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I Pray You Pay Attention (MTCD367-8)

Since the British Post Office has greatly increased its postal charges for both Europe and the Rest of the World recently,
it has become necessary to differentiate between the P&P charges we apply to your purchases.

Please click one of the buttons below, as is appropriate to the region to which I should be posting your CDs.
Each have different post & packing charges included.

Great Britain
£16.00 + £1.50 P&P

£16.00 + £4.00 P&P

Rest of World
£16.00 + £5.00 P&P

Warning: obviously the P&P charges are lower for Great Britain, more for Europe, and even more for the Rest of the World.
If you chose a lower rate than is appropriate for the country to which you wish me to post your CDs, I will not send them,
but will contact you asking you to send me the additional postage required, via PayPal.

Making an honest choice of destination will save time and trouble for us both.