Article MT134

The Singing Englishman

An Introduction to Folk Song
by A L Lloyd

The text of the book appears exactly as it did in the 1951 reprint of the original 1944 publication, and includes the original spellings and punctuation.  The only changes are minor layout ones appropriate to Internet (rather than printed page) presentation, and to generally accord with MT house style.

In addition, the staff notation has been re-done using Windows fonts rather than the hand-drawn originals - my thanks to Roger Grimes for this work.  Two obvious errors in the latter have been corrected; several other less-obvious ones have been retained.  MIDI files have been created allowing your computer to play the tunes when you click on the notation graphics.

An Introduction and Commentary by Georgina Boyes has been added to give a 21st century perspective on this seminal 60-year-old work.  This and the 4 Parts of the book, Notes and Short Bibliography can all be accessed at any time via the navigation bar at the head of the page.

It is, of course, possible that occasional mistakes made by the OCR software have not been spotted by either spellchecking or proof-reading.  I hope eagle-eyed readers will let me know about any they find.

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