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logo A Discography of
Recorded Traditional Music
by Rod Stradling

To find the contact details of record labels and distributors for many of these records, go to our Useful Addresses section.

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Important - Please read this page first before using the discography.

The huge amount of text involved here is displayed in compact form using the Arial Narrow TrueType font - but only if you have it installed on your computer.  Arial Narrow (in Normal, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic faces) is available on the Windows 95 disc(s), from many widely available font collections, and the latest version is available here as a 335Kb Zipped download.

The green lines ad_line.gif - 0.8 K in the scrolling Index bar to the left indicate the divisions between the several files which go to make up the complete discography.

Links to Reviews are now included in this discography.

Since having published Mike Brocken's Topic Records Discography in these pages, readers have been asking for something similar for the Leader, Free Reed, Transatlantic, you-name-it, labels.  Without fully understanding why, I seem to have started work on a Complete Traditional Music Discography.  As for what 'Traditional' means, I'll just have to use my own judgement about where trad stops and revival starts, but I'd like to err on the inclusive side.

The word 'complete' is obviously a joke - such a work will never be able to be completed, given the way in which many of the larger labels habitually licence their recordings to other, smaller ones - but I hope that, in time, it will be complete enough to be a useful resource to many readers.  I do not intend to include any of the Topic material within this discography, but merely to link between the two.  As before, I will have to rely on the help of readers in both correcting erroneous entries, completing partial ones and expanding the range of this new work.

Initially, I intend to limit entries to those labels whose records are (or have been recently) available in the UK.  Should I live so long, this range may be able to be expanded at a later date, but I would prefer to be able to link to other similar Discographies in other parts of the world - as I have done with the Old-Time Music on the Radio CD database.  This obviously requires you to be on-line for it to function.

I have included a Useful Addresses section at the end.  This has addresses for both record companies and distributors of records found within the discography (where I have this information), plus a few good shops and various miscellaneous items.

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