Donncha Ó Briain
Irish Traditional Music on Tin Whistle
Gael Linn CEFCD 199
Pádraig Mac Niocaill
Mo Churachín
Gael Linn CEFCD 200

Cover picture As so often seems to be the case with Gael Linn these days, this is not a review, but a notification of old records being re-released on CD.  This is frequently accompanied by a complaint that "the CD's half empty!" - but that's not quite the case with the first of these: the late Donncha Ó Briain's 1979 LP was already 52 minutes duration, and featured a lot of lovely playing.  However, the Pádraig Mac Niocaill 1970 EP, despite having had some extra tracks added from a Raidió na Gaeltachta recording of 1975, still has only a 38 minute duration!  To be honest, that was more than enough for me ... Irish tenors of the Josef Locke persuasion are not at all my cup of tea - nor, I would imagine, will be much enjoyed by many MT readers.

At €18.00 each, these CDs don't come cheap either, considering that all you get is a CD, a cardboard package and a slim booklet.

Rod Stradling - 9.3.11

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