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Roots of American Fiddle Music website
This site is dedicated to providing biographical information, early photos, sample tunes, and discographies of the early American old time string bands from the 1920's.

Arnhem Land Traditional Music Archive
An online database of most commercially released albums and films containing traditional Aboriginal music from Arnhem Land, Australia.  Site Includes music samples, cover photos, track listings, notes and more.

Australian Folk Songs
Probably the world's first folkwebsite! (1994)

John Meredith's Australian photographs
John Meredith's photos of Sally Sloane et al, in his superb Real Folk portrait photographs, 1953-1992 - part of the National Library of Australia's collection.


Martin Graebe's Baring-Gould pages
Sabine Baring-Gould is not only known as an author and the writer of 'Onward, Christian Soldiers' but also as a collector of folk songs in Devon and Cornwall at the end of the last century.  Within these pages you can find a biography, read about his song collecting and about the documents that he has left behind and learn about plans to make his work more widely available.  The site also contains an index to the recently discovered personal copy of his song collection.

Birgit Lotz Verlag
The German National Discography, which includes a special series Discography of Ethnic Music

Bodleian Broadside Ballads On-Line
The 30,000 broadside ballads in the Bodleian Library are now available online.  There is background information on the collections, a catalogue with indexes of the titles, first lines, authors, performers, subjects and printers and an iconographic index of the 17,000 illustrations; all linked to an image database of the ballad sheets themselves.  Where a score is given on the sheet, a rendition is provided.

Bolingo website
Discographies of Central African music.

British Library Sound Archive online
The catalogue to all their almost two-and-a-half million recordings.

Henry Burstow’s Reminiscences of Horsham online
Henry Burstow's Reminiscences of Horsham has now been published in full online by South Riding Folk Arts Network.


Camsco Music record shop
The only US source for MT Records - and pretty well any other folk recording.

Canyon Records
Arizona based label specialising in Native American and other forms of traditonal music.  Their catalogue has about 450 items, which includes some CDs, although most are on cassette.

Cecil Sharp's People
A one-stop searchable website listing all the singers, musicians and dancers who met Cecil Sharp, as he travelled around England collecting folk music and dance between 1903-23.

The Centre for English Cultural Tradition and Language (CECTL)
This Sheffield University centre brought the Sheffield carol tradition to wider notice.

Chasse-Maree website
French company that specialises in items relating to the sea, including producing some CDs of French sea shanties and Breton music.  They have an English language section somewhere.

Cimbalom Hungarian Folk
A collection of over 5000 melodies (MIDI / MP3) of Hungarian Folk Music - currently the largest online collection of this music.

Claddagh Records
Claddagh Records have published some of the classic recordings of traditional Irish music in the past forty years and offer a mail order service which includes their own recordings and all other traditional music recordings available in Ireland.  All orders are handled by people who are expert in the field of traditional music.  Finbar Boyle is the man to speak to.

Cló Iar-Chonnachta Records
The small Connemara record label with the huge catalogue of CDs, cassettes, books, videos, you-name-it, of Irish music and song in general and Gaelic song and sean-nós in particular.

Collectors Folk Books and Records
Dave Eyre's well-presented site of second hand books and LPs - reasonable prices too.

The Concertina FAQ
The hypertext version of the Concertina FAQ, produced for the rec.music.makers.squeezebox newsgroup.  It covers history, descriptions, purchasing advice, repair and maintenance advice and many addresses and links for all concertina systems (English, Anglo and Duet).

The strangely named Contemplations from the Marainas Trench offers:
Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales & America; Popular Songs in American History; Francis J Child Ballads; Turlough O'Carolan; Taylor's Traditional Tunebook.  Lots of tunes in MIDI format.

Copperplate Distribution
The independent source for Irish music CDs in the UK.

The Country Dance and Song Society website
A North American organization 'connecting people who are interested in English and Anglo-American traditional dance and music - contras, squares, English country dance, morris and sword, folk songs, and the incredible tunes.'  They are working on adding more and more useful content to their web site - check out the 'Resources and References'.


iDIDJ Australia Australian Didgeridoo Cultural Hub
A serious site on the instrument, particularly concentrating on culture and authenticity.

The Digital Tradition site
A full-text searchable online database of some 8500 folk (and folkish) lyrics, with playable music to over half of them.  It's part of the provisions at The Mudcat Cafe (mudcat.org), which includes discussions, on-line song circles and archived radio programs.

The Doc Rowe Collection


The East Anglian Traditional Music Trust website
A voluntary organisation based in Suffolk, which aims to promote awareness of and participation in the folk music traditions of East Anglia.  On the website is news about current projects, how to get involved, workshops and evening classes, community projects, research and publications, etc.

The English Folk Dance and Song Society's website.

The Elphinstone Institute website
A part of the University of Aberdeen, undertakes research in the north and north east of Scotland (PhD, MPhil, and Taught MLitt), is building audio/video archives, publishes books, and organises lectures, conferences and events notably the Traditional Singing Weekend at Cullerlie, Aberdeenshire (with Tom and Anne Reid), 6-8 July 2001; and the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention, Aberdeen, 25-29 July 2001.

John Adams' English Village Music project
Aims and objectives:
  1. To locate original manuscript material and recordings and collect together copies in suitable form to enable access to a variety of people for research and performance.
  2. To transcribe original material into more legible forms to enable better usage.
  3. To safeguard precious historic materials by making high quality copies and reducing the need for individual inspection of the originals.
  4. To publish material where possible, using a variety of methods especially multi-media including CD-ROM and World Wide Web, but also including printed material.
  5. To attract a variety of assistance, both financial and practical, in identifying, collecting, copying, storing, transcribing, cataloguing and disseminating material.

An International Bibliography of Erotic Folksongs and Ballads.  The 1990 Legman Bibliography
A very full listing, continually updated by John Mehlberg.  This bibliography is an essential resource for those interested in bawdy songlore in English, French, German and a few other languages thrown in.

The British Forum for Ethnomusicology
The BFE is a society of around 150 ethnomusicology students, teachers and researchers, plus enthusiasts and professionals (record producers, world music performers) and research libraries.  Collectively, they are interested in the study of all kinds of music, from Manchurian shamanic drumming to Brazilian death metal and just about everything in between (even occasionally including Western art music.)

Etnofon Records website
Hungarian folk music on the Etnofon Records label, with some 60 CDs in their catalogue.  This is their English-language web-site.

Excavated Shellac
Music from carefully selected and restored 78s from around the world, with detailed commentary.


The FARNE (Folk Archive Resource North East) online archive
FARNE (Folk Archive Resource North East) is an exciting new online archive offering access to over 4000 music manuscripts, songbooks, photographs and sound recordings from the North East of England.  The project has been funded by a grant from the New Opportunites Fund run in partnership with Gateshead Council, The Sage Gateshead and the University of Newcastle.  After two years of gathering together material from libraries, museums and individuals in the region the site has now gone live.

Italy's Felmay label
- producing and distributing a very respectable catalogue, including many excellent traditional CDs from Italy and Sardinia.  At their Home Page, select the English language option, and then check out Tenores di Bitti, Efisio Melis & Antonio Lara, Totore Chessa, Compagnia Sonadùr di Ponte Caffaro, Paranza di Somma Vesuviana, I Müsetta, Coro Gabriel and Ballos Sardos - all highly recommended.

The Fiddler's Companion
A comprehensive encyclopedia of traditional instrumental music from Ireland, England and Scotland and North America, with sources and annotations.

Ken Piper's Folderol (Folk On Line Directory of Events and Recording Order Listings)
A directory listing of album recordings in the folk arena (UK).  It includes current and past material and where possible, contact addresses for orders of self produced recordings.  Also 'What's On' and 'Area Index' for live folk and joining in.

Folk Alliance

Folkitalia web site
An Italian site with an array of information on Italian traditional song, dance, music, etc.  Only two are in English at present (November '99) but more should follow.

The Folk Mag Internet magazine
A new web-based folk magazine for the West Midlands, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire

Martin Nail's Folk Music web site
A guide to Websites, and other Internet resources, relating to English folk and traditional music, including: General guides • Organisations • Libraries, archives and academic sites • Magazines and journals • Discographies and bibliographies • Songs, tunes and dances • Instruments • Specific genres • Events • Artists • Commercial sites: record companies, publishers, retailers and artists' agents.

Folk Music Index
A well-presented, mainly American discography of recorded musicians.  Traditional based material from both commercial & non-commercial performers.  Links to the record company's site where available.  Obviously needs extending - and is being.

Folkstreams Web site
A National preserve of documentary films about American roots cultures.  Looks very interesting - films on Almeda Riddle, Sacred Harp, etc, etc.
Films streamed with essays about the traditions and filmmaking.  The site includes transcriptions, study and teaching guides, suggested readings, and links to related websites.

Folktrax Web site
Peter Kennedy's web site.

Folkways Records
America's most important folk music label.  Also accessable from the CFPCS site, below.

Center for Folklife Programs & Cultural Studies and its Archive at the Smithsonian Institute
The main collections are the Folkways - Moses & Frances Asch Collection and various forms of documentation from the annual Festival of American Folklife.  The latter may be misleadingly named because they've always had participants from all over the world including many fine traditional singers and musicians.  Also accessable from the Folkways site, above.  They have recordings, video, and photographs.  There is a suite of pages on the archive listing links to other websites of interest.

Fono Music House Web site
A Hungarian record label, record retailer and folk music venue in Budapest.  They stage regular folk music events and produce excellent contemporary and historic Hungarian folk music recordings.  Look particularly for the 'Kallós Archive' and 'New Patria' series - you need to enter these two phrases into the Search box to see the whole listings.

The UK branch of Friends of American Old Time Music and Dance (FOAOTMAD) Website
The Friends of American Old Time Music and Dance is an organisation dedicated to the promotion of old time traditional American music and Appalachian dance, including clogging and square dance.

FW, the Folklife West magazine
Articles; Members' news, from clubs/venues, performers, media, services; & Members' listings (summary taken from our online Directory).  60 A4 printed pages. News & articles copied online on our website.

FolkWorld Magazine
The online music magazine and FROG - the Folk & Roots Online Guide - are together on the same domain ... "the Home of European Music".

The Forest Tracks website
Recordings of many New Forest area singers and musicians, some now in CD format.  They also do a 'bespoke' service - pick the old LPs you want from their catalogue and they'll put them onto a CD for you.

fRoots Magazine
The world's largest selling Folk/Roots music magazine.  There's always something of interest, and hundreds of reviews.  Also, lots of links to other music-related sites.


The Gamelan Website
The site is about gamelan (the music). It does not specialize in one style or island.  Unlike most other sites, the text may reflect opinions, including criticisms.  It will not specially tend to be a neutral, politically or morally correct study of the subject.  The site construction is ongoing and the content gets more in-depth as reach continues - all is done with no hurry, very slowly.  English and French are the current languages but Malay will be a nice addition.

The Glens Music Website
Information on available CDs and tapes of traditional music from Northern Ireland, especially the Antrim Glens, and mainly dance music and unaccompanied traditional singing.

Grappa Records
English language pages for a Norwegian record label that includes extensive folk recordings in its catalogue.  Select the ‘Buy & Listen’ option to find them.

Greentrax Recordings
Scotland's main record label.

The Woody Guthrie Foundation and Archives


The National Harmonica League website
Masses of info about mouth-organs, where to buy them, get them repaired etc.  They are keen to try and open up the three somewhat separate worlds of the mouth-organ - traditional/folk, country/blues, and classical/concert players - to make each group aware of different styles and playing techniques.  It may be of interest to all those moothies who visit the MT site.

Honest Jon's Records
Reissue CDs of African and Caribbean music, among much else.

Hurv Records
Swedish record label issuing both historic and contemporary folk recordings.  The site has an English-language option and some articles on Swedish folk music.

The Mississippi John Hurt Blues Foundation and Museum website
Includes information on John and his music, the foundation, the annual Blues & Gospel festival, and a section for guitar players which includes guitar tablature, lyrics, words, and other information about John’s music and guitar style.


Island Ireland
An Internet Directory to Irish art, culture and environment with hand-picked links to Irish music, folk culture, literature, architecture, language, history and more.

The Irish Music Review
A new site dedicated to reviews of Irish traditional music with a particular focus upon hard-to-find independent releases, maintained by Geoff Wallis, co-author of the Rough Guide to Irish Music.

The Irish Tradional Music Archive / Taisce Cheol Dúchais Éireann website
If you can't go there yourself (and everyone should at least once in their life) this is the next best thing.  A blindingly fast site - as it carries only information, not eye-candy!

The Journal of Music in Ireland website
The Journal of Music in Ireland (JMI) publishes articles and reviews on traditional, classical and contemporary music in Ireland.

Ivy Creek Recordings
A record label and web store specializing in Appalachian Folk Music, Storytelling and Bluegrass.


County of Jamtland in Sweden resouce site
Listen to traditional folk music from the County of Jamtland in Sweden - they have web-published 15 tunes (in MP3)

The Red Hot Jazz Archive
Describes itself as 'A history of jazz before 1930', but includes articles and discographies of most classic blues singers, plus various country blues singers singers and pianists.


Kent Folk website
Live Music information for the county of Kent.

Kentanza website
Extensive discographies of East African music on 45 rpm.

Klang Records website
"Rare and strange music from around the world" - their description.  They should have added 'exciting' too.  They are also the UK exclusive distributor of the German Trikont label.

Kyloe Records website
Mike Yates' excellent series of CDs from the Borders now has a new website, and the texts of the songs are now available there too.  Plus, there are additional notes which will be continually added as time goes by.


The Lester S Levy Collection of Sheet Music website
Part of Special Collections at the Milton S Eisenhower Library of The Johns Hopkins University.  It contains over 29,000 pieces of music and focuses on popular American music spanning the period 1780 to 1960.  All pieces of the collection are indexed on this site and a search will retrieve a catalog description of the pieces.  An image of the cover and each page of music will also be retrieved if the music was published before 1923 and is in the public domain.

Library of Congress American Folklife Center.
Possibly the largest collection of folk material in the world.

Likembe website
A wide range of African music from records and cassettes, otherwise very difficult or impossible to find.

The John and Ruby Lomax 1939 Southern States recording trip Collection.
This collection contains materials documenting a three-month, 6,502-mile trip collecting folk songs through the southern US.  The trip began in Port Aransas, Texas on March 31, 1939, and ended at the Library of Congress on June 14, 1939.

The Luar na lubre web site
Celtic Music from Galicia


Macmeanma Records

Celfyddydau Mari Arts
The first section of the Archive is now up and running, with information about traditional drama and animal disguise customs in South Wales.

The Martin and Kingsbury website
A nostalgic site run by folk club organisers from the '60s through to the early '80s, following the careers of many of the best artists of the period.  Also opportunities to buy some of the hard to find music of those artists.

Tom Chambers' Maypoles website
Traditional English Maypoles which stand throughout the year have never been studied in depth and Tom Chambers is preparing a list of those which stand today.  He knows of about 70 and would like your help in finding more.

Paul Gifford's Michigan Fiddle and Dulcimer website
This excellent website has numerous recordings of Michigan fiddlers that Paul made between 1971 and 1985, plus several earlier recordings made by others (1926-1969).  It is a fairly large website, mainly arranged by meter (2/4, 6/8, round dance, ethic), and key.  Also many early dulcimer recordings, photos, personal stuff, and songs (especially the kind they can't print).

Millstream Records
Since 1986, the Tønder Festival music service for Danes and much more.

John Moulden On Irish Songs
All you could possibly want - and due to get bigger as time passes.

David Nuttall's Music for Sale website
Plenty of books and CDs on folk, world and jazz for sale at reasonable prices.

Musical Traditions Records website
The whole Musical Traditions catalogue, available for debit/credit card purchace.  Also contains full booklet notes, track lists, reviews, etc.

Musictrad (France)


National Sound Archive at the British Library online
The catalogue to all their almost two-and-a-half million recordings.

Newfoundland and Labrador Songs website
A non-commercial niche site for traditional and composed songs, old and new, from Newfoundland and Labrador.  Lots of song texts and some MIDI files; easy to find a known song or writer / singer.

North American Traditions Series from Rounder Records
The home of some of Rounder's best (or most interesting) CDs, almost all of which have received very positive reviews in MT.  Mark Wilson is the series editor.

The website contains specimen artist autobiographies, photographs, musical transcriptions, and a few essays relating to the status of traditional song in North America today.

North Carolina Folklife Institute website
For more than thirty years, NCFI, with the support of the North Carolina Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts, has been an important resource in the documentation and presentation of the traditional music, craft, storytelling, dance, and a multitude of other expressions of our state's remarkably rich folk heritage.  The site is still in development, but there's already much to see and hear there.


Old Hat Records web site
The record company which brought you Music of the Lost Provinces and Violin, Sing the Blues For Me.

The Friends of American Old-Time Music and Dance website
A UK-based society with an emphasis on participation and a membership mostly of string-band musicians and Appalachian dancers.  FOAOTMAD organises an annual festival, camps and workshops.

Old-Time Music and Ozark Heritage Festival website
Old-Time Music and Ozark Heritage Festival in West Plains, Missouri - celebrating the old time music and the unique culture of the Ozark Highlands.

Richard MacKenzie's Old-Time Music site
Features the music of Ken MacKenzie, who started in 1936, and until the late 70's was very active in traditional country music in the New England States.  Also includes pages for Maine Country Music Association Hall of Fame, Down East Country Music Pioneers, Yodeling Slim Clark, Rusty Rogers, Harold Crosby, Bonnie Rairdon, and links to many other old time Maine artists.

London University's School Of Oriental & African Studies Music Centre.
Ethnomusicological material.


The Charles Parker Archive website
The Archive consists of tapes, production books, papers, correspondence and scripts for most of the programmes Charles Parker produced and the organisations in which he was active.

It contains a wealth of material for studying the culture of the 1950s-1970s - broadcasting, the folk revival, pop music, community arts - as well as contemporary social and political issues. Charles made programmes with blind people, Irish labourers, workers in China in 1972, Asian teenagers, protesters against the Vietnam War and other minorities traditionally denied a voice on the air on in historical records.

After his death in 1980 a Trust was set up to administer the Archive. Cataloguing of the papers is now almost completed and many listening cassettes are available for research.

Passion Music website
A first-rate British based mail order record company, dealing mainly in music from Eastern Europe.

Polish Folk Music Magazine Gadki z Chatki website
The website of the only Polish folk music magazine - and this link is to the English version.



Recordiversity website
Information and images about African music on record, with the emphasis on seven-inch singles. There are galleries showcasing records from different African countries, and various other features, including links to related sites.

The Red Saunders Research Foundation website
Devoted to studying the post world war 2 music of Chicago.  Mostly concerned with jazz, but has important information on the Chicago blues scene of the period.

The Rig-a-Jig-Jig website
A Norfolk music history project run by Des Miller and Chris Holderness.

The Jean Ritchie website
Records, books, pictures, dulcimers - you name it.

Gordon Boswell's Romany Museum
At Clay Lane, Spading, Lincs.  The Website is new and fairly minimal, but wiil be developed more fully very soon.  The museum contains a unique collection of authentic horse-drawn caravans and other memorabilia of the vanishing way of life of the Romanies of England, the collection of a leading member of Britain's most famous Romany dynasty, who will personally conduct the visitor around the museum exhibits.

The online magazine of world and roots music.  US centred.

Rounder Records
The US record label that has always specialised in folk and blues music.  They have recently been releasing a huge amount of old material, some never before heard, in CD format - most notably the Alan Lomax Collection.  This and their North American Traditions Series (see in N above) are likely to be of most interest to MT readers.


Sally Sloane's tunes website
A very comprehensive site, giving details of, and in most cases playable examples, of all the tunes she's known to have recorded.

Savannahphone website
Discographies and reissues of African music on 78 rpm records.

Scottish Folk Directory
This publication is now in its 30th year and has just appeared on the Net.  The site contains thousands of phone, fax, e-mail, web and snail mail contacts around the Scottish folk music scene.  Also an Events section, updated weekly, covering Festivals, Clubs, Pubs and sessions around Scotland, and listings of Performers and Services.

The Wighton Database of Scottish National Music
A database of Scottish national music, which also has items of interest to the English, Irish and Welsh traditions.

The Session website
A resource for those interested in Irish Trad music with links to sessions all over the world, musical notation and midi downloads for thousands of tunes, on line discussions etc.

Brooks Academy's SetDance.com site
Brooks Academy is a Dublin-based dance group that offers Irish Set Dancing lessons.  SetDance.Com provides extensive resources on traditional Irish dance, music, and instructions.

Shanachie Records

LoudHymns Shapenote and Sacred Harp website
A site intended to serve as a living archive of traditional shapenote hymn singing recorded in picture and in song.  With over 500 pictures and sound clips catalogued by mid-2001, it provides a searchable database of recent Sacred Harp singings and the singers that made them possible.

Shave the Donkey e-magazine
An on-line 'newspaper for the capering classes' mainly written by Simon Pipe, a BBC journalist, who just happens to be a dancer too.

The Edinburgh Shetland Fiddlers Society website
Society meetings, tune lists, info, notices, etc.

Sing Out! magazine
The longest running folk music magazine in the world?

Southern California Pipers' Club

Three Spanish Websites:
    Etxe-Ondo website
    Slightly eccentric English-language website of Basque music.
    Euskarians website
    Website for Elkar label, which specialises in Basque music.  The site has an option that displays some of the information in English.
    Tecnosaga website
    Web-site for a label that does a lot of Spanish folk CDs.  The text appears to be in Spanish only.  Their 'La Tradicion Musical en Espana' series is excellent and only marred by almost all the very extensive accompanying booklets being in Spanish only (the ones on Jewish music have a translation).
Spire Folk
Folk, roots and world music site based in North Derbyshire.  Includes local events, venues and artists, together with information of wider interest.  Album reviews and lots of useful links are also featured.

Springthyme Records
A new site.  They have some sound in place, using Real Audio streaming.  There's a message/ discussion page - The Forum - and also a secure order page for credit sales over the net.

Spud Mountain RFD web "radio" program
Presents traditional music of rural North America from Canada to Mexico, but concentrating on stuff by oldtime musicians in the Pacific Northwest.  The music can be heard nowhere else on the web, as far as they can tell.  Some of it is unavailble - either field recordings or out of print records that have not been reissued.  RealPlayer G2 is what you need to hear it - available free from www.real.com

The Squirrel Hill Press
A small publisher and distributor of books related to English country dance and historical social dance (i.e., tango, waltz, minuet, etc.).

The Helene Stratman-Thomas collection website
A collection of Wisconsin folk music field recordings.  Covers all ethic groups in that state.

Sussex Folk Guide
Have a look through the events in an area where the folk clubs have regularly presented traditional performers from their own county as well as from elsewhere.

Swiss traditional music website
Information about Swiss traditional music, Swiss instruments, styles, types of ensembles, and individual musicians and groups and their available albums. Also examples of tunes, in midi and scores.  Most of it is in English as well as German and other languages.


Tara Music Company
New web site

Taranta Records site.
This small Italian label has published about 20 superb CDs in their Ethnica series of traditional Italian music and song as it is still being performed today - i.e. recent recordings.  All we have heard have been first class.

Temple Records

Tobar an Dualchais / Kist o Riches website.
Tobar an Dualchais/Kist o Riches is a collaborative project which has been set up to preserve, digitise, catalogue and make available online several thousand hours of Gaelic and Scots recordings.  This website contains over 24,000 oral recordings collected in Scotland from the 1930s onwards, including several thousand songs and tunes.

Topic Records Website.
The world's oldest independent record company now has a Web presence and on-line purchasing.

The Trad Centre
The Trad Centre has been established to create an on-line network between Bands and Artists, Venues and Festivals, Agents and Promoters on the Irish Traditional music scene, and to provide information for everyone involved.

Tradition magazine website
A quarterly printed publication featuring British traditions and customs: music, song and dance; folklore, myth and legend; traditional diary; CD reviews; Interviews with 'renowned artistes' from around the world.

National Council for the Traditional Arts
A non-profit organisation based out of Maryland, USA, dedicated to the preservation and documentation of traditional arts in America.  Also runs the National, Lowell and Washington Irish Folk Festivals.

The Traditional Ballad Index
An Annotated Bibliography of the Folk Songs of the English-Speaking World - a useful search tool for people seeking reference information and sources on ballads.

Traditional Music in England project
The NSA's new website devoted to their Traditional Music in England project which was previously detailed in News No 7 in these pages.

Traditional Song Forum website

Richard Robinson's Tunebook
A collection of traditional tunes, and new tunes in traditional styles - Scots tunes, Irish tunes, Scandinavian, English, French, Balkan and more.  They are available in two forms - as ABC notation, and as images of the music notation.

Deep In the Heart of Tuva


Patrick D'Arcy's Uilleann Pipe Obsession Page
A website dedicated to Uilleann piping.

John Moulden's UlsterSongs
Ulstersongs is a mail order source, the aim of which is to nurture the Irish and especially the Ulster singing tradition by making available at reasonable cost, in books and recorded form, singable versions of traditional songs and reliable information about the way the tradition was and is conducted.

Union Songs
Union songs from around the world.


Vaughan Williams Memorial Library
The Library home page of the new EFDSS website.

John Howson's Veteran Music website
Source of hundreds of fine recordings of traditional music from all over these islands, and specialising in material from Suffolk.  The Veteran site includes mail order catalogues of English, Scottish and Irish traditional song and music on CD and cassette from small and not so small escoteric labels.  Plus reviews and a regularly up-dated 'Hot News' page.  Subscribers to the catalogue get a 15% reduction.

Johnny Adams' Village Music Project
A research project, backed by Salford University, aimed at identifying collections of English village music, getting the information into a central database and making the tunes available on the Net in ABC format.


The Webfeet Dance pages
Vast amounts of information about the dance and ceilidh scene in the UK and the bands and people involved.  A very well presented site.

The Welsh Folk Dance Society website
"After hearing many people say that they did not know that there was any Welsh folk music, we are anxious to spread the news that there is - and that it is available from us."

The West Virginia University Press pages
Lots of information about the Edden Hammons and Johnny Johnson CDs plus all the books they publish on W Virginian and Appalachian topics and history.

The Whole Wide World record shop Website
An excellent record shop in Crewkerne, Somerset, with a stall at many UK festivals.

WildGoose Records and Studio website
40+ CDs of revivalist English music and song.

Windfall Music website
Windfall provides exact copies (either printed or in PDF form) of information contained in difficult to find and rare books (Gow and Cumming) on Scottish Fiddle Music, which provide a rich source of Scottish Musical History.

The John Quincy Wolf Folklore Collection Website
Ozark Folksongs contains transcriptions and audio files to hundreds of folksongs collected by Wolf from 1952-1970.  Includes recordings of Almeda Riddle and many lesser-known singers, also Sacred Harp and blues.

The Word on the Street website
A site maintained by the National Library of Scotland, containing around 1,800 broadsides (mostly Scottish) in facsimile form, with a commentary on each and - most usefully - a text transcription.

World Music Portal
A Portal site specialising in world music, traditional and contemporary.

Wrasse Records website
A pretty large catalogue of mainly African music - and a fast site!



The Yorkshire Garland Group website
Making Yorkshire’s folk song heritage as widely and as readily available to the general public as current technology and copyright considerations permit, and at no charge.  Currently hosting just 15 songs, they hope to have 87 songs, recordings and texts/tunes/provenances online by May.


The Zampogna website
All you ever need to know about bagpipes.


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snail-mail: 1 Castle Street, Stroud, Glos GL5 2HP, UK

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