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The following items have been updated or added to the magazine during the past few months.  They are now in reverse chronological order and the date indicates when the file was uploaded.

12.7.18   Latest Reviews
30.6.18   Obituaries
27.6.18   ECMW.  Croston, West Lancashire - June 28 - 30th 2019, now confirmed.
7.6.18   Mary Anne Talbot - The Female Drummer?   Article by Arthur Knevett
1.6.18   Editorial
30.5.18   The Mary Thomson cluster PDF   Article by Tom Pettitt
22.5.18   Latest News
14.5.18   Some Reflections a 1974 interview with Bert Lloyd   Article by Barry Taylor
5.5.18   The Cruel Gamekeeper PDF   Article by Tom Pettitt
19.4.18   Maria Marten PDF   Article by Tom Pettitt
19.3.18   Recent Letters
13.3.18   Freda Palmer. MTCD375-6 CD booklet notes   Article by various writers
13.3.18   Sampler
10.2.18   Articles  New long Appendix No.3 added to Dungbeetle No.26 Robin-a-Thrush
1.1.18   Norfolk Gleanings: Six Unsung Gems of Field and Horkey   Article by Alan Helsdon
21.12.17   Fado ... what's in a name?   Article by Tony Klein
27.11.17   The Riddle Song: Roud 330, ODNR 478   Article by Steve Gardham
1.11.17   The Two Bobs' Worth. MTCD374 CD booklet notes   Article by various writers
18.10.17   Enthusiasm No.81  '... rather liltingly scraped' : Frank Smith, Romany fiddler
15.8.17   Small Ads
2.7.17   When Cecil Left the Mountains. MTCD514-5 CD booklet notes   Article by Mike Yates
14.6.17   Enthusiasm No.80  The Ratcatcher's Daughter: text and context
25.5.17   Boshamengro  English Gypsy Musicians. MTCD373 CD booklet notes   Article by Phil Heath-Coleman
27.4.17   Enthusiasm No.79  Kertland and Miss Bailey revisited
25.4.17   Boshamengros  Josiah 'Tite' Smith and Billy Harris   Article by Phil Heath-Coleman
22.4.17   C19th Broadside Ballad Trade  No. 44: Notes on the death and life of Crazy Jane   Article by Roly Brown
21.3.17   The Ballad of George Collins - versions or variants?   Article by Mike Yates
20.3.17   Mondegreens

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