Phoenix Dance Band

All Fired Up

Firebird Records FBR 005

1. Ruardean Sword Bearer's Tune / Getting Upstairs / 29th of May (24 bar polkas);  2. Shepherd Boy's March / Sheffield Hornpipe / The High Tea (hornpipes) ;  3. Blue Morning / Madeleine's Waltz / Larry's Waltz (waltzes);  4. Reunion Jig / Sarah's Jig / Fox & Geese (jigs);  5. Alexandra Park / Mount Hills / Ganglåt från Mockförd (hornpipes);  6. Nantwich Fair / Enfield Wash / Spirit of the Dance (jigs);  7. Pearl O'Shaughnessy's Barndance (banrndance);  8. Neil Taylor's Jig / Ann and Albert's Silver Wedding / Gallowglass Rant (jigs);  9. Tanner Man / Kentish Cricketers / Tip Top Hornpipe (polkas);  10. Lang Johnny Moir / Old Man Quinn / Horse Keane's Hornpipe (hornpipes);  11. Success to the Campaign / The Squall / Royal Burlesque (reels);  12. Snowy Monday / Giga Ferrarese / My Darling Asleep (jigs);  13. Laddie wi' the Plaidie / Will Atkinson's Schottische (24 bar schottisches);  14. King Columb's Sword / The Little Diamond / Hunt the Squirrel (polkas);  15. Mike's (Untitled) Barndance / Dances at Kinvarra (barndances).
Since a very young age I have been taken around the south of England following morris sides on dance tours and to festivals; often (as a child) with no choice.  I grew to really enjoy it, but for me my favourite thing was the evening after a morris tour going out to a dance.  I remember the excitement of getting out of my parents' car and approaching the venue and hearing the distant sound of the band playing for the dance.  It was like a little taste of what was to come.

Listening to All Fired Up took me straight back to those times.  This record has a lovely, well thought out selection of tunes from both the British isles and beyond.  The music is that of friends playing in the moment in a traditional English style which to my ears is charming.  It's like listening in to a good pub session.  It is not highly polished and honed, and it would sound wrong if it were.  They have produced a lovely record of good honest dance music and I for one would be happy to dance to them.

Andy Cutting - 25.7.16

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