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The Kaiso Newsletters
from Ray Funk

These irregularly issued newsletters were started out of the desire by calypso researcher Ray Funk to reach a number of e-mail correspondents with the latest news on calypso as well as provide background on classic calypsos.  The first newsletter was initially sent out the summer of 1997 as bulk e-mail to a dozen friends and calypso researchers ... since then the free newsletter has expanded and goes out to about one hundred people.  Certain newsletters have been reprinted in various print journals from the Trinidad Express to Everybody's and So Ya Coming to Carnival.  Each newsletter is added to the Musical Traditions site upon release.  A selected Index of contents is given (below).  If you want to receive the newsletters directly or to offer questions, suggestions, etc., contact Ray Funk at:

P O Box 72387, Fairbanks, Alaska. 99707 USA E-mail:

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Ray works in the legal profession in Fairbanks, Alaska and does a weekly world music radio show called Funk Roots on KUAC-FM every Sunday.  In the 1980s, he started extensive research on the history of capella Black gospel singing and has done liner notes for over fifty albums and compact discs as well as a smattering of articles.  More recently, his passion for calypso has become the primary focus of his music research.


Almanac2Duke of Iron29Observer13
Becket20King Fighter30Josephine Premice32
Lionel Belasco22Funny10Renegade16
Bomber19Gorilla6Small Island Pride5
Marie Bryant26Shirlane Hendrickson6Mighty Sparrow23
Lord Canary9Lord Intruder3vBlack Stalin17
Lord Caruso23Killer11vLady Trinidad18
Chang Kai Chek18John King27Unknown Soldier5
The Charmer31Sir Lancelot19Whaler6
Conqueror16Roaring Lion1, 2, 25Wonder14
De Alberto5    

Calypso Song Lyrics
BomberCourt Jester21
Lord BrynnerTrinidad & Tobago Independence28
CarusoSparrow Shooting Incident23
Chang Kai ChekFour Foolish People18
Chang Kai ChekIndependence3
ConquerorGood Name16
CristoBumble Bee4
King FighterPeople Will Talk30
FunnyCheck Up10
KillerGreen Fowl10
KitchenerBirth of Ghana8
Sir LancelotTrinidad is Changing19
MelodyTribute to Kitchener12
ObserverBan Nuculer Weapons13
PopoPrisoner's Regret35
Small Island PrideLetter from Executor5
Small Island PrideAs Time Hard I Goin' in for Farmin'1
SniperWay to Success (Productivity)11
StalinThe Message of Martin Luther King17
WhalerWhaler's Visit to Ghana6
WonderMy Trouble with the Eastern Market14

Calypso from other than TrinidadOther Topics
Antigua26Calypsos on Africa8
Aruba26Caribbean Carnival (1947 calypso musical on Broadway)29
Barbados26, 27Carnival 200034
Dominica20Lisa Lekis21
Grenada26Martin Luther King calypsos17
Guyana3,9Travel books mentioning calypso24
St Lucia26Windjammer (film with calypso music)21
Virgin Islands16, 22  

Calypso TentsRecord LabelsCD Reviews
Kaiso Showcase32Affonso3The Charmer: Calypso Favorites, Bostrox 990831

Book Notices and Reviews
Calypsonians from Then to Now. Rudy Ottley10
Island Sounds in the Global City: Caribbean Popular Music in New York. R Allen & L Wilcken, ed. New York Folklore Society, Institute for Studies in American Music, Brooklyn College, 19987
Swing It! The Andrews Sisters. John Sforza, Lexington University of Kentucky Press, 199933
The Drama Review, Special Issue on Trinidad and Tobago Carnival7

Article MT040

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