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Birmingham Ballad Printers

Index of Titles of Ballads, Collections and Tunes

The ballad, collection and tune titles, in 25 alphabetical pages, can be accessed from the A - Z buttons on the alphabetical Navigation Bar on the left.  Variants in titles are indicated by brackets or an oblique stroke.

References are to printers and numbers in Birmingham Ballad Printers, Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 - MT articles 233, 236, 238 and 247.  These four articles can be accessed from the heading links below:

Part One: A - J   Part Two: K to P   Part Three: R to T   Part Four: V to W

or from the numeral buttons 1, 2, 3 and 4 at the bottom of the alphabetical Navigation Bar on the left.  This Introduction can be accessed from the Int button at the top of the bar.

Printers are identified by the following abbreviations:

CC:C Caswell
CW:C Watson
DJ:D Jones
DW:D Wrighton
EB: E Butler
ET:Edward Taylor       
ETC:Taylor & Co
FW:F Wakelin
HW:H Wadsworth
JB:J Belcher
JBR:J Brueton
JG:J Green
JGU:J Guest
JR:J Russell
JT:J Taylor
JW:J Whiting
MC:M Carroll
RH:R Heppel
RM:R Martin
RP:R Peach
RPE:R Peart
SB:Sarah Bloomer
SK:S Kettle
SM:S Martin
SR:SW Russell
ST:S Taylor
STM:S & T Martin       
TB:T Bloomer
TBU:T Butterwick
TD:T Dodsworth
TJ:TA Jackson
TK:T King
TR:T Ragg
TS:T Sansom
TT:T Turner
TV:T Vale
TW:T Wood
TWA:T Watts
WC:Wilson and Co
WG:Wilks, Grafton
        & Reddell
WH:W Harris
WJ:W Jackson
WP:W Pratt
WPL:W Plastans
WT:W Taylor
WW:W Wright

Clicking on any of the above abbreviation links will take you to that printer's section in the MT articles 233, 236, 238 and 247.

Roy Palmer - 8.8.10

Article MT252

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