect I'll hear calypsos about it next year.  It seems that a collection of songs on pacro water, bois bande, and various elixirs should be done.  Tobago Crusoe had one called Pacro Water and both Sparrow and Grillo had bois bande songs.   So I offer an obscure one:
Skipper - Epitone
text in Guardian, Feb.  5, 1959

If you feeling tired and rundown
You need something to make you strong
If you feeling tired and rundown
You need something to make you strong
Epitone is the tonic with the vitamin and iron
Makes you feel strong like a lion;
So if at any time you need a vitamin to do the trick;
Epitone, the king of tonics

Epitone is a body builder
Epitone makes your body stronger
Its the best tonic now in town
Drink Epitone and keep looking young and strong

Skipper is living and preaching on another island.  Since that is really a fragment, I offer another one:
Chang Khai Check - Independence

We are proud and glad
Independence for Trinidad
I said we are proud and glad
Independence for Trinidad
After so many years in slavery

We get liberty
I'm sure you all will agree
It is a milestone in history

Man no longer will we be ruled by
We get to stand on our own
Independence has come I'm sure you are glad
Tobago and Trinidad
We have a good mind to lead us along
And guide our destiny
I'm sure we'd agree
And not live in unity

The doctor is best
??? success
After too much difficulty
Independence is a reality
We pull out of the federation
To form we own nation
Imagine how glad I felt
To know we still in the Commonwealth

Columbus is a man with style and grace
In the year 1498 but in 1797
The island was made a British Haven
In the year 1834
The place was sweet I'm sure
But I beg to remember too the 31st 1962

Some way criticize but I want them to realize
That we all should bear this in mind
To look forward and not behind
Cuz I know we are competent
As to run our own government
So thanks to ??? and her Majesty and guide our destiny

He is another very obscure calypsonian.  Any info? Meanwhile, I had heard from Rudy Ottley back in February that TUCO was planning to revive the Independence calypso contest for this year.  Is that happening?

Ray Funk

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