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RTECD 174 The Sliabh Luachra fiddle master   Pádraig O'Keefe   Review
Reels: Quinn's / Callaghan's.  Double Jigs: Gallagher's.  Air: The Banks of the Danube.  Polkas: O'Sullivan's / O'Callaghan's.  Hornpipes: Johnny Cope.  Slides: I'd Rather be Married than Left / Chase me Charlie / The Kilcummin.  Air: The Old Man Rocking the Cradle.  Reels: George White's Favourite / Kennedy's / The Road the Newbridge.  Slides: The Gleanntán Frolics / The Hare in the Corn.  Air: O'Rahilly's Grave.  Double Jigs: The Humours of Ennistymon / I Will if I Can.  Hornpipes: John Quinn's.  Reels: The Donaghmore.  Air: Lament for O'Donnell.  Slides: The Kilcummin, The / If I Had a Wife.  Polkas: As I Went Out Upon the Ice / Campdown Races / Tom Billy's / Jimmy Doyle's.
RTECD 178 Roise Na nAmhran   Songs of a Donegal Woman   Review
RTECD 183 Denis Murphy
RTECD 185 Amhrain Ar An Sean-Nos   Review
RTECD 196 The Donegal Fiddle   Francie Deearg & Mickey Ban O'Beirn, Mickey Simi Doherty, John Gallagher, Paddy Gallagher and James Simi Doherty
Reels: Untitled, Dinkey Dorrian's, McKenzie's, The Drummer, Miss Patterson's Slippers, Ril na nGlur, The Glendowan, The Shamrock, The Old Oak Tree, Bunch of Keys/The Yellow Heifer, Mooney's, The Moving Cloud, Tarbolton, Pinch of Snuff, The Merry Blacksmith, Piobaire a Cheididh, The Pigeon on the Gate.  Double Jigs: Ri na bPiohairi, The Hare in the Corn/The Irish Washerwoman, When Sick is it Tae You Want?, Australian Waters.  Hornpipes: Donegal Castle, Comphiona an Naileir, Untitled, The High Level Bridge/McCormack's, Inishmurray, Frank Cassidy's, Casan an Aon Duine.  Highlands: Agnes Campbell's, George the Fourth, Hopping Biddy, Moneymusk, Glenlivet Whiskey, Jimmy Lyon's.  Lament: Briseadh Eachdhruin.  Air: An Bunnan Bui.  March/Hornpipe/Air: Sian le Cuel.
RTECD 225   Elizabeth Crotty   Concertina music from West Clare   (1999)   Review
The Wind that Shakes the Barley / The Reel with the Beryl, An Gabhairín Buí, Kitty Gone a' Milking, The Battering Ram, Spike Island Lasses, The Ewe Reel, The Ship in Full Sail, An Droighneán Donn, Geary's Reel, The Harvest Home / The Liverpool Hornpipe, The Maid of Mountcisco, The Bird in the Bush / The Silver Spear, Rory O'Moore, Rolling in the Ryegrass, The Five Mile Chase, Touch Me if you Dare / The Morning Star, Andy Hehir's Jig, The Sligo Maid / The Copperplate, The Flogging Reel, The Galway Rambler, The Mountain Top, The Killimor Jig, The Longford Collector, The Green Fields of America, The Bird in the Bush / The Silver Spear, The Stranger, The Dublin Reel, The Green Groves of Erin, The Ship in Full Sail, Bean a' Tincéara, The Woman of the House.
RTE 233CD   On tSean - Am Anall   Danny O'Donnell   (2000)
Reels: The Green Mountain/The Humour of Castlefin, The Swallow's Tail, The Wise Maid/The Dawn, The Irish Girl/Jenny's Chickens, The Inver Races/The Old Diadem, The Lads of Leith/Sherlock's/The Ash Plant, Music in the Glen/The Spey in Spate, The Pigeon on the Gate/The Dublin Lasses, Sean an Cheo, Hornpipes: Dublin, Reevy's, The Tailor's Twist/The Bashful Bachelor, The Tide Came In/The Emigrant's Farewell, Jig: Reevy's, Double Jigs: Paddy Killoran's/The Gold Ring, Jackson's/McHugh's/ Mulvihill's, The Lark in the Morning/Andy McGann's/Lonesome Jig, Highland Fling.
RTE 234CD   Amhráin ó Shliabh gCua   Labhrás Ó Cadhla   (2000)   Review
A mhaimi nach tú an cladhaire , Pilib séimh Ó Fathaigh , Seoladh na ngamhna , Na Conairigh , Táilliúir chroi nffióir , The Avonree , Carabhatai agus Seanvestai , Citi na gcumann, Cathair na Léige , Willy Crotty , Ar mo ghabháilt dom thrid an mbaile beag , Caoineadh Iníon Uí Mhuìríosa, Donncha Rua agus scoileanna scairte Shliabh gCua, Portaireacht: Páidin Ó Raifeartaigh , Sliabh na mBan , Sliabh geal gCua na féile , An pílear agus an sáirsint , Caoineadh Dhiarmuid Stokes, An peidléir , Táilliúir na Carraige , Ceárta Mhicil de hÓra , An samhradh ag filleadh go hÉirinn , An fhaoileann, Mo thigh beag aerach , Na tincéiri , Seán an bhriste leathair , Éinín na hoiche , Margaret na hEaglaise , Máire mhilis bhreá , Rinn na nGael, Cití na gcumann, Caoineadh Iníon Uí Mhuìríosa.

Sage Arts

SA 22012 For the Sake of Old Decency   Len Graham and Cathal McConnell   (1993)
Song, Schottische and Slide: The Quaker's Wife / Padraig O'Keefe's; Songs: True Lover John; The Banks of Sweet Loch Erin; Jog Along; Down The Moor; Here's a Health to the Company.  Slow Air and Song: Sean O Duibhir a'Ghleanna.  Reels: Sporting Nell / For the Sake of Old Decency / The Sound of Sleet.  Hornpipe and Reel: The Harvest Home / The Flowing Bowl.  Song and Reel: The Little Pack of Tailors.  Jigs: Old Joe's / Calliope House.  Slow Air, Song and Hornpipe: The Royal Blackbird.  Hornpipe, Jig and Reel: Three In One.


1100M Carolau Plygain   Various artists
Mallwyd Church bell. Rev D Henriw Mason, Croesoswalt: St Luc II 8-14. Parti Fronheulog, Llangedwyn: Ar Gyfer Heddiw'r Bore; Wel Dyma'R Borau Gorau I Gyd; Ar Dymor Gaeaf Dyma'n Gwyl. Parti Gad, Pontrobert: Deffrowni Deffrowni; Tramwywn; Teg Wawriodd Boreuddydd. Parti Llanrhaeadr, Llanrhaeadr-Ym-Mochnant: Wel Dyma'R Borau Gorau I Gyd. Parti Brynhyfryd, Dinas Mawddwy: Dyledwyr Ym I Seinio Clod. Watkin Evans, Llanwddyn: Yn Dyrfa Weddus. John Roberts, Llanymawddwy: Dyma Wyliau Hyfryd Llawen. Parti Pen-Y-Groes, Pen-Y-Bont Llannerchymrus: Agorwyd Priffordd Rydd . Dafydd Roberts & Wyn Jones, Dinas Mawddwy: Rhyfeddod Ar Foreuddydd. Various Carol-Parties: Cydganed Dynoliaeth.


CD-SDL 376 Disappearing World   Various artists   (1989)
The Meo: Laos. The Mehinacu: Brazil. The Mongols: Mongolia. The Rendille: Kenya. Vlach Gypsies: Hungary. The Pathans: Khyber. The Masai: Kenya/Tanzania. Kataragama: Sri Lanka. Dervishes: Kurdistan. The Basques: French Pyrenees. The Wodaabe: Sahel. The Shilluk: Sudan. The Tuareg: Sahara. The Panare: Venezuela. Marrakech: Morocco. The Sakuddei: Siberut, Indonesia. The Tuvinians: Tuva, USSR.
CD-SDL 391 Traditional Songs of Scotland   Ray Fisher   (1991)
Night Visiting Song; Wark o' the Weavers; Lady Keith's Lament; The Gallowa' Hills; Coulter's Candy; Willie's Fatal Visit; Twa Recruiting Sergeants; Floo'ers o' the Forest; MacGinty's Meal and Ale; Baron o' Brackley; Gipsy Laddies; Lang Biding Here; Jute Mill Song; Hie Jeannie Hie; Johnny my Man; My laddie's Bedside; What Can a Young Lassie; Nicky Tams.
CD-SDL 396 Vocal Traditions of Bulgaria   Various artists   (1991)
Mari Maro; Snoshti Vecher U Vas Byah; Polegnala Bela Pshenitza; Momne Le Mari Hubava; Vido Dva Vetra Veyat; Zaidi Mi Rayo; Dosto Mome Dosto; Shto Yubavo Sofiiskoto Pole; Zamurknaya Petstotin Aiduka; Senkya Pada; Bre Nikola Nikola; Devoiko Mari Hubava; Rechenski Kamuk Reka Zaglavya; Rasti Bore; Zazhena Se Niva; Pominalo e Devoiche; Redilo Se Muzhko Dete; Sluntzeto Trepti Zauda; Pusni Ma Maicho; Doide Mi Obed Pladnina; Done Ide ot Manastir.
CD-SDL 401 Rajasthani Folk Music   Various artists   (1992)   Review
Langas - Habib Khan (morchand, santara) and Rajman Khan (dholak): Note patterns; Shepherds' music; Bhairavi; Rano.  Askar Khan (voice), Gani Khan (sarangi and voice), Habib Khan (sarangi) and Rajman Khan (dholak): Roupnager Su Raj or 'Heli'; Nagaji.  Master Sikander (boy vocal), Habib Khan (sindhi sarangi) and Rajman Khan (dholak): Mehandi or 'Henna'; Kotal Ghurhlo.  Manganiyars - Bartak Khan (voice), Chanan Khan (kamayacha) and Rajman Khan (dholak): Sorath; Kalyan; Khamayachi.
CD-SDL 405 Sea Songs and Shanties   Various artists   (1994)
Bob Roberts: Stormy Weather Boys; Mister Stormalong; The Worst Old Ship; Maggie May; Whisky Johnny; Can't You Dance the Polka; Haul Away Joe; Windy Old Weather; High Barbaree; Little Boy Billee; Johnny Todd; The Bold Princess Royal; The Smuggler's Boy; Hanging Johnny.'Cadgwith Fishermen's Group': Rio Grande; What Shall we do with a Drunken Sailor; Farewell & Adieu; Bob & Ron Copper: Warlike Seamen; The Banks of Claudy.Harry Cox: The Yarmouth Fishermen's Song; Cruising Round Yarmouth; Jack Tar on Shore.Sarah Makem: Caroline and Her Young Sailor BoldClifford Jenkins: The Sailor's Alphabet.Bill Barber: The Liverpool Packet.Tom Brown: The Smacksman.
CD-SDL 407 Songs of the Travelling People   Various artists   (1994)
Janet Penfold: Won't You Buy My Sweet Blooming Lavender?.  Davie Stewart: Come A' Ye Tramps an' Hawkers; The Beggar Wench; Aul' Jockey Bruce o' The Fornet; Macpherson's Lament.  Margaret Barry: The Blarney Stone; The Bard of Armagh; Kathleen.  Belle Stewart: The Berryfields o' Blair.  Jimmy McBeath: The Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre; The Moss o' Burreldale.  Willie Kelby: The Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre; Barnyards o' Delgaty / Gin I Were Where the Gady Rins; The Gay Gordons (March).  Jeannie Robertson: The Choring Song; The Lady o' the Dainty Doon-By; The Overgate; Dandling Song / Bonny Lassie-O / Cuckoo's Nest.  Pheobe Smith: A Blacksmith Courted Me; I Am a Romany; Higher Germany.  Duncan Mcphee: On the Bonny Banks o' the Roses.  Frank O'Connor: Devonshire Time & 2 Gypsy Hornpipes.  Paddy Doran: The Little Beggarman.  Belle Stewart: Tenpenny Bit / She Moves Through the Fair.  Angela Brasil: The Poor Smuggler's Boy.  Carolyne Hughes: Tuning Up / Paddies Lay Down / Mandi Went to Poove the Grys.  Charlie Lindsay: The Leaving of Glen Urquhart.  Cathy Stewart: Twa Heids are Better than Yin.  Donald & Albert Stewart: Macpherson's Rant.
CD-SDL 411 Traditional Songs of Ireland   Various artists   (1995)
The McPeake Trio: An Doro Féinne; My Singing Bird; The Jug of Punch; The Verdant Braes of Skreen; The Wild Mountain Thyme; Siubhan Ni Dhuibhir.  Jim O'Neill: The Moorlough Shore; Her Mantle so Green.  Margaret Barry: The Wild Colonial Boy; The Factory Girl; Moses Ritoolarilay; She Moves Through the Fair; The Turfman From Ardee  Seamus Ennis: The Whistling Thief; As I Roved Out.  Hudie Devaney: When you go to the Fair (Má Théid Tú 'Un Aúnaigh); Bridget O Mally (Bhríd Og Ní Mháille).  Kitty Galagher: Keening Song; The Nursemaid (An Bhanaltra).  Sarah Makem: The Factory Girl.  Thomas Moran: Brian O'Linn.  Liam O'Connor: The Hawk and the Crow.  Francis McKearn: The Blackbird / The Rights of Man.  Frank McPeake: Monaghan Fair.  Annie Jane Kelly: The Magpie's Nest.  Elizabeth Cronin: Dance to Your Daddy / Cucanandy-Nandy / What Would You Do?
CD-SDL 416 Bagpipes of Britain and Ireland   Various artists   (1996)
Uillean Pipes - The McPeake Family Trio: Maidrin Rua; The Blackthorn Stick / Saddle The Pony; Juanita; Mrs McLeod's Reel.  Felix Doran: The Lark in the Morning; Pigeon on the Gate / Miss Monaghan's.  Seamus Ennis: The Brown Thorn; The Boyne Hunt.  Willie Clancy: The Dear Irish Boy; Rowsome's Slip Jig.  The Northumbrian Pipes - Jack Armstrong: Lewis Proudlock's Hornpipe; Peter Baillie's Pig; Maggie's Foot; Maa Bonny Lad (with Isla Cameron: vocal); Money Musk; The Fair Flower of Northumberland; The Jenny Bell Polka; Wild Hills o' Wannies; Whittingham Green Lane / Ward's Brae; The Redesdale Hornpipe; The Lads of Alnwick; Bonny at Morn / Billy Boy / The Earl of Derwentwater's Farewell; Keel Row.  The Scottish Highland Pipes - Alex Stewart: The Burning Sands of Egypt; My Lodging Is on the Cold, Cold Ground; The De'il's I' the Kitchen / London Society; Loch Duich; Manchester Hornpipe / Maggie Dickie's / De'il Among the Tailors / Reel or Tulloch / Wind that Shakes the Barley / Rights of Man.  Pipe Major William Ross: Bonnie Annie / The Duke of Roxburgh's Farewell to Black Mount; By Loch Etive's Side / High Road to Gareloch; Leaving Ardtornish / Port Askaig; Duncan Macrae of Kintail's Lament.
CD-SDL 420 Traditional Dance Music of Ireland   Various artists   (1997)
The Jimmy Hogan Trio: Sally Cardens / Mason's Apron; Bunker Hill / Tommy Whelan's; The Copperplate / The Boys of the Spuds (or Bunch of Keys); The Boys of the Lough / The Lark; O'Malley's Jig / The Luck Penny; The Trumpet / The Locomotive Hornpipes; Johnson's; The Golden Eagle Hornpipes; O'Brien's Fancy; Garret Barry's; The Passing Cloud / Ryan's Hornpipes.  Johnny Doherty: Gurty's Frolic; Please Give a Penny to the Poor Old Man; Stormy Weather; New Lough Isle Castle; Marry When You're Young; Lords Gordons; The Salamanca; The First of May; The Dark Girl Dressed in Blue; The Floggin Reel.  Jimmy Hogan: Louis Quinn's Hornpipe; Paddy O'Brien's / Cooley's Hornpipes; The Independent Hornpipe.  Tom Turkington: David's Delight; The Red-Haired Boy; Mason's Apron; .  Paddy Taylor: The Sweep's Hornpipe; Down the Glen; The Banks of the Ilen.  Sean Maguire: The Gosson that Bate his Father.  Michael Gorman & Margaret Barry: Curracastle Lasses; Hare among the Heather / Woman of the House; The Boys of Ballisadare.  McCusker Brothers Ceilidh Band: Biddy the Bowl Wife / I Lost my Love and I Care Not / King of the Cannibal Islands; McKenna's / Tinker's Apron / Antrim Reels.  Paddy Breen: Paddy's Own / The Launch Jigs.  Seamus Ennis: Music at the Gate Johnny Pickering: The Basket of Oysters / Jackson's Rum.
CD-SDL 421 Vocal Traditions of Albania   Various artists   (1997)   Review
Shqiptaria bashkë gjithmonë; Një thëllëzë e shkruar prilli; Smarte moj!; Këngë vaji; Në gjumë isha dhe u zWova; Këngë popullore qytetare; Në majë të shelgut; Kam shtëpinë me rasa; Lar; nga vendi i bardhë flori; Fyell i Tanës; Bec Patani; Ra një lot dhe lagu syt; Më muar malli më muar; Djalë të bukur të bëri nëna; Vajta një ditë në pazar; Qaj moj zëmer, qaj; Zani i Nanës; Këngë për Meço Bonen; Ymer Aga; Lan vasha në gurë të lumit; Moj Kosovë, trimneshë dardane; Medet o Riza, medet; Dasmorë sot asht tan Shqipnija.
CD-SDL425 English Customs and Traditions   Various artists   (1997)   Review
Helston Flurry & Hal-An-Tow (Cornwall: May 8th). Padstow Hobby Horse (Cornwall: May Lst). Castleton Garland Day (Derbyshire: May 29th). Bampton Morris (Oxfordshire: Spring B/H Monday). Headington Morris (Oxford). Abbots Bromley Horn Dance (Staffordshire: September). Antrobus Soulcakers (Cheshire: end October). St Clement's Day Song (Hammerwich, Staffs: Nov 23rd). The Singing of the Travels (Christmas Mummers At Symondsbury & Eype, Dorset). As I Sat on a Sunny Bank (Camborne, Cornwall). The Cherry Tree Carol (Cinderford, Gloucestershire). The Bitter Withy (Tarrington, Herefordshire). Lazarus (Bromsberrow Heath, Herefordshire). West Country Wassailers. John Barleycorn (Haxey, Lincs sung before Jan 6th). Shrove Tuesday (Warminster, Wilts). The Gower Wassail.
CD-SDL 426 Traditional Songs and Dances of Sardinia   Various artists   (1998)   Review
Pastoral sounds; Nonmi giamedas Maria; La Povera Cecchina; I Colori dell' Arcobaleno; Il Treno; Ballo tondo; Canto alla Fidanzata; Ave Maria; Folk dance music on launeddas & jew's harp; Ballo (Tres passos); Su Sa Corte De Su Re; Sas Cozzulas de Jubanna; Ite Bella Pizzinna; Folk dance music played by blind accordion player; Three Sardinian love songs; Un Vaso di Porcellana; I Tre Tamburi; La Bella Villana; Passu torrau / Dyllu; Sas Rundine e s'Oddéu; Quell' Uccelletto; Le Rondinelle; La Formicuzza; La Solitudine; Gioco Topolino; Madama Le Frulle Frulle; Siamo Sette Cavaglieri.
CD-SDL 427 Tibetan Folk Music   Various artists   (1999)   Review
Yarkyi Dakmo / Picnic in summertime (Lhasa); Gö Thang Kar Dungi Dungdro Chen / The great vulture with white feathers (Na~ehu); Shaglen / Love song (Central Tibet); Bal Lu / Wool song (Nagehu); Dar Tson Nanga / Five different coloured prayer flags (Sertal); Gyu Nor / Wealth (Sertal); Pang Shong Yar La / The grassland up there (Zhitatsc); Toe-shey Sugze Yag La / Highland song: Beautiful Lady (Lhasa); Kham folk song ( Kham); Zachig Zanyi / Truly in love ( Kham); Nangma Sonam Yangchen / Lady Sonam Yangehen (Lhasa); Lhashig Bumo Gonpay Gyen / A female deity is the ornament of the monasteries (Sertal); Nangma Tala-shipa / Song of good fortune (Lhasa); Mana Mar Nor Gyi Sacha / The bejewelled grassland down by the yellow river (Na~chLz); Lak Shue Pay Druk La Harta Che/ The mighty dragon with the thunderous roar (Zhigatse); Nva Lam Thangla / The Thangla Pass in Nya Lam (Lhasa); Tsa Lu / Salt song (Nagchu); Shing Yagrelo / The crops in the fields are growing nicely (Sertal); Garlu Leydro / Ceremonial song (Lhasa); A Ngon Nam / Blue Sky (Sertal); Nye Phayul Nagsho / My Nagsho homeland (Nagchu); Toe Dingri Mangshey / Folk song from Dingri (Zhigatse); Nga Yi Tseway Chungdri / My beloved sweetheart (Central)Tse De Yenche Rey / The top is from here on up ( Sertal ); Nye Sol Lu Len / I will chant my prayers (Sertal); Toe-shey Daway Shon Nu / Highland song: The young moon (Lhasa).
CD-SDL 430 The Celtic Harp   Various artists   (1985)
Ireland: Eileen Monger, Celtic harp (clarsach): Kerry Polkas; Poll Ha'penny / Plains of Boyle / Cnoc na gClarach Slides; Bonny Portmore; The Wild Geese; King of the Fairies / The Lilting Banshee.  Bonnie Shaljean, pedal harp: Her Mantle so Green / Im Aonar Seal; Captain O'Neill / Colonel O'Hara / Sir Festus Burke; The Kilburn Jig / Diarmuid's Well / The Wild Irishman.  Wales: Robin Huw Bowen, Welsh triple harp: Pibddawns y Gof / Dyn y Geg; Dafydd y Garreg Wen; Pant Corlan yr Wyn; Meillionen o Feirionnydd; Gypsy Hornpipe / Pwt-ar-y-bys.  Scotland: Bonnie Shaljean, pedal harp: Roslin Castle / The Lea-Rig; When She Cam' Ben She Bobbit; I Was Not ... Since Martinmas / An Muileann Dubh / The Highlandman Kissed His Mother; Maggy Lauther / Bonie Jean Makis Meikill of Me.  Bonnie Shaljean, Celtic harp (clarsach): Port Priest / Port Atholl; Airs By Fingal.  Eileen Monger, Celtic harp (clarsach): Fingal's Cave.
CD-SDL 431 Cry You Mountains, Cry You Fields   Folk music from SE Albania   Various artists   (1999)   Review
Kaba e rëndë Kolonjare, Do të marrë shaminë dhe do shkoj në varrë, Një behar tërë behar, Djalka shkonte në dyqan, Këngë kaba Kolonjare, Pse ma mban kokën mënjanë, Kolonjë, e bukur Kolonjë, Pa seç ja thotë qyq ja, Valle e gajdes, Këngë për Riza Cerovën, Ditën e Shën Gjergjit, Melodi e mëngiezit, Kënga e Tiko Kapedanit, Valle popullore, Vogëlushe e vogël sa fort që të dua, Qani male, qani fusha, Esmerkë më ishe, Kaba kurbeti.
CD-SDL432 Hardanger Fiddle Music of Norway   Knut Buen   (1999)   Review
Myllarguten (1801-1872): Klonkaren, Myllargutens bruremarsj, Myllargangar etter Halvor Flatland, Siklebekken, Maltstein, Kivlemøyane etter Myllarguten, Gangar / Springar / Lokkaren / Forsteinaren.  Håvard Gibøen (1809-73): Filleveren, Fyrispel, Kivlemøyane, Havard,s draum, Kivlegangar, Sigurd Jondalen, Leirlid'n.  Lars Fvkerud (1860-1902): Margit Hjukse, Rosa Iydarslatt etter Lars Fykerud og Svein Løndal, Gangar etter Lars Fykerud, Huldregubben i Gaustafjell, Fykerudvrengja etter Olav Løndal, Fanitullen, Fykerud's farvel til Amerika.


SEADNA 002 Set Dances of Ireland Vol 2   Michael Tubridy, Tommy McCarthy and Eamon McGivney with Denis MacMahon, Paudy Scully, Timmy O'Connor


SHANCD 34001 King of the Pipers   Leo Rowsome
Originally a Claddagh record
SHANCD 34020 The Celebrated Recordings   John Doherty
SHANCD 78009 The Tie That Binds   Joe Derrane
SHANCD 78025 Thousands are Sailing   Various artists   (1999)   Review
Karan Casey: Shamrock Shore. Dolores Keane: Galway Bay. Planxty: Thousands are Sailing; Green Fields of America. Boys of the Lough: To Welcome Pady Home; Farewell and Remember me. Cathie Ryan: Erin's Lovely Home; I'm Going Back. De Dannan: Rambling Irishman. Arcady: Boys of Barr na Sráide. Wolfe Tones: Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore; Shores of America. Liam Clancy: Fare Thee Well. Voice Squad: A Stór Mo Chroí.
SHANCD 79044 The Iron Man   Tommy Peoples and Daithí Sproule
SH79067 Farewell and Remember Me   The Boys of the Lough   (1987)
Seán Bui / Tommy People's / The Lark in the Morning; The Leitrim Queen; Lucky Can Du Link Ony / Pottinger's / Billy Nicholson; Farewell And Remember Me; Angus Polka No. 1 / Angus Polka No. 2 / Donegal Barn Dance; An Spailpín Fánach / The One-Horned Buck; Valentia Harbour / The Jug of Punch / MacArthur Road; Lovely Ann; The Holly Bush / The New Ships Are Sailing; The Waterford waltz / The Stronsay Waltz.


Y225056 Riccardo Tesi   Un ballo liscio
Y225101 Créateur du Genre Musette   Emile Vacher   Javas, Polkas, Valses 1927-39   (1991)
Reine de Musette; Papouillette; Triplepatte; Batignolles Java; La Java Des As; Fleche d'Or; Musette; Jongleuse; Froleuse; Toi-z-et Moi; Separation; Rouletabille; Pistonnade; La Java de Doudoune; Reve de Fleurs; La Bourrasque; Aubade d'Oiseaux; Frissonnette; La Distinguee; Auteuil - Longchamp; Nous Deux; Son Accordeon.
Y225102 Cobles Catalanes   History of Catalan music 1920-1930   Various artists
Y225104 Cabrette   Cabrette L'Âge d'Or de la cornemuse d'Auvergne (1895)   Various artists
Y225105 Guillemain Freres   Berry / Bourbonnais hurdy gurdy and bagpipes
La marche du President, Bonjour vous autrees, Mazurka, Valse lente, Pot pourri d'airs du Berry, Scottish, Le saut de l'echallier, Les moutons, Pourquoi pas?, Le cotillon vert, Polka, Frisson, La bourree de Chamberat, Mazurka au Pere Chassagne, Quadrille Berrichon, Bourree Bourbonnaise, Ma Louise, Le palala, Les Crapauds, La Mere Michel, Le cornemusier de Marmignolles, La marche des Cornards, Les epouseux du Berry, La charibiaude, Air joué dans les noces, Branle d'ecueille, Valse a Judet, Marche du boeuf ville, Texte.
Y225106 Les Launeddas en Sardaigne   Efisio Melis 1930 - 1950
Milan, 17 January 1930: Mediana A Pipía , Mediana.  Milan, 21 January 1930: Fiuda Bagadia; Ballu Logudorese with Gavino de Lunas (vocal); Ballu Cantadu de Logudoro; Cantu Campidanesu; Gosos de Santa Barbara.  Milan, 22 April 1937: Fiorassiu (parts 1 & 2); Mediana in Re Maggiore (parts 1 & 2); Punt'e Organu in Fa; Ispinellu in Fa; Fiorassiu in Do.  Milan, 22 April 1950 with Antonio Pisano (accordion): Mediana Pipía (parts 1 & 2); Sampogna (parts 1 & 2); Mediana in Re.
Y225107 Squashbox   Le Conceritina Zoulou et Sotho en Afrique du Sud 1930-1965   Various artists
Mzumbe, Izwe Lakithi, Kea Sophia, Moletsane, Si shimane eseshela abafazi, u dear mntakwetu, mamolikoane, pula pulane, Umalume, Isoka lajika, Fitase, Makhaola, Mamtshawe, Utshonyani, Ulele izweni, Ngenke Ngiye, Thatha mthwalo, ya-lala ngesisu, Qalaza angimboni, Ntombi suka s'hambe, U tugela, Mamolikoana, Ntombi za nontaka, Sashokwaqaqa mbai salukazi, Matshidiso.
Y225108 La Bolduc (1929 -1939)
Y225109 La Vielle en France   Les Maîtres de la vielle à roue (1930-1991)   Various artists
Y225110 Le Violon Traiditionnel en France (1939 -1977)   Various artists
Y225111 Zampogne en Italie   Various artists
Tracks are arranged by type of bagpipe.  Surdulina: Tarantella albanese, Sonata appresso alle pecore, Sonata di Natale, Tarantella di Alessandria del Carretto.  Zampogna Zoppa: Piagnareccia, Saltarello, Pastorale.  Zampogna chiave: Capraresca, Cavallara, Saltarello, Tarantella, Sonata per la messa di Natale, Novena, Novena di Natale, Saltarello, La collianese, Tarantella.  Zampogna a paro: Tarantella, Scurdinu e vecchia passata del padre, Novena di Natale, Diu fece lu munno e poi le genti.  Zampogna a'moderna: Tarantella, Musica per la pagliara.  Pive de l'Istrie: Furlana.
Y225113 Chanteurs et Musiciens en Limousin (1974 1991)   Various artists
Y225114 Smirneiko et Rebetico   Les Grandes Chanteuses (1915-1936)   Various artists
Y225115 L'Accordeon en Auvergne (1906-1980)   Various artists
Y225201 Chants Polyphonique Corses Profanes et Sacres   Tavagna a Capella
Bernardinu; Lamentu di una Minnana; Paghjella di Tagliu; Requiem; Offertoriu; Dies Irae; N' unn ti Scurda; Da Sant'Andria di Boziu; U Giardinucciu; Polvere; Vocu Circhendu; Salutaris; Introitu; Lode di u Sepolcru; Barabara Furtuna; O Onda.
Y225204 Gammes en sang et or   Cobles
Y225205 Siblar e cantar en vesubia   Zephirin Castellon
Y225208 Taraf de Carancebes   Musiciens du Banat
Y225209 Polyphonies des Hauts Plateaux   Bemi Ray
Y225211 Musiques Traditionelles d'Ukraine 1   Various artists
Y225213 Musiques du Rajasthan   Gulabi Sapera
Y225214 Musiques traditionnelles d'Epire   Kompania Takis Loukas
Y225216 Musiques Traditionelles d'Ukraine 2   Various artists
Y225217 Musiques populaires de Bulgarie   Krachno Horo
Y225219 Stefano Valla & Franco Guglielmetti   Traditions du Piffero
Y225222 Musiques Traditionnelles d'Asie Centrale   Chants harrnoniques Touvas
Y225224 Le Marovany de Madagascar
YA 225701 China   Voyage musical   Various artists
YA 225702 Madagascar   Voyage musical   Various artists
YA 225703 Portugal   Voyage musical   Various artists
YA 225704 Ireland   Voyage musical   Various artists
YA 225705 Ouébec   Voyage musical   Various artists
YA 225706 Greece   Voyage musical   Various artists
YA 225707 Brésil   Voyage musical   Various artists
YA 225708 Ecosse   Voyage musical   Various artists
YA 225710 Les Açores   Voyage musical   Various artists
YA 225714 Roumanie   Voyage musical   Various artists
YA 225716 Music of the Creole Islands of the Indian Ocean   Voyage musical   Various Artists   (1998)   Review


SS 9478 The Hills of Home   Minnie White   Newfoundland melodion music   (1994)
Rambling Jig; Waltz to the Hills of Home; Coastal Memories; Irish Jig / Viking Jig; Sammy's Hornpipe; Me Mother Won't Let Me Marry; Polly's Jig/French Reel; Southern Sounds; Rock the Baby; Dance with the Girl with the Red Dress On; Valley Echoes; Fiddler's Jig; Green Grow the Rushes-O; Irish Breakdown); Johnny Mac's Jig; Rock Island Waltz; MicMac Square Dance Tunes; Fisherman's Reel; Larry O'Gaff; Cooper's Hornpipe; Blue Skirt Waltz; Pushthrough Jig.

Smithsonian Folkways

It would be utterly pointless to attempt to include the gigantic Smithsonian Folkways output here, since they have a very complete Catalog available on the Net.  The place to look is: www.si.edu/folkways/genrlist.htm and then check out the various Genre Listings on the lower half of the page.  Beware - Genre Part 1 (the only one I've downloaded so far) is a huge 277Kb - and there's also a Part 2 and Part 3!

However - I think it is sensible to include those records which have an MT review:

SFCD40079 The High Lonesome Sound   Roscoe Holcombe   Review
SFWCD 40090 An Anthology of American Folk Music  edited by Harry Smith   Various artists   6 CD boxed set   (1997)   Review
Ballads Vol 1-A   Dick Justice: Henry Lee.  Nelstone's Hawaiians: Fatal Flower Garden.  Clarence Ashley: The House Carpenter.  Coley Jones: Drunkard's Special.  Bill and Belle Reed: Old Lady and the Devil.  Buell Kazee: The Butcher's Boy; The Wagoner's Lad.  Chubby Parker: King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O.  Uncle Eck Dunford: Old Shoes and Leggins.  Richard Burnett and Leonard Rutherford: Willie Moore.  Buster Carter & Preston Young: A Lazy Farmer Boy.  The Carolina Tar Heels: Peg and Awl.  G B Grayson: Ommie Wise.  Kelly Harrell: My Name is John Johanna.
Ballads Vol 1-B   Edward L Crain: Bandit Cole Younger.  Kelly Harrel: Charles Giteau.  The Carter Family: John Hardy Was a Desperate Little Man; Engine 143.  The Williamson Brothers and Curry: Gonna Die with my Hammer in My Hand.  Frank Hutchison: Stackalee.  Charlie Poole and the North Carolina Ramblers: White House Blues.  Mississippi John Hurt: Frankie.  William and Versey Smith: When that Great Ship Went Down.  Furry Lewis: Kassie Jones.  The Bently Boys: Down on Penny's Farm.  The Masked Marvel: Mississippi Boweavil Blues.  The Carolina Tar Heels: Got the Farm Land Blues.
Social Music Vol 2-A   Uncle Bunt Stephens: Sail Away Lady.  Jilson Setters: The Wild Wagoner.  Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers: Wake up Jacob.  Delma Lachney and Biind Uncle Gaspard: La Danseuse.  Andrew and Jim Baxter: Georgia Stomp.  Eck Robertson: Brilliancy Medley.  Hoyt Ming & his Pep-Steppers: Indian War Whoop.  Henry Thomas: Old Country Stomp.  Jim Jackson: Old Dog Blue.  Columbus Fruge: Saut Crapaud.  Joseph Falcon: Acadian One-Step.  The Breaux Freres: Home Sweet Home.  The Cincinnati Jug Band: Newport Blues.  Frank Cloutier and the Victoria Cafe Orchestra: Moonshiner's Dance Part One.
Social Music Vol 2-B   Rev J M Gates: You Must Be Born Again; Oh Death Where is Thy Sting.  Alabama Sacred Harp Singers: Rocky Road; Present Joys.  Middle Georgia Singing Conv. No1: This Song of Love.  Sister Mary Nelson: Judgement.  Memphis Sanctified Singers: He Got Better Things for You.  The Elders McIntorsh & Edwards' Sanctified Singers: Since I Laid My Burden Down.  Rev Moses Mason: John the Baptist.  Bascom Lamar Lunsford: Dry Bones.  Blind Willie Johnson: John the Revelator.  The Carter Family: Little Moses.  Ernest Phipps & Holiness Singers: Shine on Me.  Rev F W McGee: Fifty Miles of Elbow Room.  Rev D C Rice and Congregation: In the Battlefield for my Lord.
Songs Vol 3-A   Clarence Ashley: The Coo Coo Bird.  Buell Kazee: East Virginia.  Cannon's Jug Stompers: Minglewood Blues.  Didier Hébert: I Woke up One Morning in May.  Richard "Rabbit" Brown: James Alley Blues.  Dock Boggs: Sugar Baby.  Bascom Lamar Lunsford: I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground.  Ernest and Hattie Stoneman: Mountaineer's Courtship.  The Stoneman Family: The Spanish Merchant's Daughter.  The Memphis Jug Band: Bob Lee Junior Blues.  The Carter Family: Single Girl, Married Girl.  Cleoma Breaux & Joseph Falcon: Le Vieux Soulard et Sa Femme.  Blind Lemon Jefferson: Rabbit Foot Blues.  Sleepy John Estes & Yank Rachell: Expressman Blues.
Songs Vol 3-B   Ramblin' Thomas: Poor Boy Blues.  Cannon's Jug Stompers: Feather Bed.  Dock Boggs: Country Blues.  Julius Daniels: 99 Year Blues.  Blind Lemon Jefferson: Prison Cell Blues; See That My Grave is Kept Clean.  Cleoma and Ophy Breaux and Joseph Falcon: C'est Si Triste Sans Lui.  Uncle Dave Macon: Way Down the Old Plank Road; Buddy Won't You Roll Down the Line.  Mississippi John Hurt: Spike Driver Blues.  The Memphis Jug Band: K C Moan.  J P Nestor: Train on the Island.  Ken Maynard: The Lone Star Trail.  Henry Thomas: Fishing Blues.
SFCD40097 Close to Home   Old Time Music from Mike Seeger's Collection 1952-67   Review
SFWCD40117 Saints' Paradise   Trombone Shout Bands from the United House of Prayer  Various artists   (1999)
Madison's Lively Stones: When the Saints Go Marching in, It's Time to Make a Change, Never Going to Let You Go.  McCollough Sons of Thunder: He Touched Me, One Day at a Time, Sweet!, His Eye is on the Sparrow.  Happyland Band: Won't it Be Sad?, America the Beautiful, Just a Closer Walk with Thee.  Madison Prayer Band: Lord Fix Me, Shouting Time.  Clouds of Heaven: Lord I'm Troubled about My Soul, Spiritual Conversation, Keep Oil in Your Vessels, Ease My Troubled Mind.  Kings of Harmony: Revelation and Improvisation, Oh, Happy Day, When the Saints Go Marching in.
SFWCD40118 Blues Routes   Heroes & Tricksters, Blues & Jazz, Worksongs & Street Music  Various artists   (1999)   Review
Gandy Dancers: Rooster Call, John Cephas and Phil Wiggins: John Henry, Warner Williams: Step it up and Go, Luther 'Guitar Junior' Johnson and Willie 'Pinetop' Perkins: Flipping and Flopping, Erbie Bowser, T D Bell and the Blues Specialists: Twenty-four Hours a Day, Robert Jr Lockwood: Little Queen of Spades, Etta Baker: One Dime Blues, Abner Jay: Bluetail Fly, Don Vappie and the Creole Jazz Serenaders: Gut Bucket Blues, Claude Williams: That Certain Someone, Sammy Price: Harlem Parlor Blues, Booker T Laury: Early in the Morning, White Cloud Hunters Mardi Gras Indians: Sew,Sew,Sew, 5 09Rapper Dee, C J, and Five Gallons of Fun: My Mind Has No Color / Doing it the Go-Go Way, Georgia Sea Island Singers: Hambone Where You Been? Boozoo Chavis and the Magic Sounds: Uncle Bud, Joe Louis Walker and the Boss Talkers: Bluesifyin.
SFCD40405 The Bahamas   Islands of Song   Various Artists   Review
SFCD 40424 Music of Indonesia 8   Vocal and Instrumental Music from East and Central Flores   (1996)   Review
SFCD 40425 Music of Indonesia 9   Vocal Music from Central and West Flores   (1996)   Review
SFCD 40426 Music of Indonesia 10   Music of Biak, Irian Jaya   (1997)   Review
SFCD 40427 Music of Indonesia 11   Melayu Music of Sumatra and the Riau Islands   (1997)   Review
SFCD 40428 Music of Indonesia 12   Gongs and Vocal Music from Sumatra   (1998)   Review
SFCD 40429 Music of Indonesia 13   Kalimantan Strings   (1998)   Review
SFCD40435 Musical Traditions of Portugal   Various Artists   Review
SFCD 40441 Music of Indonesia 14   Lombok, Kalimantan, Banyumas: Little-known Forms of Gamelan and Wayang   (1998)   Review
SFCD 40442 Music of Indonesia 15   South Sulawesi Strings   (1998)   Review
SFWCD 40443 Music of Indonesia 16   Music from the Southeast: Sumbawa, Sumba, Timor   (1999)   Review
Sumbawa: Tambora - Víolin with male and female vocals from Bima; Lopi Penge (excerpt) - as track 1.  Sumba: Two tunes (excerpt) - Jungga (two-stringed lute) from Umalulu; Hali Ana Wini - as track 3, with male vocal; Tabung (excerpt) - Funeral gongs from Anakalang; Kanakang (excerpt) - as track 5.  Timor: Kikot (excerpt) - Gong ensemble from Oelolok (Meto group); Liliba (excerpt) - Mixed-chorus dance song from Fahiluka (Tetun group); Saero (excerpt) - as track 8; Berelesu (excerpt) - as track 8, from Ekin (Bunaq group); Soge (excerpt) - as track 10; Helang (excerpt) - as track 10; Heo Banamas - String band with male vocal,from Oelolok (Meto group); We Oe (excerpt) - as track 13,from Fahiluka (Tetun group); Naikam Tiup - as track 13, from Noepesu (Meto group).
SFWCD 40454 Calypso in New York   Lord Invader   (2001)   Review
Out the Fire; Ten Thousand to Bar Me One; Cousin Family; When You Hear I Die; New York Subway; Me One Alone; Sly Mongoose; Happy Land of Canaan (#2); Mary Ann; Yankee Dollar; Pepsi-Cola; Tied-Tongue Baby; God Made Us All; The Soldiers Come and Broke Up My Life (#2); Labor Day; Brown Girl in the Ring; Chicago, Chicago (#2); My Intention Is War; No Place Like the West Indies; My Experience on the Reeperbahn (2nd version); Auf Wiedersehen; Cat o'Nine Tails; Crisis in Arkansas; Steel Band War; You're Wasting Your Time (#2); I'm Going Back to Africa
SFWCD 40457Safarini: In Transit   Music of African Immigrants - Various Artists   (1999)   Review
Wawali Bonane with Yoka Nzenze: Tcheni Tcheni/ Wumba Wumba/ Kusanga Ema. Frank Ulwenya and Afrisound: Safarini. Frank Ulwenya: Chakacha. Lora Chirorah-Dye and Sukutai: Nyoka Musango / Chemtengure / Mwari Komborera I Africa. Kofi Anang: Ko / Hail. Obo Addy: Amedzro / Oshi
SFCD40472 Wood That Sings Indian Fiddle Music of the Americas   Various Artists   (1997)   Review
Violín - José Enrique Benitez, Chapaco, Bolivia.  La Guaneña - Danubio Azul group (the Tulcán Naspirán Family), Quechua, Colombia.  Danza a Santiago (excerpt) - Townspeople of Llacuari Pueblo, Quechua, Peru.  Kariso - Antonio Lorenzano, Warao, Venezuela.  Araku - Gervasio Martinez and Mario Silva, Mbya, Argentina.  Nantu 'Luna' - Pedro Nayap, Shuar, Ecuador.  Yan Tox Mateo - Mo Xal and Crisanto Coc, K'ekshi Maya, Guatemala.  Jacaltenango - Grupo lolom Conob (Basilio Pedro and Nicolás Pedro), Kanjobal Maya, Guatemala.  Aires Fandango - Marcelino Poot Ek, Pedro Ek Cituk, and Esteban Caamal Dzul, Yucatecan Maya, Mexico.  Tzacamson - Townspeople of Tancanhuitz (Ciudad Santos), Tenek, Mexico.  Son para entregar a la novia - José Augustin Cruz and José Martín Cruz, Nahua Mexico.  Wiricuta - Mariano, Pablo, Rosenda, and Agustín, Wirrarica (Huichol), Mexico.  Melodv played on the enneg (excerpt) - Francisco Barnet Astorga, Konkaak (Seri), Mexico.  I'll Go with You - Chesley Goseyun Wilson, San Carlos Apache, Arizona.  Pahko'ola Dance Song - Yaqui Pahko'olaand Deer Singers, Arizona.  Never Alone - San Xavier Fiddle Band, Tohono O'odham, Arizona.  Strathspey and reel medley; Jig Medley - Lee Cremo Trio, Mi'kmaq, Cape Breton, Canada.  Finale medley Lawrence - "Teddy Boy" Houle, Ojibwe, Manitoba, Canada.  Eagle Island Blues: Athapaskan Love Song - Bill Stevens, Gwichtin, Alaska.  Turkey in the Straw - Georgia Wettlin-Larsen, Assiniboine Nakota Wisconsin.  Road to Batoche; Big John McNeill - Jimmie LaRocque, Turtle Mountain Chippewa (Métis), North Dakota.
SFCD40473 Northumberland Rant Traditional Music from the Edge of England   Various Artists   (1999)   Review
Billy Pigg: Archie's Fancy / Holey Ha'penny, Border Spirit, Skye Crofters, There's Nae Guid Luck about the House / High Level Hornpipe.  Chris Ormston: Keening in the Wind / Alston Flower Show, Miss Hannah Ormston / Kate Elliot's Jig.  The High Level Ranters: La Russe / The Winshields Hornpipe / Jane's Fancy / Da Road to Houll.  Jack Armstrong: Rothbury Hills / Whittingham Green Lane / The Cott / Border Fray, Keel Row / Durham Rangers / Greencastle / Hesleyside Reel / Yankee Doodle.  Willie Taylor: Murray River Jig / Roland and Cynthia Taylor / Alistair J Sim, Robertsons Reel / The Grand Chain, Nancy Taylor's Reel / The Pearl Wedding.  Anthony Robb: I Saw My Love Come Passing By Me, Dargai, Lament for Ian Dickson.  Willie Taylor, Joe Hutton and Will Atkinson: Dance de Chez Nous / Aunt Mary's Canadian / Neil Taylor's Jig.  Pauline Cato: The Lady's Well / Randon / The Cliff.  Wayne Robertson and Nigel Jelks: Torryburn Lasses / The Wandering Tinker / Marry Me Now / Mrs Wedderburn / The Randy Wives of Greenlaw.  Joe Hutton: Speed The Plough.  Colin Ross: Jock of Hazeldean / Gentle Maiden.  Kathryn Tickell: Mr Nelson's Birthday Waltz.
SFCD40476 English Village Carols Traditional Christmas Carolling from the Southern Pennines   Various Artists   (1999)
Awake, Arise, Good Christians, Pentonville, Hark Hark!, How Beautiful Upon the Mountain, Sweet Chiming Bells, Star of Betnlehem, Prodigal Son, Foster, Hark Hark!, Shepherds Rejoice, Peace O'er the World, Hail Smiling Morn, Mount Zion, Jacob's Well, Raise Christians Raise, Marshall, Expectation, Lo! The Eastern Magi Rise, Angels From the Realms, Three Harks, The Christmas Tree, Merry Christmas.


SS054 Breeze for a Bargeman   Bob Roberts   (1981)
Smugglers' Boy; Princess Royal; Race Of Long Ago; Shannon and Chesapeake; Henry Martin; Swell My Net Full; Dark Eyed Sailor; Homeward Bound; High Barbaree; Jonas and the Devil; Oyster Girl; Wheeling Gull; New York Girls; Yellow Handkerchief; Spanish Ladies; Rolling Home.


SPRC1005 Tom Hughes and his Border fiddle
Redesdale Hornpipe / Galloway Hornpipe; Braes o' Mar; Tam's Old Love Song / Banks of Kale Water; Marquis of Lorne's Hornpipe; Henry Hughes' Favourite; Sidlaw Hills / The Wife She Brewed It; Faudenside Polka; Auld Robin Gray; Flouers o' Edinburgh / East Neuk o' Fife; Lady Mary Ramsay / Orange and Blue; Millicent's Favourite/ Tam's Untitled Hornpipe; Farewell to Whisky / Roxburgh Castle; Kelso Hiring Fair; Old Rustic Bridge; Morpeth Rant; Auld Graden Kirn; Liberton Pipe Band; Redeside Hornpipe.
SPRC1019 Mary and the Seal   Stories   Duncan Williamson
SPRC1020 Wild Rover no More   Jimmy McBeath
Originally a Topic release
SPRC1021 Princess of the Thistle   Lizzie Higgins
Originally a Topic release
SPRC 1022 An Island Heritage   Iain McLachlan   (1987)
Donald MacLean's Farewell; Cameron's Got His Wife Again; March; Reels; Strathspeys; Dark Island; Srathspeys; Jigs; The Ale is Dear; Calum Crubach as a Ghleann; Reels; Conundrum; Highland Harry; Jig of Slurs; Devil in the Kitchen; Hornpipes; Cuttie's Wedding; Puirt a Beul; Jigs; Reels.
SPRMC 1025 The Great Scots Ballad Singer   Jeannie Robertson
SPRMC 1027 If ye've never been tae Kirrie Joe   Aitken
SPRC 1034 On The Melodeon   Jim Crawford   (1992)
Burleigh Polka; North of the Grampians; Dovecot Park; Marchioness of Tullibardine; Petronella; Miller o' Drone; The Cliffe Hornpipe; Lady Mary Douglas; Balmoral Castle; Flowers o' Edinburgh; Miss Forbes Farewell to Banff; The Honey Bee; Hear the Lassies Cry; Lady Dorothea Stewart Murray; Lucklaw Hill; Kind Kind and Gentle is She; Atholl and Breadalbane Gathering; Roaring Jelly; Dumbarton Castle.
SPRCD 1038 Singin' is Ma Life   Jane Turriff   (1996)
A Sailor Lad an a Tailor Lad; The Bonnie Blue Hankie; The Dowie Dens o' Yarrow; If I Had the Wings of a Swallow; My Wee Doggie; The Cobbler; Rigs o' Rye; The Derby Ram; No One to Welcome You Home; Down by the Green Bushes; Poor Little Joe; The Boston Smuggler; Mill o' Tiffy's Annie; Wi His Grey Baird Newly Shaven; The Ring Your Mother Wore; Emphy Saddles; Barbara Allen; What Can a Young Lassie; A Braw Young Sailor Lad; Will the Angels Play the Harps for Me; Bonnie Udny; The Rovin Ploughboy.
SPRCD 1039 Ye Shine Whar Ye Stan   Jock Duncan   (1996)   Review
Gruel; Rhynie; Lothian Hairst / Hairsters' Reel; Cruel Mother; Hash o' Benagoak; Bogie's Bonnie Belle; Glenlogie; Bonnie Udny; Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie; Sleepytoon; Mormond Braes; The Hairst o' Rettie; Macfarlan o' the Sprotts; Plooboy Lads; Drumdelgie; The Battle of Harlaw / The Desperate Battle; Banks of Inverurie; Barnyards o' Delgaty.
SPRC 1040 North East Tradition 1   Various artists   (1998)
George Murray: Kenny Gillies of Portnalong / I'll Aye Cry in by Yon Toon, Fareweel Tae Tarwarhie / Lord Lindoch.  William McKinnon: The Demise o the Craftie, Ful Cycle o the Grun.  Jane Turriff: Down By Yon Green Bushes, I'm Jist a Braw Young Sailor Lad.  Robert Lovie: The Dying Ploughboy.  Gordon Easton: Coortin in the Stable, Jamie Raeburn.  Barbara-Ann Burnett: Oh for Friday Nicht, The Alford Cattle Show.  Jock Duncan: Battle o Harlaw, John Bruce o the Fornet.  Marion Johnston: Children's Rhymes.  George Barclay: The Flech.  Andrew Dey: The Deil's a Busy Bishop, The Linn Waltz.  Elizabeth Stewart: The Jolly Beggar.

Stick Records

SD003 The Brid Fiddler   Jim Eldon
SD005 A Thundering Sort of a Lie   East Yorkshire Fishermen and Gypsies at the Pocklington Cobbler
SD006 Let's Haul Boys Haul!   Jim Eldon, Robert Lang and Jossie 'Pop' Mainprize
SDCD008 Jim & Lynette Eldon   Jim & Lynette Eldon


TARA 1002 The Pure Drop Volume 1   (Strains on Winds Once Blown) Seamus Ennis, Irish Uillean Pipes   (1977)
Reels: The Pure Drop / The Flax in Bloom; The Leitrim Thrush / Miss Johnson; Stay for Another While / I Have No Money / The Cushogue.  Slow Air: The Fairy Boy; By the River of Gems: Valencia Harbour; White Connor's Daughter, Nora.  Hornpipes: The Groves / Dwyer's; The Standing Abbey / The Stack of Barley.  March: O'Sullivan the Great ; The Return from Fingal.  Double Jigs:When Sick, is it Tea you Want? / The Humours of Drinagh; Slieve Russell / Sixpenny Money.  Slip Jig: The Rocky Road to Dublin.  Jigs: Ask my Father / Pat Ward's Jig.  Single Jigs: Chase me, Charlie / The Dingle Regatta.
TARA 1009 The Fox Chase   Seamus Ennis   (1978)
Reels; Music at the Gate / The Pigeon on the Gate; The Merry Sisters / Music in the Forge / Castle Kelly; The Rainy Day / A Fair Wind.  Double Jigs: The Blooming Meadows / Kitty's Rambles; The Fox Chase; The Braes of Burby / Colonel Frazer.  Air; Ned of the Hill; The Trip o'er the Mountain.  Single Jigs: Smash the Windows / The Dark Girl in Blue.  Hornpipes: The Derry Hornpipe / The Cuckoo's Nest; Johnny Cope.
TACD 1002/9 The Best of Irish Piping  Seamus Ennis
Compilation of above
TACD 2006 Noel Hill and Tony Linnane   with Matt Molloy, Michael O'Domhnaill and Alex Finn   (1979)
Humours of Ballyconnell / Drunken Landlady / Ryan's Reel; Geese in the Bog; Joe Cooley's Hornpipe / Miss Monaghan; Skylark / Foxhunter; Reevey's Reel / Golden Keyboard; Killoran's Reel / Mountain Road; Anderson's Reel / Carthy's / Sweeney's Dream; Johnny Cope; Scotsman over the Border / Tom Billy's Jig; A Pigeon on the Gate; Daniel O'Connell's / The Home Ruler / Kitty's Wedding. Lady Ann Montgomery / Cooley's Reel.
TACD 3031 Out to Another Side  Liam O'Flynn   (1993)
The Foxchase; The Wild Geese; The Dean's Pamphlet; Gynt at the Gate; The Winter's End; After Aughrim's Great Disaster; Blackwells; Ar Bhruach na Laoi; Lady Dillon; Dollards and the Harlequin Hornpipes; Seán Ó Duibhir a Ghleanna.
TACD 3034 The Given Note  Liam O'Flynn   (1995)
O'Farrell's Welcome to Limerick; O'Rouke's / The Merry Sisters / Colonel Fraser; Come with me Over the Mountain / A Smile in the Dark; Farewell to Govan; Joyce's Tune; The Green Island / Spellan The Fiddler; Foliada de Elviña; Ag Taisteal Na Blárnan; The Rambler / The Aherlow Jig; The Smith's a Gallant Fireman; Romeo's Exile; The Rocks of Bawn; Cailín na Gruaige Doinne; Teño an Amor na Montaña / Alborada Unha Noite no Santo Cristo.
TACD 3035 Causeway   Nollaig Casey & Artie McGlynn   (1995)
Causeway; Cabbage and Cale; Seo Leo'Thoil; Jack Pallance's Reel; Trá an Phéarla (Strand of the Pearl); Rainy Summer; A Stór Mo Chroi; Comanche Moon; The Trip to Tokyo; Dún Na Séad; Murals; Lois Na Banríona.
TACD 3037 The Piper's Call  Liam O'Flynn
TACD 4004 Many's the Foolish Youth  The Voice Squad
When a Man's in Love; The Bonny Irish Maid; Willie Taylor; The Banks of the Bann; The Holly Bears a Berry; The Parting Glass; The Kilmore Carol; Annan Waters; Shepherds Arise; Ode to Autumn; Oh Good Ale.


A small Italian label specialising in real Traditional music - highly recommended.
TA 01 La Zampogna Lucana
TA 02 Organetto e Tarantelle
TA 03 l'Arpi di Viaggiano
TA 04 Bali Traditionali in Umbria
TA 05 La Saltarella dell'Alta Sabina
TA 06 Balli Popolari in Abruzzo Vol 1
TA 07 Violini e Serenate a Canosa
TA 08 'A Cantata di li Pasturi
TA 09 Vecchi Balli di Romagna Vol 1
TA 010 I Dôli du Signuri
TA 011 Balli Popolari in Abruzzo Vol 2 la saltarella del teramano   Varoius artists   (1998)   Review
La Diana; Saltarella; Saltarella; Saltarella; Polka; Valzer Vecchio; Mazurka; Valzer; Danzo; Polka (Di Rapacchietta); Mazurka Vecchia; Trallallero; Spizzicarella; Saltarella; Saltarella (Li Tammurre); Quadriglia (S A Penna); Quadriglia (Montorio); Quadriglia (Atri); Polka a Tarantella; Valzer; Tre Passi; Danza; Cotiglione; Polka; La Priola; Ballo del Merlo; Ballo della Sala; Polka (di Pistelli); Polka Figurata; Danza; Saltarella; Ballo dell'Insegna; Marcetta.
TA 012 Cumpagnu ti Mannu lu Signuri
'Razione di lu metiri: Invito e orazioni del raccoglitore, Orazioni dei mietitori, Conclusione del raccoglitore, Richiesta di vino dei mietitori, Sarvi Riggina: Capizzi, Alcara Li Fusi, San Marco d'Alunzio, Assoro, Assoro, Enna, Cerami, Â Nicusiana: Nicosia, Gagliano Castelferrato, Assoro, Sperlinga, Capizzi, Galati Mamertino, Alcara Li Fusi, Â Liunfurtisa: Assoro, Gagliano Castelferrato, Capizzi, Galati Mamertino, A Pisera:, Siculiana Monterosso, Galati Mamertino, Galati Matnertino, Gagliano Castelferrato, Pietraperzia, Assoro, Buscemi, Capizzi, San Cataldo.
TA 013 Trescone a Veglia - Balli tradizionale in Toscana  Vol 1 - balli della Maremma toscana   (2001)   Review
Quadriglia con la Lepre, Trescone, Trescone, Sciotis, Canto del Tres Cone, Veneziana, Ballo del Chiamo, Quadriglia, Quadriglia, Quadriglia, Polka Vecchia, Scottisce, Polka di Roggiolino, Mazurka del Sor Cesare, Trescone, Carnevale, Ballo dei Gobbi, Compagnia Dei Gobbi, Trescone, Galletta o Trescone, Sciotis, Tarantella, Galletta, Valzer del Moro, Veneziana con Canto, Mazurka, Valzer 'Campanella', Sciotis Dell'Elba, Quadriglia, Valzer Di Santo, Sciotis, Trescone, Tarantella, Polka, Valzer, Ballo del Chiamo, Suonata con la foglia.
TA 014 Feste e tambouri in Campagnia - Vol 1 Balli sul tambouro, balli intrecciati, canti rituale   (1999)   Review
Ballo sul Tamburo di Terzigno, Ballo sul Tamburo Madonna Avvocata, Ballo sul Tamburo area dornizianat, Ballo sul Tamburo area domiziana, Ballintrezzo, 'Ndrezzata, Tarantella intrecciata, Fronne, Ballo sul Tamburo a Materdomini, Ballo sul Tamburo dell'agro nocerino, Canti 'alla Carrettiera', Ballo sul Tamburo a S. Brigida, Canto 'a Figliola', Ballo sul Tamburo di Somma Vesuviana.
TA 015 Ballos Sardos Vol 1   Antologia di balli sardi   (1997)   Review
Ballu Campidanesu; Passu e Drese; Passu Torrau; Ballittu; Bicchiri; Danza; Durdurinu; Sa Lestra; Ballu Brincu; Passe Torrau; Arroxiada; Ballu 'e Trese; Dillu; Cointrotza; Ballu 'E S'Esse; Ballu Thoppu; Ballu Currende; Orrosciada; Sa Logudoresa; Passu; Biccheri; Scotis; Ballu Gavoesu; Ballu Campidanesu; Ballu Cabillu.
TA 016 Musica da Ballo in Sicilia Vol 1
Quadriglia Alla Siciliana, Contraddanza, Contraddanza Asarisa, Contraddanza Saliciota, Ballettu, Ballettu o Tarantella, Tarantella Siciliana, Tarantella La Bella Siciliana, Scotis di Villadoro, Scotis di Saponara, Mazurka, Mazurka, Mazurka, Mazurka Montagnola, Mazurka Lamiafata, Valzer Speranze Perdute, Valzer, Valzer, Valzer Lotta d'Amore, Polka Siciliana, Polka Nicosia, Polka in Re minore, Polka, Polka Fiorata, Polka Magical, Tango Lento, Tango Romantica.
TA 017 Vecchi Ball di Romagna Vol 2   manfrine, quadriglie e vecchio 'liscio'   (1998)   Review
Lavandera; Polka (di Ciulen); Manfrina; Mazurka (di Cencio); Manfrina; Valzer 'E Ma'; Ballinsei; Trescone; Roncastella; Galletto; Scotis; Mazurka 'Cecilia'; Valzer 'di Veglione'; Mazurka 'Amata Veronica'; Manfrina 'Quater dulain'; Saltarello; Marsigliesa ('La bessa'); Questo Ballo non va Bene; Trescone; Polka; Saltarello; Quadriglia; Ballinsei; Valzer; Saltarello; Manfrina; Serenata; Veneziana; La Ciociara; La Ciociara; Trescone; Canto della Befana; Marcia.
TA 018 Tarantelle e maschere   Balli e canti tradizionale in Irpinia, Vol 1   (1999)   Review
Tarantella di Montemarano, Batticulo di Caposele, Polka Figurata ti Villamaina, Tarantella a Tozzaculo, Bello Zampitto di Calitri, Valzer di Guardia, Tarantella a Torchiati, San Michele (batticulo), Tarantella di Montemarano, Tarantella di Teora, Saldarella, Pizzicanto'. Quadriglia della mascherata, Tarantella della mascherata, Tozzaculo di Bisaccia, Quadriglia, Tarantella, Valzer Saltante, Mazurka a Saltarello, Tarantella di Montemarano.
TA 019 Suoni di Canto   Balli e canti tradizionale in Irpinia, Vol 2   (1999)   Review
Suono di Canto e Tarantella, Canti di Mietitura, Suono di Canto alla Guardiese, Sonetti e Tarantella, Marietta, Pasquarella, Canti di Mietitura, Suono di Canto alla Bisaccese, Canto alla Campagnese, Canzona d'Ingiuria, Mavurka, Canzone del Sabato Santo alla Madonna di Montevergine, Zumparella, Matinata, Valzer, Serenatella, Tarantella di Montemarano.
TA020 Suoni d'Irpinia   Balli e canti tradizionale in Irpina - Vol 3   (2001)   Review
Tarantella di Montemarano, A Legna Alla Muntagna, Calascionata, Tarantella di Paternopoli, Matinata, Tarantella di Volturara, Trapolanella, Mariuccia ('Na Pippa 'Na Canngccia), Serenata, Quadriglia, Pampanella, 'Nu Juorne Fui 'Nvitato A Caccianë, Batticulo (vatticulo), Pastorella, Tarantella di Nusco, Serenatella, Tarantella di Montemarano, Tarantella con flauto doppio, Suonata di carnevale morto.
TA021 Tarantella del Gargano   Le tradizione musicali in Puglia - Vol 1   (2000)   Review
Montanara, Rodiana, Montanara, Viestesana, Viestesana, Viestesana, Tarantella Pizzicata, Strapulettë alla Muntanarë, A Zumparella, Tarantella S Angiuvannara, Tarantella Montanara, Tarantella, Polka, Alla Cagnanese (Contrëmale), Tarantella di Sannicandro, Tarantella di Ischitella, Tarantella alla Viestesana, Montanara, Tarantella di Ricnano Garganico, Quadriglia, Vecchia Mazurka, Tarantella Sammarchese, Tarantella, Trapislettë alla Sangiuvannara, Valzer Iorato.
TA022 Cantogos a Chiterra  
TA023 Pizzica Taranta  


COMD 2063 Easter Snow   Seamus Tansey
COMD 2067 The Piping Centre 1996 Recital   John Burgess and Donald MacPherson
COMD 2084 The Strathspey King   James Scott Skinner   (2002)
Lucania Polka; Allegory: The Miller o' Him / Mackenzie Frazer / The Auld Wheel; Bagpipe Marches: Athole Highlanders' Farewell to Loch Katrine / Cameron; Highlanders / The Inverness Gathering; Celebrated Hornpipes: Arthur's Seat / Eugene Stratton / The Banks; Highland Reels: Laird o' Thrums / Satin M'Mlllan / Lairel o' Drumblair / ; Gladstone's Reel; Medley No.2: Bonnie Lass o' Bon Accord / Marquis of Huntly's Farewell / ; The Ten Pound Fiddle; Highland Schottische No.2: Sandy Cameron / Miller o' Hirn / The Glenlivet; Triumph Country Dance: Triumph / Timour the Tartar / ; The Left Handed Fiddler / Speed the Plough / De'il Among the Tailors; Home Sweet Home / The Iron Man Strathspey / The Bungalow Reel; Cradle Song: Cradle Song / The Braes of Auchtertyre / ; The Athole Highlanders' Farewell to Loch Katrine; Glengrant / Tulchan Lodge / The Parrot - Humorous Pizzicato; Mrs. Scott Skinner / Mackenzie Hay / The Devil's Elbow; The Laird o' Drumblair: The Laird o' Drumblair / The Baker Reel / Will ye no come back Again?; Birlin Reels: The Auld Wheel / Spinning Wheel / Bride's Reel / MacKenzie Frazer / Fairy Dance; German Scottische: Bohemian Melodies; Goodbye Gramin / Johnny Steele / James Hardie; Highland Scottische: Maggie Cameron / Athole Brose / ; The Devil in the Kitehen / Forbes Morrison; Scan Trews / Whistle o'er the Lave o't / Wha widna Fecht for Charlie?; The Freebooter / Tullochgorum / The East Neuk o' Fife; The Freebooter (Is Your War Pipe Asleep) / MacPherson's Rant / ; Tullochgorum & variations / The East Neuk of Fife & variations; The President - Air and Variations; The President - Air and Variations - no processing.

Tradition (UK)

Thanks to Chris Wildridge, who has complied this list.

PR001 Donald, Mike: Through Peaks and Dales [A light hearted look at the Derbyshire and Yorkshire Pennine Country through the folk and country songs of Mike Donald. A Peak Rail production, and while it does not say that it was issued by Tradition, it was according to Paul Adams of Fellside recordings. Recorded by Brian Horsfall. (1982)
Peak rail; Settle / Carlisle Railway; Chapel Hatpegs; Folksinger; Big Norman; Buxton Flyer; Dukes Level; Hard times on the Fell; Barnsley truck driver; Well dressing song; Tramway Museum song; Super Fortress; Riding the Line.
TCS 1 Various artists: Various traditions [cassette] (1973)
Mars for evermore [Johnny Collins; Cutlers - TSR14]; Bird in a cage [Martin Carter - TSR12]; Bristol Mail [Johnny Collins; Bob Siddall - TSR14]; Daddy fox [Ripley Wayfarers - TSR6]; Blacksmith [Trugs - TSR5]; Polkas [Ripley Wayfarers - TSR13]; Farewell to Tarwathie [Union Folk - TSR2]; Sheffield apprentice [Jon Rennard - TSR3]; Nutting girl [Notts Alliance - TSR11; Dreams of a British man of war [Martin Carter - TSR12]; Drink old England dry [Tugs - TSR5; Four Maries [Woods - TSR1]; Rounding the Horn [Martin Carter - TSR8]; Hunting the hare [Ilman Riley - TSR9]; Dance jigs [Notts Alliance]; Brave men of Eyam [Ripley Wayfarers - TSR13]; Holmfirth anthem [Jon Rennard - TSR10]; Oxplough song [Johnny Collins, Muckram Wakes; Cutlers - TSR14]; Flowers of the town [Roy Harris - TSR13].
TCS2 Various artists: Wayside traditions [cassette] (1975)
Cottage air [Jon Rennard]; Witch of the Westmorland [Linda Adams]; Brochanlahm [Fettlers]; Queer Bungle Rye [Stuart Owen, Roger Watson]; Blue sunset [Tees Side Fettlers]; Merry old maid [Martin Carter]; Lord Lovell [Jon Rennard]; Sweeney's polka [Fettlers]; Wimborne Valentine [Trugs]; Scarborough Fair [Martin Carter]; Moving on song [Fo'c;sle]; Summertime [Paula Cooper]; Oakey Strike evictions [Fettlers]; Bitter withy [Ian Stewart]; Flowers of Edinburgh [Fettlers]; Alison Gross [Jon Rennard]; Verdant braes [Fettlers]; Boney's abdication [Knight's Anthem]; Yellow hose [Notts Alliance]; Once I had a true love [Martin Carter]; Tarry Woo [Preston Isle Metal Band]; Jimmy Newman [Fo'c'sle].
TCS3 Various artists: Fire down below [cassette] (1976)
Highland muster roll [Canny Fettle]; All hail this grand day [Jon Raven, John Kirkpatrick; Sue Harris]; I went to market [Derek Elliott; Dorothy Elliott; Nadine Elliott]; Shepherd's daughter [Johnny Collins; Bob Siddall, Roger Burridge]; Sandgate lasses' lament [Canny Fettle]; Johnny mi jingalo [Tees Side Fettlers]; Manager's daughter [Helen Watson; Muckram Wakes]; Palatine's daughter [Canny Fettle]; Cruise of the Calabar [Gary Aspey; Vera Aspey]; Just as the tide was flowing [Ripley Wayfarers]; Salvation Band [Roger Watson]; I'm a teacher [Richard Plant]; Rambleaway [Brian Osborne]; Sally Brown [Tees Side Fettlers]; Fire down below [Tees Side Fettlers]; Robin Hood and fifteen foresters [John Goodluck; Alan Walters; Dave Pearce];Bremish [Canny Fettle]; Go to Berwick, Johnny [Canny Fettle]; Tax collectors [Tees Side Fettlers]; Northumbrian reels [Canny Fettle]; Farewell she [Ripley Wayfarers]; May Day carol [Derek Elliott; Dorothy Elliott].
TSR1 Woods: Early morning rain (1969)
Early morning rain [Gordon Lightfoot]; Bogie's bonny Belle; Maid, a maid; Waters of Tyne; Cotton mill girls; Tarry Town; Lay the bent to the bonny broom; Little tailor; Pinewood Hills; Four Maries; I never will marry; Jute mill song; Wind that blows the barley]; My lady's a wild flying dove [Tom Paxton]; Apprentice song; Ballad of a crystal man; So long.
TSR2 Union Folk: Basketful of oysters (1969)
Marco Polo; Lassie wi' a yellow coatie; Lambton worm; Chickens march to the midden; Farewell to Tarwathie; Three jolly rogues of Lynn; High Germany; MacPherson's lament; Oyster girl; Stoutest man in the forty twa; Hunt; Golden Vanity; Sailor's life; Four poster bed; Seeds of love; Charming Betsy.
TSR3 Rennard, Jon: Brimbledon Fair (1970)
Brimbledon Fair; Eigerwand; I love not where I love; Regency; Ballad of Joseph Myers; Go from my window; Broom besoms; Sheffield apprentice; Chicken fat; Bailiff's daughter of Islington; Old man's lament; Lullaby.
TSR4 Lonesome Travellers: Lonesome Travellers [Lonesome Travellers [Doug Porter; Steve Rostron, Graham Cooper]. Nick Bewley was an original member of LT, but left in 1968] (1970)
Early morning rain [Gordon Lightfoot]; Fairy tale lullaby [John Martin]; Marie Christine[Gordon Lightfoot] ; Son of a miner [Graham Cooper]; Song to the evening sky [Rosie Hardman]; Come on back; Slightly faded [David Campbell]; Ballad of William Coffey, VC [Graham Cooper]; No other name; Guantanamera; Canadian Railroad Trilogy [Gordon Lightfoot].
TSR5 Trugs: And boldly go to sea (1971)
Drink old England dry; Bold Reynard; John Riley; Echoing horn; Blacksmith; Peggy and the soldier; Thousand or more; Dorsetshire Militia; Humphrey Hough; Adieu sweet lovely Nancy; Hundred years ago; Old farmer; Bold Benjamin; Fare thee well.
TSR6 Ripley Wayfarers: Chips and brown sauce [Ripley Wayfarers [Andrew Train; Mick Peat; Barry Renshaw; Arthur Renshaw; Phil Langham]. Sleeve note by Rosie Hardman] (1971)
Birmingham brothel [Stan Crowther]; East wind; Daddy fox; Winnats Pass murders; Hot asphalt; O waly, waly; Poker row [Andrew Train]; Miner and his son [B & A Renshaw]; Spanish lady; Annie Laurie; What do you see? [Andrew Train]; Humber Bridge [Christopher Rowe].
TSR7 Union Folk: Waiting for a train (1971)
Shearing's not for you; Polly put the kettle on; Tailor's breeches; Union rag; Big mansion hoose; Pretty little miss; Sweep's hornpipe; Unquiet grave; Waiting for a train; Butcher boy; Staten Island; Paddy lay back; Johnnie o' Breadislee; Johnson's old grey mule; Johnny Buckoo.
TSR8 Carter, Martin: Someone new (1971)
Sing to me lady; Rounding the Horn; Grinder's hardships; Jennifer Gentle; Lad of seventeen; Matty Groves; Twa recruiting sergeants; John Barleycorn; Mr Blackbird; Cruel miller; Someone new; Skipton ram.
TSR9 Ilman Riley: Gambler (1971)
Gambler; Johnny shoemaker; Osprey; Hunting the hare; Ladies' minuet; Going is a feeling; For free; Strange young girls; Tuesday afternoon; Rue; Thousand days; You say.
TSR10 Rennard, Jon: Parting glass [Recorded at Bate Hall Folk Club, Macclesfield, November 1970 by Brian Horsfell] (1971)
Female drummer boy; Banks of sweet primroses; Captain's apprentice; Holmfirth Anthem; Jumbo the elephant; Follow the plough; Garner's gay; Sailor Jack MacCoy; In your smile; Parting glass.
TSR11 Notts Alliance: Cheerful 'orn [Notts Alliance [Roy Harris; Ian Stewart; Roger Grimes; Laurence Platt] with guest on the recording - Carol Gardner - fiddle] (1972)
Old Mother Crawley; Wife of Usher's Well; Buffoon [Adderbury]; Brewer laddie; Hexham Races jig; Bugle horn jig; Atholl Highlanders jig; Turkish men o' war; Trunkles [Bledington]; Jock the leg; Tupper's song; Cheerful 'orn; Napoleon's dream; Crockery ware; Miller's apprentice; Morpeth rant reel; Rakes of Mallow reel; Soldier's joy reel; On a British man o' war; Country gardens [Headington]; Flowers of the town; Nutting girl.
TSR12 Carter, Martin: Ups and downs (1972)
May; Lowlands of Holland; Bird in a cage; If I were a blackbird; Disappointed lady; Mary the mandolin maker; Dreams of a British man of war; Ups and downs; George Collins; Lish young buy a broom; Foggy dew; Oh, by the way.
TSR13 Ripley Wayfarers: Five wells [Ripley Wayfarers [Andrew Train; Mick Peat; Barry Renshaw; Arthur Renshaw; Phil Langham]] (1972)
Resurrectionists [Andrew Train]; Beggar; Flowers of Edinburgh reel; Roxburgh Castle reel; Boston Harbour; Workhouse boy [tune - Dave Moran and Nic Jones]; Boys of Blue Hill hornpipe; Bristol hornpipe; Song of the Western Men; Brave men of Eyam [B & A Renshaw]; Willie John [Peggy Millhouse; tune Andrew Train]; Five Wells [Andrew Train]; South Australia; Sheldon Duck [Andrew Train]; German schottische; Jenny Lind polka; Curragh of Kildare; Gentleman soldier.
TSR14 Collins, Johnny: Traveler's rest [Cutlers [Ken Atkinson; Tony Irvine; Pete Garrett]; Helen Wainwright; Roger Watson; John Tams; Bob Siddall] (1973)
Harvest song; As our ship was sailing; Cockerham Devil [R & P Edwards]; Unto my love [Roger Watson]; Jim the carter lad; Barley rakings; According to the Act; Bootblack's lament [Dave Cutler]; Bristol Mail [Keith Marsden]; Mars for evermore; Blantyre Explosion; Groggy old tailor; Oxplough song; Willie's Lyke Wake; Farewell shanty.
TSR15 Goodluck, John: Suffolk miracle [with - Roy Harris, Alan Walters, Dave Pearce, Bob Siddall] (1974)
Murder of Maria Marten; Bold Nelson's praise; Lover's ghost; Robin Hood and the fifteen foresters; We poor laboring men; My Lagan love; Suffolk miracle; Loyal lover; Shearing's not for you; Willie o' Winesbury; Windy old weather; Little ball of yarn.
TSR16 Teeside Fettlers: Ring of iron (1974)
Boar's head carol; Ring of iron [Graeme Miles]; Whitby whaler [Richard Grainger]; Dol-li-a; Ore boats [Gordon Steer]; Pulling in song [Pete Betts]; Rap her to bank; Rambling sailor; Blackleg miner; Chemical worker's song [Ron Angel]; Thady you gander jig; Paddy Carey jig; Whistling thief jig; Peeler and the goat jig; Waggon driver's song; John North [Vin Garbutt]; Pride of Kildare; Cook in the kitchen; Fairy reel; Saltpetre shanty; Way down south; Lowlands; Guisborough Road [Graeme Miles].
TSR17 Watson, Roger: Pick and the malt shovel [with - Roger Watson; Muckram Wakes, Garden Gnome Ceilidh Band, Colin Cater] [All songs written by Roger Watson] (1974)
May song [Muckram Wakes]; Pick and malt shovel; Thomas Hanley; Malt house; Christmas hare; Manager's daughter [Helen Watson]; Gathering corn [traditional] [accompanied by Garden Gnome Ceilidh Band; Muckram Wakes]; Salvation band [accompanied by Western Mere School band]; Sudbury Fair [Sue Adams]; Jack Tattersall [traditional] [accompanied by Garden Gnome Ceilidh Band; Muckram Wakes];Number Two Top Seam Colin Cater]; Hole in our back yard [accompanied by Helen Watson, John Adams]; Turn him up [by Garden Gnome Ceilidh Band; Muckram Wakes].
TSR18 Ripley Wayfarers: Gentlemen of high renown [Ripley Wayfarers [Mick Peat; Barry Renshaw; Andrew Train; Phil Langham; Arthur Renshaw]] (1974)
Sluggard tapper [Andrew Train]; Bread and fishes [Alan Bell]; Madame Bonaparte; Just as the tide was flowing; Hexham Races jig; Fair jig; Larry Grogan jig; Bold Reynard; Hounds of the Meynell; Roisin Dubh; Gold ring; John Blunt; Dorset four hand reel; Take your time [Pete Mundey]; Daisy, Daisy waltz; I belong to Glasgow waltz; I'm shy Mary Ellen waltz; Calico printer's clerk; Farewell she.
TSR19 Raven, Jon; Kirkpatrick, John: Harris, Sue: Aspey, Gary: Aspey, Vera: Bold navigators - the story of England's canals - in song [performers of songs shown by initials] (1975)
Come now begin delving [JR; SH]; Navvy boy [JR; JK; SH]; Bold navigators [JR; SH; JK]; Canal fever [SH]; Leeds - a seaport town [JK]; Manchester Ship Canal [GA; VA]; Birmingham lads [JR; SH, JK]; All hail this grand day [JR; JK; SH]; Captain of the waterways [JR]; Cruise of the Calabar [GA; VA]; Keep yer 'ands off [JR; JK]; Tommy note [JR]; Poor old horse [JK; SH]; Push, boys push [JR; JK; SH]; Rosemary [JR; SH].
TSR20 Collins, Johnny: Johnny's private army [with - Bob Siddall, Roger Burridge, Roger Watson, Helen Watson, Ron Angel, Stewart 'Mac' McFarlane, Keith Lightowler] [Composer's names in full, accompanists names in initials] (1975)
Peter's Private Army [Martin Graebe] [BS, RB, RW, RA, MF]; Oxford and 'Ampton Railway [RW, HW]; Gipsy fiddler [Fred Rooke] [RB]; Jovial hunter [RA, MF]; Shepherd's daughter [BS, RB]; Good Wood [Fred Rooke]; Bonny hawthorn [MF; RA]; Wind witch [Bernie Parry] [BS]; Jolly waggoner [RB, BS]; Logs to burn [RW, RA, MF]; Lowlands of Holland [BS]; Goblin's riddle [Bernie Parry] [RB, BS]; Flowers of the town; D Day Dodgers [KL]; This lousy war [RA, MF]; Harvest home [RW, HW].
TSR21 Tees Side Fettlers: Travelling the Tees [Tees Side Fettlers [Sean MacManus, Stewart 'Mac' McFarlane, Ron Angel, Frank Porter]] (1975)
Travelling the Tees [Jim Fraser]; Hartlepool monkey [Alan Wilkinson]; Steelmen [Ron Angel]; Flowers of Edinburgh; Clancy's fancy; Athol Highlanders; Town Hall Millionaire [Ron Angel]; Parkin Raine [Richard Watson]; Breaker's Men [Ron Angel]; Teesside and Yorkshire [Richard Grainger]; Moulder's wedding [Graeme Miles]; Blue sunset [Graeme Miles]; Newcastle; Echo; Ships in full sail; Coonla; Shores of Old Blighty [Graeme Miles]; Procession [Graeme Miles]; I will stay [Bob Skingle].
TSR22 Plant, Richard: Better be sane [all songs by Richard Plant] (1975)
Better be sane; That's all very well but; Song for my father; Song of unemployment; All in a school day; Half the nerve; Cupboard love; Get out, d'you hear; Suspicious bag; I'll walk the road alone.
TSR23 Canny Fettle: Varry Canny [Canny Fettle [Bob Diehl, Gerry Murphy, Bob Morton, Steve Turner]] (1975)
Here's the tender; Liberty for sailors; Owre da moors ta Maggie; Green grow da rushes; Da nipping ground; In da harbour; Bonny light horseman; Oakey Strike evictions [Tommy Armstrong]; Shew's the way to Wallington; Andrew Carr; Long Room at Scarborough; Peacock followed the hen; Another round [Richard Barret]; Varry canny [Jo Wilson]; Go to Berwick, Johnny; Be merry and wise; Erin's green shore; Cooper of Stannerton jig; Heugh jig; Black and the grey jig; Elsie Marley; Fill the tankard; Gipsy's lullaby.
TSR24 Osborne, Brian: Ae fond kiss (1976)
Old Pendle [Milton Lambert, Allen Lambert, Brian Osborne]; Penny wager; Queen of hearts; Just as the tide was flowing; Barley and the rye; Blow the candles out; Coal owner and the pitman's wife; Ae fond kiss; Peat bog soldiers; Tailor's breeches; Snows; Brisk young butcher; Shearing's not for you; Blantyre Exlposion; Farewell to Fiunary [Norman McLeod].
TSR25 Elliott, Derek; Elliott, Dorothy Elliott, Nadine: Yorkshire relish (1976)
Hounds are out; ld cock crows; Tailor's breeches; Henry Martin; Bedlam city; Old miner; Close the coalhouse door; Cupid's garden; Go from my window; Midgley Pace Egg song; Sprig o' thyme; Hob-y-deri-dando; Brisk young sailor; Welton Hunt; Old woman from Yorkshire; Tarry wool; I went to market; May Day carol.
TSR26 Strawhead: Farewell musket, pike and drum [Strawhead [Gregg Butler; Chris Pollington, Malcolm Gibbons, Pete Ashworth]] (1977)
Malts come down; Flodden Field; Watkin's ale; Cawsand Bay; Admiral Benbow; When the King enjoys his own again; Witches' song; Bonny bunch of roses; Grand conversation on Napoleon; Corpus Christi; Madcaps of England.
TSR27 Canny Fettle: Trip to Harrogate [Canny Fettle [Bob Diehl; Phil Bartlett; Gerry Murphy; Dave Hillery; ave Howes; Steve Turner; Bob Morton]] (1977)
Open the door to thee; Anon; Long Room at Scarborough; Touzle your kerchie; Morgan Rattler; Lovely Nancy; Lovesick Polly; Tankard of ale; Trip to the Bath; Trip to Harrogate; Lady Barnsley's fancy; Maggie dance; Lillinghall; Four seasons; Brickmakers; Trip to Castle Howard; Musical lovers; Welcome here again; Mary Eleanor; Musical society; Cuddy Clumps; Wetherby Grange; Grove; Belle Catherine; I would but I dare not; New Lango Lee; Green bracken; Ladies' plaything; Green box; Tweedside; Around the world for sport; Fourpence ha'pennty farthing; Trip to the keys; Seven stars.
TSR28 Goodluck, John: Monday's childe (1977)
Ye mariners all; Country carrier; Poor Pat must emigrate; Seeds of love; Hori horo; Seventeen come Sunday; Adieu sweet lovely Nancy; Wreck of the Ellen; Fair maid walking; Reynardine; Cock; Trees they do grow high; Monday morning.
TSR29 Savannah Jazz Band: Asquith, Mary: With traditional style [Savannah Jazz Band [Louis Shore, trombone; Ned Branton, trumpet; Bob Crosbie, clarinet; Keith McGinn, double bass; John Smith, drums; Mike Taylor, banjo and guitar]] (1977)
Dippermouth blues; Lazy river; I wish I could shimmy like my sister Kate; Old rugged cross; Louisian-i-ay; Ory's creole trombone; St James' Infirmary blues; Chimes blues; Li'l Liza Jane; New Orleans.
TSR30 Shaw, Graham: I am the minstrel [with - Dave Burland; Michael L Doonan; Martin Allcock] (1978)
I am the minstrel [Graham Shaw]; Rocks of Bawn; Fair Susan I left; Farewell to whisky; Turtle dove; Rap 'er ta bank; Sweet William's ghost; Tin can squat [Graham Shaw]; Rabbit man [Graham Shaw]; Penny lean [Graham Shaw]; Annie Moore; Jim Jones at Botany Bay; Down by the Mellon Green; Haul away Joe; Sally Brown.
TSR31 Shepley, Tom - Band: How do you do? [Tom Shepley Band [Jamie Knowles; Pat Knowles; Nan Trench; Martin Colledge]; with Nick Denneley; Ian Stewart] (1978)
Richard Dwyer's; Perthshire Volunteers; Oh, she's coming; White joak; Wakefield jig; Collier lass; Quayside hornpipe; Remember me hornpipe; Not a swan on the lake; Gee Cross Fair; Mottram Bell Ringers; First new Dutch skppar; Black Mary's hornpipe; MottramWakes; Lilting fisherman; Priest in his boots; Father Kelly's No. 1; Dundee lassie; Drummond's favourite; Arran boat; Earl of Lauderdale.
TSR32 Strawhead: Fortune of war [Strawhead [Gregg Butler; Malcolm Gibbons; Chris Pollington] with - Pete Ashworth; Stuart Grills; Edward Hoyle; Patsy Fraser] (1978)
Sinfonia: Glory of the North; Interludium; Rochester recruiting sergeant [Pete Coe]; King William's march; Marlborough's health; Battle of Oudenarde; Telemann: Concerto Di Melante - Adagio; Over the hills and far away; Carelss gallant; Stout seamen bold; Winning of Cales; Interlude: Snowy breasted pearl; Napoleon on St Helena; Charm; Praetorius: Courante CXVII.
TSR33 White Hart: In search of reward [White Hart - Dave Cotton; Cynthia Sheath; Geoff Bibby] (1979)
Jack in the green; Three part song [Rudyard Kipling / Peter Bellamy]; Tarporley Hunt, 1833; Shepherds arise; Oxplough song; White cockade; Old Reynard's got away [Reg Holmes]; Bedfordshire May carol; Marigold; Sweep, chimney, sweep; Admiral Benbow; Shake her Johnny; Wildgoose shanty; Sally Racket; Farewell to Tarwathie.
TSR34 Yorkshire Relish: Old family business [Yorkshire Relish [Derek Elliott; Dorothy Elliott; Nadine Elliott; Chris Parkinson]] (1980)
Labouring man; Must I be bound; Adieu to old England; Monty Python's fandango - Liberty Bell [John Philip Sousa]; Fandango; Trees they do grow high; My girl's a Yorkshire girl; We poor laboring men; Lass of Lochroyan; Jack the jolly tar; Little piecer [Gordon Allen / Dave Brooks]; 51st Highland Division's farewell to Sicily [Hamish Henderson].
TSR35 Strawhead: Songs from the book of old England 1 [Strawhead [Gregg Butler; Chris Pollington; Malcolm Gibbons]; Northern Brass Consort [Stuart Grills; Lawrence Yates; Ian Duckworth; Edward Hoyle; Michael Lormor]; Pete Ashworth] [1980) [double. gatefold]
Drink old England dry; Who liveth so merry; Battle of Waterloo [traditional /Gregg Butler]; John Barleycorn [Thomas Robins, traditional]; Clever Tom Clinch [Jonathan Swift, Gregg Butler]; Cap La Hogue; Lord Nelson [anonymous, Malcolm Gibbons, Chris Pollington]; Concerto di Cornetto [Chris Pollington]; Jingo song [G H Farrell]; Monmouth.
TSR36 Strawhead: Songs from the book of old England 2 [Strawhead [Gregg Butler; Chris Pollington; Malcolm Gibbons]; Northern Brass Consort [Stuart Grills; Lawrence Yates; Ian Duckworth; Edward Hoyle; Michael Lormor]; Pete Ashworth] [1980) [double, gatefold]
Marching along [Robert Browning]; Cavalilly men [Gregg Butler]; Vive le Roy; Battle of Preston [Gregg Butler]; Flodden Field; Flowers of the forest; Culloden Exhortation; Poore man payes for all; Witch of Wookey [Gregg Butler, Chris Pollington]; Mad maudlin; Young British soldier [Rudyard Kipling]; July, 1916 [Chris Pollington].
TSR37 Tees Side Fettlers: Pride of the North [Tees Side Fettlers [Stewart McFarlane; Brian Edwards; Bob Skingle; Terry Dickinson]] (1980)
Pride of the North [Terry Dickinson]; Boulby Mine [Brian Edwards, Ray Edwards, Bob Skingle]; Poacher's song [Brian Edwards, Ray Edwards, Terry Dickinson]; Waters of Tyne; Hexham Races; Queen Victoria's country dance; Caedmon [Marion Marshall, Bob Skingle]; Gallant old lady [Bob Skingle]; DLI [Brian Edards, Ray Edwards]; Nonsuch; Once I loved a maiden fair; Hole in the wall; Come by the hills [W Gordon Smith]; Ye Jacobites; Cleveland Hills [Bob Skingle].
TSR38 Ram's Bottom: Young May moon [Ram's Bottom [Keith Kendrick; Barry Coupe; Ron Cossor; Trevor Hopkins; Ian Carter; Rick Scollins] with John Adams, trombone; Chris Pollington] (1981)
Old 95th; Young May moon; Trombone song; Mountain rose; Moon shines bright; Golden Valley two step [Keith Kendrick]; Ton o' ewes [Ian Carter]; Ernie Dunn; Deadly wars; General Monk's goose step; Tip o' Derwent [Keith Kendrick]; Ey up mi duck [Ian Carter; Brass nuts; Blue eyed stranger [Winster]; Blue eyed stranger; Nowell, Nowell; Man that's growing old [John Bloor; Ian Carter]; Charlie Sparrer's marrer [Frank Sutton].
TSR39 Bell, Alan: Band in the park (1982)
Calling on; Christian man; Spring song; Fair stood the wind; Boy and the dream; Concertina man; So here's to you; Overture - Band in the Park Suite; Dance on Christmas Day; Francoise in Flanders; Marching; Band in the park; It's over; Gone with the wind yesterday; It's my life.
TSR40 Strawhead: Through smoke and fire [Performers - Gregg Butler; Malcolm Gibbons; Chris Pollington; Northern Brass Consort Stuart Grills; Michael Lormer; Lawrence Yates; Edward Hoyle; Richard Hoyle]; Speranza String Quartet [Stephen Barnes; Michael Tomason; Alison Ballard; Andrew Bennet]; Albie Hilton] (1982)
Atte ye hoppe - Schiarazula Marazula; Volta; Praetorius: Volta; This little barleycorn; General Wolfe; Noble Arghyll; Burial of Sir John Moore after Corunna; Where golden grass doth grow [Gregg Butler, Chris Pollington]; Deadly wars - I'm adoun for Lack o' Johnnie; Poor but honest soldier; Duke of Monmouth's lamentation; Sussex toast.
TSR41 Collins, Johnny: Free and easy [Performers - Jim Mageean; Anni Mageean; Regalia [Tom Brown; Barbara Brown; Charly Yarwood]; Pegleg Ferret [Geoff Anderson; Keith Pollard]; Bob Siddall] (1982)
All among the barley; Nelson's victory at Copenhagen; Down in the mine [Colin Wilkie]; Sporting dogs [David Dodds; Penny wager; Thomas Hanley [Roger Watson]; Devil York [Tim Brooks]; Green grows the laurel; Strike the bell landlord [Ron Shuttleworth]; I can hew [David Dodds]; Leaf; Sheffield apprentice; Mare and the foal; Wind and the rain; Old Brown's daughter; Farewell to the fields [Bill Meek, John Connelly]; Free and easy.
TSR42 Nelmes, Graham, Nelmes, Sheila: High is the tower (1983)
All you that are good fellows; Whitby Bells [Dave Totterdell]; Lonesome scenes of winter; T'owd brown 'en [Gerald Short]; Banks of the Bann; Ned of the hill; Soldiers three; Merry haymakers; You gentlemen of England; Lorry ride [Liza Tubb]; Adieu, adieu; Grey Funnel Line [Cyril Tawney].
TSR43 Ryan, Pat: Moving on [Performers - Chris Pollington; Chris Parkinson] (1983)
Merry England [Archie Fisher]; Jinny Bobbin [Mike Harding]; Glasgow lullaby [Eric Bogle]; Banks of the Lea; Lost sailor; Ripple away [Paul Metsers]; Wives' songs [Ewan McColl]; No use for him [Eric Bogle]; Polly Parker; Van Diemen's Land; Sun and the moon [Bill Lowndes]; Low road [Kieran Halpin].
TSR44 Woods, Ian: Yarwood, Charley: Hooks and nets (1983)
Gloucestershire wassail; Hooks and nets [Ian Woods]; Hedging song [Frank Mansell]; Survivor leave [Ken Stephens]; Brookland Road [Rudyard Kipling]; Suffolk song [Ian Woods]; Pressed man's lamentation; London Julies [traditional, Roy Harris]; Whaleman's song [Julian Badcock]; Nobleman and the thresherman; Manchster Ship Canal navvy; Ware out, Mother [traditional, Charley Yarwood]; Smuggler; One more pull [Ian Woods].
TSR45 Strawhead: Gentlemen of fortune [with insert] [Strawhead [Gregg Butler; Malcolm Gibbons; Chris Pollington]; Northern Brass Consort [Stuart Grills; Michael Lormor; Lawrence Yates; Edward Hoyle; David Roberts]](1984)
Eldorado [Chris Pollington]; Mariner's song; Toye; Colonising Virginia [Gregg Butler]; Spagnoletta [Chris Pollington]; 1588 - the Spanish Armada; Adieu to old England [Gregg Butler, Chris Pollington]; Grenville and the Revenge [Gregg Butler, Chris Pollington]; Dreame; Madre de Dios [Gregg Butler, Chris Pollington]; Almande for James I; Fortune my foe; Raleigh's last goodnight [Gregg Butler]; Where golden grass doth grow [Gregg Butler, Chris Pollington]; Spanish ladies.
TSR46 Bryony: Part time job [cassette] (1984)
Part time job; Radcliffe Otter Hunt; Testimony of Patience Kershaw; Dr O'Neil's jig; Let no man steal your thyme; Young maidenhead; Green grow the laurels; Sheffield grinder; John Dory; Gold ring jig; Dark eyed sailor; Rounding the Horn; Three gypsies; Terror time.
TSC1 Fo'c'sle: From the forest [Fo'c'sle - Chris Shakespeare; Alan Gibson; Elizabeth Jack] [Tradition Century - 100 copies only - red label] (1972)
Home from the forest [Gordon Lightfoot]; Drinking gourd; Highland fairy lullaby; High Germany; Fireman's song [Don Bilston]; Moving on song [Ewan McColl]; Bonny lass of Fyvie; Whose garden was this? [Tom Paxton]; Pony man [Gordon Lightfoot]; Lady for today [Rosie Hardman]; Come by the hills; Jimmy Newman [Tom Paxton].
TSC2 Donald, Mike: Siddall, Bob: Bug's eye view [Tradition Century - 100 copies only - black label] (1974)
Doug the bug [M Donald, R Chappell]; Steam train [M Donald]; Jennifer [M Donald, B Siddall]; Land of the old and grey [M Donald]; Credit card song [M Donald, R Chappell]; Witherslack [M Donald, B Siddall]; Motorway song [M Donald]; Oily rag [R Siddall]; Tay Bridge Disaster [ M Donald, R Siddall]; Keep out of the hedgerows [M Donald, R Siddall]; Bob the pedigree sheepdog [M Donald, R Chappell]; What's going to happen? [M Donald]; Fireman's shuffle [R Siddall]; Worth Valley Railway [M Donald, R Chappell]; Five towns [M Donald, R Chappell]; Who are the British? [M Donald].
TSC3 Miller's Thumb: Sitting on the right side [Tradition Century - 100 copies only] (1976)
To the begging I will go; Sitting on the right side; Daffodil Deli; Too-ra-loo; Miller's thumb; One morning in May; Black Jack Davy; Ellan Vannin; Mountains of Mourne; Teach your children well; Peg Haggerty; Sam Hall; Pedlar bold; My lady's a wild flying dove [Tom Paxton]; Whip jamboree.

Tradition (USA)

TCD001 The Lark in the Clear Morning   late 50s - Paddy Tunney, Sarah Makem, Pádraig OKeefe, Denis Murphy, Seán 'ac Dhonncha, Liam Clancy, Tommy Makem. Joan Clancy etc.
Paddy Tunney: The Lark in the Morning; Rockin' the Cradle; Maggy Pickens; Roisin Dubh; The Lowlands of Holland.  Tommy Makem: The Cobbler.  Patrick O'Keefe: Jig.  Joan Butler: Sean Dun Na Ngall.  Liam Clancy: Whisky You're the Devil; The Wran Song; Amhran Dochais.  Mrs. Joan Clancy: Dowdling.  Dennis Murphy: Hornpipe; Hornpipe.  Sean Mac Donnchadha: The Whistling Thief; An Bhruinnlin Bheasach; My Bonny Boy.  Mrs Sarah Makem:In the Month of January.  Mrs Sarah & Tommy Makem: The Little Beggarman.  Peg Power: Druimin Donn Dilis.  Peter Bates: Reel.  Thomas Baynes: Barbara Ellen.
TCD1023 The Bonny Bunch of Roses   Seamus Ennis   (1959)
A Little Bench of Rushes.  The Kerry Recruit; The First House in Connaught / The Copperplate Reel; The Farmer's Curst Wife; An Leambh Sidhe (The Fairy Boy); An Clar Bog-deil (The Bog Deal Board); The Thrush in the Straw; The Cuckoo's Hornpipe; The Bonny Bunch of Roses; Gol Na Mban 'San Ar (The Women's Lament in Battle); The Wealthy Squire; Hogan's Favourite / The Connaught Man's Ramble / The Lark in the Morning / When the Cock Crows it is Day; Marrowbones; Will You Come With Me Over the Mountains?
Originally on vinyl on the American Tradition label.

Traditional Crossroads

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Grupo Changüí: Mi Son Tiene Candela; El Guararey de Pastora; Chubi Chubi; La Rumba Está Buena; Mayumbe; Los Arlimales; Fiesta en Cecilia; Maria Guevara en la Cumbancha; Soy la Tradición. &nbso:Estrellas Campesinas: Muieres; Hoy es el Día; Lídia; Vengan Mujeres Para Bailar;El Guararey de Pastora.
CD 4291 Balada   Bulgarian Wedding Music   Yuri Yunakov   (1999)   Review

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