Peadar Ó Lochlainn and Aggie Whyte

Seancheol ar an Seannós

Na Píobairí Uilleann NPU CD 020

Cover picture

1. The Chattering Magpie / The Flax in Bloom; 2. Cathaoir an Phiobare / Whelan's; 3. McDermott's / Murphy's; 4. The Pipe on the Hob / The Carraroe; 5. Miss Thornton / Sporting Nell; 6. An Rogaire Dubh / The Humours of Ennistymon.
This is not so much a review as an announcement that Na Píobairí Uilleann have just re-released this 1960s' EP on the Spól label, as a CD.  The six sets of tunes (yes, just six) are very well payed, though somewhat slow and sedate for today's Irish music audience, I would imagine ... although it suits me just fine.

It's what you actually get for your €9.00 which concerns me - which is: 13 minutes and 45 seconds of nice music; Breandán Breathnach’s original sleeve note, comprising 4 short paragraphs; and a cover picture.  The sound has been very well cleaned up by Harry Bradshaw.  Since ten other people are named as being 'involved in this reproduction' one wonders exactly what any of them had to do!

Available from:

Rod Stradling - 6.11.10

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