Songs of the Irish Travellers

Traditional ballads & lyric songs, 1967-75
recorded & edited by Tom Munnelly

Pavee Point PPCD004

Cover picture

Mary McDonagh, Leitrim: The Tri-Coloured House.  Bernie Reilly, Meath: Bernie Reilly's Cant Song.  Martin McDonagh, Roscommon: Lady Margaret.  John Reilly Snr, Roscommon: John Reilly; Newry Mountain.  John Reilly Jnr, Roscommon: False Lankum.  Mary McGrath, Wexford: As I Went Out Walking; Johnny Barden; Ellen Brown.  Mickey Connors, Wexford: Donnybrook Fair; The Crabfish.  Michael McDonagh, Clare: William Scanlon.  Winnie O'Donnell, Longford: Willie Leonard.
This is not so much a review as a notification that Tom Munnelly's splendid 1983 Songs of the Irish Travellers cassette, originally published by European Ethnic, is now available again - as a CD.  Pavee Point (responsible for the excellent Raineys and Travellers and Fellow Travellers CDs) has done a fine job of remastering the tapes for CD publication and making a nicely presented and informative 32-page booklet to do justice to these fine singers.

And fine singers they are too!  And whilst I wouldn't want to list and praise each one individually here, I should certainly point out the presence of the wonderful John Reilly, with two songs not found amongst his contributions to Topic's Voice of the People set.  I would also like to mention the three very fine songs from Mary McGrath - whose name may not be so familiar to readers.

Sadly, Pavee Point have not yet got around to adding this exceptional CD to their website, but it appears to be quite widely available from other web sources - like Veteran and Claddagh.  Very well-worth getting a copy.

Rod Stradling - 18.4.08

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