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Music Weekend

Bampton, Oxfordshire, 26th - 28th June 2015

The ECMW 2015 at Bampton is now full.  We are very aware of the impact of the event on Bampton and its residents, the pubs and the Pavilion and Recreation Ground.  Thanks everyone for booking, we are looking forward to a lovely time playing tunes and singing songs.  Any issues, please contact ecmw15@gmail.com

The Management

We are very pleased to announce that the location for the English Country Music Weekend, June 26th to June 28th 2015, is the village of Bampton in Oxfordshire.  With wonderful support and lobbying from Craig Godwin (Squire, Bampton Traditional Morris Men) and Mat Green (Squire, Bampton Morris Men) we have booked Bampton recreation ground and Pavilion, for camping and a base camp session space.  We also have the support of the four pubs in the village, all of which are keen to host music sessions over the weekend.

We hope to use Oxfordshire musicians and folklorists where appropriate for talks and running sessions, and you can expect a good look at the Cotswold Morris tradition.  The programme, booking process, and everything else you will ever want to know, will be posted online when it is ready.

We have pre-booked rooms in the village in preparation for guests of the weekend.  We should have sorted this out by the end of November when we will release spare rooms.  At this point we will notify everyone via facebook and mustrad that rooms may be booked direct with hotels and B&Bs.  We will also advise on accommodation options generally at that time.  The campsite is more than adequate for our tent, campervan, and caravan needs.

Please note: For those camping or caravanning at the ECMW.  You can get on the site from 3pm Friday.  You can get in the Pavilion from 4pm Friday.  We have to be out of the Pavilion by 4pm Sunday - it is not a campsite, and there is no option for staying later or arriving early.  The Ladies of Bampton are Lunching in the Pavilion Friday midday, and we don't want to interfere with their fun.

The Management: Nina Hansell, Jeremy Tozer, John Shorter, Gareth Kiddier.

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For those of you not wishing to camp at ECMW in Bampton this year, here is a list of local B&B accommodation that still has some availability and is bookable from today. (Correct at going to press on 26.11.14.) This list is non-exhaustive and suggestions are based on proximity to the village; it is not endorsed (or tested!) by The Management Team.

Further information

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