TSCD126 Ballads & Broadsides.  Louis Killen.  CD reissue (2009)
Young Edwin in the Lowlands; As We Were a-Sailing; The Flying Cloud; All Things Are Quite Silent; One May Morning; The Cock; The Bramble Briar; Thorneymoor Woods; The Banks Of Sweet Primeroses.
TSCD136 Frost and Fire.  The Watersons.  CD reissue:
Here We Come A-Wassailing / The Derby Ram / Jolly Old Hawk / Pace-Egging Song / Seven Virgins (the Leaves of Life) / The Holly Bear A Berry / Hal-An-Tow / Earlsdon Sword Dance / John Barleycorn / Harvest Song - We Gets Up in the Morn / Souling Song / Christmas is Now Drawing Near at Hand / Herod and the Cock / Wassail Song / God Bless the Master / The Bitter Withy / Emmanuel / Idumen / Sound, Sound your Instruments of Joy / Come All Ye Faithfull Christians / Green Fields.
TSCD298 Airs and Graces June Tabor
While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping / Plains of Waterloo / Bonny May / Reynardine / The Band Played Waltzing Matilda / Young Waters / Waly Waly / The Merchant's Son / Queen among the Heather / Pull Down the Lads.
TSCD300 Crown of Horn Martin Carthy
Bedmaking / Locks and Bolts / King Knapperty / Geordie / Willie's Lady / Virginny / Worcestershire Wedding / Bonnie Lass o'Angelsey / William Taylor the Poacher / Old Tom of Oxford / Palaces of Gold.
TSCD309 Kerry Fiddles Padraig O'Keefe, Denis Murphy, Julia Clifford   Review
The Top of Maol / The Humours of Ballydesmond; The Fisherman's / Byrne's Hornpipes; Muckross Abbey / Mulvihill's; Cronin's / The Stack of Barley; O'Donnell's Lament; Danny Ab's Slide; The Frieze Breeches / Paudeen O'Rafferty; Chase Me Charlie / Tom Billy's Favourite; Kennedy's Favourite / The Woman of the House; Apples in Winter / The Maid on the Green / The Thrush in the Straw; The Old Man Rocking the Cradle; The Humours of Galtymore / Callaghan's / The New-Mown Meadows; Calaghan's / The Rights of Man; Johnny When You Die / The Swallow's Tail / Miss MacLeod's.
TSCD340 Martin Carthy Martin Carthy
High Germany / The Trees they do Grow High / Sovay / Ye Mariners All / The Queen of Hearts / Broomfield Hill / Springhill Mine Disaster / Scarborough Fair / Lovely Joan / The Barley and the Rye / The Wind that Shakes the Barley / The Two Magicians / The Handsome Cabin Boy / And A Beggin' I Will Go.
TSCD341 Second Album Martin Carthy with Dave Swarbrick
Two Butchers / Ball O'Yarn / Farewell Nancy / Lord Franklin / Ramblin' Sailor / Lowlands of Holland / Fair Maid on the Shore / Bruton Town / Box on her Head / Newlyn Town / Brave Wolfe / Peggy and the Soldier / Sailor's Life.
TSCD342 Byker Hill Martin Carthy with Dave Swarbrick
Man of Burnham Town / Fowler Jack / Gentleman Soldier / Brigg Fair / Bloody Gardener / Barley Straw / Byker Hill / Davy Lowston / Our Captain Cried All Hands / Wife of the Soldier / John Barleycorn / Lucy Wan / Bonnie Black Hare.
TSCD343 But Two Came By Martin Carthy with Dave Swarbrick
Ship in Distress / Banks of Sweet Primrose / Jack Orion / Matt Hyland / White Hare / Lord of the Dance / Poor Murdered Woman / Creeping Jane / Streets of Forbes / Long Lankin / Brass Band Music.
TSCD344 Prince Heathen Martin Carthy with Dave Swarbrick
Arthur McBride and the Sergeant / Salisbury Plain / Polly on the Shore / The Rainbow / Died for Love / Staines Morris / Reynardine / Seven Yellow Gypsies / Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard / Prince Heathen / The Wren.
TSCD345 Landfall Martin Carthy
Here's Adieu to all Judges and Juries / Brown Adam / O'er the Hills / Cruel Mother / Cold Haily Windy Night / His Name is Andrew / The Bold Poachers / Dust to Dust / The Broomfield Hill / January Man.
TSCD358 Music From Sliabh Luachra.  Jackie Daly.  CD reissue (2009)
Polkas: Tom Sullivan's/Johnny Leary's/Jim Keefe's; Slides: Keefe's/The Clog; Air: Tir Na Nog' Hornpipe: Callaghan's; Reels: The Rising Sun/The Pope's Toe; Polkas: The Glin Cottage Polkas; Slides: Paudy Scully's/The Gallant Tipperarary Boys; Hornpipe: Walsh's; Polkas: Jim Keefe's/Ballyvournie Polka/Johnnie Mickey's; Slides: Trip To The Jacks/Where Is The Cat?; Air: The Banks Of Sullane; Single Reels: Biddy Martin's/Ger The Rigger; Reels: The Glenside Cottage/Taim Gan Airgead; Air: Willie Reilly; Slides: Murphy's/Going To The Well For Water.
TSCD360 Ashes & Diamonds. June Tabor
Reynard the Fox / The Devil and Baliff McGlynn / Streets of Forbes / Lord Maxwell's Last Goodnight / Now I'm Easy / Clerk Saunders / The Earl of Aboyn / Lisbon / The Easter Tree / Cold and Raw / No Man's Land / Flowers of the Forest.
TSCD384 Gaughan. Dick Gaughan [incl. tracks fromTS271 / 2 & 315]:
Bonnie Jeannie O’Bethelnie / Bonnie Lass Amang the Heather / Alan MacPherson of Mosspark / The Jig of Slurs / Crooked Jack / The Recruited Collier / The Augengeich Disaster / Bonnie Woodha’ / The Pound a Week Rise / Ask My Father - Lads of Laoise - The Connaught Heifers / My Donald / Strike Gay Harp - Shores of Lough Gowna / Willie O’Winsbury / Such a Parcel O’Rogues in a Nation / Jack Broke the Prison Door - Donald Blue - Wha’ll Dance Wi’ Wattie / Gillie Mor.
TSCD389 Because it's There Martin Carthy
Nothing Rhymed / May Song / Swaggering Boney / Lord Randal / Long John, Old John and Jackie North / Jolly Tinker / Lovcely Joan / Three Cripples / Siege of Delhi / Nothing Rhymed / Death of Young Andrew.
TSCD410 A Cut Above June Tabor & Martin Simpson
Admiral Benbow / Davy Lowston / Flash Company / Number Two Top Seam / Strange Affair / Heather Down on the Moor / Jo Peel / Le Roi Renaud / Riding Down to Portsmouth / Unicorns.
TSCD411 Penguin Eggs Nic Jones
Canadee-I-O / The Drowned Lovers / The Humpback Whale / The Little Pot Stove / Courting is a Pleasure / Barrack Street / Planxty Davis / The Flandyke Shore / Farewell to the Gold.
TSCD418 Sweet Wivelsfield Martin Carthy
Shepherd O Shepherd / Billy Boy / Three Jolly Sneakmen / Trimdon Grange / All of a Row / Skewbald / Mary Neal / King Henry / John Barleycorn / The Cottage in the Wood.
TSCD419 Handful of Earth Dick Gaughan
Erin-Go-Bragh / Now Westlin Winds / Graigie Hill / World Turned Upside Down / The Snows They Melt The Soonest / Lough Erne / First Kiss At Parting / Scojun Waltz / Randers Hopsa / Song for Ireland / Worker's Song / Both Sides of the Tweed.
TSCD426 Out of the Cut Martin Carthy
Devil and the Feathery Wife / Reynard the Fox / Song of the Lower Classes / Rufford Park Poachers / Molly Oxford / Rigs of the Time / I Sowed Some Seeds / Friar in the Well / Jack Rowland / Old Horse.
TSCD427 Steel Skies.  Alistair Anderson: English concertina, Northumbrian small pipes, with Tony Corcoran: Fiddle, Martin Dunn: Flute, whistle, piccolo, Robin Dunn: Mandolin, Chuck Fleming: Fiddle, viola, mandolin.  CD reissue (2009)
First Light/Rhymeside1,2/The Mountain Stream/Rhymeside 3/First Light; The Road To The North/Clennel Street/The Franklin River; The Air For Maurice Ogg/Jumping Jack/The Air For Maurice Ogg; Green Ginger; The Ironbridge/Eynhallow; In Trim/Mount Hooley/Lemington Bank; The Kestrel/High Force/Dog Leap Stairs/Hot Rivets/The Seven Gate Road; When The Frosts Are Setting In; East Winds/The Millstream/Centenary Pack.
TSCD430 The Collection. Martin Simpson (1992) [from 12TS430/438/446]:
First Cut is the Deepest / Roving Gambler / This War May Last You for Years / Masters of War / Reuben’s Train / Handsome Molly / Moonshine / Green Linnet / Grinning in your Face / Shawnee Town / Moth / For Jessica, Sad or High Kicking / No Depression in Heaven / Stillness in Company / Lakes of Pontartrain / Doney Girl / Essequibo River / Keel Row.
TSCD432 Abyssinians June Tabor
The Month of January / The Scarecrow / One Night as I Lay on My Bed / She Moves Among Men (the Bar Maid's Song) / Lay This Body Down / A Smiling Shore / The Bonny Boy / I Never Thought My Love Would Leave Me / The Bonny Hind / The Fiddle and the Drum.
TSCD447 The Andrew Cronshaw CD. “Contains 90% of 12TS447 plus all of Great Dark Water”:
Voice of Silence / Wexford Carol / Andro and his Cutty Gun / Galician Processional / Harry Bloodgood’s Famous Jig / American Boot Dance / Blacksmith / Fingal’s Cave / Yowe Came to Our Door / Ships in Distress / St Kilda’s Rowing Song / Go To Sea No More / Pandeirada de Entrimo / Gentle Dark Eyed Mary / Empty Places / Dark Haired Youth / Taladh ar Slanair / Freumh as Craobh Taigh Challadair / Wasps in the Woodpile / Turning the Tide / Seana Mheallan / Giullan Nam Bo / Ho Ho Nighean Donn / First of May / Prince of Wale’s Jig / Saratoga Hornpipe / An Old Highland Air.
TSCD449 Aqaba June Tabor
The Old Man's Song / Searching For Lambs / The Banks of Red Roses / Where are You Tonight, I Wonder / Aqaba / Bogies Bonnie Belle / The Reaper / Verdi Cries / The Grazier's aughter / Seven Summers / Mayn Rue Platz / The King of Rome.
TSCD450 No More to the Dance Silly Sisters
Blood and Gold - Mohacs / Cakes and Ale / Fine Horseman / How Shall I True Love Know / Hedger and Ditcher / Rosie Anderson / Agincourt Carol - La Route Au Beziers / Somewhere Along the Road / The Barring of the Door / What Will We Do? / Almost Every Circumstance / The Old Miner.
TSCD452 Right of Passage Martin Carthy
The Ant and the Grasshopper / Eggs in her Basket / A Stitch in Time / McVeagh / Hommage A Roche Prioux / All in Green / Company Policy / The Banks of the Nile / La Carde Use / Bill Norrie / The Sleepwalker / A Cornish Young Man / The Dominion of the Sword.
TSCD454 Give Me a Saddle and I'll Trade You a Car Albion Band '89
Ash on an Old Man's Sleeve / Geoff Collings / Postman's Polka / See Their Mouths to Twisting / Seven Curses / Cardhouse / Striking for Another Land / Bury My Eyeballs on Top of Boot Hill / Kitty Come Down the Lane / Think it Over / Don't Look at Me / Trip to Cheltenham / Throw out the Lifeline.
TSCD457 1990 Albion Band
Yellow Dress / The Power and the Glory / Fairford Breakdown / Fossie Shuffle / Rambleaway / The Flood / Nameless Kind of Hell / Adam and Eve / Lock up your Daughters / The Party's Over.
TSCD458 Plain Capers. John Kirkpatrick (1992 - originally Free Reed FRR 010, 1976 ):
Glorishears / Hammersmith Flyover / Old Molly Oxford / Black Jack / Old Black Joe / Blue Eyed Stranger / Willow Tree / Brighton Camp / March Past / Bobby & Joan / Monk’s March / Fieldtown Professional / Sweet Jenny Jones / Sherbourne Jig / Lumps of Plum Pudding / Highland Mary / Wheatley Processional / Maid of the Mill / Cuckoo’s Nest / William & Nancy / Buffoon / Fool’s Jig / Constant Billy.
TSCD459 The Transports. Peter Bellamy, Collins, Tabor, Lloyd etc. (1992 - previously Free Reed FRR021/022, 1977):
Overture / Ballad of Henry & Susannah / Us Poor Fellows / Robber’s Song / Ballad of Henry & Susannah 2 / I Once Lived in Service / Norwich Gaol / Swet Loving Friendship / Black & Bitter Night / Humane Turnkey / Plymouth Mail / Green Fields of England / Roll Down / Still and Silent Ocean / Ballad of Henry & Susannah 3, 4 & 5 / Convict’s Wedding Dance.
TSCD460 Strict Tempo. Richard Thompson (1992 - CD reissue of 12TS460):
New Fangled Flogging Reel - Kerry Reel / Vaillance Polka Militaire - Belfast Polka / Scott Skinner Medly: Glencoe - Scott Skinner’s Rockin’ Step - Bonny Banchory / Banish Misfortune / Dundee Hornpipe - Poppy-Leaf Hornpipe / Do It For My Sake / Rockin’ In Rhythm / The Random Jig - The Grinder / Will Ye No Cam Back Again - Cam Ye O’er the Stream Charlie - Ye Banks and Braes / Rufty Tufty - Nonsuch A la Mode De France / Andulus - Radio Marrakesh / The Knife Edge.
TSCD461 Barking Mad. Four Men and a Dog:
Hidden Love / Sheila Coyles / Wee Johnny Set / Wrap It Up / Foxhunters / Waltzing for Dreamers / Reel / Polkas / Swing Set / Short Fat Fanny / Jigs / The Cruel Father / High on a Mountain / McFadden’s Reels.
TSCD462 For Pence and Spicy Ale. The Watersons [reissue of 1975 album plus 3 tracks from Mike Waterson’s 1977 solo album and 4 tracks from Lal & Norma Waterson’s A True Hearted Girl, 1977]:
Country Life / Swarthfell Rocks / Barney / Swansea Town / Swinton May Song / Beggar Man / Bellman / Adieu Adieu / Welcome Sailor / Apple Tree Wassail / Seven Yellow Gypsies / Sheepshearing / Three Day Millionaire / King Parim / The Bonny Lighthorsemen / Tam Lyn / T Stands for Thomas / Malpas Wassail / Chickens in the Garden / Grace Darling / The Good Old Way.
TSCD463 The Real MacColl. Ewan MacColl [compilation 1959-66]:
Ye Jacobites By Name / Johnny Cope / Cam Ye O’er Fra France / Haughs O’Cromdale / Such a Parcel O’Rogues in a Nation / Farewell to Sicily / Derek Bentley / Johnny ‘Breadiesley / Go Down Ye Murderers / Van Diemen’s Land / Minorie / Sheep Crook and Black Dog / The Bramble Briar / One Night as I Lay on My Bead / The Gey Cock / The Blantyre Explosion / The Gresford Disaster / Four Loom Weaver / Song of the Iron Road / Dirty Old Town.
TSCD464 Blow the Man Down (1993): Sea Songs and Shanties from 1964 Farewell Nancy album plus extra tracks:
Louis Killen: The Wild Goose; Ian Campbell: Lovely Nancy; Ewan MacColl: The Black Ball Line; Cyril Tawney: The Nightingale; Harry H Corbett: Blow the Man Down; Louis Killen: Heave Away My Johnny; Sam Larner: The Lofty Tall Ship; Ian Campbell: Row Bullies Row; Louis Killen: The Flying Cloud; Cyril Tawney: The Fireship; Bob Davenport: Tom’s Gone to Hilo; The Watersons: Greenland Whale Fishery; Louis Killen: The Ship In Distress; Ian Campbell: Lowlands Low; Bob Hart: Cod Banging; Cyril Tawney: One Morning in Spring; Louis Killen: Hilo Johnny Brown; A.L.Lloyd: Bonny Ship the Diamond; Louis Killen: Bold Princess Royal; Bob Davenport: Billy Boy; A.V. ‘Bob’ Roberts: Windy Old Weather; Cyril Tawney: Bold Benjamin; Ian Campbell: Hog-eyed Man; Louis Killen: Goodbye, Fare Thee Well.
TSCD465 The Iron Muse: A Panorama of Industrial Folk Music
Miner's Dance Tunes - The Celebrated Working Man's Band / The Collier's Rant - Bob Davenport / The Recruited Collier - Anne Briggs / Pit Boots - A.L. Lloyd / The Banks of the Dee - Louis Killen / The Donibristle Moss Moran Disaster - Matt McGinn / The Durham Lockout - Bob Davenport / The Blackleg Miners - Louis Killen / The Celebrated Working Man - A.L. Lloyd / The Row Between the Cages - Bob Davenport / The Collier's Daughter / The Weaver's March - The Celebrated Working Man's Band / The Weaver and the Factory Maid - A.L. Lloyd / The Spinner's Wedding - Ray Fisher / The Poor Cotton Wayver - A.L. Lloyd / The Doffing Mistress - Anne Briggs / The Swan Necked Valve - Matt McGinn / The Dundee Lassie - Ray Fisher / The Foreman O'Rourke - Matt McGinn / Farewell to the Monty - Louis Killen / Miner's Dance Tunes - The Celebrated Working Man's Band.
TSCD466 The King of the Highland Pipers. John Burgess.
Bundle and Go / Over the Water to Charlie / Campbeltown Loch / Joy Go With My Love / Traigh Gruinard / Morag; Bonnie Argyl; The Stirlingshir Militia; The Taking of Beaumont Hamel / Pipe Major John MacDonald's Welcome to South Uist / Delvinside / John Morrison of Assynt House; Salute on the Birth of Rory Mor MacLeod; Colonel Robertson / The 79th Highlanders' Farewell to Edinburgh / Major John MacLennan; Leaving Ardtornish / The Geese in the Bog; The Swallowtailed Coat / The Mallow Men / Pipe Major George S Allan / Jockey on the Braes of Abernethy / Wee Alec - Fort William / Paddy kelly's Stump / The Boys of Bluehill / The Ballachulish Walkabout; Lord Alexander Kennedy / Tullach Gorum / Mrs MacPherson of Inveran; Duncan Johnstone / Farewell to Nigg ;The Baldozer / Center's Bonnet / Cork Hill / John McDonald's Jig; Loch Monar; Inveran; The Ewe wi' the Crookit Horn; The Rejected Suitor; Donald MacLean / Paddy's Leather Breeches; The Desperate Battle of the Birds; The Old Wife's Dance / The Kitchen Maid / The Irish Washerwoman; The Wandering Piper; Parker's Welcome to Perthshire / Achany Glen; The Dutchess of Edinburgh; Thick Lies the Mist on Yonder Hill; Rose Among the Heather; The High Road to Linton; The Pretty Apron / The Highland Lassie Going to the Fair / The Ladies from Hell / Delvin Side.
TSCD467 The Complete Brass Monkey. Brass Monkey:
Waterman’s Hornpipe / Fable of the Wings / The Miller’s Three Sons / The Maid and the Palmer / Bad News / Sovay / Tip-Top Hornpipe / Primrose Polka / Jolly Bold Robber / Old Grenadier / George’s Son / Da Floo’er O’Taft / The Las O’Paties Mill / The Handweaver and the Factory Maid / The Rose Lawn Quadrille / Willie the Waterboy / Doctor Fauster’s Tumblers / The Night of Trafalgar / Prince William / Riding Down to Portsmouth / Trowie Burn / The Foxhunt.
TSCD468 Opening Moves. The Battlefield Band:
Silver Spear/Humours of Tulla/Shipyard Apprentice/Cruel Brother/Ge Do Theid Mid do m’Leadbaidh/Battle of Harlaw/Jenny Nettles/Grays of Tongside/Tae the Beggin’/Tamosher/Blackbird and the Thrush/Moray Club/Lang Johnny Moir/Brown Milkmaid/Dunnottar Castle/Maid of Glengarrysdale/Disused Railway/Lady Leroy/Miss Drummond of Perth/Fiddler’s Joy/Traditional Reel/Shetland Fiddler/My Last Farewell to Stirling/Cuidich’n Right/I Hae Laid a Herrin’ in Salt/My Wife’s a Wanton Wee Thing/Banks of the Allan/Battle of Falkirk Muir/Joe McGann’s Fiddle/Center’s Bonnet. Reissue-cum-compilation.
TSCD469 The Silver Bow (Shetland Folk Fiddling). Tom Anderson & Aly Bain:
Jack Broke Da Prison Door / Da Day Dawn / Shive Her Up / Da Silver Bow / Auld Foula Reel / Da Slockit Light / Da Auld Restin’ Chair / Unst Bridal March / Jack is Yet Alive / Da Mill / Pit Haem Da Borrowed Claes / Soldier’s Joy / Shetland Moods / Dean Brig / Ferrie Reel / Up an’ Doon Da Harbour / The Silvery Voe / If I get a Bonnie Lass / Auld Swaara / Faroe Rum / Mrs Jamieson’s Favourite / All Da Ships Ir Sailin’ / Freddie’s Tune / The Full Rigged Ship / Naanie an’ Betty / Maggie O’Ham / Come Agen Ye’re Welcome / Ian S Robertson. See 12TS281.
TSCD470 The Folk Collection. Various Artists:
Another Irish Rover: Four Men and a Dog / Carthy’s Reel; The Return to Camden Town: Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick / Almost Every Circumstance: Maddy Prior & June Tabor / Oh I Swear: Richard Thompson / Company Policy: Martin Carthy / I Specialise: Gregson & Collister / Party’s Over: The Albion Band / Brighton Camp; The March Past: John Kirkpatrick / Good Old Way: The Watersons / Johnny Cope: Ewan MacColl / Battle of Falkirk Muir: Battlefield Band / Reaper: June Tabor / Farewell to the Gold: Nic Jones / Reconcilliation: Ron Kavana / Walsh’s Polkas: Patrick Street / Lakes of Ponchartrain: Martin Simpson / Mariano: Robert Earl Keen / Through Moorfileds: Andrew Cronshaw / Now Westlin’ Winds: Dick Gaughan.
TSCD471 Leo Rowsome - Classics of Irish Piping. Leo Rowsome   Review
Boil the Breakfast Early / Heather Breeze / Savourneen Deelish / Clare's Dragoons / Blackbird / St. Patrick’s Day / Boolavogue / Old Bog Road / Boys of Wexford / Kelly the Boy from Killane / Rights of Man / Wexford / Dunphy's Hornpipe / Broom / Star of Munster / Milliner's Daughter / Collier's Reel / The Maid of Tramore / Independent Hornpipe / The Star Hornpipe / The Frieze Breeches / Tomorrow Morning / The Cloone Hornpipe / Cook in the Kitchen / Rakes of Kildare / Sweep's Hornpipe / The Friendly Visit / Jockey to the Fair / My Darling Asleep / Tongues of Fire / Higgin's Hornpipe / The Queen of May / The Fairie's Revels / I Won't Be a Nun / Shandon Bells / Haste to the Wedding / Rocky Road to Dublin.
TSCD472 Early Days. The Watersons (1994).
Boston Harbour / The Greenland Whale Fishery / Three Score and Ten / The Broom of Cowdenknowes / King Arthur's Servants / Rap Her to Bank / Dido Bendigo / The North Country Maid / Brave Wolfe / The Jolly Waggoners / I am a Rover / Fathom the Bowl / Thirty-Foot Trailer / The Holmfirth Anthem / Twanky-Dillo / The White Hare of Howden / All For Me Grog / The Poacher's Fate / The Tour of the Dales / Willy Went to Westerdale / I'Anson's Racehorse / The Ploughboy / The White Cockade / Ye Noble Spectators / Stow Brow / The Wanton Wife of Castlegate / The Whitby Lad.
TSCD473. A Short History of. John Kirkpatrick (1994):
George’s Son / Arthur McBride / Crocker’s Reel / Oakham Poachers / Clee Hill Tunes / Jim Jones / Waterman’s Dance / The Watercress Girl / Maid of the Mill - Cuckoo’s Nest - William and Nancy / Johnny Sands / Fireside Polka - Down the Side and Up the Middle / Underneath Her Apron / The Buffoon - The Fool’s Jig / Old Man Jones / Cheshire Hornpipe / Black Deer / Glorishears / The Old Miner / Constant Billy.
TSCD474 Her Mantle So Green. Margaret Barry with Michael Gorman. Songs by Margaret Barry vocal, banjo; tunes by Michael Gorman fiddle, with Margaret Barry banjo and sometimes Tommy Maguire accordion, Paddy Breen flageolet, Patsy Goulding piano
The Cycling Champion of Ulster; The Flower of Sweet Strabane; Reel: Dr Gilbert; The Turfman from Ardee; The Galway Shawl; Polkas: Maguire’s Favourite/Tralee Gaol/Maggie in the Wood; The Wild Coionial Boy; My Lagan Love; Hornpipe: The Boys of Blue Hill; The Factory Girl; Her Mantle So Green; Reels: The Bunch of Keys/The Heather Breeze
TSCD475 Waterson : Carthy. Martin Carthy, Norma Waterson & Eliza Carthy (1994):
Bold Doherty / The Light Dragoon / Ye Mariners All / Rags and Tatters - An Moinfeuir / With Kitty I’ll Go / The Grey Cock / When I First Came to Caledonia / Orange in Bloom (the Sherborne Waltz) / The Slave’s Lament - Farewell to a Dark Haired Friend / John Hamilton / Sleep On Beloved / Midnight on the Water.
TSCD476 The Sweet Primeroses. Shirley Collins [reissue of 1964 album plus the ‘Heroes in Love’ ep from 1963]:
All Things are Quite Silent/Cambridgshire May Carol/Spencer the Rover/The Rigs of Time/Polly Vaughan/The Cruel Mother/The Bird in the Bush/The Streets of Derry/The False Bride/Locks and Bolts/Rambleaway/A Blacksmith Courted Me/Brigg Fair/Higher Germanie/George Collins/The Babes in the Wood/Down in Yon Forest/The Magpie’s Nest/False True Love/The Sweet Primeroses.
TSCD477 Ramblin’ Jack. Ramblin’ Jack Elliot. CD reissue of vintage Topic recordings (1996):
Talking Columbia Blues / Pretty Boy Floyd / Ludlow Massacre / Talking Minor Blues / Hard Travelling / So Long, It’s Been Good to Know You / Talking Dustbowl Blues / 1913 Massacre / Rambling Blues / Talking Sailor Blues / San Farancisco Blues / Ol Riley / The Boll Weevil / New York Town / Mule Skinner Blues / Dink’s Song / It’s Hard, Ain’t it Hard / All Around the Water Tank / Mother’s Not Dead / East Virginia Blues / Danville Girl / Rich and Rambling Boys/Roll On Buddy.
TSCD478 Once in a Blue Moon Lal Waterson and Oliver Knight (1996)
At First the Stars / Eight of the Pelican / Stumbling On / How Can I Leave / Altisidor / Dazed / Phoebe / Cornfield / Midnight Feast / So Strange is Man / Wilson’s Arms / Her White Gown / Some Old Salty.
TSCD479 The Bird in the Bush A L Lloyd, Anne Briggs, Louis Killen, Frankie Armstrong, Norman Kennedy, Dave Swarbrick, Alf Edwards
A L Lloyd: The Two Magicians; The Wanton Seed; The Bonny Black Hare; Pretty Polly; The Old Bachelor; The Mower; The Pegging Awl; The Widow of Westmorland's Daughter.  Frankie Armstrong: The Old Man From Over the Sea; The Maid on the Shore; The Bird in the Bush.  Anne Briggs: Gathering Rushes in the Month Of May; The Whirly Whorl; The Stonecutter Boy; Martinmas Time.  Louis Killen: The Banks of Sweet Primroses; The Cock; One May Morning.  Norman Kennedy: The Night Visiting Song.
TSCD480 English and Scottish Folk Ballads A L Lloyd, Ewan MacColl, Anne Briggs, Louis Killen, Norman Kennedy, Mike Waterson
A L Lloyd: Henry Martin; Jack Orion; The Cruel Mother; The Bitter Withy; The Demon Lover; The Prickly Bush.  Ewan MacColl: The Baron of Brackley; Lord Randal; The Sweet Kumadie; Hughie the Graeme; The Beggar Man.  Anne Briggs: Reynardine; Willie o' Winsbury.  Louis Killen: The Bramble Briar; Young Edwin in the Lowlands.  Mike Waterson: The Cruel Ship's Carpenter.  Norman Kennedy: The Forester; Drumdelgie.
TSCD482 Heat, Light & Sound. Eliza Carthy:
Cold Wet and Rainy Night / The Grand Hornpipe / Cumberland Waltz / Petit Homme / Miss Bowls / What a Beau Your Granny Is / Stone Steps / Ten Thousand Miles / Bacca Pipes / Clerk Saunders / Stamps for the Dog / Peggy / Blind Fiddler / Lady Barnsley’s Fancy / Trip to Cartmel / Hardy’s Crow / By Then / Sheath and Knife / Jacky’s Tar.
TSCD483 Northumberland Forever The High Lavel Ranters
Shew's the Way to Wallinton / The Peacock Followed the Hen; The Sandgate Girl's Lament / Elsie Marley; Bellingham Boat / Lambskinnet; Adam Buckham; Meggy's Foot; The Lads of North Tyne; The Redesdale Hornpipe; The Hexamshire Lass; The Breakdown / The Blanchland Races; The Lads of Alnwick / Lamshaw's Fancy; Byker Hill; Whinham's Reel / Nancy; Because He was a Bonny Lad / Salmon Tails up the Water / Sweet Hesleysde; Dance To Your Daddy; Billy Boy; Nae Good Luck Aboot the Hoose; Mi Laddie Sits Ower Late Up; The Keel Row / Kafoozalum / The Washing Day.
TSCD484 Tommy Armstrong of Tyneside Louis Killen, Tom Gilfellon, Johnny Handle, Maureen Craik, Colin Ross
Durham Gaol; The Row Between the Cages; The Birth of the Lad; Marla Hill Ducks; Oakey's Keeker; The Durham Lockout; Wor Nanny's a Maizor; The Oakey Strike Evictions; The Sheel Raw Flood; The Hedgehog Pie; The Ghost that Haunted Bunty; The Skuil Board Man; The Trimdon Grange Explosion; The South Medomsley Strike.
TSCD485 Deep Lancashire Oldham Tinkers, Harvey & Mary Kershaw, Harry Boardman, Bernard Wrigley, Lee Nicholson, Harry Ogden, Mike Harding, Dave Brooks, Pete Smith.
Harry Boardman: The Hand-Loom Weaver's Lament; The Merry Little Doffer; Cob a' Coalin'; The Bury New Loom; Sam Shuttle and Betty Reedhook; The Miners' Lockout; Bowton's Yard; Billy Suet's Song. The Oldham Tinkers: Hop Hop Hop; Coalhole Medley; Canute. Pete Smith: Beg Your Leave; Ten Percent. Mike Harding: Ale is Physic for Me; Sammy Shuttleworth. Harvey Kershaw: Clogs; Street Scene. Lee Nicholson: Rawtenstall Anual Fair. John Howarth & Oldham Tinkers: A Mon Like Thee; Owden Edge; Our Sarah's Getten a Chap. Tim & Robin Kershaw: Pounds, Shillings & Pence / Down at our School. Dave Brooks: The Littler Piecer. Larry Kearns: Toddlin' Whoam. Harry Ogden: Schoolyard Song. Mary Kershaw: Nobbut a Cockstride Away. Bernard Wrigley: Our Bill.
TSCD486 The Bonnie Pit Laddie The High Lavel Ranters, Harry Boardman, Dick Gaughan
The Hewer; Doon the Waggon Way; A Miner's Life; I Wish Pay Friday Wad Come; The Auchengeich Disaster; The Collier's Rant; Farewell to the Mopnty; The Putter; Little Chance; My Gaffer's Bait; The Coal owner and the Pitman's Wife; The Blackleg Miners; The Miners' Lockout; The South Medomsley Strike; The Durham Lockout; Aa'm Glad the Strike's Done; The Collier's pat week; I'll Have a Collier; The Stoneman's Song; Bonny Woodha'; The Banks of the Dee; The Bonny Pit Laddie.
TSCD487 The Northumbrian Small Pipes
Keel Row CLOUGH; Westering Home BLACKETT-ORD; Whittingham Green Lane/Ward’s Brae HEPPLE & HEPPLE; Wild Hills o’Wannie PIGG; King’s Hall/John of Carrick THE HIGH LEVEL RANTERS; Gypsy’s lullaby/The Hawk/Memories/Coates Hall PIGG; Oh dear, what can the matter be? ATKINSON; Sir Sidney Smith’s March HUTTON & ARMSTRONG; Lovat Scouts/Roxburgh Castle/Bonny North Tyne/Alston Flower Show HUTTON; Sunderland Lasses/Lads of Alnwick THE CUT AND DRY BAND; Fenwick of Bywell THE HIGH LEVEL RANTERS; Barrington Hornpipe/Rowley Burn HUTTON; Proudlock’s Hornpipe/Hesleyside Reel THE HIGH LEVEL RANTERS; Ho’ley Ha’Penny/Elsie Marley CLOUGH; John Fenwick’s the flower among them all THE CUT AND DRY BAND; Salmon tails up the water/The herd on the hill/Sweet Hesleyside CAISLEY & CHARLTON; Coilsfield House/Thom’s march THE HIGH LEVEL RANTERS; Skye Crofters/The swallows’ tail PIGG; My laddie sits o’er late up/Shew’s the way to Wallington/Drops of brandy THE CUT AND DRY BAND; The Surprise THE HIGH LEVEL RANTERS; Bonny Woodside/Coffee Bridge THE CUT AND DRY BAND; Dr Whittaker’s Hornpipe/Nancy THE CUT AND DRY BAND; Hexham Quadrille(Billy’s Jig)/Kielder Fells THE HIGH LEVEL RANTERS
TSCD488. Common Tongue. Waterson : Carthy:
Rambleaway/Valentine Waltz/Claudy Banks/Rackabello/Lowlands of Holland/Medley: Grand March in the Battle of Prague - Liverpool Hornpipe - Wellington Hornpipe/Meeting is a Pleasure/Hares in the Old Plantation/Flash Company/Maid Lamenting/American Stranger/French Stroller/Polly’s Love/Stars in my Crown.
TSCD489. Eliza Carthy and the Kings of Calicutt (1997).
Trip / Whirly / Bonaparte's / Tractor / Mother / Mr Walker / Sea / Sheffield / Fisher / Storyteller.
TSCD490. Aleyn. June Tabor (1997).
The Great Valerio / I Wonder What’s Keeping my True Love, Tonight? / No Good in Love / Bentley and Craig / A Proper Sort of Gardener / The Fiddler / Di Nakht / April Morning / Fair Maid of Islingon / Shallow Brown / Johnny O’Bredislee, etc?
TSCD491 Life & Limb Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick:
Sovay; The Begging Song; Bows of London; The Pepperpot/Sailing Into Walpole's Marsh/Bunker Hill; A Question of Sport; Oh Dear Oh; Carthy's March/The Lemon Tree; Lochmaben Harper; Byker Hill.
TSCD492 Skin & Bone Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick
The Sheepstealer / The Poacher / I Courted a Damsel / Lucy Wan / The Trip we Took Over the Mountain / The Skewbald / The Ride in the Creel / The Brown Girl / Such a War has Never Been / Pefumes of Arabia / Carthy's Reel/The Return to Camden Town / The New Mown Hay / Clyde's Water / Mrs Bermingham/No 178/Blind Mary
TSCD493 Red. Eliza Carthy (1998).
Accordion Song / 10.000 Miles / Billy Boy, The Widdow's Wedding / Time in the Son / Stumbling On / Stingo, The Stacking Reel / Greenwood Laddie, Mrs Capron's Reel, Tune / Walk Away / Adieu, Adieu / Russia (call waiting) / Red Rice.
TSCD494 Rice. Eliza Carthy (1998).
Blow the Winds, The Game of Draughts / The Snow it Melts the Soonest / Picking Up Sticks, The Old Mole, Felton Lonnin, Kingston Girls / Miller and the lass / Herring Song / Mons Meg / Tuesday Morning / Haddock and Chips / The Americans Have Stolen my True Love Away / Zycanthos Jig, Tommy's Foot, Quebecois / The Sweetness of Mary, Holywell Hornpipe, Swedish / Benjamin Bowmaneer / Commodore Moore, The Black dance, A Andy O.
TSCD495 Bold Sportsmen All Ewan MacColl, A L Lloyd, Roy Harris
Card Playing Song.  The Bold Gambling Boy.  Gaelic Football.  Creeping Jane.  Morrissey and the Russian Sailor.  The Cock Fight.  The Sporting Races of Galway.  Sovay the Female Highwayman.  Turpin Hero.  The Saucy Bold Robber.  Old Bob Ridley.  Reynard the Fox.  Stewball.  The Turpin - Sugar Ray Fight.  The Football Match.  Govan Pool-Room Song.  Heenan and Sayers.
TSCD496 English Drinking Songs A L Lloyd
The Derby Ram; The Foggy Dew; Maggie May; When Johnson's Ale Was New; The Butcher and the Chambermaid; A Jug of Punch; The Parson and the Maid; Three Drunken Hunstmen; All for me Grog; Three Drunken Maidens; Rosin the beau; The Farmer's Servant; John Barleycorn; A Jug of This.
TSCD497 Leviathan A L Lloyd
The Balaena; The Coast of Peru; Greenland Bound; The Weary Whaling Grounds; The Cruel Ship's Carpenter; Off to Sea Once More; The Twenty Third of March; The Bonny Ship The Diamond; Talcahuana Girls; Farewell to Tarwathie; Rolling Down to Old Maui; The Greenland Whale Fishery; Paddy and the Whale; The Whaleman's Lament; The Eclipse.
TSCD498 Along the Coaly Tyne Various Artists
Louis Killen: The Anti-Gallican Privateer; The Blackleg Miners; Dollia; Derwentwater's Farewell; Keep Your Feet Still, Geordie Hinny; Aw Wish Pay Friday Would Come; The Trimdon Grange Explosion; Sair Fyeld Hinny.  Johnny Handle: The Collier's Rant; Up the Raw; Farewell To The Monty; The Collier Lad; The Waggoner; Stottin' Doon Tho Waall; The Stoneman's Song; Durham Big Meeting Day; The Putter; Dance to Yer Daddy; The Keilder Hunt; Elsie Marley.  Tom Gilfellon: The Lass Doon on the Quay; Stanley Market.
TSCD499 Round Cape Horn Various Artists
Ewan MacColl: Round Cape Horn; The Bold Richard; Homeward Bound.  Roy Harris: The Royal Oak; Captain Ward; The Dockyard Gate; The Spithead Sailor; The Royal Charter.  Louis Killen: As we Were a' Sailing.  Peter Bellamy: Warlike Seamen.  A L Lloyd: Farewell Nancy.  Frankie Armstrong: Maid on the Shore; Lovely on the Water.  The Watersons: The Still and Silent Ocean.  Cyril Tawney: Roll Down.  Mike Waterson: The Man o' War; Bye Bye Skipper.
TSCD500 Green Fields. The Watersons: (1998) - reissue from 1981 plus extra tracks from A True Hearted Girl (Lal & Norma Waterson) and Mike Waterson solo album:
Stormy Winds / Rosebuds in June / We'll all go A-hunting Today / Brave Ploughboy / Sedgefield Fair / Fare Thee Well, Cold Winter / Young Banker / While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping / Prickle-holly Bush / Hares in the Old Plantation / Furze Field / I Went to Market / Three Pretty Maidens / Lincolnshire Shepherd / The Brisk Lad.
TSCD501 Sound & Rumour Brass Monkey (1998):
The Flash Lad; Morris Tune / The Rose / Trunkles; An Acre of Land; Old Horse; The Heroes of St Valerie; The Charming Maid; The Roving Journeyman; Rodney / When I Was Young / The Quaker; The Old Virginia Lowlands; Auretti's Dutch Skipper / An Adventure at Margate / The Spirit of the Dance; Soldier, Soldier / The Flowers of Edinburgh; The Rambling Comber; Betty Fitchett's Wedding / The German Schottische.
TSCD502 Chorus from the Gallows Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger (1998):
Derek Bentley, The Black Velvet Band, Jamie Raeburn's Farewell, Johnny O'Breadiesley, Hughie the Graeme, Minorie, The Treadmill Song, Turpin Hero, The Crafty Farmer, McKaffery, Jimmy Wilson, The Lag's Song, Van Dieman's (sic) Land, Go Down Ye Murderers.
TSCD503 Signs of Life Martin Carthy  (1998):
New York Mine Disaster, 1941; Georgie; Sir Patrick Spens; The Deserter; Heartbreak Hotel; The Bonny Hind; The Wife of Usher's Well; John Parfit; Barary Ellen; Hong Kong Blues; The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll; Prince Heathen; Jim Jones in Botany Bay.
TSCD504 A Collection Anne Briggs  (1999)   Review
The Recruited Collier; The Doffing Mistress; She Moves Through the Fair; Let No Man Steal Your Thyme; Low Lands; My Bonny Boy; Polly Vaughan; Rosemary Lane; Gathering Rushes in the Month Of May; The Whirly Whorl; The Stonecutter Boy; Martinmas Time; Blackwater Side; The Snow it Melts the Soonest; Willie o' Winsbury; Go Your Way; Thorneymoor Woods; The Cuckoo; Reynardine; Young Tambling; Living by the Water; Maa Bonny Lad.
TSCD505 A Bed of Roses Lal Waterson and Oliver Knight  (1999):
Memories; Foolish One; Just a Note; Columbine; At First She Starts; Bath Time; Train to Bay; Long Vacation; Party Games; Together; Migrating Bird; Lullaby.
TSCD506 Rising  Tarras  (1999):
Parsons Green; Whiskey Town; Magnadoodle; Oakey Strike Evictions; Da Fields o' Foula / My Love is a Fair Lad; Captain Grant; Rising; Be Real; Ther Happy Salmon; Magpie's Revenge; So Tired; Men Should Wear Their Long Hair Down; The Long Road Home.
TSCD507 A True Hearted Girl  Lal and Norma Waterson  (1999):
Young Billy Brown / Betsy Belle / Beggarman / Welcome Sailor / Meeting is a Pleasure / I Wish I Had Never / Wealthy Squire / Pretty Drummer Boy / John Ball / Jenny Storm / Bonnie Light Horseman / Unfortunate Lass / Flowers of the Forest / Grace Darling.
TSCD509 Broken Ground  Waterson : Carthy  (1999):
Raggle Taggle Gipsies, The Bay of Biscay, Sheffield Waltz / Waltz Clog, The Wounded Hussar, The Lion's Den, Fare Thee Well Cold Winter, Rowing Hornpipe / Our Cat Has Kitted / Bleaton Gardens, Sportsman's Hornpipe, The Forsaken Mermaid, We Poor Labouring Men, The Ditchling Carol, Dorrington Lads / Adam a'Bell, The Royal Forester / The Bald Headed End of the Broom.
TSCD510 A Quiet Eye  June Tabor  (1999):
The Gardener, A Place Called England, I Will Put My Ship in Order, I'll be Seeing You, Out of Winter / Waltzing's for Dreamers, Pharaoh, Must I be Bound, The Writing of Tipperary / It's a Long Way to Tipperary, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, The Water is Wide / St Agnes / Jeannie and Jamie.
TSCD511 Now is the Time for Fishing   Sam Larner   (2000)   Review
Now is the Time for Fishing, Up Jumped the Herring, The Dogger Bank, Henry Martin, Butter & Cheese, The Reckless Young Fellow, Blow Away the Morning Dew, All Fours, Green Broom, The Dockyard Gate, No Sir No Sir, Sealore & Rhymes, The Drowned Lover, The Dolphin, The Bold Princess Royal, The Ghost Ship, Happy & Delightful, Maids When You're Young Never Wed an Old Man, The Wild Rover.
TSCD512D The Bonny Labouring Boy   Harry Cox   Double CD   (2000)   Review
CD 1: "You must get the tune first", The Female Drummer, "People what don't like to hear an old song", Two Jolly Butchers, Polka - melodeon"When I sing a song my mind is on it", Bold Archer, There's Bound to be a Row, Betsy the Servant Maid, Firelock Stile, The Green Mossy Banks of the Lee, The Pretty Ploughboy song/fiddle, The Watercress Girl, A Week's Matrimony, The Black Velvet Band, Hornpipe - fiddle, The Maid of Australia, Alone Alone in London, Miss Doxy, The Bonny Labouring Boy, The Good Luck Ship, The Fowler, In Scarborough Fair Town, I Had an Old Hoss, The Green Bed, Jig - melodeon, The Bold Drover.
CD 2: Georgie, Schottische - melodeon, Black-Hearted Gypsies, The Rigs of the Times, The Grand Hotel, The Transports song/fiddle, Where the Shamrocks Grow, Barton Broad Ditty, Adieu to Old England, Bold Fisherman, Polka - fiddle, Ekefleld Town, A Happy Family, Old Joe, the Boat is Going Over - melodeon, Blackberry Fold, They Told Me in the Gaol, The Fowler - fiddle, Colin and Phoebe, Jack Tar on Shore, The Turkish Lady, Slow Stepdance Tune - melodeon, Lost Lady Found, Coming Home from the Wake, The Poacher's Fate, The Poor Smuggier's Boy, Hornpipe dancing doll & voice, The Bonny Bunch of Roses O.
TSCD513 The Bramble Briar   Martin Simpson, guitar, vocal; Martin Carthy guitar; Chris Parkinson, accordion, harmonica; Jessica Radcliffe, backing vocals; Barry Phillips, cello.   (2001)
Polly On The Shore; The Lover's Ghost; Fair Annie; Dives and Lazarus; The Four Angels; Betsy The Serving Maid; The Bramble Briar; Banks of Sweet Primroses; Rounding The Horn; The Princess Royal; Sammy's Bar;2 Leaves of Life; Air For Maurice Ogg.
TSCD514 A World Without Horses  Walter Pardon  (2000)   Review
The Rambling Blade, The Lawyer, The Bold Fisherman, The Dark Eyed Sailor, The Bush of Australia, The Female Drummer,The Bold Princess Royal, The Banks of Sweet Dundee, The Deserter, The Trees They Do Grow High, Two Jolly Butchers, The Loss of the Ramillies, The Handsome Cabin Boy, The Pretty Ploughboy, The Cunning Cobbler, The Devil & the Farmer's Wife, The British Man o'War, The Jolly Waggoner, The Rakish Young Fellow.
TSCD515 From the Heart of the Tradition  Sheila Stewart  (2000)   Review
Queen Amang the Heather, Twa Brothers, False, False, Hatton Woods, Glencoe, Bogie's Bonnie Belle, The Mill O'Tifty's Annie, With My Dog and Gun, Blackwaterside, Mantle So Green, Blue Blazin' Blind Drunk, Willie Leonard, Echo Mocks the Corncrake, The Moving On Song, The Oxford Tragedy, Inverness-Shire, The Convict's Song, A Health to All True Lovers, The Nobleman's Wedding, The Parting Glass.
TSCD516 Mike Waterson  Mike Waterson  (1999):
Wensleydale Lad / Brisk Lad / Two Brothers / Man O' War / Charlady's Son / Light Dragoon / Cruel Ship's Carpenter / Bye Bye, Skipper / Sorry the Day I was Married / The Yorkshire Tup / Tamlin / Lord Rothschild / Swansea Town / Seven Yellow Gypsies
TSCD517 Rags, Reels & Airs  Dave Swarbrick, with Martin Carthy and Diz Disley (1999):
Spanish Ladies Medley, Hens March to the Middens, Bottom of the Punchbowl, The Swallow Tail, Marquis of Tullybardine, Barney Brallaghan, The New Widow Well Married, Paddy Be Aisy, Dill Pickles Ray, Gusty's Frolics, The Blackbird, The Cuckoo's Nest, Lietrum Fancy Medley, Porcupine Rag, Villafjord, Fourposter Bed, Staten Island, Jimmy Allen, The Salamanca Medley, The Teetotallers Medley, Lord Mayo, The Kid on the Mountain, Jolly Tinker, Rags & Tatters, Father Kelly, Skopje, Sligo Maid.
TSCD519 Shining Bright   Various Artists
John Pashley's Phoenix New Orleans Parade Band: Bright Phoebus; Linda & Teddy Thompson: Evona Darling; Dick Gaughan: Scarecrow; Martin Carthy: Never The Same; Norma Waterson: Song for Thirza; Christy Moore: Piper's Path; The Eliza Carthy Band: Child Among the Weeds; Helen Watson & Heather Greenbank: Shine; Billy Bragg & the Blokes: Danny Rose; Maddy Prior: Winifer Odd; Christine Collister & Oliver Knight: Marvellous Companion; Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin: One of those Days; Dayteller: Fine Horseman; Richard Thompson: Red Wine Promises; Blue Murder: Bright Phoebus.
TSCD518D The Road From Connemara   Joe Heaney   Double CD   (2000)   Review
CD 1: My Bonny Boy is Young; The West of Ireland; Skibbereen; Bean Pháidín - Páidín's Wife; Amhrán na hEaseainne - The Song of the Eel (Lord Randal); As I Roved Out; Story & Song: An Droighneán Donn - The Brown Blackthorn; Caroline and her Young Sailor Bold; Fishing in Connemara; Amhrán an Bhá - Song of the Drowning (Currachaí na Trá Báine); Singing in Connemara; The Jug of Punch; The Ferocious O'Flahertys; The Widow from Mayo; The Harp without the Crown; Suantraí (lullaby) Seoithín Seo; Advice to Young Singers; The Valiey of Knockanure; The Valley of Knockanure; Whiskey Ó Roudeldum-Row; Barbary Ellen.
CD 2:The Two Greyhounds (The Bogs of Shanaheever); The Old Woman of Wexford; The Banks of Claudy; Éamonn an Chnoic (Ned of the Hill); My Boy Willie; Patsy McCann; Story & Song: Úna Bhán - Fair Úna; Cailieach an Airgid - The Hag with the Money; The Lonely Woods of Upton; O'Brien from Tipperary; Erin Grá mo Chroí - Ireland, Love of my Heart; Story & Song: Cúnnla; The Tennis Right (Captain Coulston); Story & Song: Eanaeh Cuain (Annaghdown); Beidh Aonach Amnárach i gContae an Chláir - Gréasaí Bróg (There is a fair tomorrow in the County Clare - The Shoemaker); The Glen of Aherlow; Slán agus Beannaeht le Buaireamh an tSaoil - Farewell to the Worries of Life (One Morning in June); The Old Man Rocking the Cradle.
TSCD520 Bright Shiny Morning   Norma Waterson   (2000)
The Chaps of Cockaigny, Three Maids A-Milking, One April Morning, Sheep Crook and Black Dog, Game of All Fours, Banks of the Dee, Bright Shiny Morning, Barbary Allen, Flower of Sweet Strabane, Green Grows the Laurel, Go and Leave Me, My Flower My Companion and Me.
TSCD521 First Person Singular: A Woman's Voice   Various   (2001)
Julie Murphy: Black is the Colour. Lal Waterson & Oliver Knight: Midnight Feast. Maddy Prior: Somewhere Along the Road. June Tabor: I Wonder What's Keeping My True Love Tonight. Charlotte Greig: Lucky In Love. Eddi Reader: Simple Soul. Kathryn Williams: Night Came. Eliza Carthy: The Snow it Melts the Soonest. Shirley Collins: Brigg Fair. Norma Waterson: Once in a Blue Moon. Cilla Fisher: Blue Bleezin' Blind Drunk. Anne Briggs: Go Your Way. Lal Waterson & Oliver Knight: Bath Time. Norma Waterson & Eliza Carthy: Go and Leave Me. Linda Thompson: I Live Not Where I Love. June Tabor: Must I Be Bound. Jacqui Mcshee: Thyme.
TSCD523 Road Movies   The Albion Band   (2001)
Press Gang; B4391/I-95; The Road Beneath my Wheels; Dental Excursion: Pieces of Me; Home Straight; Cookery is the New Rock'n'Roll; When My Son is Grown; Customs: Culture Shock / Etiquette / Nothing to Declare; It is that Window of Time; She Still Waits; Southern Skies; He Ran Out of Road.
TSCD524 Walking Down Mainstreet   Tarras   (2001)
TSCD525D Michael Gorman: The Sligo Champion   (2001)
CD One: Down the Broom / The Pigeon on the Gate; Michael Coleman's Hop-Jig; Bnnie Ann; The Versavienna; The Lark in the Morning; Jamesy Gannon's Barndances; The Anchonry Lasses / Lady Gardner's Troops; Gorman's / The Boys of Bluehill; The Moss o' Ballagh Fair; Jamesy Gannon's March; The Polka-Mazurka; The Laurel Tree / The High Reel; The Frieze Britches; Farrell Gara / Ah, Surely; Chaffpool Post / Jamesy Gannon's; Jamesy Gannon's Waltz; Happy to Meet and Sorry to Part; Ships are Sailing / The Heather Breeze; Untitled March; Tell Her I Am / The Merry Old Woman; The Rights of Man; Put the Cake in the Dresser; Untitled Tune in Six-Eight; The Keel Row; Untitled Polka; The College Grove; The Maid I Ne'er Forgot; The Kildare Fancy; Miss McLeod's / The Duke of Leinster.
CD Two: The Star of Munster; Gurney's Fancy; The Blackbird; The Veleta; Chief O'Neill's Favourite; The Mountain Road; The Mountain Road / Bonnie Kate / Jenny's Chickens; The Chanter's Song; The Jolly Old Man; Fermoy Lasses / The Holly Bush; The King of the Fairies; The Burnt Cabbage; The Banks of the Silvery Tide; The Mug of Brown Ale I The Black Rogue; McFadden's; The Strayaway Child / The Lark in the Morning; Within a Mile of Dublin; The Dark Woman of the Glen; The Old Bush / The Galty; The Turfman from Ardee; Mulhare's / Dinny O'Brien / Farewell to Connacht / Reavey's; The Tempest / Colonel Rodney; The Broken Pledge; The Avonmore; A Rainy Day; Happy to Meet and Sorry to Part; The Harvest Home; The Bunch of Keys / The Boys of Ballisadare; The Sligo Maid / Molloy's.
TSCD526 Everyday Lives   Steve Ashley   (2001)
Everyday Lives, Catch Him if You can, Dance With You, By the Light of the Moon, Say Goodbye, Down Among the Hop Poles, Wintertime has Turned to Spring, And I Always Will, I Love the way You Sing, Pity the Councellor, We'll Survive, Gog and Magog, The Spoils of War, Over there in Paradise.
TSCD527 Waiting For Angels   Martin Carthy   (2004)
The Foggy Dew; Bonny Woodhall; James Hatley; Young Morgan; The Royal Lament; A Ship To Old England Came; Waiting For Angels; Bold General Wolfe; Bloody Fields Of Flanders / MacGregor Of Rora; The Harry Lime Theme; Famous Flower Of Serving Men.
TSCD529 The Wind in the Reeds   Alistair Anderson English concertina, small pipes; Jim Hall small pipes, piano; Anthony Robb small pipes; Carole Robb small pipes, flute; Colin Ross small pipes, fiddle, viola.   (2001)   Review
All Night I Lay With Jockey / The Peacock Followed The Hen; Jacky Layton; Green Breckons /Bob and Joan / Kiss Her Under The Coverlet; Cuckold Came Out Of The Amrey; Cuddy Claued Her; Holme's Fancy / Stagshau Bank Fair / Lasses Pass The Brandy; Cut and Dry Dolly; Over The Border; Pheasant's Dance / Rusty Gully; Keelman Over the Land; I Saw My Love Come Passing By Me; The Barrington Hornpipe / The Glen Aln; The Wild Hills o' Wannies / The Swallow's Tail; Jim Hall's Fancy; Breamish / Random Jig; Archie's Fancy / Little Hennie; The Lea Rigges; Sir Sidney Smith's March; Mrs Elder; Nae Gud Luck Aboot The Hoose; Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be; The East Neuk of Fife; The Locomotive / The South Shore.
TSCD530 Tilt   Colin Reid   (2001)
Rocket, Music For A Found Harmonium, The Queen Of Two Rooms, Never Going Back, Crimes Against Music Part II, The Spanish Man, Liam, Rise, Seed On The Wind, Two Sticks, Daedalus' Lament, The Clay Pigeon Rag.
TSCD531 Going and Staying   Brass Monkey   (2001)
Put the Road in Order; The Doffing Mistress; Cornish Quickstep / Pleasure Gardens Polka; Pigeon on the Gate / Primrose Lass; Heather Down the Moor; The Holborne Suite; A Maiden sat a-Weeping; Gathering Peascods / The Rose Tree / Jerusalem; The Crockery Ware; Four Bacup Tunes; Going and Staying.
TSCD532 Rosa Mundi   June Tabor   (2001)
Roses of Picardy, Belle Rose, Deep in Love, O My Luve's Like a Red Red Rose, Rose in June, Paint me, Redouté, Rhosyn Wyn / Winterrose, The Rose is White, the Rose is Red / Dargason, The Crown of Roses, Barbry Ellen, Maybe Then I'll be a Rose.
TSCD533 Home   John Tams  (2001)
You Don't Know Me Any More; Another Grey & Grim Old Grimy Day; Yonder (Down The Winding Road); The Ballroom; Hugh Stenson & Molly Green; Right On Line; The Traveller; Red Gown; Bound East For Cardiff; When This Song Is Ended There's No More.
TSCD534 Come Write Me Down   The Copper family of Rottingdean   (2001)   Review
Spencer the Rover; Good Ale; Thousands or More; Babes in the Wood; The Banks of the Sweet Primroses; Sweep! Chimney-sweep!; Two Young Brethren; The Brisk and Bonny Lad; The Month of May; The Honest Labourer; The Birds in the Spring; My Father Had an Acre of Land; Shepherd of the Downs; The Threshing Song; The Seasons Round; Sportsmcn Arouse!; Hard Times of Old England; The Lark in the Morning; Warlike Seamen; When Spring Comes in; The Brisk Young Ploughboy; Cupid's Garden; Dame Durden; The Claudy Banks; General Wolfe; Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy; Talking; Come Write Me Down Ye Powers Above.
TSCD535 Street Cries   Various   (2001)
Doing Time to Fit Your Crime: John Tams, Coope, Boyes & Simpson.  Damn The Day: Pete Morton.  Young Henry Martin: Dick Gaughan.  Salford Girls: Helen Watson.  He Ran Out of Road: Judy Dunlop & John Tams.  Endless Pages: Steve Knightley.  A Drummer Won My Love: Kathryn Roberts.  Three Jolly Burglers: Vin Garbutt.  The Shape of a Girl: Dave Burland.  These Cold Lips: June Tabor.  I'm a Poor Dress-maker: Nesreen Shah.
TSCD536 A Dark Light Waterson : Carthy   (2002)
The Devil and the Farmer, May Morning, Death and the Lady, The Outlandish Knight, Balancy Straw / Seventeen Come Sunday / Whitfriars Hornpipe, The Lofty Tall Ship, The Holland Hankerchief, The Old Churchyard, Crystal Spring, Diego's Bold Shore, Shepherds; Arise.
TSCD537 No One Stands Alone   Blue Murder   (2002)
No One Stands Alone; Gown of Green; Rubber Band; Blue Mountain; Standing on the Promises Of God; The Banks of Sweet Primroses; The Land Where you Never Grow Old; Three Day Millionaire; 9. Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy; Bully in the Alley; Mole in a Hole; Stars in My Crown; The Goodnight Song.
TSCD538 If Not Now   e2K   (2003)
Come and Join Us, The Shepherd and the Crows, Dealing With History, Chance Melody, Common Ground, Gye Wani, Holding On, He Moved Through the Fair, St George's Quay, Be Sure Your Lover, Lullaby for Everyone.
TSCD539 Anglicana   Eliza Carthy   (2002)
Worcester City; Just as the Tide was Flowing; Limbo; Little Gypsy Girl; No Man's Jig / Hanoverian Dance / Three Jolly Sheepskins; Pretty Ploughboy; Bold Privateer; Dr MCMBE; In London so Fair; Willow Tree.
TSCD540 Righteousness & Humidity   Martin Simpson   (2003)
John Hardy, Horn Island, I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes, Easy Money, Payday, This World Is A Trouble And A Trial, Ghosts In the Pines, The Coo Coo Bird, Love Never Dies, Some Dark Holler, Rico, Georgie, Wild Bill Jones, The Devil's Partiality, Rollin' And Tumblin', The Last Shot Got Him.
TSCD542 Fishes & Fine Yellow Sand   Waterson:Carthy   (2004)
Goodbye Fare You Well; The Oxford Girl; The Galopede / Walter Bulwer's No.2 / Walter Bulwer's No. 1; Newry Town; Farewell Lovely Nancy; Black Muddy River; The Quadrille / The Tempest / The Portland Fancy; Napoleon's Death; Green Broom; George Till's No. 2 / George Till's No. 1; Captain Kidd; Twenty One Years On Dartmoor.
TSCD543 An Echo of Hooves   June Tabor   (2003)
Bonnie James Campbell, The Duke of Athole's Nurse, The Battle of Otterburn, Lord Maxwell's Last Goodnight, Hughie Graeme, The Border Widow's Lament, Fair Margaret and Sweet William, Rare Willie, Young Johnstone, The Cruel Mother, Sir Patrick Spens.
TSCD544 Borrowed Moments   Bob Fox   (2003)
Virginia, My Love Is In America, The Whitby Tailor, Life Is Not Kind To The Drinking Man, Dance To Your Daddy, Shoals Of Herring, She Waits And Weeps, Peppers And Tomatoes, Child Of Mine, The Last Of The Widows, Bonny At Morn.
TSCD550 Flame of Fire   Brass Monkey
The Swinton May Song; The Installation; A Brisk Young Widow; The Maid of Australia; Bill Driver's Quickstep; Maiden Lane; The Game of All Fours; Happy Hours; The Queen's Birthday / New Whitehall / Dick's Maggot; Flame of Fire; The Marriage Vow; The Streams of Lovely Nancy; Ta Belle Jeanette / Billy Harrison's Father's Polka; Limbo; The Duke of Wellington's March.
TSCD552 The Common Stone   Bob Davenport   (2004)
Davenport's Cakewalk; Song Of The Other Ranks; Those Men We See; Jerusalem; Jockey To The Fair; Wealthy Squire; Bottle Bank; She Moved Through The Fair; You Are My Sinshine; The Cuckoo; Trust No Man; Heart Like A Wheel; Song Of A German Mother; The Drum; The Dawning Of The Day; Down By The Glenside; Police Patrol; The Sergeant's Returned / Kiss me Goodnight Sergeant Major; You Came Back Down That Long Road; The Colour; Wild, Wild Whiskey; Alabama Song; Wild Rover; I Am A Rover; I Wish You Were Here Again; Davenport's Retreat.
TSCD551 The Reconing   John Tams   (2005)
Written In The Book; Safe House; Amelia; How High The Price? / All Clouds The Sky / St Hilda's Waltz; Bitter Withy; A Man Of Constant Sorrow; The Sea: Pretty Nancy / A Sailor's Life / One More Day / As I Looked East, As I Looked West; Including Love.
TSFCD553 KInd Letters Martin Simpson   (2005)
The Cruel Brother; Love Henry; Bareback to Bullhassocks; Here's Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy; Adieu, Adieu; Creeping Jane; The Flying Cloud; The House Carpenter; A Blacksmith Courted Me; When First I Came To Caledonia; Peggy & The Soldier; Clerk Sanders. TSFCD554 Rough Music   Eliza Carthy   (2005) Turpin Hero, King James Version, Cobbler's Hornpipe, Gallant Hussar, Upside Down (Double Lead Through + Highland Mary + Dear Tobacco), Mohair, The Unfortunate Lass, Scan Tester's Country Stepdance + Lemmy Brazil's No.2, Maid On The Shore, Mr McCusker & Mr McGoldrick's English Choice, Tom Brown.
TSCD555 The Blast   Bob Fox   (2006)
One Miner's Life; Still Growing; All In A Day; Taking On Men; Trooper Cut Down; Broomfield Wager; Recruited Collier; Diamind / Song of the Whale; Golden Vanity; Only Remembered.
TSCD556 Straws in the Wind   Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick   (2006)
Death Of Queen Jane; Ship In Distress; Whalecatchers; When I Was A Little Boy; Bride's March From Unst / True Lover's Lament / Lord Inchiquin; Royal Oak; Treadmill Song; Unfortunate Tailor; Bold Benjamin; Mrs Marriott; Jacky Tar; Mermaid; Lord Thomas and Fair Eleanor; My Heart's In New South. Wales
TSCD557 At the Wood's Heart  June Tabor   (2005)
The Banks Of The Sweet Primroses; The Broomfield Wager; Ah! The Sighs; Now Welcome Summer; Heart Like A Wheel; Johnny Johnny; Oh! Alas, I Am In Love; Do Nothing 'Til You Hear From Me; Les Choses Les Plus Simples; She's Like The Swallow; The Cloud Factory; Lie Near Me.
TSCD562 Holy Heathens & The Old Green Man   Waterson:Carthy   (2006)
New Year Carol - Residue; Sugar Wassail; St George; May Song; Christ Made A Trance; The Falling Tear; Cherry Tree Carol; Reaphook and Sickle; Jack Frost; While Shepherds Watched; On Christmas Day It Happened So; Time to Remember the Poor; Jacobstowe Wassail; Awake Awake; Diadem; Jolly Old Hawk; Gloryland.
TSCD563 Frost and Fire   The Watersons   (2007)
Here We Come A-Wassailing; The Derby Ram; Jolly Old Hawk; Pace-Egging Song; Seven Virgins (The Leaves of Life); The Holly Bears a Berry; Hal-An-Tow; Earsdon Sword Dance Song; John Barleycorn; Harvest Song: We Gets Up in the Morn; Souling Song; Christmas is Now Drawing Near at Hand; Herod & the Cock; Wassail Song.
TSCD564 Sound Sound Your Instruments of Joy   The Watersons   (2007)
God Bless The Master; While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks; Windham; Heavenly Aeroplane; Christian's Hope; The Bitter Withy; Emmanuel; Idumea; Sound, Sound Your Instruments Of Joy; Come All Ye Faithful Christians; Green Fields; David's Lamentation; Morning Trumpet; Joy, Health, Love And Peace.
TSCD565 Stiffs Lovers Holymen Thieves   Tim Van Eyken   (2006)
Barleycorn; Australia; The Pearl Wedding / Nancy Taylor's; Fisherman; Gypsy Maid; Fair Ellen Of Ratcliffe; Young Alvin; Worcester City; Babes In The Wood; Bonny Breast Knot / Barseback Polka; Twelve Joys Of Mary.
TSCD566 Game Set Match   Nic Jones   (2006)
Bonny Light Horseman; Seven Yellow Gypsies; Flanders Shore; Rufford Park Poachers; Jolly Bold Robber; Clyde Water; Billy Don't You Weep For Me; Demon Lover; Master Kilby; Banks of Fordie; Hamburger Polka; Isle of France; Dives and Lazarus; Ploughman Lads; Lakes of Shillin.
TSCD567 Prodigal Son   Martin Simpson   (2007)
Batchelors Hall, Pretty Crowing Chicken, Lakes of Champlain, She Slips Away, The Granemore Hare, Mother Love, Little Musgrave, A Love Letter, Duncan & Brady, Never Any Good, Good Morning Mr Railroad Man, Louisiana 1927, La Rivolte, Andrew Lammie, Kit's Tune / When A Knight Won His Spurs.
TSCD569 Time And Tide.   Steve Ashley   (2007)
The North West Wind, Still Waiting, The Birds Of The Country, Lands End, The Drowning Cell, Friend Of The Rivers, Ships Of Shame, Down The Line, A Time-Honoured Way, The Vintners, Pub Carpets, The Refugees, This Old English Town, A Better Day, Best Wishes.
TSCD571 Dreams Of Breathing Underwater.   Eliza Carthy  (2009)
Follow The Dollar; Two Tears; Rows of Angels; Rosalie; Mr Magnifico; Like I Care (Wings); Lavenders; Little Bigman; Simple Things; Hug You Like A Mountain; Oranges And Seasalt.
TSCD572 Both Ears and the Tail.   Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick   (2007)
The Leitrim Fancy / Drowsy Maggie / Staten Island / The Corbie and the Craw; High Germany; Fair Maid on the Shore; Porcupine Rag; The Bonnie Black Hare; Sovay (The Female Highwayman); The Barmaid / Peter Street / The Mason's Apron; The Broomfield Hill; The Wind that Shakes the Barley; The Hen's March / The Four Poster Bed; Man of Newlyn Town; Dill Pickles Rag; The Two Magicians; The Kid on the Mountain / The Donegal / The Swallowstail / The Marquis of Tullybardine.
TSCD575 Head Of Steam   Brass Monkey: Paul Archibald: trumpets, piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn, chorus vocals; Martin Brinsford: percussion, harmonica, saxophone, chorus vocals; Martin Carthy guitar, vocals; John Kirkpatrick: button accordion, anglo concertina, melodeon, vocals; Roger Williams: bass and tenor trombones, euphonium, chorus vocals.  CD reissue (2009)
The Moldavian Schottische/The Snowdrop Polka; The Press Gang; The Barbados Lady; Lichfield Tattoo/The Radstock Jig/The Quickstep from The Battle of Prague; The Trees They Do Grow High; Banbury Bill/The Old Woman Tossed Up in a Blanket/The Beaux of London City/Hunt the Squirrel; Bold Archer/Dearest Dicky; The Red Lion Hornpipe/Peckett's Hornpipe/The Welch Hornpipe; The Loss of the Ramillies; Nelson, the Fallen Hero/The Death of Nelson.
TSCD576D Ballads: Murder, Intrigue, Love, Discord.  Ewan MacColl.  CD reissue (2009)
Ballads of Murder & Intrigue: The Cruel Mother; Johnnie O' Breadisley; Lang Johnny More; Jock The Leg; Hughie The Graeme; The Douglas Tragedy; The Dowie Dens Of Yarrow; Captain Ward And The Rainbow; Clyde's Water; The Crafty Farmer; Lord Gregory; Gil Morice; My Son David; The Battle Of Harlaw; The Bonnie Hoose Of Airlie.
Ballads of Love & Discord: The Rantin' Laddie; The Earl Of Aboyne; The Cooper Of Fife; Captain Wedderburn's Courtship; The Jolly Beggar; The Beggar Laddie; Our Goodman; The Laird O'Drum; The Broomfield Hill; Get Up And Bar The Door; Hind Horn; The Trooper And The Maid; Amang The Blue Flowers And The Yellow; The Keach In The Creal.
TSCD579 Gift.  Eliza Carthy & Norma Waterson (2010)
Poor Wayfaring Stranger; Little Grey Hawk; Boston Burglar; The Nightingale / For Kate; Bonaparte’s Retreat; The Rose And The Lily; Bunch Of Thyme; Ukulele Lady / (If Paradise Is) Half As Nice; Psalm Of Life; Prairie Lullaby; Shallow Brown.
TSCD581D 1887-1972 I Never Played To Many Posh Dances.  Scan Tester: voice, concertina and tambourine, aided by his brother Will and his daughter Daisy and friends on the fiddle, melodeon, mouth organ and piano.  CD reissue (2009)
CD1: Schottische; Polka; The Broom Dance; The Reel; Waltz: The Man In The Moon; No.2 Step-Dance; Schottische; Polka: The Girl I Left Behind Me; Pretty Little Dear; Jig: The Seventeenth Of March; Wearing Of The Green; Waltz; Polka; Schottische; Polka: Jenny Lind; The Indian Polka; Song: The Lakes Of Coalflin; Polka; Polka: Not For Joe; See Me Dance The Polka; The Heel And Toe Polka;. Step-Dance; Schottische; Polka; Nutley Waltz; Schottische; No.1 Step-Dance; Learning The Concertina.
CD2: Polka; One-Step: Down On The Farm; Step-Dance; Step-Dance; While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks By Night; Barbara Allen; The Last Figure Of The Lancers; The Brook Street Schottische; Schottische; Waltz; Jig: The Irish Washerwoman; Step-Dance: The Monkey Hornpipe; Two Verses Of Oxford City; Two Verses Of A Week Before Easter; Marches: Scotland The Brave/The Happy Wanderer; The Heel & Toe Polka; Polka; Waltz; Polkas: La Russe/Mccusker’s/Jenny Lind/Goodnight, Ladies; The Waltz Vienna; Schottische; Step-Dance; No.1 Step-Dance; Soldier’s Joy; The Carnival Is Over; I Wish They’d Do It Now; Busking On Brighton Beach.
TSCD582 Both Sides Then.  Peter Bellamy, with Anthea Bellamy, Louis Killen, Bill Shute and Lisa Null, Dave Swarbrick, Royston Wood, Heather Wood and The Watersons.  CD reissue (2009)
Barbaree; The Trees They Do Grow High; The Lord Will Provide; The Gallant Frigate Amphithrite; A-Roving On A Winter's Night; Derry Gaol; Long Time Travelling; The Maid Of Australia; The Shepherd Of The Downs; The Housecarpenter; When I Die; Edmund In The Lowlands; Around Cape Horn; The Turfman From Ardee; Amazing Grace.
TSCD583 Wild Mountain Thyme.  The McPeake Family: uilleann pipes, harp and harmony singing.  CD reissue (2009)
Will Ye Go Lassie, Go; I Know My Love; McLeod's Reel; A Bucket Of The Mountain Dew; Eileen Aroon; An Durd Fain; My Singing Bird; The Lament of Aughrim; Carraig Dun; The Derry Hornpipe; The Old Piper; Slieve Gallon Brae; Ireland, Boys, Hurrah; Cock Robin; An Coolin; The Verdant Braes Of Screen; Juanita; Jug Of Punch.
TSCD589 Vagrant Stanzas.  Martin Simpson: solo guitar and banjo  (2013)
Diamond Joe; Jackie and Murphy; Shepherds Rejoice; Come Down Jehovah; Molly as She Swings; Palaces of Gold; Blue Eyed Boston Boy; Delta Dreams; Waly Waly; North Country Blues; Lorena; Lady Gay; Stranger Song; Come Write me Down.
TSCD600 Hidden English: A Celebration of English Traditional Music.   Various Artists   (1996)
Joseph Taylor: Brigg Fair; Bob & Ron Copper: The Sweet Primroses; Walter Bulwer etc: Red Wing Polka; Walter Pardon: Broomfield Hill; William Kimber: Getting Upstairs - Blue Eyed Stranger; Louise Fuller: Hopping Down in Kent; George ‘Pop’ Maynard: Polly On the Shore; Billy Bennington: The Pony Trot Polka; Cyril Poacher: The Nutting Girl; Billy Pigg: The Morpeth Rant; Phoebe Smith: Higher Germany; Jasper Smith: Died For Love; Scan Tester: Jenny Lind Polka; Bob Hart: Australia; Johnny Doughty: The Golden Vanity; Oscar Woods: Oh, Joe the Boat is Going Over; Harry Cox: The Maid of Australia; Fred Jordan: The Outlandish Knight; Boscastle & Tintagel Players: Boscastle Breakdown; Tom Willett: While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping; Eely Whent: Two Step; Bob Roberts: The Candlelight Fisherman; Sam Larner: The Bold Princess Royal; Bob Cann: Hot Punch / Uncle's Jig; Joseph Taylor: Lord Bateman.
TSCD601 Melodeon Greats.  A Collection of Melodeon Masterpieces   (1998)   Review
Peter & Daniel Wyper: Stranger March / Doon the Burn March. Peter Wyper: Silverton Polka / 79th Highlanders & Champion / The Dancing Dustman / Lion Quadrilles Fig 4. Daniel Wyper: Roll her on the Hill / Soldier's Joy / Clean Peastrae / Fairy Dance. James Brown: Miss Drummond of Perth / Rose Polka, Irish Jigs, The Thistle Schottische,Irish Jigs. Fred Cameron: Flowers of Edinburgh, The Old Grey Cat, The Rights of Man. Peter Letham: The Johnson Hornpipe, Jessie Smith / Shufflin' Samuel / The Laird of Drumblair, Miss McLeod / Sammie's Schottische. Pamby Dick: Boston Bells / Stirling Castle, Arthur's Seat, Eugene Stratton, Irish Reels. Jack Williams: Queen Mary Waltz / Bit o' Blarney. William Hannah: Pibroch o' Donald Dhu / Duke of Perth
TSCD602 Irish Dance Music. Edited by Reg. Hall (1996)   Review
A compilation of vintage Irish dance music taken from recordings from the early 1920s to the late 1940s. Frank Quinn: The Westport Chorus / Michael J Cashin / Ginger's Favourite / Bogs of Allen. Tom Morrison and John Reynolds: Sweet Flowers of Milltown / The Boys from Knock. Michael Coleman: O'Dowd's Favourite Reel Medley. Bart Henry's Traditional Quartet Orchestra: Ah! Surely / The Maid on the Green. McKenna and Gaffney: Maids of Galway / Over the Moor to Peggy. K Scanlon: Medley of Old Time Fiddling Reels - Bonnie Kate, Swallow's Tail, Molly Brannigan. Michael J Grogan: Off to California / Dunphy's Hornpipes. Michael J Grogan and John Howard: Drunken Tailor / Teetotaler. George Halpin and M Stanford: The Maid of Ballinatra. Flanagan Brothers: Frieze Breetches / The Cook in the Kitchen / Lannigan's Ball. J Flanagan: Scotch Mary Medley. McConnell's Four Leaf Shamrocks: Babes in the Wood / Moore's Favourite. The Four Provinces Orchestra: The Pride of Ulster / Maggie Pickens / Cameron's Wife. Pat Roche's Harp and Shamrock Orchestra: Boys of Blue Hill / Stack o' Wheat. Erin's Pride Orchestra: Stack of Oats / Shannon Waves. Frank Lee's Tar Ceilidh Band: Kitty's Rambles / The Merry Old Woman / The Humours of Ballinafad. Siamsa Gaedheal Ceilidhe Band: The High Road to Galway / The Groves Reel / The Salamanca Reel. Ballinakill (Co. Galway) Traditional Dance Players: Carraroe / Lambert's Jigs. Jerry Moloney and Tommy Whyte: The Old Bush Reel. Moate Ceilidhe Band: The First House in Connaught / The Green Gate. Lough Gill Quartet: Mill Pond / Mist on the Meadow. Belhavel Trio: Ash Plant / The Merry Harriers / The Hut in the Bog. Kincora Ceilidhe Band: Reels - Lasses of Carracastle / Maid of Mt Kisko / St Ruth's Bush.
TSCD603 Paddy in the Smoke. Irish Dance Music from a London Pub (1997). Extended reissue. Edited by Reg Hall   Review
Side One. 1a. Reels: Hall's Favourite & Lafferty's Reel; 1b. Jig: Paddy Fahey's Jig (Martin Byrnes - fiddle). 2. Reels: Eileen Curran & the Bunch of Keys (Martin Byrnes - fiddle). 3. Reel: Paddy Ryan's Dream (Danny Meehan - fiddle). 4. Reels: Lucy Campbell & Toss the Feathers (Tony McMahon - accordion, Martin Byrnes - fiddles). 5a. Reel: The Ragged Hank of Yarn; 5b. Reels: The Bank of Ireland, The Woman of the House & Morning Dew (Bobby Casey - fiddle, John McLaughlin - spoons). 6. Hornpipe: Denis Murphy's Hornpipe (Sean O'Shea - fiddle, Bobby Casey - fiddle). 7. Reels: The Yellow Tinker & The Humours of Scarriff (Sean O'Shea - fiddle, Bobby Casey - fiddle).
Side Two. 1. Reel: The Chorus Reel (Con Curtin - fiddle, Denis McMahon - fiddle, Julia Clifford - fiddle). 2. Reel: Callaghan's Reel (Con Curtin - fiddle, Denis McMahon - fiddle). 3. Jigs: Kitty's Rambles & Dan the Cobbler (Jimmy Power - fiddle) 4. Reels: Jenny Picking Cockles & Kitty in the Lane (Jimmy Power - fiddle). 5. Reels: The Graf Spee & Ballinasloe Fair (Lucy Farr - fiddle, Bobby Casey - fiddle). 6. Reel: The Moher Reel (Lucy Farr - fiddle, Bobby Casey - fiddle). 7. Reels: Farewell to Erin & Duffy the Dancer (Jimmy Power - fiddle, Lucy Farr - fiddle). 8. Jigs: Doctor O'Neill & The Battering Ram (Jimmy Power - fiddle, Lucy Farr - fiddle, Andy O'Boyle - fiddle).
TSCD604 Past Masters of Irish Dance Music  Edited by Reg Hall   (2000)   Review
Belhavel Trio: Sporting Paddy / Murphy's Favourite / The Haymaker; Joe Maguire's Pride of Erne Orchestra: The Rose in the Heather / The Frost is All Over; Tom Ennis, James Morrison, John Muller: Lime Stone Rock; The Four Provinces Orchestra: Leather Away with the Wattle O; Miles O'Mally & his Orchestra: The Kildare Fancy / The Boys of Blue Hill; Moate Ceilidhe Band: Salamanca / Roaring Mary; Patrick Killoran & his Pride of Erin Orchestra: Donegal Lassies / Stirling Castle; Peter Conlon: The Flax in Bloom / The Bag af Potatoes; John McGettigan's Three-Leaf Shamrock Orchestra: Highland Schottische Medley; Michael Grogan: The Mountain Lark / The Traveller; Ballinakill Traditional Dance Players: Honeysuckle / Pound Hill, Knocknagow / Fowling Piece; Stephen Moloney & Tommy Whelan: The Pipe on the Hob; Frank Fallon's Orchestra: Liverpool Hornpipe / Red Haired Lad; Siamsa Gaidheal Ceilidhe Band: King of the Jigs / An t'Athair Jack Walsh / MacDonagh's; Flanagan Brothers: The Auld Blackthorn, Rakes of Clonmel introducing Sarsfield 's Jig; Pat Roche's Harp & Shamrock Orchestra: Green Mountain / Longford Maid; Rosaleen Quartet: The Maid Behind the Bar; Séamus Ennis: The Cavan Brigade / When the Cock Crows it is Day / Sixpenny Money; Ballinamore Ceilidhe Band: Bag of Spuds / Rakish Paddy; Aughrim Slopes Ceilidhe Band: The Monaghan Jig / Henchy's Delight, Geaghan's Favourite / Galway Rambler / London Lassies.
TSCD605 Past Masters of Irish Fiddle Music  Edited by Reg Hall   (2001)   Review
Murphy, Killoran & Ryan: Ballina Lass / Sligo Maid.  Paddy Killoran & Paddy Sweeney: Mullingar Races / Boys On The Hilltop.  Ballinakill Traditional Dance Players: Shaskeen and Green Blanket, Rick's / Byrne's Hornpipes, Queen Of The Fair, Flogging Wheel and Whelan's Reel.  Frank O'Higgins: Farewell To Erin / Irish Molly / The Flogging, The Maid At The Spinning Wheel / Do You Want Any More, Kitty's Gone A-Milking, / The Dogs Among The Bushes / The Merry Sisters.  Neil O'Boyle: The Pigeon On The Gate / Jenny Picking Cockles.  Aughrim Slopes Ceilidhe Band: Killaghbeg House / First House In Connaught.  Michael Hanafin & Daniel Moroney: Groves Hornpipe.  Michael Coleman: Trim The Velvet, Wellington Reels.  Moate Ceilidhe Band: Jerry Beaver's Hat / Maid In The Meadow, Sheehan's / The Travellers.  Ennis, Morrison & Muller: Paddy In London / Buther's March / Sligo Bay.  James Morrison: Flax In Bloom / The Millstone / The Dairy Maid's Reel.  Michael Gorman: The Jolly Tinker, Bonny Kate.  Michael Gorman & Mick Flynn: Down The Broom / The Pigeon At The Gate, The Sligo Maid / Molloy's.  Halpin Trio: Rogha-An-Fhile.  Hugh Gillespie: Dowd's Number Nine / Jackson's, Master Crowley's Reels.
TSCD606 Round the House and Mind the Dresser: Irish Country-House Dance Music   Edited by Reg Hall   (2001)   Review
Erin's Pride Orchestra: Come To The Fair / Sixpenny Bit / The Barren Rocks Of Aden.  Johnny O'Leary: Mike Sullivan's/ Tom Billy's/ Fling & Hornpipe For The Set.  Johnny Docherty: The Twenty-One Highland/ Fling For The Highland.  Gene Kelly: Sean Hayes' / If There Weren't Any Women In The World / Tunes For The Barndance .  Jimmy Power: The Little Fair Child / Song Air For The Old Time Waltz.  The Four Provinces Orchestra: Untitled / Limerick Races / Flings For The Highland.  Rose Murphy: The First Of May / The Last Of June / Polkas For The Set.  Tommy Healey: & Johnny Duffy/ Untitled / Tune For The First Part Of The Lancers.  Gary Owen Irish Recording Orchestra: Casey's Favourites / Flings For The Highlands.  Julia Clifford: Padraig O'Keefe's / March For The Set / Untitled / Slide For The Set.  Flanagan Brothers: Untitled / Untitled / Lord Moira.  Michael Coleman & J.P.Dolan: The Stack Of Barley / Bantry Bay / Hornpipes For The Stack Of Barley.  Rose Murphy: The Road To Ballasadare / Hornpipe For Sean Nos Stepdancing.  Hugh Gillespie: Untitled / Tune For The Mazurka.  Gene Kelly: She Hasn't The Thing She Thought She Had / Single Jig For The Set / The Cat In The Corner / Polka For The Set.  Paddy Killoran & Paddy Sweeney: McDermott's / Memories Of Sligo / Tunes For The Barndance.  Johnny O'Leary & Maurice O'Keefe: The Worn Torn Petticoat / Denis O'Keefe's Favourite / Slides For The Set .  Frank Quinn: Katy Jones Reel / Fling For The Highland.  Johnny Duffy: Mrs Kenney / Tune For The Old-Time Waltz.  John McKenna: Michael Gaffney/ Up And Away / The Merry Girl / Polkas For The Set.  Julia Clifford: Julia Clifford's / Bill The Weaver's / Polkas For the Set.  Four Provinces Orchestra: Marquis Of Huntley / Skin-A-Ma-Rink / Flings For The Highland.  Bernard O'Sullivan: Stack Ryan's / Polka For The Set.  Paddy Killoran & Paddy Sweeney: Batt Henry's Favourite / Untitled / Tunes For The Barndance.  Terry Teahan: Reagan's / Slide For The Set.  Michael Gorman: Margaret Barry banjo The Versavienna / Untitled / Untitled.  James Morrison: The Return Of Spring / The Mountain Pathway / Polkas For The Set.  Billy Clifford: The Flowing Tide / Hornpipe For The Cashel Set.
TSCD607 English Country Music   Billy Cooper, Walter and Daisy Bulwer, etc   ref. Topic 12T296   (2000)   Review
Jenny Lind / The Girl I Left Behind Me; The Waltz Vienna; Off She Goes; Off She Goes; Red Wing; Untitled Polkas; The Heel and Toe Polka; The Sailor's Hornpipe / The Shipdham Hornpipe / Untitled Polka / The White Cockade / Untitled Polka; Believe Me if All Those Endearing Young Charms / Johnny's so Long at the Fair / The Wild Colonlai Boy; The Cliffe Hornpipe; The Bluebell Polka; Shave the Donkey; Shave the Donkey; Waitz Selection introducing The Sailor Cut Down in His Prime; The Yarmouth Hornpipe introducing The Four Hand Reel & The Sailor's Hornpipe; The Helston Furry Dance; The Irish Washerwoman / The Sprig of Shillelagh; The Foggy Dew / The Sailor Cut Down in His Prime; Peggy Wood / When There isn't a Girl About; Untitled Polka; Wheels; In and Out the Windows; Washing Day / Old Mrs Huddledee / The Keel Row (The Cat's Got the Measles); Untitled Polka; The Irish Washerwoman / Garryowen / Rory O'More / St Patrick's Day; The Four-Hand Reel / Soldier's Joy.

Voice of the People Series

TSCD651 Come Let Us Buy the License - Songs of Courtship & Marriage.   (1998)   Review
Sarah Makem: I Courted A Wee Girl. Geoff Ling: The Green Bushes. Mary Ann Haynes: Lovely Johnny. Tommy Mcgrath: The Colleen From Coolbaun. Pop Maynard: Our Captain Calls All Hands. Willie Clancy: The Song Of The Riddles. Jimmy Mcbeath: The Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie. Paddy Tunney: The Old Man Rocking The Cradle. Harry Cox: The Bold Fisherman. Rose Murphy Fiddle: The Lonely Maid. Joe Heahey: Who Are You My Pretty Fair Maid? Jack Norris: The Gown Of Green. Belle Stewart: The Bonnie Wee Lassie Fae Gouroch. Phil Tanner: The Sweet Primroses. Eddie Butcher: David'S Flowery Vale. Turp Brown: Abroad As I Was Walking. Margaret Barry: The Blarney Stone. Walter Pardon: Peggy Benn. Martin Gorman: The Little Drummer. Joseph Taylor: The Gypsy Girl. Jimmy Mebeath: Bound To Be A Row. Micho Russell: Nora Daly. Paddy Tunney: When A Man's In Love He Feels No Cold. Jeannie Robertson: An Old Man Come Courting Me.
TSCD652 My Ship Shall Sail the Ocean - Songs of Tempest and Sea Battles, Sailor Lads and Fishermen.   (1998)   Review
Cyril Poacher: A Broadside. Paddy Tunney: The Lowlands Of Holland. Tom Willett: Riding Down To Portsmouth. Johnny Doughty: Come My Own One, Come My Fond One. John Rae: The Sailor On The Rope / The Bonnie Bunch Of Roses. Sam Larner: In Scarborough Town. Lizzie Higgins: Sandy's A Sailor. Turp Brown: The Streams Of Lovely Nancy. George Ling: On Board The Leicester Castle. Mary Ann Carolan: In London So Fair. Walter Pardon: A Ship To Old England Came. Frank Verrill: Jesus At Thy Command. Harry Upton: The Royal Albion. Harry Cox: The Pretty Ploughboy. Micho Russell: The Poor Little Fisherboy. Bob Hart: Cod Banging. Johnny Doughty: Round Rye Bay For More. Phil Tanner: Young Henry Martin. Cyril Poacher: A Sailor And His True Love. Bob Roberts.: The Fish And Chip Ship. Jumbo Brightwell: The Oak And The Ash. Willie Scott: The Banks Of Newfoundland. Fred Jordan: The Dark Eyed Sailor. Walter Pardon: Jack Tar Ashore.
TSCD653 O'er His Grave the Grass Grew Green - Tragic Ballads.  Review
Packie Manus Byrne: The Holland Handkerchief. Fred Jordan: The Bonny Boy. Paddy Tunney: What Put The Blood? Joseph Taylor: Worcester City. Liz Jefferies: Willie The Bold Sailor Boy. Stanley Robertson: The Clattering Of The Clyde Waters. Geordie Hanna: Young Edmund In The Lowlands Low. Fred Hewett: The Prickle Holly-Bush. John Macdonald: Lord Ronald. Jumbo Brightwell Newry Town. Ben Butcher: Cruel Lincoln. Freda Palmer: Maria Marten. Lizzie Higgins: The Cruel Mother. Paddy Tunney Lady Margaret. John Reilly The Well Below The Valley. John MacDonald: The Dewie Dens Of Yarrow. Phoebe Smith: Molly Vaughan. Enos White: George Collins. Belle Stewart The Two Brothers. Scan Tester: The Lakes Of Coalflin. Nora Cleary: Willie O.
TSCD654 Farewell My Own Dear Native Land - Songs of Exile and Emigration.   (1998)   Review
Paddy Tuhney: The Green Fields Of Canada. Mary Ann Haynes: Erin's Lovely Home. Eddie Butcher: Killyclare. Walter Pardon: Van Diemen's Land. Margaret Barry: If You Ever Go Over To Ireland. Michael Coleman: Farewell To Ireland / Unidentified. Geordie Hanna: Brockagh Brae. Cyril Poacher: Australia. Willie Ross: Leaving St Kilda. Paddy Tunney: Craigie Hill. Tommy Mcgrath: She Lived Beside The Anner. Willie Scott: You Boys O' Callieburn. Margaret Barry & Michael Gorman: Eileen Mcmahon. Sarah Anne O'Neill: Carrickrnannon Lake. Michael Crogan: My Love She's In America / Hand Me Down The Tackle. Willie Clancy: Erin's Lovely Lee. Chris Willett: The Old Miser. Margaret Barry & Michael Gorman: Farewell, My Own Dear Native Land. Sarah Anne O'Neill John Reilly. Paddy Breen: Sweet Inishcara.
TSCD655 Come All my Lads that Follow the Plough - The Life of Rural Working Men and Women.   (1998)   Review
Mary Ann Haynes: Hopping Down In Kent. Joe Heaney: The Rocks of Bawn. Davie Stewart: The Tarves Rant. Sam Larner: The Pleasant Month Of May. Bob Forrester: Copshawholm Fair. Pop Maynard:The Weaver'S Daughter. Jinky Wells: The Maid Of The Mill. Straighty Flanagah: The Grazer Tribe. John Macdonald: The Mains O' Fogieloan. Fred Jordan: We're All Jolly Fellows As Follow The Plough. Bob Hart: The Farmers Servant. Davie Stewart: I Am A Miller To My Trade. Hockey Feltwell: Four Horses. Jimmy McBeath: Nicky Tams. Paddy Tunney: The Lark In The Morning. Lizzie Higgins: Lovely Molly. Paddy Beades: The Bonnie Labouring Boy. Jimmy McBeath: The Barnyards 0' Delgaty. Harry Upton: The Rich Lady Gay. Tom Lenihan: The Cranbally Farmer. Willie Kemp & Curly MacKay: Wi Ma Big Kilmarnock Bonnet. Willie Scott: The Lads That Was Reared Among Heather. Eddie Butcher: Tossing The Hay. John Macdonald: Sleepytoon. The Hyde Brothers: Back o' the Haggart.
TSCD656 Tonight I'll Make You my Bride - Ballads of True and False Lovers.   (1998)   Review
Walter Pardon: The Raggle-Taggle Gypsies. Belle Stewart: Here'S A Health To All True Lovers. Eddie Butcher: Another Man's Wedding. Mary Ann Carolan: The Maid Of Ballymore: Stanley Robertson: The Ballad Of The Ewe Buchts. Nora Cleary: The Green Wedding. Jimmy Knights: Marrowbones. Paddy Tunney: The Month Of January. Lizzie Hicgins: The Forester. Cyril Poacher: The Maid And The Magpie. Phoebe Smith: Young Ellender. Pop Maynard: Colin And Phoebe. Liz Jefferies: Matt Highland. Packie Manus Byrne: Molly Bawn. Joseph Taylor: Bold William Taylor. Nora Cleary: The Bold Trooper: Geordie Hanna: Kate Of Bailinamore. Lizzie Higgins: The Laird 0' The Dainty Doonby. Mary Ann Haynes: Long A-Growing: Paddy Tunney: The Mountain Streams Where the Moorcocks Crow.
TSCD657 First I'm Going to Sing You a Ditty - Rural Fun and Frolics.   (1998)   Review
Johnny Doughty: Herrings' Heads. Tommy McGrath: Burke's Engine. Scan Tester: Untitled Schottische. Jimmy McBeath You Canna Put It On To Sandy. Rose Murphy: Ladybower's / The Sister. Pop Maynard: Three Sons Of Rogues. Mary Ann Carolan: Young Bob Ridley. Bob Cann: Uncle George's Hornpipe / Tommy Roberts' Hornpipe. John MacDonald: The Ball O ' Kerriemeer. Tom Brown Widdlecombe Fair. Sam Bond: Oh, The Hampshires Do Like Duff. Maurice: A Nice Piece Of Irish Pig's Head. Curly Mckay & Willie Kemp: Glendarel Highlanders / Kenmure's On And Awa' / Lovat Scouts / Monymusk. Maggie Murphy: Clinking O'Er The Lea. Sid Steer: The Derby Ram. Martin Gorman: Old King Cole. Bampton Morris Width Jinky Wells Fiddle & Voice: Banbury Bill. Fred Jordan: Down The Road. John Reilly: The Rosin Box. Ellen O'Dwyer: The Stack Of Barley. Henry Mitchelmore: Most Beautiful Leg Of The Mallard. Jim Wilson: The Keyhole In The Door. Paddy Breen: The Blue Meadow. Ned Pearson: The Varsoviana (Original Tune) / The Varsoviana (Later Tune). Albert Richardson: The Old Sow. Nora Cleary: The Codfish. Will & Ian Powrie: Stirling Militia / Ruthven House / Fairy Dance. Charlie Wills: Up To The Rigs Of London Town. Jim & Seamus Donaghue: The Pigeon on The Gate.
TSCD658 A Story I'm Just About to Tell - Local Events and National Issues.   (1998)   Review
John MacDonald: Majuba Hill. Bob Hart: A Broadside. Margaret Barry & Michael Gorman: The Wild Colonial Boy. Joe Heaney: The Wife Of The Bold Tenant Farmer. Davie Stewart: Macpherson's Rant. Martin Howley: The Young Horseman. John Macdonald: The Haughs O' Cromdale. Robert Cinnamond: The Aghalee Heroes. Sheila Stewart: Young Jamie Foyers. Tom Costello: A Grand Conversation On Napoleon. Lucy Farr: The Glen Of Aherlow. Joseph Taylor: Creeping Jane. Freddy Mckay: Skibbereen. Willie Scott: Bloody Waterloo. Tommy Mcgrath: Down In The Town Of Old Bantry. Davie Stewart: Boulavogue. Bernard O'Sullivan & Tommy Mcmahon: Bonaparte's Retreat. Sarah Makem: The Wind That Shakes The Barley. Jasper Smith: Hartlake Bridge. Joe Heaney: Morrissey And The Russian Sailor. Cyril Poacher: The Bonny Bunch Of Roses. May Bradley: Calvery. Straighty Flanagan: Michael Power. Margaret Barry: The Bold Fenian Men.
TSCD659 Rig-a-Jig-Jig - Dance Music of the South of England.   (1998)   Review
Scan Tester & Rabbity Baxter: Jenny Lind. Jinky Wells: The Flowers Of Edinburgh / Bobbing Around. Percy Brown: The Yarmouth Breakdown. Oscar Woods: The Italian Waltz. The Boscastle & Tintagel Players: The Boscastle Breakdown. Jack Hyde: Shepherd's Hey. Scan Tester: In And Out The Windows / The Monkey Hornpipe. The Dorset Trio: Hands Across / The Four-Handed Reel. Bob Cann: Woodland Flowers /Uncle Jim's Barndance. Stephen Baldwin: Greensleeves / Napoleon's March. Jimmy Dixon & Ron Whatmore: Over The Waves / The Cuckoo Waltz. Walter Bulwer: Old Mrs Cuddledee, The Egg Hornpipe / The Shipdham Hornpipe / The Sailor'S Hornpipe. Scan Tester & Rabbity Baxter: Untitled Polka. Arnold Woodley: Johnny's So Long At The Fair. Bill Kimber : Over The Hills To Glory. Font Whatling: Untitled Polka / Golden Slippers / Mick's Tune. Billy Cooper: The Irish Washerwoman / Garyowen /Rory O'More / St Patrick's Day. The Dorset Trio: The Italian Schottische. Stephen Baldwin: The Gypsy Hompipe / Untitled Schottische. Scan Tester & Daisy Sherlock: Untitled Schottische. Percy Brown: The Veleta / The Heel And Toe Polka. Fred Whiting: The Earl Soham Slog / Harkie Nestling's. Ruth Askew & George Privett: The Manchester Hornpipe / Click Go The Shears. The Dorset Trio: Sheep-Shearing / Untitled Polka. Oscar Woods: Untitled Polka / Untitled Polka. Bertie Clark: The Maid Of The Mill / Bacca Pipes / Jockey To The Fair. Jimmy Dixon & Ron Whatmore: Nobody's Darling But Mine / Untitled Quickstep Medley. The Sailors' Hobby Horse: Live Performance.
TSCD660 Who's That at my Bed Window? - Songs of Love and Amorous Encounters.   (1998)   Review
Bob Hart: Seventeen Come Sunday. Fred Hewett: Three Maidens To Milking Did Go. Jeannie Robertson: When I Was Noo But Sweet Sixteen. Pop Maynard: Rolling In The Dew. Willie Scott: The Bonnie Wee Tramping Lass. Paddy Tunney: The Old Petticoat. Harvey Nicholson: The Copshawholm Butchers. John Reilly: Adieu Unto All True Lovers. Jimmy McBeath: The Bold English Navy. Sarah Anne O'Neill: Standing In Yon Flowery Garden. Geoff Ling: Died For Love. Belle Stewart: Betsy Bell. Jim Swain: The Banks Of Sweet Mossing. Frank Quinn: The Tan Yard Side. Paddy Breen: On The Banks Of The Silvery Tide. Lizzie Higgins: The Banks Of Red Roses. Jumbo Brightwell: Blow The Candle Out. Saran Makem The Factory Girl. Pop Maynard: The Seeds Of Love. Paddy Tunney: Blackwaterside. Jimmy Mcbeath: The Wind Blew The Lassie's Plaidie Awa'. Freda Palmer: The Wandering Girl. Phoebe Smith: Captain Thunderball. Walter Pardon: Let The Wind Blow High Or Low. Margaret Barry: She Moved Through the Fair.
TSCD661 My Father's the King of the Gypsies - Music of English and Welsh Travellers and Gypsies.   (1998)   Review
Phoebe Smith: The Yellow Handkerchief. Harry Brazil: Sally Morrow. Lemmie Brazil: God Killed The Devil. Wiggy Smith: There Was A Rich Farmer At Sheffield. Jasper Smith: Father Had A Knife. Phoebe Smith: Sweet William. Levi Smith: The Haymakers. Levi Smith: One Penny. Amy Birch: Over Yonder's Hill. Jasper Smith: The Moon Shine Bright. Minty Smith: The Basket Of Eggs. Bill Ellson: Will You Buy My Sweet Blooming Lavender? / Love Is Pleasing. Mary Ann Haynes: Little Dun Dee. Harry Lee: The Breakdown / The Flowers Of Edinburgh. Chris Willett: The American Stranger. Wlggy Smith: The High-Low Well. Jasper & Levi Smith: Cock O' The North / Garryowen / Flowers Of Edinburgh / Step It Away / The Girl I Left Behind Me / Step It Away. Jasper Smith: Down In The Meadow. Phoebe Smith: The Tan Yard Side. Peter Ingram: Mandi Went To Poove The Gri / Untitled Stepdance Tune / Can You Rokker Romany? Harry Brazil: A Blacksmith Courted Me. Jasper Smith: The Small Birds Whistle. Mary Ann Haynes: The Female Drummer. Chris Willett: Once I Was A Servant. Mary Ann Haynes: The Colour Of Amber. Jasper Smith: The Squire And The Gypsy. Tom Orchard with Tommy Orchard stepdancing: Two Untitled Stepdance Tunes. Tom Orchard: Untitled Stepdance Tune. Levi Smith: The Game Of Cards. Amy Birch: Royal Comrade. Levi Smith: Georgie: Mary Ann Haynes: The Young Officer. May Bradley: Under the Leaves.
TSCD662 We've Received Orders to Sail - Jackie Tar at Sea and on Shore.   (1998)   Review
Jumbo Brightwell: The Loss Of The Ramilly. Paddy Tunney: Captain Coulson. Pop Maynard A Sailor In The North Country. Harry Cox Just As The Tide Was A-Flowing. Chris Willett: The Rambiing Sailor. Sam Larner: The Sailors Alphabet. John Rea: Coil The Hawser / Lord MacDonalds. Cyril Poacher: Nancy Of Yarmouth. Johnny Doughty: Baltimore. May Bradley: The Willow Tree. Harry Cox: Come All You Men Throughout This Nation. James McDermott: My Mother's Last Goodbye. Bob Hart: The Female Cabin Boy. Walter Bulwer: The Sailor Cut Down In His Prime. Johnny Doughty: Up The Channel. George Ling: Jolly Jack The Sailor. Nora Cleary: Farewell, Lovely Mary. Frank Verrill: Stowborough Town: Gerry Wimsey: Ships Are Sailing / The Heather Breeze. Johnny Doughty: Will You Marry Me. Tom Brown: Windy Old Weather. Harry Cox: The Bold Princess Royal. Cyril Poacher: Plenty Of Thyme. Johnny Doughty: The Streets Of Port Arthur. Sam Larner: The Lofty Tall Ship. Pop Maynard: Polly on The Shore.
TSCD663 They Ordered Their Pints of Beer and Bottles of Sherry - the Joys and Curse of Drink.   (1998)   Review
Fred Jordan: John Barleycorn. Margaret Barry & Michael Gorman: Two Hundred Years A-Brewing. Davie Stewart: The Merchant's Son. Tom Newman: My Old Hat That I Got On. John Griffin: The Real Old Mountain Dew. George Spicer: Coming Home Late. Willie Scott: Piper O'Neill. Mary Ann Carolan: Bold Doherty. Donald Cumming & Eddy Holmes: The Bottom Of The Punchbowl / The Teetotaller. Wiggy Smith: When I Was A Young Man. Davie Stewart: Often Drunk And Seldorn Sober. Micho Russell: When Mursheen Went To Bunnan. Fred Jordan: When Jones's Ale Was New. Jeannie Robertson: The Bonnie Wee Lass Who Never Said No. Willie Kemp & Curly MacKay: The Tinklers Wedding. Paddy Tunney: The Cow That Drank The Poteen. Louie Fuller: Young Maria. Will Powrie: The Drunken Piper / Highland Whisky / The High Road To Linton. George Dunn: My Little Grey Horse. Tom Lenihan: Paddy's Panacea. Michael Gorman: The Broken Pledge. Willie Scott: Jock Geddes And The Soo. Wassailers (Drayton): Live Performance. George Spicer: The Barley Mow.
TSCD664 Troubles They Are But Few - Dance Tunes and Ditties.   (1998)   Review
Eddie Corcoran & Seamus Tansey: Bonny Kate / Jenny'S Chickens. Mikeen Mccarthy: The Herring. Jack Elliott: Old Johnny Booger. Willie Kemp & Curly Mackay: Mackenzie Highlanders / The Inverness Gathering. Margaret Barry & Michael Gorman: The Leprechaun. Jumbo Brightwell: The Derby Miller. Will Atkinson: Tell Her I Am / Teviot Brig. Walter Pardon: The Hungry Army. Jimmy Mcbeath: Hieland Rory. Percy Brown: Old Joe, The Boat Is Going Over / Untitled Polka. Font Whatling & Wattie Wright: The Pigeon On The Gate. Austin Flanagan: The Barley Grain. Ned Pearson: The Heel And Toe Polka / The Morpeth Rant. Charlie Potter: Sing Ivy. Harry Upton: I Am A Donkey Driver. Michael Grogan: The Queen Of The Fair / The Lark In The Morning. Willie Kemp & Curly Mackay: The Ball O' Kerriemeer. Albert Smith, Jasper Smith, Minty Smith, Ray Driscoll & Joe Jones: Jingles, Recitations & Dance Tunes. Willy Taylor, Joe Hutton & Will Atkinson: Off To Califomia / The Greencastle. Martih Gorman: It's Nowt To Do With Me. Phil Tanner: The Four-Hand Reel. Jimmy McBeath: Johnny McIndoe. Bob Brader: 0ld John Wallis. Julia Clifford: Ballydesmond / Knocknabowl. George Spicer: I Wish There Was No Prisons. Donald Davidson: The Inverness Gatheting / Dornoch Links. Johnny Doughty: I'M Going To Be Mother Today. Unidentified & Margaret Barry: A Parody. Gargan's Athlone Accordeon Band The Soldier's Joy.
TSCD665 As Me and My Love Sat Courting - Songs of Love, Courtship and Marriage.   (1998)   Review
Bill Kimber: Haste To The Wedding. Belle Stewart: Queen Amang The Heather. Jimmy Halpin: Johnny Harte. Pop Maynard: The Aylesbury Girl. Margaret Barry & Michael Gorman: The Half-Door. Louie Fuller: Green Grow The Laurels. John Reilly: Old Carathee. Diddy Cook: The Blackbird. Jamesy McCarthy: Coochie Coochie Coo Go Way. Walter Pardon: I Wish I Wish. Jane Turriff: What Can A Young Lassie Dae Wi An Auld Man? Paddy Tunney: Lovely Johnny: Mary Ann Connelly: Lurgan Streams. Michael Gorman & Margaret Barry: I'll Marry And I Won't Be A Nun. Walter Pardon: One Cold Morning In December. Liz Jefferies: Rosemary Lane. Robert Cinnamond: It Was Early Early All In A Spring. Stanley Robertson: Moorlough Maggie. Stephen Baldwin: Just As The Tide Was Flowing. Paddy Tunney: The Wearing Of The Britches. Harry Burgess: A Week Before Easter. Jimmy McBeath: I'M A Stranger In This Country. Bob Brader: The Banks Of Sweet Dundee. Tom Lenihan: Sixteen Years, Mama. Paddy Tunney: Bonny Tavern Green.
TSCD666You Lazy Lot of Bone-Shakers - Songs and Dance Tunes of Seasonal Events.   (1998)   Review
The Britannia Coconut Dancers: Live Performance - The Nut Dance. Jinky Wells: Highland Mary. Bampton Morris: The Quaker. Emma Vickers: The Pace Eggers' Song. The Merrymakers (Padstow): The Happy Wanderer. George Dunn: While Shepherds Were Watching Ther Flocks By Night. Wrenboys (Listowel): Live Performance - By The Bright Silvery Light Of The Moon / Highland Fling. Bill Kimber: Double Set Back. Mummers: So Now We've Gained Our Victory / The Quaker. Wapping Irish Flute & Drum Band & Guest Pipers:Dublin Fair / The Boys Of Wexford / Garryowen. Stephen Baldwin: The Girl I Left Behind Me. The Ripon Sword Dancers (Mummers) Live Performance. Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers: Jockey To The Fair. Phil Tanner: The Wassail Song. Helston Town Band: The Furry Dance. Scan Tester: While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks By Night. Frank and Sam Bond (Of North Waltham Jolly Jacks): God Bless The Master Of This House / Where Does Father Christmas Go To? Bampton Morris: Bobbing Around. The Sailors' Hobby Horse (Minehead): Live Performance. Billy Buckingham: The Waysailing Bowl. Widnes Star Novelty Band: The Great Little Army March. Wassailers (Bodmin): Live Performance. The Abbots Bromley Horn Dancers: Live Performance - Cock O' The North. The Britannia Coconut Dancers: The Garlarld Dance No 3. The Merrymakers (Padstow): The Sash.
TSCD667 It Fell on a Day, a Bonny Summer Day - Ballads.   (1998)   Review
Lizzie Higgins: A Beggar Man. John Reilly: Lord Baker. Walter Pardon: Jack Hall. John MacDonald: The Bonnie Hoose O' Airlie. Mary Delaney Buried In Kilkenny. Willie Scott: The Dowie Dens O' Yarrow. Packie Manus Byrne: Young Alvin. Sheila Stewart: The Mountain Streams Where The Moorcocks Crow. Robert Cinnamond: There Was A Lady Lived In The West. Harry Cox: In Worcester City. Mary Delaney: What Put The Blood? Lizzie Higgins: Lady Mary Ann. John Reilly: Once There Lived A Captain. Jeannie Robertson: The Gypsy Laddies. Harry Cox: Young Edmund. Sarah Makem: Barbara Allen.
TSCD668 To Catch a Fine Buck was my Delight - Songs of Hunting & Poaching.   (1998)   Review
Bob Roberts: While Gamekeepers Were Sleeping. Geordie Hanna: On Yonder Hill There Sits A Hare. Willie Scott: The Irthing Water Hounds. Joseph Taylor: The White Hare. Jimmy Knights: Out With My Gun In The Morning. Big John Maguire: The Huntsman's Horn. Harry Burgess: The Hungry Fox. Wiggy Smith: The Oakham Poachers. Felix Doran: The Fox Hunt. Jasper Smith: Thornymoor Park. Philip McDermott: The Fair Of Rosslea. Pop Maynard: William Taylor. Willie Scott: The Kielder Hunt. Wiggy Smith: Hares In The Old Plantation. Jack Elliott: Champion He Was A Dandy. Philip Mcdermott: The Reaping Of The Rushes Green. Harry Brazil: Bold Keeper. Charlie Wills: The House That Jack Built. Walter Pardon: The Poachers Fate. Jimmy Halpin Killafole Boasters. George Tremain: The Huntsmans' Chorus.
TSCD669 Ranting and Reeling - Dance Music of the North of England.   (1998)   Review
Will Atkinson: Hexham Races / The Stool Of Repentance. Tom Hunter & Billy Ballantine: The Gilsland Hornpipe. Ned Pearson: Untitled Polka. Billy Ballantine: Bonny North Tyne. Willy Taylor: The Braemar Gathering / J.D.Burgess. Will Atkinson: The Frendly Visit / The Greencastle / The Lass On The Strand. Willy Taylor, Joe Hutton & Will Atkinson: Christie Macleod / The Gallowglass Rant / Charlie Hunter. Jim Rutherford: The Morpeth Rant. The Loftus Sword Dancers: The Oyster Girl - 1st Figure. The Lass Of Dallowgill - 2nd Figure. Willy Taylor Fiddle: Willy Taylor's Polka / There's Nae Good Luck. Willy Taylor: The Pop Along Polka. Willy Taylor, Joe Hutton & Will Atkinson: Mrs Jamieson's Favourite / Parnell's March. Ned Pearson Fiddle: The Polka Mazurka / Paddle Your Own Canoe. Will Atkinson: Farewell To The Creeks Adam Gray: Tom Hepple'S Polka / The Tow House Polka. Bob Forrester: The Wild Rover / Copshawholm Fair / Yon Flowery Garden. Will Atkinson: J.B.Milne / The New High Level. Davie Rogerson: The Tenpenny Bit / The Rakes Of Kildare / I Lost My Love And I Care Not / Untitled Reel. Billy Ballantine & Jimmy Hunter: Rosalie The Prairie Flower / My Lodging / Blow The Wind Southerly. Ned Pearson Fiddle: Corn-Rigs / Untitled Jigs For The Sylph 1 & 2. Will Atkinson: Longueval. Jake Hutton, Tom Hunter & Billy Ballantine: The Kielder Schottische. Billy Ballantine: The Sylph / Proudlock's Hornpipe. Ned Pearson: The Highland Laddie / The Pin Reel / The Cambo March. Will Atkinson: A. M. Shinnie / The Hogmaney Jig / Elizabeth Adair. Davie Rdgerson: Untitled Hornpipe / The Swallow's Tail. The Cheviot Ranters: The Ideal Schottische. Willy Taylor, Joe Hutton & Will Atkinson: Kelso Accordion and Fiddle Club / Linda McFarlane / The Scairlaveg.
TSCD670 There is a Man upon the Farm - Working Men and Women in Song.   (1998)   Review
Belle Stewart: The Overgate. Paddy Tunney: The Wee Weaver. Fred Jordan: We Shepherds Are Ahe Best Of Men. The Belhavel Trio: The Job Of Journeywork. Ted Laurence: The Flies Are On The Turmits. Jimmy McBeath: Come All You Tramps And Hawkers. Jumbo Brightwell: Muddley Barracks. Willie Scott: The Shepherd's Song. Jack Elliott: In The Bar-Room. Sean Mac Donnchadha: An Spailpin Fanach (The Migrant Labourer). Jamesy Mccarthy: Come To The Hiring. John Macdonald: The Wandering Shepherd Laddie. Harry Holman: There Was A Poor Thresherman. Big John Maguire: The Neatly Thatched Cabin. Jack Elliott: The Banks Of The Dee. Mary Ann Carolan: My Father's A Hedger And Ditcher. Pop Maynard: Ground For The Floor. Jimmy McBeath: Airlin's Fine Braes. Mary Ann Haynes: The Little Ball Of Yarn. Paddy & Jimmy Halpin: To Reap And Mow The Hay. Tom Willett: The Roaming Journeyman. Willie Scott: When The Kye Comes Hame. Belle Stewart: The Berry Fields O' Blair.
TSCD671 – You Never Heard So Sweet - Songs by Southern English Traditional Singers. Selected and presented by Shirley Collins from classic records made in the 1950s by Peter Kennedy and Bob Copper.  (2012)
Ned Adams: The Bold Princess Royal;  Joe Spicer: Heave on the Trawl;  Lily Cook: Caroline and her Young Sailor;  George Maynard: Down by the Seaside;  Noah Gillette: The Bonny Bunch of Roses 0;  Bob & Ron Copper: Birds in the Spring;  George Burton: The Pretty Ploughboy;  Lily Cook: The Lark in the Morning;  Luther Hills & Mark Fuller: DameDurden;  Jim Barrett: Spencer the Rover;  Jim Swain: Jim the Carter Lad;  Turp Brown: Six Jolly Miners;  Fred Hewett: While Jones's Ale Was New;  Mrs Hewett: Old Johnny Buckle;  George Attrill: The Broken-Down Gentleman;  George Maynard: Cloddy Banks;  Enos White: The Bold Dragoon;  Jim Copper: Lemony;  Gladys Stone: Deep in Love;  Luther Hills with Mark Fuller: The Foggy Dew;  George Spicer: The Folkestone Murder;  Harry Upton: Canadee-i-o;  Lottie Chapman: The Silver Pin;  Frank Cole: The Bold Trooper;  Albert Beale: The Moon Shines Bright;  Bob & Ron Copper: Shepherds, Arise!
TSCD672D – I’m A Romany Rai (2 cd set) - Songs by Southern English Gypsy Traditional Singers. Selected and presented by Shirley Collins from classic recordings made in the 1950s and '60s by Peter Kennedy.  (2012)
CD 1: I Were Borned in an Old Gypsy Wagon: Phoebe Smith: I'm a Romany Rai;  Tom Willetti The Roaming Journeyman;  Janet Penfold; Won't You Buy My Sweet Blooming Lavender?;  Rebecca Penfold: The Banks of Sweet Primroses;  Charlie Scamp: How Old Are You, My Pretty Fair Maid?;  Mary Fuller: Oh, What a Life;  Wally Fuller: The Game of Cards;  Charlie Scamp: Come, Father, Build Me a Boat;  Sheila Smith: Dear Father, Pray Build Me a Boat;  Phoebe Smith: Higher Germany;  Tom Willett: The Rose ofArdene;  Rebecca Penfold: Meeting is a Pleasant Place;  Jack Fuller: Briny O Then;  Wally Fuller: The Bold DrunkardsChris Willett: The Little Ball of Yam;  Jack Fuller: Green Grow the Laurels;  Rebecca Penfold: The Banks of the Sweet DundeeCharlie Scamp: Young Leonard;  Phoebe Smith: Down by the SheepfoldChris Willett: Thorny Park;  Wally Fuller: The Bold Poachers;  Tom & Chris Willett: Down by the Tanyard Side;  Wally Fuller: I Am a Man That's Done Wrong to My Parents;  Charlie Scamp: Barbary Allen;  Charlie Scamp: A Blacksmith Courted Me;  Phoebe Smith: A Blacksmith Courted Me.
CD 2: Carolyne Hughesand her Family: The Soldier and the LadyThe Sprig of Thyme;  A Blacksmith Courted MeThe London Murder;  Carolyne Hughes & daughter: As I Was A-Walking One May Summer's MorningOnce I Had a ColourMy Father He Built Me a Shady BowerGeorgieYoung WillieMy Black Dog and Sheep CrookIf I Were a BlackbirdDown by the 0ld RiversideA Wager, a Wager;  The Brake of BriarsThe Bird in the BushFlash Girls and AiryThe Game of CardsCatch Me, Bold Rogue, if You Can;  Celia Hughes: Jealousy Thoughts;  John Hughes: The Long Lost Child;  Carrie Warren: Henry My Son;  John Hughes: Barbry Allen;  Carolyne Hughes & Daughter: Billy BoyThe CuckooDied for LoveLord Thomas and Fair EllenderThe Littte BoyAdieu to Old EnglandThe Butcher BoyMy Truelove Was a Sailor LadMeet Me Tonight in the MoonlightTuningThe Draggle-Tail Gypsies.
TSCD673T – Good People Take Warning (3 cd set) - Ballads sung by British and Irish Traditional Singers. Selected and presented by Steve Roud from recordings make in the 1940s, '50s and '60s.  (2012)
CD 1: Bob & Ron Copper: The Bold Fisherman;  Jean Elvin: The Boston Smuggler;  Maggie Chambers: Doran 's Ass;  Bess Croiiin: Molly Bawn;  Paddy Doran: Seven Yellow Gypsies;  Ben Butcher: In Sheffield Park;  Maggie Stewart: The Braes o' Strathblane;  Phil Tanner: The Bonny Bunch of Roses;  Jeannie Robertson: Johnnie Cock;  Gabriel Figg: Holloman's Ivy;  Sarah Makem: Caroline and the Sailor;  Lucy Stewart: The Jolly Beggar;  Thomas Moran: The Blind Beggar's Daughter;  Jim O'Neill: Her Mantle So Green;  Mick McAlinden: My Father's Serving Boy;  Maureen Melly: The Trip Over the Mountain;  Sam Larner: The London Steamer;  Phoebe Smith: The Oxford Girl;  Margaret Jeffrey: When I Was a Young Maid.
CD 2: Jean Elvin: Blooming Caroline;  Harry Cox: The Crabfish;  Bess Cronin: Barbara Allen;  Mary Toner: Jogging up to Claudy;  Harry List: The Light Dragoon;  Dodie Chambers: The Golden Victory;  Gladys Stone: Her Servant Man;  Seamus Ennis: Captain Wedderburn;  Sarah Makem: Our Ship is Ready;  Paddy McCluskey: Willie and Mary;  Lucy Stuart: Two Pretty Boys;  Jim Copper: You Seamen Bold;  Jean Mathew: The American Stranger;  Paddy Grant: McCaffery;  Thomas Moran: The Blind Man He Could See;  Ethel Linklater: The Maid of the Cowdie and Knowes;  Harry Upton: The Wreck of the Northfleet;  Mary Doran: Oxford City;  Joe Thomas: The Banks of Sweet Dundee;  Dot Foubister: The Brig Columbus;  Michael Gallagher: The Devil and the Bailiff;  Jim O'Neill: The Monrlough Shore;  Charlotte Higgins: Lord Bateman.
CD 3: Maggie Chambers: The Banks of the Silvery Tide;  Bob & Ron Copper: The Hungry Fox;  Lucy Stewart: The Twa Sisters;  Thomas Moran: Handsome Polly;  Peter Donnelly: John McCann;  Toso Crawford: The Gates o’ the Drum;  Mary Anne Steivart: The Dowie Dens o' Yarrow;  Harry Cox: The Squire and the Gypsy;  Emily Bishop: Blow the Windy Morning;  Joseph Higgins: The Banks of the Bann;  Michael Gallagher: Hiring Time;  Jean Mathew: The Bleacher Lassie;  Joe Moran: Willie Lennix;  Sam Lamer: Pretty Polly;  Bess Cronin: Well Sold the Cow;  Fred Jordan: Six Pretty Maids;  George Bloomfield: Young George Oxbury;  Mary McGarvey: Young but Growing;  Leslie Johnson: Butter and Cheese and All.
TSCD674 – Sarah Makem, The Heart is True - Irish Traditional songs performed by Sarah Makem. Selected and presented by Rod Stradling from classic recordings made in the 1950s & '60s.  (2012)
As I Roved Out, The Banks of Red Roses, Barbara Allen, The Butcher Boy, The Canny Ould Lad, Caroline & the Sailor, Derry Gaol, The Factory Girl, Our Ship She's Ready, It Was in the Month of January, Jackets Green, The Jolly Thresher, The Laurel Wear, Robert Burns and his Highland Mary, Mary of Kilmore, A Servant in her Master's Garden, I Courted a Wee Girl.
TSCD675 – “Good humour for the rest of the night” - Traditional Dance Music in Northumberland and Cumberland.  (2014)
Ned Pearson : The Soldier’s Joy (Country Dance);  Ned Perason : The Ribbon Country Dance;  Ned Pearson : We All Go A-Hunting Today;  Ned Pearson : Ned’s Father’s Strathspey;  Ned Pearson : The Ladies’ Hornpipe;  Ned Pearson : Barbara Bell;  Billy Ballantine : The Coquet Reel;  Billy Ballantine : The Lads of North Tyne;  Billy Ballantine : The Mosstroopers Polka;  Billy Ballantine : The Wild Hills of Wannies;  Bob Clark : My Love She’s But A Lassie Yet;  George Taylor : The Clinch Polka;  Bob Clark & George Taylor : The Clinch Polka;  Geordie Armstrong : George Foreman’s Hornpipe;  Geordie Armstrong : The Sylph;  Geordie Armstrong : Highland Laddie;  Geordie Armstrong : The Keel Row;  Geordie Armstrong : Duncan Gray;  Geordie Armstrong : Proudlock’s Hornpipe;  Billy Conroy : Patrick Conroy’s March;  Billy Conroy : Patrick Conroy’s Waltz No. 1;  Billy Conroy : Patrick Conroy’s Waltz No. 2;  Billy Conroy : The Rollicking Irishman;  Jake Hutton : Corn Riggs;  Jake Hutton : Jake Hutton’s Strathspey;  Tom Hunter : Durham Rangers / The Rights of Man;  Billy Ballantine : Good Humour;  Billy Ballantine : The Time for Step-dancing;  Billy Ballantine : Russian Ballet;  Geordie Armstrong : Nancy;  Geordie Armstrong : Drops of Brandy;  Geordie Armstrong : The Maltese Schottische;  Geordie Armstrong : Roxburgh Castle;  Billy Ballantine : The Lancers, figure 1;  Billy Ballantine : The Lancers, figure 2;  Billy Ballantine : The Lancers, figure 3;  Billy Ballantine : The Lancers, figure 4;  Billy Ballantine : The Lancers, figure 5;  Billy Ballantine : The Last Figure of the Lancers;  Jim Rutherford : The West End;  Jim Rutherford : Corn Rigs;  Jim Rutherford : The Garden House;  Jim Rutherford : Louden’s Bonny Woods and Braes;  Willy Taylor : The Gilsland Hornpipe;  Willy Taylor : Peter Robson’s Polka;  Adam Gray : The Roman Wall;  Billy Ballantine :Billy’s Father’s Polka;  Billy Ballantine : The Whinshields Hornpipe;  Billy Ballantine : Whinham’s Reel;  Geordie Taylor : The Triumph;  Geordie Taylor : Corn Rigs;  Geordie Taylor : The Ribbon Dance;  Geordie Taylor : Cock Your Leg Up;  Geordie Taylor : The Self;  Geordie Taylor : The Circassian Circle – first figure;  Geordie Taylor : The Circassian Circle – second figure;  Jimmy Hunter : Roxburgh Castle;  Jimmy Hunter : Caddam Woods;  Jimmy Hunter : Jack Heron’s Waltz;  Jimmy Hunter : The Circassian Circle.
TSCD676D - The Barley Mow - Field recordings and a film made in Suffolk in the 1950s (CD and DVD set).  (2014)
Cyril Poacher : The Nutting Girl;  Fred Ling : Nancy of Yarmouth;  Bob Scarce : Newlyn Town;  Geoff Ling : Maggie May;  Bob Scarce : General Wolf;  Eli Durrant : The Yellow Handkerchief;  Edgar Button : The Oak and the Ash;  Edgar Allington : The Herring;  Jim Baldry : The Northamptonshire Poacher;  Harry List : The Knife on the Window;  Arthur Smith : The Sailor and his Truelove;  Jumbo Brightwell : Muddley Barracks;  Bob Scarce : Three Jolly Sportsmen;  Edgar Button : Blow the Candle Out;  Jim Baldry : Hares in the Plantation;  Wickets Richardson : Fagan the Cobbler;  Cyril Poacher : The Broomfield Wager;  Jack French : Good Luck to the Barley Mow.
DVD – contains Peter Kennedy’s original 1954 Here’s A Health To The Barley Mow (Folksinging and Stepdancing in a Suffolk public house) film.
TSCD677T - The Flax In Bloom - Traditional songs, airs and dance music in Ulster (3CD set).  (2014)
CD1: Paddy Tunney : Lough Erne Shore;  Brigid Tunney : The Mountain Streams Where The Moorcocks Crow;  Joe Tunney : Untitles Polka;  Joe Tunney : Pat Hart’S (Single Jig);  Joe Tunney : Miss Monaghan / The Gree Mountain / The Scholar (Reels);  Annie Lunny : My Charming Buachall Roe;  Annie Lunny : Deartháirin Ó Mo Chroi;  John Doherty : Bundle And Go (Single Jig);  John Doherty : Miss Mcleod’S Reel;  John Doherty : Gusty’S Frolics (Slip Jig);  John Doherty : Moorlough Mary;  John Doherty : Marry When You’Re Young (Reel);  John Doherty : Boney Crossing The Alps;  John Doherty : The Last Figure Of The Lancers;  Mick Gallagher : The Rollicking Boys Around Tandragee;  Maureen Melly : Buachaillin Donn;  Maureen Melly : Paddy Shinaghan’S Cow;  Maureen Melly : Farewell Green Erin;  Paddy Tunney : The Blackbird;  Neilidh Boyle : The Loughanure Tune (Reel);  Neilidh Boyle : Seán Sa Cheo (Reel);  Neilidh Boyle : Pleoid Ar An Fharraige Is I Átá Morl;  Neilidh Boyle : Sráid Na Mbúrcach (Verse And Air);  Sheila Gallagher : An Seanduine Dóite;  Sheila Gallagher : In Aimsir Bhaint An Fhéir;  Pat Bell Keown : The Wearing Of The Britches;  Maureen Melly : The Blackbird Of Avondale;  Maureen Melly : My Dark Slender Boy;  Simie Doherty : Bonnie Kate (Reel);  Simie Doherty : Cuffe Street (Reel);  Simie Doherty : The Pigeon On The Gate (Reel);  Simie Doherty : The Tullaghan Lasses (Reel);  Simie Doherty : Mooney’S Favourite (Reel);  Brigid Tunney : The Heathery Hills;  Brigid Tunney : The Soldier And The Sailor;  Brigid Tunney : Wee Paddy Molloy;  John Doherty : The Altantic Roar (Hornpipe);  John Doherty : Rocking The Cradle.
CD2 Johnny Pickering : The Basket Of Oysters (Highland) / Jackson’S Rum Punch (Jig);  Johnny Pickering : Green Grow The Laurels O / Love, Will You Marry Me (Highlands);  Mccusker Brothers Ceili Band : Biddy The Bowl Wife / I Lost My Love & I Care Not / King Of The Cannibal Islands (Jigs);  Mccusker Brothers Ceili Band : Untitled / Untitled / Jenny Lind (Polkas);  Vincent & John & Mccusker : The First Of May (Reel);  Vincent & John & Mccusker : 3 Untitled Mazurkas;  Mccusker Brothers Ceili Band : Monymusk / Kafoozalum / Maggie Pickens (Highlands);  Vincent & John & Mccusker : Tatter Jack Walsh (Jig);  Vincent & John & Mccusker : The Princess Royal (Set Dance);  Mccusker Brothers Ceili Band : The Man From Newry / The Barndance (Hornpipe & Barndance);  Vincent, John & Benignus Mccusker : Jockey To The Fair (Set Dance);  John Mccusker : The Orange Rogue (Set Dance);  Mccusker Brothers Ceili Band : Mckenna’S / The Tinker’S Apron / The Antrim (Reels);  Mccusker Brothers Ceili Band : The Sweeys Of May (Single Jig);  John Maguire : The Gosson That Beat His Father (Reel);  John Maguire : The First House In Connaught (Reel);  John Maguire : Lovely Nancy (Jig);  John Maguire : The Maid Of The House (Reel);  John Maguire : The Boys Of Leefive (Reel);  John Maguire : The Cuckoo’S Nest (Hornpipe);  Paddy Mcluskey : All The Way To Galway (Polka);  Paddy Mcluskey : Napoleon Crossing The Alps (March);  Paddy Mcluskey : The Cuckoo’S Nest (Hornpipe);  Paddy Mcluskey : The Ewe With The Crooked Horn (Reel);  Danny Mcniff : Coming Home From Reilly’S Party (Jig);  Eddie Moor : The Clap Dance / The Soldier’S Joy;  Philip Breen : Unidentified / Monymusk (Highlands);  Philip Breen : Woodland Whispers (Waltz);  Philip Breen : The Flax In Bloom / The Dairymaid / The Galway Rambler;  Sean Maguire, Liam Donnelly, Tom Turkington & Bill Montgomery : The Sailor’S Bonnet / Kiss The Bride / Roaring Mary (Reels);  Sean Maguire & Bill Montgomery : The Flax In Bloom / The Millstone / The Dairymaid (Reels).
CD3 Christy Purcell : The Dark-Eyed Gypsy;  Mary Connors : What Brought The Blood?;  Lal Smith : I Am A Maid That’S Deep In Love;  Mary Doran : Here’S A Health Unto All Truelovers;  Paddy Doran : Three Jolly Old Sportsmen;  Mary Connors : The Lovely Banks Of Lea;  Christy Purcell : The Bandy-Legged Mule;  Mary Connors & Paddy Doran : Marrow Bones;  Lal Smith : Early, Early In The Month Of Spring;  Christy Purcell : The Lodging-House In Carrick-On-Suir;  Mary Doran : The Rambling Irishman;  Paddy Doran : Dungarvan;  Lal Smith : The Bold English Navvy;  Paddy Doran : The Little Beggarman (Hornpipe);  Winnie Ryan : Going To Mass Last Sunday;  Paddy Doran : Kate From Ballinamore;  Mary Connors & Paddy Doran : The Miles I Have Rambled;  Christy Purcell : The Fair At Spancil Hill;  Mary Connors : Come All You Loyal Lovers;  Winnie Ryan : Early, Early In The Spring;  Paddy Doran : Blackwaterside;  Mary Connors : I Wish I Was In Newross Town;  Lal Smith : Nancy Hogan’S Goose;  Winnie Ryan : I Am A Poor Girl And My Life It Is Sad.
TSCD678 – Orkney - Traditional dance music from Orkney.  (2014)
The Garson Trio : The Greeny Hill March;  The Garson Trio : King William’S March;  The Garson Trio : The Victoria Waltz;  John Fraser : Napoleon Crossing The Rhine;  John Fraser : (Jig) Rory O’More;  John Fraser : The Foursome Reel;  John Fraser : Two Wedding Marches;  The Anderson Brothers’ Band : Scapa Flow;  Billy & Jimmy Mell : Untitled Waltz ;  The Orkney Strathspey & Reel Society : (Hornpipes) Byrne’S / The Elk’s Festival;  The Orkney Strathspey & Reel Society : (Polkas) Untitled / Untitled;  Peter Pratt : Two Quadrille Tunes;  Peter Pratt : Miss Brown’S Horning;  Peter Pratt : The Morning Star;  Peter Pratt : (Strathspey) Kitty My Navel;  Peter Pratt : (Barndance) Paddy Carter;  Bill Grieve : Bob Johnstone’S Stathspey & Reel;  Tom Thomson : Deerness Quadrille Tune;  The Garson Trio : The Venus Polka;  The Garson Trio : (Jigs) Off She Goes / Dumfries House / Unidentified;  Jim Leslie : The Red House;  Jim Leslie : The House On The Hill;  Ronnie Aim : The Glimps Holm March;  Ronnie Aim : Untitled March;  The Orkney Strathspey & Reel Society : The Grand March;  John Burgess , Mary Ormand & Tom Thomson : (Strathspey) Smith’s A Gallant Fireman;  John Burgess , Mary Ormand & Tom Thomson : (Two Quicksteps) Unidentified / Patience Quadrille;  John Burgess , Mary Ormand & Tom Thomson : The Grand March No. 2;  Peter Pratt : (Stathspey) Archie O’ Lamb Holm / (Pipe March) Unidentified;  Peter Pratt : The Bride’S Reel;  Peter Pratt : Tune For The Quadrille (The Rose Tree);  The Garson Trio : (Strathspeys) The Monymusk / The Iron Man;  The Garson Trio : (March) The House of Skene / (Strathspeys) The Four Stringer / MacDonald Black.
TSCD679T “It was mighty!” The early days of Irish music in London Various Artists:
CD1: Michael Gorman, fiddle.  1. Reel: The Jolly Tinker  2. Reel: Bonnie Kate  Gerry Wimsey, flute (3), Clarke’s tin whistle (4).  3. Reel: The Boys of Ballisadare  4. Reel: The Copperplate  Paddy Taylor, flute.  5. Hornpipe: Paddy Taylor’s  6. Reel: The Cabin Hunter  7. Slow Air: With Kitty I’ll Go  8. Slides: Pat Hanley’s No. 1 / Pat Hanley’s No. 2  Nan Landers, melodeon.  9. Hornpipe: Nan Landers’  10. Slide: Nan Landers'Jimmy Power, fiddle; Patsy Goulding, piano.  11. Reels: The Wild Irishman / The College Grove / Jenny Picking Cockles  Danny McNiff, flute.  12. Slip Jig: Doherty’s  13. Polkas: Danny McNiff’s / Farewell to Whiskey  14. Reel: The Streams in the Valley  Bobby Casey, fiddle.  15. Reel: The Beauty Spot  16. Hornpipe: Poll Ha’penny  17. Jigs: Brian O’Lynn / The Maid in the Meadow  Mick Gorman (nephew), fiddle.  18. Reels: The Girl that Broke My Heart / Dick Cosgrove  Jimmy Hogan, accordeon; Bobby Hall, piano; Brian Green, drums.  19. Reels: The Copperplate / The Bunch of Keys  Martin Byrnes, fiddle.  20. Reels: St. Ruth’s Bush / Paddy Kelly’s Favourite  Paddy Malynn, accordeon.  21. Jigs: Wallop the Spot / The Tongs by the Fire  Julia Clifford, fiddle.  22. Slow Air: The Red-Haired Boy  23. Jig: The Cliffs of Moher  Paddy Breen, flageolet.  24. Hornpipe: The Cuckoo’s Nest  25. Polka: Tralee Gaol  26. Jig: The Pipe on the Hob  Bobby Casey, fiddle; Willie Clancy, uilleann pipes.  27. Jig: Munster Buttermilk  28. Reels: The West Wind / Sean Reid’s Fancy  Martin Byrnes, fiddle; Tony Howley, flute.  29. Reel: The Humours of Scarriff  30. Reels: The Galway Rambler / The London Lasses  Martin Wynne, fiddle.  31. Jigs: The Rose in the Heather / The Gold Ring / The Maid on the Green / Saddle the Pony  Michael Gorman & Martin Wynne, fiddles; Bill Rollison, piano.  32. Reel: The Boys of the Lough  Jimmy Power, fiddle; Clancy, flute; Tommy Maguire, accordeon; Paddy Furey, piano.  33. Reels: The Liffey Banks / The Shaskeen  Bobby Casey, fiddle; Willie Clancy, uilleann pipes.  34. Jig: When We Were Drinking  35. Reels: The Old Bush / The Chicago
CD2: Roger Sherlock, flute; Liam Farrell, mandolin.  1. Reels: The Chicago / The Green Fields of AmericaEdmond Murphy, fiddle; Mick Gorman (nephew), flute.  2. Reels: Limerick Lasses / Come West along the Road;  3. Reel: Cregg’s PipesMichael Gorman, fiddle.  4. Reel: Farrell Gara;  5. Reel: Miss McLeod’sPaddy Breen, flageolet (6/7/8/9); lilting (10).  6. Hornpipe: The Red-Haired Lad;  7. Set-Dance: The Orange Rogue;  8. Set Dance: Rodney’s Glory;  9. Fling: Green Grow the Rushes O;  10. Katie’s ReelSonny Murray, concertina.  11. Reel: Christmas EveJimmy Cleary, banjo; Margaret Barry, banjo.  12. Hornpipe: The BelfastMichael Gorman, fiddle.  13. Reel: Put the Cake on the Dresser;  14. Jig: The Strayaway ChildMichael Gorman, fiddle; Margaret Barry, banjo.  15. Reel: Jenny’s Welcome to CharlieMichael Falsey, flute.  16. Reel: Big Pat;  17. Jig: Molloy’s WifeSeamus Ennis, uilleann pipes.  18. Slow Air: The Clay of Kilcreggan;  19. Programme Piece: The Ace and Deuce of Piping;  20. Jigs: Paddy O’Rafferty / The Sixpenny MoneyBobby Casey, fiddle.  21. Reel: Sean sa CeoBobby Casey, fiddle; Sean Kenny, piano.  22. Jig: The Frieze Britches;  23. Reel: The Flax in BloomMick Gorman (nephew), flute.  24. Reels: The Salamanca / The Yellow Tinker;  25. Jig: The Newport Lass;  26. Reel: The FloggingMichael Gorman, fiddle.  27. Hop Jig: The Kid on the Mountain;  28. Hornpipe: Dwyer’sGabe O’Sullivan, fiddle (29), flute (30).  29. Reel: The Lady on the Island;  30. Reel: Maud MillerLiam Farrell, banjo.  31. Polka: The Mountain PathwayMichael Daly, flute; Liam Farrell, banjo.  32. Reel: The Galway RamblerJohnny Discin, fiddle.  33. Reels: The Bunch of Keys / The Star of MunsterMick Gorman (nephew), flute.  34. Reels: Mulhaire’s / Father Kelly’sEdmond Murphy, fiddle; Mick Gorman (nephew), flute.  35. Reel: The Concert Reel.
CD3: The Hibernian Ceili Band: Brendan McGlinchey, fiddle; Roger Sherlock, flute; Raymond Roland, accordeon; Liam Farrell, banjo; PJ Hines, piano; Brian Green, drums.  1. Reel: The DublinBobby Casey, fiddle.  2. Reels: The Duke of Leinster & his Missus;  3. Reel: The College GroveOliver Roland, accordeon.  4. Reel: Kitty in the Lane; 5. Jigs: The Rookery / The Cliffs of MoherVincent Griffin, fiddle.  6. Reels: Night in Ennis / The Maid behind the Bar;  7. Reels: Paddy Ryan’s Dream / Mamma’s PetRoger Sherlock, flute.  8. Reels: The Galway Rambler / The Londo Lasses;  Roger Sherlock, flute; Raymond Roland, accordeon; Liam Farrell, mandolin.  9. Reels: The Old Bush / The GaltyMartin McMahon, fiddle (10/11), accordeon (12); Teresa McMahon, guitar (10/11), keyboard (12).  10. Reel: Speed the Plough;  11. Reel: The Bucks of Oranmore;  12. Reel: The Star of MunsterTommy McCarthy, concertina (13); uilleann pipes (14).  13. Reel: The Laurel Tree;  14. Jigs: The Miners of Wicklow / Paddy Taylor’sSean Maguire, fiddle.  15. Jigs: Garrett Barry’s Favourite / The LuckpennyRaymond Roland, accordeon; Benny O’Connor, drums.  16. Reel: The Eel in the SinkRaymond Roland & Kit O’Connor, accordeon; John Joe Doyle, fiddle; Paddy Taylor, flute; Benny O’Connor, drums.  17. Reel: Sean sa Ceo / Come West along the RoadAndy Boyle, fiddle; Michael Falsey & unidentified, flutes.  18. Reels: The Congress / The Bag of Spuds;  Joe Ryan, fiddle.  19. Reels: Dinny O’Brien / Farewell to Connacht;  20. Reel: Tommy Potts’sTommy McCarthy & Bobby Casey, fiddles.  21. Reel: Maud Miller;  22. Reel: The New Custom HouseGerry Clancy, accordeon; unidentified, bodhran.  23. Reels: I’m Waiting for You & The Bag of SpudsJohnny Hynes, Clarke’s tin whistle.  24. Reel: Carmel O’Mahony;  25. Jigs: The Boys of the Town / We Drink and Kiss the Ladies.  26. Reel: Scotch MaryFrank Mahoney, fiddle.  27. Reel: The Stoney StepsJulia Clifford, fiddle; Billy Clifford, flute; John Clifford, piano-accordion.  28. Hornpipes: Bill Black’s / O’Byrne’sTommy McCarthy, uilleann pipes.  29. Jigs: Old Hag, You Have Killed Me / Old TipperaryRaymond Roland & Kit O’Connor, accordeon; John Joe Doyle, fiddle; Paddy Taylor, flute; Benny O’Connor, drums.  30. Jig: Father Kelly’sRaymond Roland, accordeon; Kevin Taylor, drums.  31. Reels: The Little Thatched Cottage / Down the StrandMichael Falsey, flute.  32. Reel: Sporting Paddy;  33. Reel: Cregg’s PipesOliver Roland, accordeon.  34. Reel: Imelda Roland’sEdmond Murphy, fiddle; Mick Gorman (nephew), flute.  35. Reels: Colonel Roger’s / Happy Days of YouthThe Hibernian Ceili Band: as track 1.  36. Hornpipes: The Friendly Visit / The Cuckoo;  37. Reels: The Merry Harriers / The Hut in the Bog.
TSCD680T “It was great altogether!” The continuing tradition of Irish music in London Various Artists:
CD1: Johnny Duffy, fiddle; Tommy Healy, flute; Reg Hall, piano.  1. Reels: Tarbolton / The Longford Collector / The Sailor’s Bonnet;  2. Reels: Martin Wynne’s No. 1 / Martin Wynne’s No. 2Jimmy Power, fiddle; Reg Hall, piano.  3. Jigs: Whelan’s / The Lark in the MorningJimmy Power, fiddle; Reg Hall, piano; Gerry Wright, bodhran.  4. Reels: Jackie Coleman’s / The CastleDanny Meehan, fiddle; Michael Hynes, flute; Dermot Kearney, piano.  5. Single Jig: The Flax-dresser / Highland: The Limerick RacesMichael Hynes, flute; Dermot Kearney, piano.  6. Reels: Billy Brocker’s / The Humours of TullaDanny Meehan & Bobby Casey, fiddles; Reg Hall, piano; John McLaughlin, spoons.  7. Jig: Cherish the LadiesBobby Casey, fiddle; Andy Boyle, fiddle.  8. Reels: Lucy Campbell / The Bucks of Oranmore / Rakish PaddyBobby Casey, fiddle; Tommy McCarthy, concertina.  9. Reels: Connemara Stockings / Ships Are SailingFinbarr Dwyer, accordeon.  10. Hornpipes: The New Century / Caroline O’Neill’s;  11. Reels: Kitty in the Lane / Maude MillerJimmy Power, Paul Gross & Lucy Farr, fiddles; Tommy Maguire, accordeon; Reg Hall, piano.  12. Jigs: The Mouse in the Cupboard / Happy to Meet, Sorry to PartMaureen Minogue, fiddle; Tadgh Kearney, accordeon; Tom Cussen, banjo; Jimmy Hogan, piano.  13. Polkas: The Glenside No.1 / The Glenside No. 2Lucy Farr, fiddle; Tommy Healy, flute; Reg Hall, piano.  14. Reels: Eddie Maloney’s / Lady Gordon;  15. Schottisches: Sweet Flowers of Milltown / The Boys of KnockJimmy Power, fiddle; Paddy Malynn, accordeon; Frank Blaney, banjo; Reg Hall, piano.  16. Jigs: The Knights of St. Patrick / Paddy in LondonJoe Whelan, accordeon; Liam Farrell, banjo; Reg Hall, piano.  17. Hornpipes: The Humours of Tullycrinme / Mickie Callagher’s;  18. March: The Siamsa;  19. Jigs: The Fly in the Porter / Burning BrakesCon Curtin & Edmond Murphy, fiddles; Reg Hall, piano.  20. Reels: The Pride of Rathmore / The Girls of Farranfore;  21. Reels: The Derrycrag / Tie the Bonnet / The Abbey ReelTommy Maguire, accordeon; Father O’Keefe, mandolin; Reg Hall, piano.  22. Jigs: Strike the Gay Harp / Brendan Tonroe’s;  23. Reels: The Stoney Steps / The Hare’s PawMartin Byrnes, fiddle; Reg Hall, piano.  24. Reel: The Carracastle Lasses;  25. Jig: The Frieze BritchesSean O’Shea, fiddle; Bobby Casey, fiddle; Reg Hall, piano.  26. Reel: The Heathery BreezeCon Curtin, Denis McMahon & Julia Clifford, fiddles; Reg Hall, piano.  27. Reels: O’Callaghan’s / The Hare’s FootJohn Whelan, accordeon; Jimmy Power, fiddle; Tommy Healy, flute; Frank Blaney, banjo; Big John Gray, bodhran; Reg Hall, piano.  28. Reels: Cooley’s / O’Rourke’s / The Pigeon on the Gate.
CD2: The Thatch Ceili Band: Bobby Casey, Brendan Mulkere & Adrian Bourke, fiddles; Roger Sherlock & Paul Gallagher, flutes; Tommy Keane, uilleann pipes; John Bowe, accordeon; Mick O’Connor, banjo; Kevin Taylor, piano; Mick Whelan, drums.  1. Jigs: The Rakes of Clonmel / The Humours of Drimnagh / CastleconnorMaureen Minogue, fiddle.  2. Reels: The Four Courts / The New Copperplate;  3. Jig: The KnocknagowJulia Clifford, fiddle; Billy Clifford, flute.  4. Hornpipe: The Harlequin;  5. Jigs: John Mahinney’s No. 1 / Sligo BayJack Heffernan, accordeon; Mary Heffernan, bodhran.  6. Jig: Paddy in LondonDanny Meehan, fiddle.  7. Jig: Australian WatersMarcus Hernon, flute; Martin McMahon, accordeon; Teresa McMahon, keyboard.  8. Reels: Farewell to Ireland / The Maid of Mount Cisco / Come West along the RoadLucy Farr, fiddle.  9. Single Jigs: un-titled / Royal Charlie;  10. Reel: Anderson’s;  11. Single Jig: The Long NoteGabe O’Sullivan, flute.  12. Reel: Jack Coughlin’s Favourite;  13. Jig: The Green BlanketBrian Rooney, fiddle.  14. Reel: The Green Mountain;  15. Reel: Rolling in the BarrelTom O’Connell, accordeon; Mick O’Connor, banjo.  16 Jigs: McHugh’s / The American JigJacqueline McCarthy, concertina; Tommy Keane, uilleann pipes.  17. Hornpipes: The Honeysuckle / The FriscoTommy McGowan, fiddle.  18. Jig: The Castlepollard Lass;  19. Jig: Tommy McGowan’sEddie Corcoran, tin whistle; Seamus Tansey, tambourine.  20. Reel: The Maid behind the BarHenry Dwyer, fiddle.  21. Reel: Rakish PatVince O’Halloran, accordeon; Reg Hall, piano.  22. Jigs: Pat Burke’s / Fraher’sJack Dolan, three-quarter flute.  23. Reels: Touch Me If You Dare / The Flowers of RedhillMaureen Minogue, fiddle; Tom Cussen, banjo.  24. Jigs: Nora Crionna / The Banks of Newfoundland;  25. Reels: Scotch Mary / Ships Are SailingSelina Munnelly, accordeon.  26. Reels: The Thatched Cabin / The SkylarkBill Glasheen, fiddle; Selina Munnelly, accordeon; John Blout, banjo.  27. Reels: The Eel in the Sink / The Ivy LeafBilly Clifford, flute.  28. Jig: The Humours of LisheenJulia Clifford, fiddle.  29. Slide: The Humours of GlenfleskAmby Whyms, fiddle.  30. Reel: Sergeant Carey’s Dream;  31. Reel: Paddy O’Brien’sAmby Whyms, fiddle; Mary Bowe, concertina.  32. Reel: Maud MillerJohn Carty, banjo; Marcus Hernon, flute; unidentified, bodhran; Paddy Gallagher, bouzouki.  33. Jigs: Munster Buttermilk / Jim Ward’s / The Old FavouriteBobby Casey & Andy Boyle, fiddles; Paddy Breen, flute.  34. Reels: The Jolly Tinker / The Pretty Girls of MayoThe Thatch Ceili Band: As track 1.  35. Reels: The Banks of the Ilen / Cronin’s.
CD3: Sinead Linane, fiddle; James Carty, flute; Reg Hall, keyboard.  1. Reels: Lad O’Beirne’s / Fionn O’Donal’sThe Auld Triangle Ceili Band: Teresa Heanue & Sinead Linane, fiddles; James Carty, Mick Mulvey & John Murphy, flutes, Gary Connolly & Maureen Linane, accordeons; Karen Ryan, banjo; Reg Hall, piano; Pat McNamee, drums.  2. Reels: The Concert Reel / The Corpus ReelLamond Gillespie, fiddle; John Blake, flute.  3. Jigs: Up Sligo / The Shoemaker’s FancyLamond Gillespie, fiddle; John Blake, flute; Eamon Burke, flute; Tommy Maree, accordeon; Reg Hall, piano.  4. Reels: Lady Gordon / Johnny Henry’sSean Casey, fiddle; Bernadette McCarthy, fiddle; Dermot Kearney, banjo; Reg Hall, piano.  5. Reels: The Mullingar Races / Music in the GlenBrian Rooney, fiddle; Mick Mulvey, flute; Reg Hall, keyboard.  6. Reels: The Primrose Lass / Cregg’s Pipes / Tom Ward’s DownfallDermot Burke, fiddle; Mick Mulvey, flute.  7. Jigs: The Mill Pond / Statia Donnelly’sBrian Rooney, fiddle.  8. Reel: Grandpa Tommy’s Ceili Band;  9. Jig: The KnocknagowMick Linane & Sinead Linane, fiddles; James Carty, flute; Gary Connolly & Maureen Linane, accordeons; Reg Hall, keyboard.  10. Reels: Devaney’s Goat / The DairymaidBrendan Mulkere, fiddle; Paul Gallagher, flute.  11. Reels: The Salmanca / The Crooked RoadJoe Whelan, accordeon; Liam Farrell, banjo.  12. Slow Air: Blackbirds and ThrushesJoe Whelan, accordeon; Liam Farrell, banjo; Reg Hall, piano.  13. Reels: Collier’s / The DooneAustin Dawes, fiddle; Seanin McDonagh, accordeon; Bobby Ramsey, guitar.  14. Jigs: The Telegraph / Out on the OceanJoe Cahill & Mary Bowe, fiddles; Reg Hall, piano.  15. Reel: The Morning DewSheena Vallely, flute.  16. Jigs: Pat Mahon’s / The Fox and the Thatch;  17. Reels: Dan Breen’s / The Road to MonaleaSean Casey, fiddle; Reg Hall, piano.  18. Reels: The Musical Priest / Jenny’s ChickensTom O’Connell, accordeon; Mick O’Connor, banjo.  19. Hornpipes: Cronin’s / The WesternEamon Burke, flute; Reg Hall, piano.  20. Reel: Fred Finn’sRosie O’Leary, fiddle; Clare O’Leary, fiddle; Alan O’Leary, flute.  21. Slip-Jig: Marie Rua (Red Haired Mary) / Jig: The Visit to IrelandLamond Gillespie & Jimmy Murphy, fiddles; John Blake, James Carty, Eamon Burke & John MacLeod, flutes; Mick Leahy, bazouki; Reg Hall, piano.  22. Reels: The Boys of the Lough / The Devils of DublinKaren Ryan, fiddle.  23. Reels: Farrell Gara / Christmas Eve / The Sligo MaidMick Linane & Sinead Linane, fiddles; Gary Connolly & Maureen Linane, accordeons; Reg Hall, keyboard.  24. Jig: The CoolaiJohn Blake, flute; Eamon Burke, flute; Tommy Maree, bodhran; Reg Hall, piano.  25. Reels: The Laurel Tree / King of the ClansGary Connolly, accordeon; James Carty, flute; Reg Hall, keyboard; Francis Gaffney, guitar.  26. Reels: P Flanagan’s / The Corpus Reel.

Voice of the People Ends

TSCD700 The Season Round. Watersons,Valley Folk, Oak, Shirley Collins, Waterson: Carthy.
The Valleyfolk: Come All You True Good Christians; Two Brethren; Cherry Tree Carol; The Babe of Bethlehem.  Oak: Shepherds Arise.  The Watersons: Here we Come a-Wassailing; Pace Egging Song; The Holly Bears a Berry; Hal-An-Tow; Earlsdon Sword Dance; we Gets up in the Morn; Souling Song; Herod and the Cock; Wassail Song; Idumea; Green Fields.  Shirley Collins: Cambridgeshire May Carol.  Waterson: Carthy: Sleep on Beloved.
TSCD701 Celtic Voices Various Artists:
Packie Dubgan & Seamus Woran: The Shores of Lough Gowna / The Rose and the Heather; Margaret Barry & Michael Gorman: My Lagan Love; Paddy Tunney: Castlehyde, The Rambling Boys of Pleasure; Willie Clancy: Spailpin a Ruin, Taimse im Chodlach; Len Graham: Loughinsholin; Festy Conlan: An Raibh tu ar an Gcarraig; Joe Heaney: The Rocks of Bawn; John Doherty: The Paps of Glencoe; Arthur Kearney: A Song at Dawn; The Mcpeake Family: An Durd Fainne; Seamus Tansey: Roisin Dubh / Dublin Reel / The Steampacket ; George Hanna: The Blackbird of Sweet Avondale; Pat Mitchell: An Draighnean Donn; Sarah Makem: Farewell my Love, Remember Me; Seamus Ennis: The Wandering Minstrel / Jackson's Morning Brush; Mary Ann Carolan: Dold Doherty; Sean MacDonnchadha: An Spailpin Fanach.
TSCD702 Irish Voices Various Artists:
Patrick Street: The Humours of the King of Ballyhooley; Sean Macdonnchadha: Stor mo Chroi; Ron Kavana: Blackwaterside; Frank Harte: The Traveller All Over the World; John Reilly: The Raggle Taggle Gypsy ; Irish Country Four: P For Paddy ; Paddy Tunney: The Rollicking Boys of Tandaragee; The McPeake Family: A Bucket of the Mountain Dew; Joe Heaney: Bean an Leanna; Sarah Makem: The Wind that Shakes the Barley; Willie Clancy: The Song of the Riddles ; Tomas O'Neachtain: An Sgeilpin Droighneach; John Lyons: The Maid on the Shore; Tom Lenihan: The Lake Of Coolfin; Sarah Ann O'Neill: John Reilly; Len Graham: The Green Fields of America; Four Men and a Dog: High on a Mountain.
TSCD703 Scottish Voices Various Artists:
Dick Gaughan: Erin Go Bragh, The Gillie Mor; The Exiles: For a' That and a' That, Freedom Come All Ye; Andy M Stewart: Fire in the Glen; Battlefield Band: My Last Farewell to Stirling; Jeannie Robertson: MacCrimmon's Lament ; Norman Kennedy: Wi' My Rovin' Eye ; Archie Fisher: Will Ye Gang Love; Kentigern: The Corncrake; Ian Campbell: The Cruel Mither; Lizzie Higgins: The Maid of Glenshee; Ian Manuel: The Sweet Kumadee; Cilla Fisher & Artie Trezise: Norland Winds; The Clutha: Bawbie Allan; Ewan MacColl: Will Ye No Come Back Again.
TSCD704 Ancient Celtic Roots. Various Artists:
Felix Doran: Mary of Murroe / The Green Gates. Jeannie Robertson: The Gypsy Laddies. John Reilly: The Well Below the Valley. Willie Clancy: The Templehouse / Over the Moor to Maggie. The Exiles: I Will Lay Ye Doon Love. Sean MacDonnachadha: Mainistra na Buille. Kentigern: Breton Tunes / Greenwoodside. The Gaugers: The Cruel Brother. Sarah Makem: Barbara Allen. John Doherty: The Dispute at the Crossroads. Ian Manuel: MacCrimmon's Lament. Paddy Tunney: Craigie Hill. James Morrison: The Return of Spring. Joe Heaney: Bean na Leanna. Belle Stewart: Queen Among the Heather. The Clutha: Wha's Fu'. Seamus Ennis: Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part.
TSCD705 Voice of folk Various Artists:
Waterson, Norma - When first I came to Caledonia; Carthy, Martin - Old horse; Carthy, Eliza - Grey Cock; Gaughan, Dick - Bonny Lass Among the Heather; Jones, Nic - Little Pot Stove; Prior, Maddy - Somewhere Along the Road; MacColl, Ewan - Four Loom Weaver; Kirkpatrick, John - Old Man Jones; Tabor, June - King of Rome; Battlefeld Band - Shipyard Apprentice; Collins, Shirley - False True Lover; Four Men and a Dog - JOH; Thompson, Richard - Time to Ring some Changes; Albion Band - Striking for Another Land; Brass Monkey - Doctor Fauster's Tumblers; Night of Trafalgar; Prince William.
TSCD706 English Originals Various artists (1999)   Review
Eliza Carthy & The Kings of Calicutt: Whirly Whorl;  Nic Jones: The Flandyke Shore;  Brass Monkey: The Flash Lad;  June Tabor: April Morning;  John Tams: From Where I Lie / Sheep Counting;  Anne Briggs: Reynardine;  Tarras: Parsons Green;  Pop Maynard: Polly on the Shore;  Martin Simpson: The Keel Row;  Waterson Carthy: Rambleaway / Valentine Waltz;  Sam Larner: The Lofty Tall Ship;  Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick: Byker Hill;  Louis Killen: Young Edwin in the Lowlands;  John Kirkpatrick: Sweet Jenny Jones / Sherborne Jig / Sherborne Jig;  The Watersons: Sheepshearing;  Walter Pardon: Van Diemen's Land;  Shirley Collins: A Blacksmith Courted Me;  Harry Cox: The Bold Princess Royal;  Lal Waterson & Oliver Knight: Some Old Salty.
TSCD707/8 The Folk Collection Various artists (1999)
June Tabor: Bonny May;  Brass Monkey: Auretti's Dutch Skipper / An Adventure at Margate / The Spirit of the Dance, Old Grenadier;  Eliza Carthy & the Kings of Calicutt: Fisher Boy;  John Tams & Linda Thompson: Somewhere the Sun is Shining / Hold Back the Tide;  Silly Sisters: Fine Horseman, Blood & Gold / Mohacs;  Robin Dransfield: The Barley & the Rye;  Tarras: Rising, Da Fields o'Foula / My Love is a Fair Lad;  Dick Gaughan: Worker's Song, Both Sides of the Tweed;  Waterson:Carthy: Rackabello, When First I Came to Caledonia;  Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick: Carthy's Reel / The Return to Camden Town, The Skewbald;  Nic Jones: Courting is a Pleasure;  A L Lloyd: The Weary Whaling Grounds;  Roy Harris: The Saucy Bold Robber;  Martin Simpson: Moonshine;  Battlefield Band: The Lady Leroy;  Eliza Carthy: Blind Fiddler, Cold Wet & Rainy Night / The Grand Hornpipe;  Ray & Archie Fisher: The Twa Corbies;  Martin Carthy: Sir Patrick Spens;  Davy Graham: Angi;  Blowzabella: Horizonto;  Anne Briggs: The Snow it Melts the Soonest;  Lal Waterson & Oliver Knight: Columbine;  Ewan MacColl: Go Down Ye Murderers;  The Ian Campbell Folk Group: The Sun is Burning;  The McPeake Family: The Verdant Braes of Skreen;  The High Level Ranters: The Hewer;  Aly Bain & Tom Anderson: Soldier's Joy;  The Exiles: Twa Recruiting Sergeants;  Shirley Collins: Down By the Seaside;  Oliver Knight: Train to Bay;  The Watersons: Apple Tree Wassail.
TSCD750 A Collection   Martin Carthy   (1999)
The Trees They Do Grow High, Lord Franklin, The Bloody Gardener, Poor Murdered Woman, Seven Yellow Gypsies, The Bold Poachers, Scarborough Fair, Lowlands of Holland, Davy Lowson, Streets of Forbes, Polly on the Shore, Cold Haily Windy Night.
TSCD751 The Voice of the People   A Selection from the Series of Anthologies   Various artists   (1999)   Review
Paddy Tunney: When A Man's in Love He Feels No Cold; Sam Larner: In Scarboroush Town; Belle Stewart: The Two Brothers; Margaret Barry & Michael Gorman: Farewell My Own Dear Native Land; Joe Heaney: The Rocks of Bawn; Joseph Taylor: Bold William Taylor; Charlie Wills: Up to the Rigs of London Town; Sarah Makem: The Wind That Shakes The Barley; Scan Tester & Rabbity Baxter: Untitled Polka; Pop Maynard: The Seeds of Love; Phoebe Smith: The Tanyard Side; Harry Cox: Just as the Tide Was A-Flowing; Davie Stewart: I'm Often Drunk and Seldom Sober; Phil Tanner: The Four-Hand Reel; Jimmy Mcbeath: I'm A Stranger in This Country; The Sailors' Hobby Horse (Minehead): Live Performance; Jeannie Robertson: The Gypsy Laddies; Walter Pardon: The Poachers Fate; Will Atkinson: Hexham Races / The Stool of Repentance - Jigs; Fred Jordan: We Shepherds Are the Best of Men.
TSCD752 Stepping Up   Various performers   (2004)
The Morris Motors Band: Speed The Plough.  Walter & Daisy Bulwer, Billy Cooper: Jenny Lind The Girl I Left Behind Me.  Oak: New Rigged Ship / Rig-A-Jig-Jig.  The Leeds Band: When There Isn't A Girl About / Peggy Wood / Looking For A Partner.  Webbs Wonders: Herbert Smith's Polka.  The Old Swan Band: Walter Bulwer's Polkas Nos 2 & 1.  Flowers & Frolics: Down The Road / See Me Dance The Polka.  Ashley Hutchings: High Level Hornpipe / Uncle George's.  The New Victory Band: Harper's Frolic / Bonny Kate.  Umps And Dumps: Marmalade Polka.  The English Country Blues Band: The Italian Job / Lodge Road.  Oysterband: Kentish Cricketers / Galopede.  The Cock And Bull Band: One For Dan.  Gas Mark 5: Johnny O'Leary's / Mrs O'Dwyer's.  Tiger Moth: Sloe Benga.  The Old Hat Dance Band: The Flying Pieman / Ripple Of The Teign / Gipping Jig.  The Geckoes: The Old John Peel / Tom Cave's.  The Posh Band: Duke Of Cornwall's Reel.  Mark Bazeley & Jason Rice: When It's Night Time In Italy / Climbing Up The Golden Stairs / The Thaxted Square.  Dr Faustus: May Reel No 1 / Bacca Pipes Jig.  Grand Union: Queen Of The May / Watson's Hornpipe.  Eliza Carthy Band: No Man's Jig / Hanoverian Dance / Three Jolly Sheepskins.  Whapweasel: The Final Last Banana / The Sleeve in the Cheese.
TSCD780 Almost a Gentleman Billy Bennett   (1978, 1997)   Review
Nell / My Mother Doesn’t Know I’m on the Stage / Mandalay / I’ll Be Thinking of You / Ogul Mogul - A Kanakanese Love Lyric / No Power on Earth / She Was Poor But She Was Honest / She Was Happier When She Was Poor / The Miser / The Only Girl I Ever Loved / The Charge of the Tight Brigade / Don’t Send My Boy To Prison / Family Secrets / Please Let Me Sleep on Your Doorstep Tonight / Christmas Day in the Cookhouse / The Club Raid / She’s Mine / Mottoes / The Green Tie on the Little Yellow Dog. Tracks 8-12 not previously released.
TSCD801 The Ballad of John Axon Radio Ballad first broadcast 2.7.58  Charles Parker, Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, etc.  (1999)   Review
About the building of the the M1 Motorway
TSCD802 Song of a Road Radio Ballad first broadcast 5.11.59  Charles Parker, Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, etc.  (1999)   Review
About the railwaymen of England
TSCD803 Singing the Fishing Radio Ballad first broadcast 16.8.60  Charles Parker, Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, etc.  (1999)   Review
About Britain's herring fishing communities
TSCD804 The Big Hewer Radio Ballad first broadcast 18.8.61  Charles Parker, Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, etc.  (1999)   Review
About Britain's coal miners
TSCD805 The Body Blow Radio Ballad first broadcast 27.3.62  Charles Parker, Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, etc.  (1999)   Review
About the psychology of pain
TSCD806 On the Edge Radio Ballad first broadcast 13.2.63  Charles Parker, Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, etc.  (1999)   Review
About teenagers in England and Scotland
TSCD807 The Fight Game Radio Ballad first broadcast 3.7.63  Charles Parker, Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, etc.  (1999)   Review
About boxers
TSCD808 The Travelling People Radio Ballad first broadcast 17.4.64  Charles Parker, Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, etc.  (1999)   Review
About Britain's nomadic peoples
TSCD810 Solo Flight  Ewan MacColl  (2000)
The Bonnie Bunch of Roses, The Tunnel Tigers, A Roving Hielan' Man, The Iron-Moulder's Wedding, The Bold Poachers, Ye Hae Lien Wrang Lassie, The Fowler, The Maid of Reigate, Sheath and Knife, Alan Tyne o' Harrow, Roseberry, The Molecatcher, James Herries, The Penny Wager, The Tattie-Lifting Song, Lament for the Death of a Nobody.
TSCD815 Sweet England Shirley Collins (1999)
Sweet England; Hares on the Mountain; Hori-Horo; The Bonny Irish Boy; He Tailqr and the Mouse; The Lady and the Swine; Turpin Hero; The Cuckoo; The Bonny Labouring Boy; The Cherry Tree Carol; Sweet William; Omie Wise; Blackbirds and Thrushes; A Keeper Went Hunting; Polly Vaughan; Pretty Saro; Barbara Allen; Charlie.
TSCD818 Fire in the Soul   Davy Graham   (1999)
No Preacher Blues, The Fakir, Watermelon Man, Money Honey, Fire in My Soul, Neighbour Neighbour, Jubilation, Angi, Bad Boy Blues, Tristano, Babe, It Ain't No Lie, Bruton Town, Jenra, I'm Ready, Buhaina Chant, Hornpipe for Harpsichord Played Upon Guitar, Down Along the Cove, Stan's Guitar, Pretty Polly, Bulgarian Dance, Oliver, Blues At Gino's, Sunny Moon for Two, Charlie, Ramblin' Sailor.
TSCD819 Folk Roots New Routes   Shirley Collins and Davy Graham   (1999)
Nottamun Town, Proud Maisrie, The Cherry Tree Carol, Blue Monk, Hares on the Mountain, Reynardine, Pretty Saro, Rif Mountain, Jane Jane, Love is Pleasin', Boll Weevil Holler, Hori Horo, Bad Girl, Lord Greggory, Grooveyard, Dearest Dear.
TSCD820 Folk, Blues and Beyond   Davy Graham   (1999)
Leavin Blues, Cocaine, Sally Free and Easy, Black is the Colour of My True Love's Hair, Rock Me Baby, Seven Gypsies, Ballad of the Sad Young Men, Moanin', Skillet (Good 'n' Greasy), Ain't Nobody's Business What I Do, Maajun, I Can't Keep from Cryin' Sometimes, Don't Think Twice it's Alright, My Babe, Goin' Down Slow, Better Git it in Your Soul.
TSCD822 Won’t Be Long Now   Linda Thompson   (2013)
Love’s for Babies & Fools; Never Put to Sea Boys; If I Were a Bluebird; As Fast as My Feet; Father Son Ballad; Nursery Rhyme of Innocence and Experience; Mr Tams; Paddy’s Lamentation; Never the Bride; Blue Bleezin’ Blind Drunk; It Won’t be Long Now.
TSCD823 The Full English   Seth Lakeman, Martin Simpson, Fay Hield, Nancy Kerr, Sam Sweeney, Rob Harbron, Ben Nicholls
Awake Awake; Stand By Your Guns; William and Nancy; Creeping Jane; Arthur O’Bradley ; Portrait of My Wife; Fol The Day-O; Brigg Fair; Rounding the Horn; The Servant Man; Man in the Moon; Linden Lea.
TSCD850 The Folk Awards   Various   (2001)
Niamh Parsons: Bonnie Woodhall.  Bert Jansch: Crimson Moon.  John Tams: Harry Stone (Hearts Of Coal).  Norma Waterson: Flower of Sweet Strabane.  Michael Mcgoldrick: Lough Mountain.  E2K: The Water is Wide.  Bill Jones: Botany Bay.  Kate Rusby: The Cobbler's Daughter.  Taj Mahal & Toumani Diabate: Ol' Georgie Buck.  Danu: Green Booms /The Humours of Kill Clougher.  Waterson:Carthy: Raggle Taggle Gipsies.  Roy Bailey: Brigg Fair.  Chris While & Julie Matthews: The Light in My Mother's Eye.  Vin Garbutt: City of Angels.  Catriona Macdonald: Shetland Reels.  The Copper Family: Spencer the Rover.

World Series

TSCD901 Music in the World of Islam - the human voice / lutes (1994). Originally a Tangent release.
Recitation of verses of the Qu’ran; Dhikr; Houri; Bedouin wedding songs; Ghazal, or love song; Gurdum gurdum; Song at the feast after Ramadan; Haddadi; Kavali; Abu Zeluf; Leader/chorus song; Radha/Ga’s; Love Song; Tahlil; Taqsim in maq(m Iraq; Taqsim in maq(m Hejaz; Hausi in maq(m Iraq; Tar solo; Tambur solo; Folk song; Taqsim in maq(m Nishaburek; Solo in dastgah al-Shari; Wedding song
TSCD902 Music in the World of Islam - reeds & bagpipes / drums & rhythms (1994). Originally a Tangent release.
Panihari; Mey solo; Jirbe; Music for a formal classical dance; Karna and double-naqq(ra; Dil-tyuduk sol; Wedding procession; Salterello; Tulum solo; Music to call the spirits; Shepherd’s songs from Syria, Babouri/Ra’I al-Ghanum; Poonzuk; Ghoomar; Dance music; Drum solo; Orchestra of the sultan of Dosso; Dance music; Chang solo/chang group; Adhari; Tabla solo; Part of the religious observances of the Al Haq sect; Dindoun; Zarb and santur in dastgah Shur; Ayala; Mihbash; Ghalta; Bendir
TSCD903 Music in the World of Islam - strings / flutes and trumpets (1994). Originally a Tangent release.
Reeds & Bagpipes: Panihari; Mey solo; Jirbe; Music for foral classic dance; Karna and double naqqára; Dil-tyuduk solo; Wedding procession; Saltarello; Tulum solo; Music to call the spirits; Shepherds songs from Syria; Pootzuk; Ghoomar; Dance music.  Drums and Rhythms: Zerbaghali drum solo; Orchestra of the Sultan of Dosso; Dance music; Chang solo on jew's harp; Adhari; Tabla solo; Part of the religious observances of Al Haq sect; Dindoun; Zarb and Santur; Ayala war dance; Mihbash; Ghaita; Bendir.
TSCD904 Folk Music of Albania. Originally 12T 154 (1966).
North Albania: Kenge Maje Krahi - mountain signal;Valle e Lezhës - dance; Këngë Djepi - lullaby; Ti Në Kodër, Un Në Kodër - dance song; Vajtim - funeral lament; Dhent Në Mrizë shepherd melody; Kenga e Çun Mulës - Ballad; Zenel Kadrija - ballad; Melodi Baritore - pastoral melody.  South Albania: Valle e Gajdës - dance; O Bilbil Sakat, Sakat - lyrical song; Vajtim - shepherd tune; Llazore - ritual song; Avazi I Dy Motrave - instrumental improvisation; Do Dalim Nga Myzeqeja - political song; Kaba Vençe instrumental improvisation; Fuat Bahani - historical song; Valle Kolnjarçe dance; Kaba Me Gërnetë Instrumental improvisation.
TSCD905 Folk Music of Bulgaria. Originally 12T 107 (1964).
WEST BULGARIA: SOFIA DISTRICT: Gankino horo (dance); Marko Iska Moravka devoika (work song); Zhatvarska pesen (work song); Padnal mi ranen mlad Stoyan (ballad); Sitno horo (dance); Otreyala mesechina (dance song); PIRIN REGION: Makedonske horo (dance); Tambura drunka (work song); Boi se otvori (ballad); Mori Zlata se e bolna (dance song); Zapili kito mome bolna (sedenka song); Makedonske pesen (sedenka melody); Devoiko devoiko mome (dance song); SOUTH, EAST & NORTH BULGARIA: RHODOPE REGION: Ti li mi vleze v Bakchana (sedenka song); Ya stoi postoi (work song); Troitsa bratya (ballad); Kadana sedi v Bakhchana (sedenka song; THRACE: Vila se e gora (ballad); Dva sa momi momuvali (dance song); Dzhenda na putya sedeshe (sedenka song); Pasobrala byala Rada (ballad); DOBRUDZA & NORTH BULGARIA: Dobrudzhansko hora (dance); Tudura kupai misiri (sedenka song); Zatvoren Stoyan (ballad); SOFIA DISTRICT: Tsone milo chedo (dance)
TSCD906 Folk Music of Yugoslavia. Originally 12T 224 (1973).
CROATIA: Seljacko (instrumental improvisation); Ive kosi za kucun livadu (diaphonic song); Cobansko iz kijeva (instrumental improvisation); Ojkanje (diaphonic song); Qikanje (Crne oci) (diaphonic song); Cobansko (instrumental Improvisation); Lindo (dance); BOSNIA. HERCEGOVINA: Aj sane zaspala dilber sajma (lyrical song); Vino piju tri dobra junaka (epic song); Gorom jase kiceni svatori (tepsija song); SERBIA: Kolo moravac (dance); Ushtili sabale me bahtace (gipsy song); Sima banka najmaduj) (gipsy song); MACEDONIA: Beranca (dance); Adana oro (dance); Zaramo (dance); Zaramo (dance); Bagpipe Melody (Instrumental improvisation); Prespansko oro (dance); Tsamiko (dance)
TSCD907 Folk Music of Greece. Originally 12T 231 (1974).
CONTINENTAL GREECE: PELOPONNESOS: Tsamikos (dance song); Syrtos (song melody); Tsamikos (dance song); Arvantikos (dance melody); ROUMELI: Syrtos (dance melody); Tou gamou (wedding song); NORTHERN GREECE: THESSALY, MACEDONIA, EPIRUS: Beratis (dance melody); Trigonia (dance melody); Vlachiko (Aromunian wedding song); Kalamatianos. (dance melody); THE GREEK ISLANDS: Sousta dance melody); Sousta (dance melody); Zimbechikos (dance melody); Mantinadha (dance melody); Phonos Sixigou (ballad); Tou gamou (wedding dance melody); Ballos (dance melody); Khasapikos (dance melody); Mantinadha (dance song)
TSCD908 Folk Music of Turkey. Originally 12T 333 (1977).
CENTRAL & SOUTHERN ANATOLIA: Anamur yollari; Üç oyun havasi (Three dance tunes); Sirtindaki yeleði/Kara tren gelmez mi?/Üçayak; Üçayak (halay dance); Uzun hava (shepherd melody); Silifke oyun havasi (dance tune); Avþar beyler; Saray yoilai; BLACK SEA AREA: Maçka horon havasi (horon dance); Yuhsek Hemsin; EASTERN ANATOLIA: Þeyh Þamil; Köylü düðün havasi (village wedding tune); Dadaloðlu’nun Avþar türküsü
TSCD909 Music of Mongolia c/w Vocal and Instrumental Music of Mongolia. Originally DLP: “Vocal Music from Mongolia and...” Tangent
Vocal Music: Long song - The sun that shines above the earth; Short song - The ten fingers of the hand; Short song - The fifteen day moon; Long song - My beautiful brown horse; Praise song - In praise of horses; Praise song - In praise of life in a ger; Long song - My little light bay horse; Mouth music; Milking songs; Wrestler's song; Finger games; Shagai-harvah; Long song - My beautiful Haliga land.  Instrumental Music: Morinxuur solo; Limbe solo; Hoxuur solo; Shanz solo; Yatga solo; Morinxuur solo; Long song accompanied by morinxuur; Long song - Domun; Jew's harp solos; Mouth music; Yenchin solo; Morinxuur solo; Morinxuur solo - The Boundless space.
TSCD910 Music from Ethiopia. Reissue from 3 Tangent albums. (1970).
Music of the Cental Highlands: tracks 1 to 11.  Music of the Desert Nomads: tracks 12 to 18.  Music of Eritrea: Tracks 19 to 31.  No track titles are given.
TSCD911 Music from the Shrines of Ajmer and Mundra (1970).
Classical Naubat Shahn á'í (Mundra): Pradhátí, Dipchandí.  Classical Naubat Shahn á'í (Ajmer): Rágamalá, Tintál and Dádra.  Cacchi Káfí: Darbárí, Kánadá, Dádra.  Popular Naubat Shahn á'í (Jabbalpur): Thumrí.  Mashak (Indian bagpipes): Folk tune.  Popular Naubat Shahn á'í (Bhopal): Thumrí.
TSCD912 Music of the Tartar People.
Ay, bolin su kuaklar - Hey, river in the meadow; Beyekkay da tawulamin basiarina - On the peak of Mount Beyekkay; Sandugacim balakaysin - Nightingale you are so tiny; Altinnar da mikan na, ay, ilebez - Is your birth-place gold?; Sarli urman - Murmuring forest; Altinkay da citkaular janadir - The golden temples are burning; Kitkan cakta - When we go away; Jirlarga da kussan no min jirlarmin - If you sing with me. I will sing too; Hawalarda ochan, ay, kaz mikan - What soars through the air, is it a wild goose?; Sarman buykalari tugay-tugay - The banks of the Saman are twisting; Samarifkay digan, ay, kalada - In the city, hey, named Samsarif; Jibarayek jirlap, kitsen cin rap - Let us sing and let it ring; Ik buylarina, ay, tosarbez - Let us go down to the banks of the Ik; Sonekay buylarina tosarlarga - Going down to the bamks of the Sonekay; Idas buylarina tosarlarga - Going down to the banks of the Idas; Yeget bulsan jirday bul - If you are a young man, then be like the earth; Mendam biyek taw baska la - I climbed to the peak of the high mountain; Ay, uragin sallp in basina - Hey, with a sickle on my shoulder; Ay, jihan, min, ay janmas idem - Hey, world, hey. I won't burn out; Sarman and Apipa - violin dance melodies; Sarman buykaylari, au, kin alan - On the banks of tile Sarman. hey, tilere is a wide clearing; Jankaj-janes kitte, ay, sunarga - My sweetheart went away, hey, to hunt; Karcigalar hara, muyini ala - The hawk Is black, its neck is spotted; Agidelkay alkin, sul salkin - Cold are the swift-flowing waters of the Byelaya; Jibarayek jirlap, kitsen sin rap - Let us sing and let it ring.
TSCD913 Flute and Gamelan Music of West Java. Reissue (1979). Tangent.
Music for the bamboo flute: Mupu Kembang; Catrik; Sinyur; Manintin.  Gamelan Music: Srimpi Kakarta; Bendrong; Jipang; Putri; Renggong Buyut.
TSCD914 Gipsy Music from Macedonia and Neighbouring Countries Various   Review
Khoròs gáïda; Antikrystós; Kalandxój; Burrërisht; Khasápikos; Péhlivan oyun havasi; Kaytarmá; Kaytarmá; Tsiftetélli; Makâm Râst and Syrtós; Kerkéz oyun havasi; Yörük oyun havasi; Omál; Nöbet.
TSCD915 Instrumental music from Greece Various   Review
Engarés / Naxos / Cyclades: Patinádha, bállos & 'tsirigiotiko'; Politikòs syrtós & bállos; Khasapihosérvikos.  Lyra Music from Khania, Crete: Malevyziótikos; Soústa; Kolymvarianòs syrtós.  Smyrnaic Music from Lésvos: Varys zeïbékikos; 'I chíra' - 'The Widow'.  Fiddle Music from Zakynthos, Ionian Islands: Khoriátikos syrtòs Zakynthou; Syrtòs apò Ajio Leònta; Sotì Zakynthou.  Clarinet Music from Métsovon, Epirus: Patináda from Métsovon; Syrtós aus Métsovon.  Clarinet Music from Parakálamos, Northern Epirus: Mirolój & Pogonisios; Koftòs Pogonisios; 'Delvinò kè tsamourjá'; Three synkathistá.  Brass Band from Siátista, Macedonia: March 'Vatírio'; Epitrapézio kè tsámiko.
TSCD916 Music of Makran: traditional fusion from coastal Balochistan   Various   (2000)   Review
Sheki saz - Recorded in Karachi; Gwati Saz - Gwadar; Limo - Pishukan; Sot/sheyrwandi/gwati saz - Pasni; Zahirok - Panjgur; Zahirok - Karachi; Bagey saz/simorgey saz - Gwadar; Sheki saz - Pasni; Zahirok/sot - Jiwani; Gwati/sot - Pishukan; Shwanagi saz - Gwadar; Zahirok - Pasni; Nach saz - Jiwani.
TSCD917 Zanzibar: Music of celebration   Various   (2000)   Review
Taarab. Bashraf: Dhihrayat; Taarab. Song: Mwambieni; Indian taarab. Song: Prayer; Indian taarab. Song: Nakupa Salamu (I give you my greetings); Taarab ya wanawake. Song: Na mnikome; Maulidi. Kasida; Maulidi. Recitation from the Koran; Kidumbak.
TSCD918 Papua New Guinea Healing, feasting & magical ritual   Various   (2001)  
Karkar Island: Garamut call; Mukoa Silali; Kanam Dance. Green River (West Sepik Province): Birua (Warrior song after killing); Healing Songs;p Two Healing Songs - Kua Kua! The Bird of Paradise is singing, Let us kill a pig and put the blood on our sick friend's wound; Women's Sago Song; Healing Song about Lake Kanary; Healing Song; Feast Song; Three Eevil (Children's Healing Songs). Mount Hagen (Western Highlands): Hunting Song of the Moge & Kopi clans; Women's Song of the Moge & Kopi clans; Sing-sing, Western Highlands; Two Songs of Love & Courtship; Bayer River Sanctuary. New Ireland: Pur; Bot - malanggan funeral ceremony; Friction-drum & song on the death of a chief; Getting on a Lorry; Shark-calling Song; Two Slit-drum Improvisations. Gazelle Peninsula (East New Britain): Rongari; Fire Dance.
TSCD919 The Moken Sea Gypsies of the Andaman Sea   Various   (2001)  
Ngai loi la aung (the woman has gone digging for yam in the forest and has left her youngest child with an older sibling); Iu lu ma lu (brother and brother); jorda (brother and brother 2); Be touk (I give you my greetings); Be eye ma iu lui iu ka nang (be happy at home seeing that the woman is happy), Ma nok (chicken song); Title unknown.
TSCD920 The Yemen Tihama:   Trance & dance music from the Red Sea coast of Arabia   Various   (2002)  
Wedding Song, Lambuna Zar, Teahouse Drumming, Simslmiya Ballad, Habashi Dance, Tumbara Zar, Tahdira, Indian Film Song, Sharah Dance, Wadi Mawr Zar, Saint's Day Drumming, Saint's Day Drumming, Saint's Day Drumming, Sham Allah, Tahdira: Marisi Dance.
TSCD921 Before the Revolution:   A 1909 recording expedition in the Caucasus and central Asia by The Gramophone Company   Various   (2002)  
Vladikavkaz: Kudari Zarond Lechi Zarag - Ossetian; Lezghinka - Chechen; Asup Khubada - Ingush; Lezghinka - Kabardian; Aya-Dunlya, Pana Dunlya - Kumyk.  Tiflis (Tbilisi): En Inch Man Er Ark'ayakan (What a kingly thing this is) - Armenian; Lezghinka (Lekuri) - Georgian; Ekhlandeli Kalebi - Georgian; (Bayati Shiraz) Katar - Azeri.  Alexandropol (Gyumri): Alagyaz Badzr Sar E (Alagyaz Is a high mountain) - Armenian.  Merv (Mari): Kovsan - Afghan.  Bukhara: Rafti lloi Falag - Sart; Sarvinaz - Bukharan; Khudoyar Khan - Samarkand, Sart; Marsh Ishvoi - Kokand, Sart.  Tashkent: Khazrat Sultan - 'Kyrgyz'.  Kokand: Soki Yamat Jigi-Jigi - Khojent, Sart; Sowti Sini Khorosh, pt 2 - Khojent, Sart.  Skobelev (Ferghana): Rok Mashki - Sart; Suvora Andizhany - Sart.  Marghelan: Mushagaran Kashkarcha - Kashgar; Sanor Ayty Khudoga - Sart.  Tashkent: Aramni Aytay Body Saboga, pt 1 - Sart.
TSCD922 Drumming & Chanting in God's Own Country: The Temple music of Kerala in South India   Various   (2003)  
Ayyappan Pattu: Ayyappan Velakke temple festival; Maddalam Chenda Keli: Krishna temple; Kombu Pattu: Krishna temple; Gita Govinda by Nyerelate Rama Pooduval; Gita Govinda by Nyerelate Rama Pooduval; Kuzhal Pattu: Krishna temple; Athanta Melam: Krishna temple; Gita Govinda by KP Sivaraman Pooduval; Panchavadyam: Ayyappan Velahke temple festival.
TSCD923 Gumboot Guitar: Zulu street guitar music from South Africa   Various   (2003)  
Kam and kossetina (comb and concertina): Makhosonke Nylde (guitar with comb), Zisebenzele Mbhele (concertina). Blanket's guitar solo: Blanket Mkhize (guitar). Ma wenobaba (Mother and Father): Blanket Mkhize (guitar. voice), Eliot Mamelo (concertina). Gumboot 1993: Blanket Mkhize (guitar), Ngangabanye Zondi (concertina), Stephen Shefembe (gumboot leader). Guitar and kossetina: Blanket Mkhize (guitar), Eliot Mamelo (concertina). Gumboot (guitar, accordion, violin): Blanket Mkhizc (guitar), Syvion Oladia (piano accordion), Violin - name unknown. Ibhanoyi (Aeroplane): Blanket Mkhize (guitar, voice). Gumboot 1996: Blanket Mkhize (gumboot leader), Makhosonke Nyide (guitar), Zisebenzete Mhheic (concertina). Albert Nene's guitar solo part 1 and part 2.
TSCD924 Ewe Drumming from Ghana: the soup which is sweet draws the chairs in closer   Various   (2005)  
Afa; Akpoka; Ageshe; Kinka; Agogbagba; Xomeshivi / Adzotsotso / Mia woezo; Dzigbordi Dance Drumming; Dzigbordi Dtince Drumming; Dzigbordi Dance Drumming; Dzigbordi Dance Drumming: Women's a cappella song.
TSCD925 The King's Musicians: Royalist music of Buganda-Uganda   Various   (2003)  
Ssematimba ne Kikwabanga, played by the Abalere ba Kabaka. The late Evalisto Muyinda telling the story of Ssematimba and Kikwabanga. Ssematimba and Kikwabanga, by Ssensamba and Blasio Busuulwa. Ensiriba ya munnange Katego (The amulet of my friend Katego) Albert Ssempeke. Omussi w'enswa (Killer of termites) sung by Sheikh Burukan Kiwuuwa. Veneneka (Veronica) and Nagenda Kauna nga bulaba, by Wilson Ssempirwa, Edward Musoke and Kyobe. Gganga Alula (Ganga had a narrow escape) performed by Albert Ssempeke. Akawotogoma (Little Lion) and drum conversation, by Evalisto Muyinda. Atodde Enyama (He has taken meat) played by the Abasaasi be Bamunantka. Agenda n'ofnulungi azaawa, by Temutewa Mukasa.
TSCD926 Jarana's Four Aces: Vocal Duels From the Streets of Lima (2005)  
Jarana 1: Marinera; Tri-la-la, tri-la-la. la-la-fa, pabnero sube a la pidma - Marinora; Golpe. guitarra y cajon - Mamma: permfta San Cantimno - Resbalosa & Fuga; Eso de ser inocente. Guaclii Paiuvian.
Jaiana 2: Marinera; Sl a torias la llaman china - Marinera; Ponnfta San Canturfno - Marinera; Aperendan flores de mi - Resbolosa & Fuga; Murlo mi fey. En Lima matan los perros.
Jarana 3: Mannera: Mweno pintan a Crisio - Marinera; Aprendm flores de mi - Marinera; Desde la esqulna del Carmen - Resbalosa & Fuga; Al riespertar vi quo era un sueno. intoned fuga.
Jarana 4: Mannera: Mi rmiJer me la jugb - Marinera: Soy d toro de Jarana - Marinera: Soy el toro iay chumbirawl - Reabalosa & Fuga: IQue bonita Plaza de Acho! Ya se cierre El Estrashurgo...
Jarana 5: Marinera; A fuego mandar locar - Marinera: Golpe. guitarra y cajon - Marinera: Soy el toro lay chumbirazo! - Resbalosa A Fuga; Las mujeres de Uma. Una jarana asi.
Jarana 6: Marinera; Soy la campana de oro - Marinera; Por las trenzas de tu pelo - Marinera: Manda el amor como un rey - Resbalesa & Fuga; Rompe la IKerata. - Chancaquila 'e cpncha.
Jarana 7: Marineta: Por ser dia - Marinera: Zamblla, pelito de wo - Marinera: Manda el amor conw un rey - Resbalosa & Fuga; Rompe a la; Chawaqulla 'e cancha.
TSCD927 Out of Cuba: Latin American Music Takes Africa by Storm   Various   (2005)  
Trio Matamoros con dos guftarras: El manicero (The peanut vendor); Trio Matamoros: Elixir de la Vida; Trio Matamoros: Mujer Celosa (Jealous Woman); Sexteto Habanero: Amparo; Septelo Matamoros: Falsa Eva, Tu veras (You'll see); Rico's Creole Band: Lunento esclavo (Stave's lament); Canario y su grupa: Alia va (There ti goes); Orquesta Victor Antiltana: Menealo que se empelota (Stir it up or she'll get annoyed); Pftita y su grupo: Sufrimierto (Suffering); Rico's Creole Band: Mohl aime, doudou motn (My love. my sweet); Orqueata Hermanoa Castro Canto por Eddy Urquia: Alegre Conga (Happy conga); Vicente Sigter y su orq: Boton de Rosa (Rose bud); Don Azpiazu and his orchestra: La Guajira (Country woman); Antonio Machin et son orchestre cubain: Cacliumbamba; Xavier Cugat and his Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra: Elube Chango; Arsenic Rodriguer y su Conjunto: Dundumbanza; Trio Yara y Abelardtto Vatdes y su grupo: Babae; Trio Yara Aires: Cubanos; Rico's Creole Band: Madalana; Lulz Gonzaga: Juizeiro.
TSCD928 Blowers from the Balkans: Classic Historic Recordings of Wind Instruments   Various   (2005)  
Romanian style music: Orchestra Romaneasca: Ctilndfa (Dusk); Ortiistra P. Mamakou: Stalingrad; Orchestra lui Harfegan: Invertita dela Chicago, Hategana, invartita din Indiana Harbor; Orchestra Alex Mata, voce Codin Dura, dura (Glide along); Paun Muscalagiu: Cavalul; Fanica Luca and orchestra: Sarba lui Fanica Luca; Orchestra Monea Ghieorghe cu Lufalovita: Invartita cu stiigari.
Peasant music: Atanas Georgi Gergov: Snoshti minaha prez setolurtsl - drugovertsi; Georgi Atanasov Kehaiov: Panayot Vonka dumashe; P. Opingan and S. T. llo "Vatle" - kapisseshte.
Greek clarinet music: Georgia Mittaki and Folk Orchestra: Pare me kai mena barba; Nikos Karakostas and Folk Orchestra: Syrtos mesogeftihos; Georgos Anestopoulos with Folk Orchestra: Dyosmos ki' vasilikos; Orhistra Kosta Gadini: Kritiko syrto; Kostas Gadinis: Mana mou stelleis mia grafi; Ipeirotiki laiki orhistra: Palii Kleftes; Hristos Kyrlakis & Hristos Germanos: Trygona; Andonis Sakellariou and Orchestr: O Zaharias.
Ottoman-Greek cafe music: Kostas Karras: Vohaitissa; Orhistra P. Mamakou: I nosokoma; Evangelakis Vlatios & Kostas Kastrounis: Zeibekiko; Kyria Koula: Tsirigotiko einai to nero; Orhistra Kosta Gadini: Barba-Giannis.
TSCD929 Songs From the Steppes: Kazakh Music Today   Various   (2005)  
Ardak Balazhanova & Folk Ensemble of the Presidential Orchestra: Kara kozim; Anar Muzdakhanova & Zhanar Zhetpisova: Kongil ashar; Kunduz Kalambaeva: Kara Kamir; Kunduz Kalambaova: Zhz kiik; Elmira Zhanabofgenova: Saulem-ai; Ikilas Ozkhai: Guhfariga; Bayan Musaeva: Dolana; Kurmash Ibishev: Ak kailn; Folk Ensemble of the Presidential Orchestra: Buldirgen, Iligai, Ak ozen, Zhez kiik; Elmira Zhanabergenova: Talim; Klara Tulenbaeva: Sekirtpe, Bastau; Berik Zhusipov: Sausakty bastym pernege; Ardak Balazhanova: Ukili kamshat; Madina Sadvakasova & Maral Sakhmetova: Dudarai; EdiI Huselnov: Altyn Altai, Tokym kagar, TuIpar shabyty; Alexei Yefremenko & Marat Nukeev: Navoi shark, Toi bastar; Rustem Kulshebaev: Akku, Esil kun, Nauysky; Asylbek Akhatov & Edil Basygaroev: Korogly.
TSCD930 Bagpipes of Greece   Various   (2005)  
Synkalthisto (1) from Thrace (gáida); Story of the Shepherd from Thrace (gáida); Synkathisto (2) from Thrace (gáida); Mandilato from Ttirace (gáida); 'To balkonaki' from Khalkidiki (gáida); 'Tsiftetelli' from Serre / Macedonia (gáida, drum); 'Eteno mome' & 'Svarninara' from Macedona (gáida, drum); 'Hasapikos' from Orini / Macedonia (gáida); 'Kalokeri' from Aridea / Macedonia; Stankena from Arkiea; 'Tik' & 'Serra' Pontic dances; 'Dipat': Pontic dance; 'Siganos' from Crete (ashomadoura); Malevizitiko from Crete (ashomadoura); 'Apokriatiko' from Samos (tsambouna); Pentozalis from Samos (tsambouna); Diplos horos from Chios (tsambouna. drum); Kalanta from Chios (tsambouna. drum); Ballos from Tinos (tsambouna. drum); Polka & Waltz from Tinos (tsambouna. drum); 'O Birojannis' from Euboea (tsambouna); lssos & Sousta from Kalymnos (tsambouna); Fingering excercises from Kalymnos (kalami); 'Sousta' from Kos (monotsambouna); Skopos from Karpathos (tsambouna, lira, laouto); Skopos from Karpathos (tsambouna, lira).
TSCD931 Women of Egypt 1924-1931: Pioneers Of Stardom & Fame   Various   (2006)  
Asmar Helwah ya nas uhibuh (Oh people! I love this dark-skinned one) Sitt Wedoudah al-Manyalawiyyah with Sami al-Shawa (violin).  AI-Ghairah nar al-ghairah (Jealousy is the fire for jealousy) Badi'ah Masabni.  Kalam fi sirrak (Words just for you to hear) Nabawiyyah Ghazal.  Ashki limin zill el-hawa (Tell me who conquered love) Munirah al-Mahdiyyah.  Har al-gawa zad nuhuli (The heat of passionate I has increased my wasting away) Aqilah Rateb.  Qabadan Qabadan (Never, Never, Mr ticket inspector, do not take from this lady the ticket's fee) Ratibah Ahmed with Zakariyyah Ahmed.  Kam ba'athna m'a al-nasim salamah (How much peace we have sent with the breeze) Sourayyah Qaddourah.  Raqs Badi'ah (The dance of Badi'ah musical) Badi'ah Masabni Orchftra.  Ana bass saktalak (I am just biding my time) Fatimah Sirri.  Ya Khu, ya 'utt 'ala eh dah kan (Tell me my brother, what was all that about) Settoutah 'Ezzat.  'Ataftu wardah hamra (I plucked a red rose) Saniyyah Hassaneyn.  'Enda mawti (Upon my death) Seklnah Hassan.  Khud lak yawm flake a day for yourself) Mufidah Ahmed.  Ya reytni 'araf (If only I knew) Fathiyyah Ahmed.  Qal eh ya hilif (He swore to me) Umm Kutthum.  Bashraf nawa'ather Yusuf Bey Rose Zahran (piano) and Sami al-Shawa (violin).
TSCD932D Falak - The Voice of Destiny: Traditional, Popular & Symphonic Music Of Tajikistan   Various   (2006)  
CD1 - Traditional Music: Parijshanbe Jorubov - Falaki Badakhshon.  Panjshanbe Jorubov - Two ghazals.  Gulchehra Sodiqova - Falaki seqisma.  Gulchehra Sodiqova - Falaki dashti.  Muhammadvali & Muhammadali Orzuev - Falak bo raqs.  Hotam Hokimov - Gurughli.  Sa'dullo Niozov & Sharif - Sartaroshon.  Sa'dullo Niozov & Sharif - Qissai Hazrati Ali.  Shamsullo Timurov - Falak bo surudi khalqi.  Zebt Odinaeva - Surudi khalqi.  Asleddin Ghafurov - Suite of songs.  Muhammadvali Hasanov - Mukhammasi Do i Sherozi.  Bahrom Qodirov - Falaki ravona.  Rustam Duloev - Falaki dashti.
CD2 - Popular & Symphonic Music: Shams - Guli Iola.  Shams - Falak.  Shams - Dunyoi foni.  Shams - Nigoro.  Muhammadvali Orzuev - Shavqi dil.  Gulchehra Sodiqova - Zi duri.  Gulchehra Sodiqova - Jomi ishq.  Muhammadali Orzuev - Buston.  Muhammadali Orzuev - Zebo guli kulobi.  Manizha Davlatova - Gull maidon.  Farzin - Baljuvon.  Farzin - Fanshtai tillo.  Parvina Shukrulloeva - Sohili ishq.  Usmonali Rahmatov - Gull khandon.  Abdufattoh Odinaev / Hakim Mahmudov - Falak.  Tolib Shakhidi / Abdumumin Shanpov - Falaki.  Sharoffiddin Shaifiddinov / Rustam Duloev - Respublikal man.
TSCD933 Voices For Humans, Ancestors and Gods: A Musical Journey Through India's Interior (East and North-East)   Various   (2006)  
Daasari ballad: Chenchu Lakshmi.  Maasti ballad: Shesireka's Wedding.  Saora geet: Funeral Song.  Saora geet: The naming song.  Orissa bhajan: Loda mo na thila golaka.  Odisi music: Dtrtfyftfaminire mo pranasahi.  Baul Gan: "Piwn bagare premer manush".  Baul Gan: "Bhalo bashile, bhalo mon takibe amar".  Assamese loko geet: Kamata Kundala.  Assamese Satra music: Bargit.  Deori geet: Mosaia.  Monpa geet: Welcome.
TSCD934 Songs of Defiance: Music of Chechnya and the North Caucasus   Various   (2007)  
TSCD935D Songs of Survival: Traditional Music of Georgia   Various   (2007)  
TSCD936 Poetry and Languid Charm: Swahili Music from Tanzania and Kenya from the late 1920s to 1950s   Various   (2007)  

World Series Ends

TSCD1001 An Equal Love   Christine Collister   (2001)
Waiting for my Prayer, Can't Cry Hard Enough, Full of Grace, Venus Proud, An Equal Love, It's Raining Everyday, Give It Up, Motherless Child, Extra Care, In the Beginning, Moon River.
TSCD1002 Into the Light   Christine Collister   (2002)
Ashlands, Hymn to Grace, Lost and Found, Act of Kindness, A Kinder Heart, Brittle Man, Fallen Angel, Like Mercury, Endlessly, Little Bird, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Quiet.
TSDCD2001 Red Rice   Eliza Carthy   Double CD   (1998)
See TSCD493 & 494.
TSFCD4001 The Acoustic Folk Box   Various performers   (2002)
CD1: Lonnie Donegan: Jack O'Diamonds; Davy Graham & Alexis Korner: 3/4 AD; The Galliards: Macpherson's Rant; Ray & Archie Fisher: Twa Corbies; Bob Davenport: Tramps and Hawkers; The Dubliners: The Rocky Road to Dublin; Ewan MacColl: Song of the Iron Road; Anne Briggs; She Moves Through the Fair; The Ian Campbell Folk Group: The Times They Are A-Changin; The Three City Four: Across The Hills; The Fisher Family: Joy of My Heart; Bert Jansch: Angi; Shirley Collins & Davy Graham: Reynardine; Julie Felix: Geordie; The Watersons: Dido Bendigo; A L Lloyd: The Two Magicians; The Exiles: The Moving On Song; Martin Carthy . Sovay; The Incredible String Band: First Girl I Loved; The Young Tradition: Lyke Wake Dirge; John Renbourn: Transfusion; Sandy Denny: You Never Wanted Me; Dave Swarbrick: The Cuckoos Nest; Sweeney's Men: The House Carpenter; Ralph McTell: Spiral Staircase.
CD2: Pentangle: Let No Man Steal Your Thyme; Shirley Collins: Bonnie Boy; Robin & Barry Dransfield: The Rout of the Blues; Lal & Mike Waterson: Bright Phoebus; Tim Hart & Maddy Prior: Sorry the Day I Was Married; Oak: Scan's Polkas; Dick Gaughan: Rattlin Roarin Willie / The Friar's Britches; Frankie Armstrong: The Crafty Maid's Policy; Nic Jones: Billy Don't You Weep For Me; John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris: The Rose of Britain's Isle / Glorishears; Etchingham Steam Band: Hard Times of Old England; The Bothy Band: The Kesh Jig / Give Us a Drink of Water / The Flower of the Flock / Famous Ballymore; Leon Rosselson & Roy Bailey: The Ant & the Grasshopper; Roy Harris: The Methody Parson; Bill Caddick: John O'Dreams; Bandogs: The Rose of Allandale; Peter Bellamy: The Shepherd of the Downs; John Kirkpatrick & Chums: Brighton Camp / The March Past; New Victory Band: Harpers Frolick / Bonny Kate; Steve Ashley: Once in a While.
CD3: Battlefield Band: Miss Drummond of Perth / Fiddler's Joy / Traditional Reel / The Shetland Fiddler; Rory McLeod: Farewell Welfare; Dick Gaughan: Erin-Go-Bragh; Richard Thompson: Rockin in Rhythm; Old Swan Band: Stephen Baldwin's Schottisches Nos 1&2 / The Kennet Jig; Alistair Anderson : In Trim / Mount Hooley / Lemington Bank; June Tabor: Lay This Body Down; Martin Simpson: The First Cut is the Deepest; The English Country Blues Band: Handsome Johnny; Vin Garbutt: If; Brass Monkey: The Maid & The Palmer; Blowzabella: Shave the Monkey / Boys of the Mill; Kathryn Tickell : A B Hornpipe / Mrs Bolowski's; Pete Morton: Another Train; Swan Arcade: Coal Not Dole; Silly Sisters: Blood & Gold / Mohacs; Andrew Cronshaw: Wasps in the Woodpile; Patrick Street: Patrick Street / The Carraroe Jig; Altan: W Bhean Udai Thall; Mouth Music: Fraoch A Ronaigh.
CD4: Emmylou Harris, Dolores Kerne & Mary Black: The Grey Funnel Line; Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies: A Call for the North Country; Ron Kavana: Reconciliation; The House Band: Pharaoh; Chris Wood: Out Come the Freaks; Billy Bragg: Moving the Goalposts; Waterson:Carthy: When First I Came to Caledonia; Richard Thompson: Beeswing; Dervish: Molly & Johnny; Shooglenifty: Venus in Tweeds; Martin Hayes: The Graf Spey / The Boys Of Balisodare; Coope, Boyes & Simpson: Jerusalem Revisited; Lal Waterson & Oliver Knight: How Can I Leave; June Tabor: A Place Called England; Nancy Kerr & James Fagan: Reel Du Pendu; Maddy Prior: Twankydillo; Fernhill: Llatai; Kate Rusby: The Cobbler's Daughter;d John Tams: From Where I Lie / Sheepcounting; Eliza Carthy: 10,000 Miles.
TSFCD4002 Mighty River of Song   The Watersons   (2003)   All song performed by The Watersons, except where noted in italics.
CD1: Here We Come A-Wassailing;  Blood Red Roses - The Folksons;  Let The Bulgine Run;  The Ploughboy;  Holbeck Moor Cock Fight;  The Greenland Whale Fishery;  The Derby Ram;  Hal-an Tow;  John Barleycorn - Mike Waterson;  The Barley And The Rye - Lal and Norma Waterson;  The Thirty-Foot Trailer;  I Am A Rover;  Rap Her To Bank;  Three Score And Ten;  The Jolly Waggoners;  Twanky-Dillo;  The Whitby Lad;  The Morning Looks Charming;  Willy Went To Westerdale;  The White Cockade;  Stow Brow - Lal Waterson;  The Bird - Lal and Mike Waterson;  Red Wine Promises - Lal and Mike Waterson;  Song For Thirza - Lal and Mike Waterson.
CD2: Pace-Egging Song;  Boston Harbour;  Sweet William;  Souling Song;  Barney - Lal and Norma Waterson;  Three Day Millionaire - Mike Waterson;  The Good Old Way;  The Light Dragoon;  Jenny Storm - Lal and Norma Waterson;  Tam Lyn - Mike Waterson;  Sound, Sound Your Instruments Of Joy;  Heavenly Aeroplane;  Emmanuel;  Swansea Town - Mike Waterson;  The Unfortunate Lass - Norma Waterson;  The Welcome Sailor - Lal Waterson;  Young Billy Brown - Lal and Norma Waterson;  The Khaki and the Blue;  The Whitby Lad;  The Black And Bitter Night - Mike Waterson.
CD3: The Prickle Holly Bush;  When I Die - Peter Bellamy;  I Went To Market;  The Furze Field - Martin Carthy and Mike Waterson;  The King's Song;  Swarthfell Rocks;  Meeting Is A Pleasure - Lal and Norma Waterson;  Doing A Bit - Mike Waterson;  Young Banker;  Chickens In The Garden;  A Stitch In Time - Martin Carthy;  All I Have Is My Own;  Brave General Wolfe - Mike Waterson;  May Song - Norma Waterson and Eliza Carthy;  Harvest Home;  Gower Wassail;  Rumpsy Bumpsy Toralee - Mike Waterson;  John Ball - The Waterdaughters;  A Stor Mo Chroi - The Waterdaughters;  Stormy Winds;  A Mole In A Hole.
CD4: Hilda's Cabinet Band;  The Rambling Irish Man - Mike Waterson;  There Are No Lights On Our Christmas Tree;  Coal Not Dole - Norma Waterson;  The White Cockade;  Cob-A Coaling;  T Stands For Thomas;  Bid You Goodnight - Blue Murder;  McIlroy The Emerald Cowboy - Mike Waterson;  Jack Frost - Mike Waterson;  Pleasure And Pain - Waterson:Carthy;  Stars In My Crown - Waterson:Carthy;  Flowers Of Knaresborough Forest - Waterson:Carthy;  Ain't No Man Worth The Salt Of My Tears - Norma Waterson and Eliza Carthy;  Black Muddy River - Waterson:Carthy;  Just A Note - Lal Waterson and Maria Gilhooley;  Earth - Norma Waterson and Martin Carthy;  Stumbling On - Eliza Carthy;  Poor Boney - Norma Waterson;  Bright Phoebus - Blue Murder;  A Sweet Lullaby - Oliver Knight.
TSFCD4003 Always  June Tabor   (2005)
CD 1 : The Seeds of Love; The King Of Rome; Hard Love; Casey’s Last Ride; What Will We Do?; Skewball; While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping; The Week Before Easter; Strange Affair; Sir Patrick Spens; Gypsum Davey; Buried In Kilkenny; Behind The Wall; Zaida’s Poem; Young Johnston; Mississippi Summer; A Place Called England.
CD 2 : I Never Thought My Love Would Leave Me; Beat The Retreat; Fine Horseman; The Overgate; The Fair Maid of Wallington; Meditation; Geordie; All This Useless Beauty; Love Henry / The Cherokee Shuffle; Illusions; Four Loom Weaver; I Will Put My Ship In Order; Cold And Raw + Down THe Hill; The Nurse, Dorothy Nicol / The Long Long Trail / The Reaper; The Band Played Waltzing Matilda; Maybe Then I'll Be A Rose.
CD 3 : April Morning; Johnny o’Bredislee / Glory Of The West; Singing The Travels; Waiting For The Lark; 10,000 Miles; Hunting The Cutty Wren; Willie Taylor; Bonny May; Aqaba; Anachie Gordon; Reynardine; Dashing Away With The Smoothing Iron; Pharoah; Belle Rose; Will Ye Go To Flanders; Shallow Brown; Now I'm Easy.
CD 4 : Mrs Rita; All Tomorrow's Parties; Wind & The Rain / The Falls of Richmond; Bonnie James Campbell; A Proper Sort Of Gardener; The Royal Oak; False False; Roseville Fair; Eights And Aces; The Baker; This Is Always; Queen Cruelty; Joe Peel; All Our Trades Are Gone; Virginia's Bloody Soil; Hug Pine; The Late Passenger / Unicorns.

Topic Three Score and Ten book + 7 DCs

TOPIC70-1   A Selection of Treasures from the Topic Catalogue
1. The Humpback Whale: Nic Jones.  2. Angi: Davy Graham.  3. The Shaskeen Reel: John Wright.  4. The Lancashire Toreadors: The Oldham Tinkers.  5. Sullivan's March: Pat Mitchell.  6. San Francisco Bay Blues: Jesse Fuller.  7. Country Gardens: William Kimber.  8. Tamlyn: Mike Waterson.  9. The Air for Maurice Ogg / Jumping Jack / The Air For Maurice Ogg: Alistair Anderson.  10. Creeping Jane: Joseph Taylor.  11. Wasps In The Woodpile: Andrew Cronshaw.  12. Prince Heathen: Martin Carthy With Dave Swarbrick.  13. The Bonny Labouring Boy: Harry Cox.  14. Rawtenstall Annual Fair: Lee Nicholson.  15. Music for a Found Harmonium: Patrick Street.  16. Bitter Withy: John Tams.
TOPIC70-2   England Arise!
1. The Nut Dance (Excerpt): The Britannia Coconut Dancers.  2. Spencer the Rover: Bob & Ron Copper.  3. All Things Are Quite Silent: Shirley Collins.  4. Blackwater Side: Anne Briggs.  5. The Two Magicians: A L Lloyd.  6. Scan's Polkas: Oak.  7. The Crafty Maid's Policy: Frankie Armstrong.  8. A Place Called England: June Tabor.  9. When I Die: Peter Bellamy.  10. The Bold Princess Royal: Sam Larner.  11. Hal-An-Tow: The Watersons.  12. We Shepherds Are the Best of Men: Fred Jordan.  13. The Rose of Britain's Isle / Glorishears: John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris.  14. Riding Down To Portsmouth: Tom Willett.  15. Higher Germany: Pheobe Smith.  16. The Ideal Schottische: The Cheviot Ranters.  17. The Methody Parson: Roy Harris.  18. The Maid And the Palmer: Brass Monkey.  19. Hopping Down In Kent: Louie Fuller.  20. The Devil And the Farmer's Wife: Walter Pardon.
TOPIC70-3   Ireland Boys, Hurrah
1. The Rising Sun / The Pope's Toe: Jackie Daly.  2. The Waterford Boys: Paddy Tunney.  3. The Banks of Red Roses: Sarah Makem.  4. Gillan's Apples / The Prize Jig: John Doonan & John Wright .  5. Slieve Gallon Brae: The McPeake Family.  6. Paddy Ryan's Dream / Mamma's Pet: Seamus Tansey with Reg Hall.  7. My Irish Molly O: The Flanagan Brothers.  8. The Blackbird: Seamus Ennis.  9. The Factory Girl: Margaret Barry.  10. Roaring Mary / The Old Torn Petticoat: The Irish Country Four.  11. Spailpina Rún: Sean Mac Donnchadha.  12. The Choice Wife: Willie Clancy.  13. The Tinker's Old Budget: Mary Ann Carolan.  14. Padraig O'Keefe's / Con Cassidy's: The Boys of the Lough.  15. Dowd's Favourite: Hugh Gillespie.  16. Wife of the Bold Tenant Farmer: Joe Heaney.  17. The Music In the Glen / The Greenfields of America: The O'Halloran Brothers.  18. The Knight Templar's Dream: Len Graham.  19. The Yellow Tinker / The Humours of Scarriff: Sean O'Shea & Bobby Casey.  20. He Rolled Her To the Wall: Frank Harte.  21. The Heather Breeze / The Traveller: The Russell Family.  22. The Patriot Game: Dominic Behan.  23. The Belfast Hornpipe / The Rights of Man: John Rea.  24. Bridie Morley / Duignan's Favourite: Packie Duignan & Seamus Horan.
TOPIC70-4   Scotia the Brave
1. Miss Drummond of Perth / Fiddler's Joy / Traditional Reel / The Shetland Reel: Battlefield Band.  2. Come All Ye Fisher Lasses: The Fisher Family.  3. Queen Among the Heather: Belle Stewart.  4. Cullen Bay / Jig O'Slurs / Seagull: Kentigern.  5. Wi My Roving Eye: Norman Kennedy.  6. Blue Bleezin' Blind Drunk: Cilla Fisher.  7. Soldier's Joy: Tom Anderson & Aly Bain.  8. The Dowie Dens of Yarrow: Gordeanna Mcculloch.  9. Erin Go Bragh: Dick Gaughan.  10. Young Jimmy Foyers: Sheila Stewart.  11. Kempy Kaye: Jock Tamson's Bairns.  12. Lady Eliza: Winnie Campbell.  13. Tilley Plump / Auld Foula Reel / Oot And In Da Harbour: Curlew.  14. Herd Laddie O' the Glen: Willie Scott.  15. The Fireman's Not For Me: Isla Cameron.  16. Dance With Me, Morag: Isabel Sutherland.  17. The Wind That Blew the Bonnie Lassie's Plaidie Awa': Jimmy McBeath.  18. Maccrimmon's Lament: Jeannie Robertson.  19. The Gallant Forty Twa: Ian Manuel.  20 The Twa Corbies: Ray & Archie Fisher.  21. Boulavogue: Davie Stewart.  22. The Wandering Piper: John Burgess.
TOPIC70-5   The Singer & The Song
1. Unity (Raise Your Banners High): John Tams.  2. The Dominion of the Sword: Martin Carthy.  3. The Sun Is Burning: The Ian Campbell Folk Group.  4. Go Down Ye Murderers: Ewan Maccoll.  5. Police Patrol: Bob Davenport.  6. Two Tears: Eliza Carthy.  7. Never Any Good: Martin Simpson.  8. Both Sides of the Tweed: Dick Gaughan.  9. George's Son: John Kirkpatrick With Brass Monkey.  10. Reconciliation: Ron Kavana.  11. Stumbling On: Lal Waterson & Oliver Knight.  12. Acceptable Losses: John B Spencer.  13. Ships of Shame: Steve Ashley.  14. The Land of Three Rivers: Vin Garbut.  15. No Telling: Linda Thompson.  16. Dust: Johnny Handle.  17. Two-Fisted Heroes: Bill Caddick.
TOPIC70-6   The People's Flag
1. The Man Who Watered the Worker's Beer: Paddy Ryan.  2. Talking Union Blues: Pete Seeger.  3. Joe Hill: Paul Robeson.  4. Masters of War: Martin Simpson.  5. The Red Flag: Bob Smith's Ideal Band.  6. The Blackleg Miners: Louis Killen.  7. No Power On Earth: Billy Bennett.  8. The Internationale: The Topic Singers & Band.  9. To the Begging I Will Go: Ewan Maccoll.  10. The Hand-Loom Weaver's Lament: Harry Boardman.  11. The Rigs of the Time: Shirley Collins.  12. Greedy Landlord: Stan Kelly With Leon Rosselson.  13. Time To Ring Some Changes: Richard Thompson.  14. Sixteen Tons: Ewan Maccoll.  15. Peat Bog Soldiers: The Ian Campbell Folk Group.  16. Aa'm Glad the Strike's Done: The High Level Ranters.  17. Threes Score And Ten: The Watersons.  18. Dirty Old Town: Ewan Maccoll.  19. The Liverpool Barrow Boys: The Spinners.  20. The Weaver's March: The Celebrated Working Men's Band.  21. We Poor Labouring Men: Waterson:Carthy.  22. Perfumes of Arabia: Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick.  23. Hot Asphalt: Bob Davenport & The Rakes.
TOPIC70-7   Even More Treasures from the Topic Catalogue
1. Skye Crofter's / The Swallow Tail: Billy Pigg.  2. While Gamekeeper's Lie Sleeping: June Tabor.  3. Boi Se Otvori: Roza Tsetkova.  4. Barleycorn: Tim Van Eyken.  5. The Girl On the Greenbriar Shore: Tom Paley & Peggy Seeger.  6. The Happy One-Step / Green Willis: The House Band.  7. Clyde Water: Nic Jones.  8. Baranca: Vlado & Nikola Robanovski.  9. Georgie: Levi Smith.  10. Jenny Lind: Scan Tester & Rabbidy Baxter.  11. Worcester City: Eliza Carthy.  12. Talking Dustbowl Blues: Ramblin' Jack Elliott.  13. Kaba Vençe: Refki Taho, Hysen Zizolli & Ahmet Metolli.  14. The Green Banks of Yarrow: Alison Mcmorland & Peta Webb.  15. Johnny, Will You Marry Me?: Dan Sullivan's Shamrock Band.  16. Hamburger - Polka Fra Hardanger: Vestlandsgruppa.  17. Hedger And Ditcher: The Silly Sisters.  18. Burren No. 1 / Chris Droney's Favourite: Chris Droney.  19. Nna Hamu: The Jauharah Orchestra.  20. Little Sadie: Hedy West.  21. Fulmine: Andy Cutting.  22. No One Stands Alone: Blue Murder.

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