Music of the World

MOW 126 Talking Spirits   Native American music from the Hopi, Zuni, and SanJuan pueblos.  The Garcia Brothers (San Juan), Chester Mahooty and The Olla Maidens (Zuni), The Laguna Dancers, and Roger Mase and the Singers from 2nd Mesa (Hopi).
Zuni Sunrise Song; San Juan Turtle Dance; Hopi Entering Kiva Song; Hopi Butterfly Dance; Laguna Buffalo Dance; Hopi Corn Dance; Zuni Sacred Song; Hopi Comanche Dance; San Juan Green Corn Dance; Zuni Olla Maidens; Zuni Pottery Dance; Hopi Rainbow Dance; Hopi Exit from the Kiva; Zuni Friendship Song.
MOW 137 Taraf: Romanian Gypsy Music Various artists
MOW 138 Cajun & Creole Masters   Canray Fontenot, Dennis McGee, Sady Courville, Bois-Sec Ardoin, Michael Doucet, Billy Ware.
Lovebridge Waltz; Ma Chere Bebe Creole; Talles de Ronces; Merci Mondieu; Perrodin Two-Step; Les Barres de la Prison; La Valse de la Louisiane; Adieu Rosa; Bernadette; Blues du Voyageur; Ma Mama Cher Cheri Creole; Durald Waltz; Dennis McGee Solo vocal; Ville Platte Two-Step; La Valse qui Finit dans le Coin de la Maison; J'ai Ete au Bal.
MOW 144 Edge of the Forest   Romanian music   Various artists
MOW 152 Tenores di Oniferi   Polyphonic singing from Sardinia   (1999)   Review
Su determinu; A s'omine; Gosos di San Gavino; Sos antigos; Muttos; Ottava del tre; Sa supposta partenzia; S'andira; Tiu bustianu; Serenada de terru.
MOW 154 Tribal Gatherings   Various artists   (1999)
The Jones Benally family: Hoop Dance; Social Dance; Navajo Gourd Dance; Goat Dance.  Chester Mahooty and family: Zuni Pottery Dance; Beautiful Rainsong.  The Garcia Brothers: Basket Dance.  Cheyene: Round Dance.  Singers fron the Second Mesa: Hopi Comanche Dance; Hopi Rainbow Dance.  Cornel Pewewardy: Kiowa Hymn.  Navaho: Basket Dance.  Red Eagle Wing: Crow Hop.  Alliance West singers: Two Round Dances.  Peter Garcia: Coming to the Center.
MOW 155 Mystic Journey: String Music of Iran   Jalal and Soheil Zolfonun   (1999)
Abo-Gel; Amiri - rhythmic; Amiri avaz; Bakhtiari; Baluch; Ruholarva; Masnavi; Chahar mezrab; Qarai; Mazandaran; Dezfuli; Neyriz; Soda-e-Eshq.
MOW 213 Vintage Beausoleil   Beausoleil   (1987)
Acadian Two-Step; Belle; Think of Me; Cowboy Waltz; Parlez-nous a Boire; Tous Les Deux pour la Meme; Reel de Dennis McGee; Le Valse de BeauSoleil; Contredanse de Robin; Pauline; Courtableau; Maman Rosin; Take It To Me.

MW Records

MWCD 3011 Carlo Jones & The Surinam Kaseko Troubadours   Review
MWCD 4001 Il Ballo della Lepre   Riccardo Tesi
MWCD 4014 Ten da Chent l'Archët che la Sundada l'è Longa   La Ciapa Rusa  (1982)
Danze da piffero; Questua delle uova / Curenta; Mazurka; Re Gilardin; Danze della Valle Borbera; La bevanda sonnifera; Carnevale di Rocca Grimalda; Gentil galant / Giga.
MWCD 5003 Hayastan   Traditions from Armenia

Neil Lanham

NL01 Down in the Fields Where the Buttercups all Grow   Songs from the Essex, Suffolk, Cambs corner   Jack Tarling   (1996)   Review
The Onion Song, Tommy Tiddler, I Can't Get My Winkle Out, Souvla Bay, The Ball of Yarn, An Old Man he is Old, The Convict's Song, The Jolly Herrin', Can I Sleep in Your Barn Tonight Mister?, Poor Old Hoss, I Met Her in the Garden Where the Praties Grow, I Wish I Was Single Again, The Tattooed Lady, Down in the Fields Where the Buttercups all Grow, It's the Rich What Gets the Pleasure, Come Inside You Silly Bugger Come Inside, Buttercup Joe, Maggie Was A Simple Little Girlie, Drury Lane, Eleven Months And Ten More Days, She Likes a Little Bit in the Evening.
NL02 The Contented Countryman   Three Suffolk singers   Sam Friend, Alf Peachey, Jimmy Knights   (1997)   Review
Sam Friend: The Miner's Dream of Home; John Barleycorn; Dick Turpin; The Poor Smuggler's Boy; The Faithful Sailor Boy; The Wedding Ring my Mother Wore; Jim the Carter's Lad; Talking of taking a pig to Alfred Preston.  Alf Peachey: Blow Ye Winds; The Irish Family; Jolly Old Uncle Joe; Proud of Me Old Bald Head; The Poor Old Couple; Diddling; Johnson's Hornpipe; Soldier's Joy; Goodbye Annie; Three Jolly Postboys.  Jimmy Knights: The Contended Countryman; Ratcliffe Highway; Tomkins was a Traveller; Marrowbones; The Landlord's Prayer.
NLCD3 Songs from the Company of the Butley Oyster   Various singers   (1999)   Review
Bob Hart: John Barleycorn, Barbara Allen, Jack be Nimble Jack be Quick, The Foggy Dew, The Dark Eyed Sailor, We Used to Gather at The Old Dun Cow.  'Jumbo' Brightwell: The Flower of London, The Indian Lass, The Gamecock, Muddley Barracks, The Wreck of The Ramillies, Tooraloo Tooralay, Home Dearest Home, The False Knight.  Percy Webb: All Over Me, The Rattling Old Grey Mare, Nancy of Yarmouth, The King of The Gypsies, A is for Anchor.  Revett Branch: Rap-Tap-Tap, Newlyn Town.  Clarence: Souvla Bay, Jack's a Lad (mouth-organ).  Cis Ellis: The Bold Princess Royal.  'Tinga' Ling: Seven Drunken Nights.

Nimbus Records

NI 1447 World Music sampler Vol 3   (1999)   Review
24 Tracks from across the world
NI 1752 From a Distant Shore Irish Traditional Music from Donegal, England, America & Cape Breton Island   Various artists.  4 CD boxed set of the four abums below.  (1999)   Review
NI 5320 Fiddle Sticks Irish Traditional Music from Donegal
Ciaran Tourish, Dermot McLaughlin: The Boys of Malin / The Gravel Walks, Tripping up the Stairs / The Gravel Walks, The Fantastic Reel / McFarley's Reel / Miss Ramsey.  Ciaran Tourish, Dermot McLaughlin, Séamus Glackin, Kevin Glackin: Stirling Castle / Miss Ramsey, Gusty's Frolicks, The King of the Pipers / Frainc A'Phoill, The Pinch of Snuff / The Wild Irishman.  Tommy Peoples, Séamus Gibson: Farrell O' Gara / Ciaran O' Reilly Tommy Peoples: Two Jigs, The Jug of Punch / John Stewart, The Silver Spire / The Boys of Ballisadare.  Séamus Glackin: The Glen Road to Carrick.  Kevin Glackin: The Lord of Mayo.  Proinsias Ó Maonaigh, Máiréad Ní Mhsonaigh, Paula Doohan, Liz Doherty: The Mullingar Races / The Pigeon on the Gate.  Paula Doohan, Liz Doherty: The Turnpike / The Shetland Fiddler / The Boys of Malin.  Proinsias Ó Maonaigh, Máiréad Ní Mhsonaigh: Two Mazurkas.  Dermot McLaughlin: The Wedding Jig.  All: The Jig of Slurs / The Irish Washerwoman / The Atholl Highlanders, The Wise Maid / Macleod's Reel / The Boys of Malin.
NI 5350 Dear Old Erin's Isle Irish Traditional Music from America
Eileen Ivers, Seamus Egan: The Noisy Curlew / Farewell to Erin.  Tom Doherty: Miss Drummond of Perth / Moneymusk, Moneymusk / Drowsy Maggie / Untitled, The Humours of Whisky / Take the Bull by the Horns, I Had a Bonnet Trimmed with Blue / Untitled.  Liz Carroll: Drying Out / Crush Cars / The Lost Indian, That's Right Too / The Leading Role.  Kevin Burke, John Williams: Fáinne óir Ort / Brendan McMahon's.  Jimmy Keane: Horse Keane's Hornpipe / The Rath Cairn Reel / The Charleston, Untitled / April's Fool / Seamus Cooley's.  Seamus Egan: Untitled / The Wee Bag of Spuds.  Joe Shannon, John Williams: The Derry Hornpipe, The Swaggering Jig / London Lasses.  Seamus Connolly: An Buachaillin Ban.  John Williams: The Kilnamona Barn Dance / Hayes' Jig / Old John Williams, A Stór mo Chroí / New Mown Meadow / The Morning Dew.  Brendan Mulvihill: The Tarbolton / Dan Sullivan's / Be Off.  Billy McComiskey: Séan McGlynn's Jigs.  Eileen Ivers: The Piper's Despair / Julia Delaney's.  Liz Carroll, Billy McComiskey: The Nervous Man / The Gosling / Paddy Shannon's.
NI 5383 Traditional Music from Cape Breton Island
John Morris Rankin, Howie MacDonald: Pretty Marion / Dusky Meadow / Creignish Hills / Tom Rae / Dinkie Dorrian's / Sleepy Maggie.  Jerry Holland: Miss Crawford / John Pellerine's Strathspey / David White's Reel / CBC's Glen and Carl / Just Cruising / Iggie and Squiggie Reel.  Brenda Stubbert: Miss Ann MacNamara / Picnic / Brenda Stubbert's / Wisahicken Drive / Dinkie Dorrian's.  Howie MacDonald: Dan R's Favourite / Portland Fancy / Cronin's Favourite / The Trip to the Doryman.  Paul MacNeil: O teannaibh dluth is togaibh fonn / Donald Cameron's Powder Horn / Norman's/ Joey Beaton's / William McPherson's, John McColl's Farewell to the Scottish Horse / Miss Scott / Culder's Rant / Glenlyons / Largo Law.  Natalie MacMaster: The Bonnie Lass of Headlake / Sir Archibald Dunbar / Angus Allan and Dan J's / Homeward Bound / Lively Steps / Jackie Coleman's, Irish Lasses / St Patrick's / Jerry's Beaver Hat / The Chorus Jig.  Dougie MacDonald: Marble Hill / Brendan Mulvihill / John Morris Rankin's / Kathleen the VIII / Donna Warner's Scissors / Molly's Graduation.  Carl MacKenzie: Master Francis Sitwell / H. Mackworth / The Cock of the North / Miss Christie Nicholson / Casaloma Castle / Mrs Forbes Leith / Memories of R. Beaton.  Buddy MacMaster, Carl MacKenzie, Dave MacIsaac: Glengarry's Dirk / Rothiemurchus Rant / The Braes of Auchtertyre / The Braes of Glencoe / The Bonnie Lass of Fisherrow / The Bird's Nest / Caber Feidh.  John Morris Rankin: Lime Hill / Calum Breauch / King George IV / Jack Daniel's Reel / Little Donald in the Pigpen.  Buddy MacMaster: O'er the Moor Among the Heather / The Laddie with the Plaiddie / Miss Cordon's / Athole Brose / Lady Muir MacKenzie / The Lasses of Stewarton.  All: Tea Gardens / Mrs McGhee / Fraser's Jig / The Old Dutch Churn, The Duke of Fife's Welcome to Deeside / Miss Ann MacNamara / Dusky Meadow / Sandy Cameron / St Kilda's Wedding Reel / The Trip to Windsor.
NI 5415 Across The Waters Irish Traditional Music from England
Siobhan O'Donnell, Karen Tweed, Andy Cutting: Untitled / Untitled / Hand Me Down the Tackle.  Brendan Ring, Niall Keegan: Brendan Ring's / Paddy O'Brien's, Colonel Frazer / Madame Bonaparte.  Luke Daniels: The Wounded Hussar / Charlie Lennon's, The Pigeon on the Gate / Tommy Peoples' Reel.  Brian Rooney: The Reel of Rio / Untitled / Master Crowley's.  Niall Keegan: Tom McElvogue's / New Irish Barndance / Untitled, John J Kimmell's Favourite / My Love is in America / The Diamond Ring.  Brendan McGlinchey, Luke Daniels: Bunker Hill / The Spike Island Lasses.  Brendan Ring: Dan Breen's / Miss McLeod's, The Harvest Home / The Foxhunter's.  Karen Tweed, Andy Cutting: Untitled / Organdie, Waking up in Wonderful Wark / Untitled.  John Carty: The Heathery Breeze / Finbar Dwyer's.  Paul Gallagher, Brendan Mulkere, Brian Rooney: The Salamanca Reel / The Crooked Road.  Andy Cutting: St Michael's Mount.  Siobhan O'Donnell, Luke Daniels, Tom McElvogue: Untitled / The Eavesdropper / Untitled.  Brendan Mulkere: Untitled Slow Air.  All: Willie Coleman's / The Connachtman's Rambles, Lad O'Beirne's / The Silver Spear.
NI 5437 Music of the Tatra Mountains 1   The Trebunia Family Band   (1995)   Review
Two wierchowe, ozwodna, two krzesane, two drobne; four Sababwe, two ozwodne; Góralski dance sequence: wierchowa, drobny, three krzesnne, zielona; Waltz, Slovak tune, Spisz tunes; two wierchowe, three krzesane, drobny, ballad, ozwodna, wierchowa; Krzesany, drobny-Sababwa, krakowiak, two polkas; two ozwodne, ozwodna, two Spisz tunes, four tunes for the Brigands' dance; Polka, Góralski dance sequence: two ozwodne, four krzesane,two drobue, two krzesane, zielona; four wedding polkas, three Spisz tunes, ozwodna, four tunes from Spisz; two wierchowe, two ozwodne, SabaJowa, two drobne, zielona II, two wierchowe.
NI 5464 Music of the Tatra Mountains 2   Gienek Wilczek's Bukowina Band   (1996)   Review
March, ozwodna, krzesany, zielona; two ozwodne, ballad, drobty, krzesany, ozwodna, zielone (sung wierchowe); march, ozwodna, sung wierchowa, two ozwodne; wierchowa, two ozwodne, krzesany, wierchowa, ozwodna, Brigands' tune; Brigands' march, ballad, the Brigands' dance sequence 'Oh, Suzannah'; wierskowa, ozwodna, ballad; ballad 'Krywaniu'; Goralski dance sequence: two ozwodne, ballad, march, wierchowa, four krzesane, zielona; Spisz tune, krzesany, two ozwodne, two Spisz tunes; three wierskowe; march, ozwodna, krzesany, Spisz czardasz; two ballads, krzesany, zielona.
NI 5579 Los de Azuero   Traditional music from Panama   Varoius artists   (1999)   Review
El Arbolito, El Trapichito, La Junta, Untitled, Cocuyito de la Montana, Gritos, Cumbia Montañera, La Pimienta, La Cita, Saloma, Que Solita me has Dejado, Untitled, Saloma, La Denesa, La Nena, Hojita de Tamarindo, Pepita de Tomatera, Untitled, Amanecer Santeño, Grito, La Viudita de la Miel, Ay! Chango Felipe Torres! Julia Pela La Yuca, Mogollón.
NI 5583 Songs of the Sudan Mustafa al Sunni   (1999)   Review
Al Itshitit, Hubbi Al Razin, Haqwa Li Quli (Butana), Tul Ya Layl, Ya Jamil Ya Mudalal, Al Laylah Maja, Ya Habibi Jafayt, Ba'id Al Dar, Tam Al Dawru, Ghaltan Ana, Zaman Da'i, Asmar.
NI5615 Spirit of the Border Northumbrian Traditional Music   (1999)   Review
Chris Ormston: The Blackbird, The Bonny Pit Laddie, Four Bare Legs Together / Kiss Her Under The Coverlet.  Anthony Robb & Geoff Purvis: Whinham's Reel / Nancy, Yellow Haired Laddie / Hesleyside Reel, Madame Bonaparte.  Richard Butler: Proudlock's Hornpipe / Rothbury Hills, Memories of Wallington, Salmon Talls up the Water / Johnny Armstrong / Redesdale Hornpipe, Sir John Fenwick's the Flower Amang Them All.  Adrian Schofield: An Cuilin, Gillan's Apples / My Darling's Asleep / King of the Pipers.  Geoff Purvis: Port Gan Ainm / Tobin's Favourite / Tell Her I Am.  Colin Ross & Chris Ormston: Spirit of the Border, The Willow Tree / Mr Kennedy North.  Various combinations: Stool of Repentance / Hexham Races, Cuckold Come Out of Amrey, Jamie Allan / Winster Gallop, Mrs Jamieson's Favourite, Here's the Tender Coming / Go to Berwick Johnny, Oyster Wife's Rant / Lads Of Alnwick.
NI 7035 A Taste of Ireland Traditional Irish Music

Nonesuch Records

H-72048 The Irish Pipes of Finbar Furey   Finbar Furey with Eddie Furey   (1972)
Rakish Paddy; The Hag with the Money; Castle Terrace; Madame Bonaparte; The Young Girl Milking her Cow; Fin's Favorite; Peter Byrne's Fancy; O'Rourke's Reel; Roy's Hands; Planxty Davy; The Bonny Bunch of Roses; Eddy's Fancy; The Silver Spear.
H-72059 Hornpipes, Airs & Reels: Irish Pipe Music   Finbar and Eddie Furey   (1972?)
The Spanish Cloak; Sliabh na mBan; Graham's Flat; Piper in the Meadow Straying; Rocking the Baby; Colonel Fraser; Pigeon on the Gate; Eamonn an Chniuc; Tattered Jack Welch; The Fox Chase.
7559-79300-2 The Real Bahamas Vol 1 & 2 Joseph Spence, the Pindar Family and various other performers (1998)
Edith Pinder, Geneva Pinder, Raymond Pinder, Joseph Spence: We'll Understand It Better By and By; Great Dream from Heaven; I Bid You Goodnight; Mary and Joseph; Kneeling Down Inside the Gate; Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold God's Body Down.  Bruce Green, Tweedie Gibson, Clifton Green: I Am So Glad;My Lord Help Me to Pray; Up in the Heaven Shouting; Peter You Need the Lord; Troubesome Water; Jesus Your Name So Sweet; Wheel the Leaves Turn Red.  Frederick McQueen, Rev W G McPhee: Sheep Know When Thy Shepherd Calling.  Frederick McQueen: Come for Your Dinner; Sailboat Malarkey; The Captain Go Ashore.  Sam Green and group: I Told You People Judgment Coming; I Ain't Got Long.  Frederick McQueen, Shelton Swain, Stanley Thompson: God Locked the Lion's Jaw.  Joseph Spence: Don't Take Everybody to Be Your Friend; That Glad Reunion Day.  Shelton, Stanley & Ronald Swain, George McKenzie & Rev W G McPhee: Numberless As the Sands on the Seashore.  Louise & Joseph Spence: Won't That Be a Happy Time.  Frederick McQueen, Shelton Swain, George McKenzie: Out on the Rolling Sea.  Shelton Swain, Stanley Swain, Ronald Swain, George McKenzie: Jesus Promised Me a Home over There; The Great Coronation. Edith, Geneva & Raymond Pinder: Take Me Over the Tide.

Northwest Folklife & University of Ethnomusicology Archives

NWARCD 001 Say a Song   Joe Heaney   Review
A Stór mo Chroí; Eileanóir A Rúin; The Galway Shawl; The Wife of the Bold Tenant Farmer; Róisín Dubh; An Raibh Túar an gCarraig?; Red is the Rose; Oíche Nollag; SeothínSeóHo / Óró mo Bháidín / Cocochenanty; Will You Come Over the Mountains?; The Rocks of Bawn; An Tiarna Randal; My Love She's in America / Off to California; Óró Sé do Bheatha 'Bhaile!; Bean Dubh an Ghleanna; I Wish I Had Someone to Love Me; An Buinneán Bui; The Claddagh Ring; Caolneadh na dtri Muire.


C 558615 North India   The hours and the seasons - Lakshmi Shankar
C 558642/43 Spain   Cante flamenco - Fernanda and Bernarda de Utera
Double CD
C 558656 South India   L Subramaniam in concert
C 558657 Japan   Shômyô, Budhist liturgical chant, Shingon sect - Kôbôdaïshi Mieku
C 558658 Pakistan   Nusrat fateh Ali Khan in concert in Paris Vol 1
C 558659 Pakistan   Nusrat fateh Ali Khan in concert in Paris Vol 2
C 558672 North India   Pandit Balaram Pathak - sitar
C 558674 North India   Pandit Ravi Shankar - sitar
C 558678 Arabian Music Archives   Vol 1
C 558679 Guinea   The Peuls of Wassolon - the hunters' dance
C 558682 Greece   Bérékétis - the great octotonal chant of the Virgin - T Vassilikos group
C 558701 Korea   Traditional Classical instrumental music
C 559001 Armenia   Liturgical chant from the Middle Ages and instrumental music. Vol 1
C 559002 Bali   Gede gong music
C 559003 Burundi   Traditional music
C 559004 China   Nan-kouan Vol 1
Ballads sung by Tsai Hsiao-yüeh
C 559005 Japan   Shakkyô Stone bridge - Nô music
C 559006 Egypt   The musicians of the Nile
C 559007 Zaire   music of the city - Kinshasa
C 559008 Iran   Persian music
C 559009 Mali   the night of the Griots
C 559010 Greece   Homage to Tsitsanis - bouzouki
C 559011 Tibet   Sacred music
C 559012/13 Central Africa   Music of the Ake Pygmies
Double CD
C 559014/15 Java   Langen Mandra Wanara - Opera of Danuredjo VII
Double CD
C 559016 Morocco   Classical music of the Andalusian Magrab - Fez Orchestra
C 559017 Turkey   Sufi music
C 559018 Japan   Gagaku
C 559019/20 Burma   Art music
Double CD
C 559022 North India   The music room - Satyajit Ray
C 559029 South India   The violin of S India - L Subramaniam
C 559035 Morocco   Classical Andalusian music from Fez - Ustad Massano Tazi
C 559036 Rumania   music of the Tziganes of Wallachia
C 559037 Peru   Charango and songs from Cuzco - Julio Benavente Diaz
C 559041 Portugal   The Fado of Coimbra - Fernando Machado Soares
C 559043 France   Amour de Fusain - Evelyne Girardon
C 559044 France   Jean Blanchard - Bagpipe music from Berry, Bourbonnais, Nivernais, Morvam & Basse-Auvergne
C 559045 France   Arranoa - Beñat Achiary
C 559046 France   Gilles Chabanat - music for hurdy-gurdy
C 559050 Brazil   Colour of Brazil - Maria d'Apparecida
C 559051 Cuba   The dances of the Gods - Afro-Cuban cult and feast music
C 559053 Gabon   Music of the Bibayak Pygmies - Epic cantors
C 559055 Seychelles   Forgotten music of the Islands
C 559056 Niger   Anthology of music from Niger
C 559057 Morocco   Medium Altlas Range - sacred and profane music
C 559058 Laos   Lam Saravane - music for the Khene
C 559060 North India   Pandit ram Narayan - sarangi
C 559062 Georgia   Work songs and religious chants
C 559067 Japan   Tinshi Suruta - Satsuma - biwa
C 559070 Rumania   the real tradition of Transylvania
C 559071 Canada   Vocal games of the Inuit
C 5559072 Pakistan   Nusrat fateh Ali Khan in concert in Paris Vol 3
C 559073 Pakistan   Nusrat fateh Ali Khan in concert in Paris Vol 4
C 559074 Pakistan   Nusrat fateh Ali Khan in concert in Paris Vol 5
C 559076/77 Bali   Homage to Lotring
Double CD
C 559079 France   Provence / Comtat Venaissin - Tradesmen's songs
C 559080 China   Fanbai - Budhist liturgical chant
C 559081 France   Christian Vesvre and Serge Desaunay - music for bagpipes and accordion
C 559082 France   Arnaud Maisonneuve - songs of Basse-Bretagne
C 559083 France   Les Brayauds - music of Basse-Auvergne
C 559084 France   Erik Marchand and Thiery Robin - songs of Centre-Bretagne
C 559085 France   Companie chez Bousca - paschal songs
C 559086 Corsica   The chants of Holy Week - Bonifacio
C 559091 Argentina   Haydée Alba/Argentine Tango
C 559092/93 China   Chinese Turkistan / Xinjiang   Music of the Uyghurs
Double CD
C 559098 Russia   Svetlana - Russian songs
C 560002 Algeria   Anthology of Arab Andalusian music of Algeria, vol. 1   Mâluf of Constantine - Hadj Fergani
C 560003 Algeria   Anthology of Arab Andalusian music of Algeria, vol 2   Algerian I Çana'a - Mohamed Khaznadji
C 560004 Algeria   Anthology of Arab Andalusian Music of Algeria, vol 3   Gharnatî of Tlemçen - Nassim El Andalous Ensemble, cond. Amine Mesli
C 560005 USA   Arc Gospel Choir - Bound for the Promised Land
C 560006 Morocco   The Hadra - the Gnarwa from Essaouira
C 560007 France   Patrick Bouffard - hurdy-gurdy music of Auvergne and Bourbonnais
C 560008 Sweden / Norway   music of the Scandinavian valleys
C 560009 Guinea   Narratives and Epics
C 560010 Congo   Music of the Pygmies - Bobe ceremony
C 560011 North India   Amjad Ali Khan - sarod
C 560012 Spain   Cante flamenco / Aqujetas in Paris
C 560014 India   Musics of the Ramayana Vol 1
C 560015 Cambodia   Musics of the Ramayana Vol 2
C 560016 Bali   Musics of the Ramayana Vol 3   Bali/Sunda
C 560017/18 North India   Sheila Dhar - inward journey
Double CD
C 560019 Mauritius   Ravanne Sega from Mauritius, Drum Sega from Rodriguez Island  
C 560021 Ireland   Frankie Gavin, Arty McGlynn, Aidan Coffey   (1994)
Reels:The Dancers' Delight / Stony Steps / Bloom of Youth; The Maid of Tullyknockbrine / Dinkey's Reel; O'Carolan's Draught; Gan Ainm / The Temple House / Fox Hunt; The Mountain Road / Old Concertina Reel; The Wren's Nest; Did You See My Man Looking For Me / Short Grass / The Hag At The Church; Dublin Porter / Peregrine Music.  Hornpipes: The Showman's Fancy / Thomond Bridge; Derry Hornpipe / Cill AbHaill.  Jigs: Rose in the Heather / The Rambler / The Drimneen Jig; Caileach An Airgead / Connaughtman's Rambles / Out in the Ocean; Bank of Ilen / Tom Billy's / Virginia.  Polkas: Untitled.  Slow Air: The Cuckoo Without her Nest.  Waltzes: The Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door / Mother's Blessing.
C 560024 Iran   The masters of traditional music Vol 1 - Talâi, Musavi, Kiâni
C 560025 Iran   The masters of traditional music Vol 2 - Karimi, Musavi
C 560026 Iran   The masters of traditional music Vol 3 - Talâi, Nâzeri
C 560027/28 Ethiopia   The Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Jerusalem   The Assumption of Däbrä Gänät
Double CD
C 560029 Spain   Cante flamenco - Chocolate
C 560030 Guadeloupe   The Gwoka - Swarèlèwoz in Jabrun
C 560031 Guadeloupe   The Gwoka - Swarèlèwoz in Cacao
C 560032 Uganda   At the Sources of the Nile
C 560034 Cambodia   Music of the Royal Palace - 1960s
C 560035/36 Central Asia   Classical Traditions.
Double CD
C 560037/38 China   Nan-kouan Vol 2 & 3   Ballads sung by Tsai Hsiao-yüeh
Double CD
C 560039/40/41 China   Nan-kouan Vol 4, 5 & 6   Ballads sung by Tsai Hsiao-yüeh
Treble CD
C 560042 Turkey   the art of the Tanbûr - Talip Özkan
C 560050 Turkey   music from the yayla
C 560043 Senegal   Peul and Tenda music
C 560044/45 Algeria   Anthology of Arab Andalusian Music of Algeria, vols 4-5   Essoundoussia Ensemble and Ahbab Cheikh Larbi Bensari Ensemble
Double CD
C 560046 China   The art of the Pipa - Lin Shicheng
C 560047 South India   Kerala - The Thayambaka
C 560048/49 North India   The art of the Vichitra Veena - Gopal Krishan
Double CD
C 560051 France   The Landes of Gascogne - bagpipes
C 560052 Argentina   Chamamé-Music from the Paraná region
C 560053 France   Southern Alps and Dauphiné - Rigodon Sauvage
C 560054 Vietnam   songs and poetry
C 560055 Vietnam   the dàn tranh - music past and present
C 560056 North India   Girja Devi in concert
C 560057/58 Bali   The great Gong Kebyar of the sixties
Double CD
C 560059 Mongolia   Shamans and Lamas
C 560060 Uzbekistan   Maqâm from central Asia 1 - Uzbekistan-Ferghâna - Monâjât Yultchieva
C 560067 Java   The Royal Palace of Yogyakarta - 1: the Court dances
C 560068 Java   The Royal Palace of Yogyakarta - 2: instrumental music
C 560069 Java   The Royal Palace of Yogyakarta - 3: spiritual and sacred music
C 560070 Japan   Shankyoku - Yonin no Kaï Ensemble
C 560073 France   Provence - Galoubet and Tambourin
C 560075 China   Fanbai - Budhist liturgical chant   The morning service in Shanghai
C 560077 Madagascar   Antandroy country, southwest coast
C 560078 North India   Dhrupad ans Khyal - Gopal Krishan
C 560079 Central Africa   Gbaya music - songs of reflection Vol 2
C 560080 Afghanistan   Rubâb and Dutar, Rahim Khushnawaz, Gada Mohammad
C 560081 Turkey   Archives of Turkish Music Vol 1
C 560082 Turkey   Archives of Turkish Music Vol 2
C 560084 Brazil   Asurini and Arara
C 560085 Venezuela   songs and drums of the Black Brotherhoods
C 560086 Uzbekistan   Turgun Alimatov
C 560087 Java   The Royal Palace of Yogyakarta - 4: the Concert music
C 560088 Algeria   The Diwan of Biskra
C 560089 Madagascar   Bara country
C 560090 China   Chen Zong - music from Shanghai
C 560091 North India   Sangeet Trio in concert
C 560092 North India   Satya Dev Pawar
C 560093 Colombie   Le Vallenato   Various Artists   Review
C 560094 Central Africa   Xylophones from th Ouham Pendé
C 560097 Java - Sunda country   Art music 2: the art of the gamelan degung
C 560099 Mexico   The Festival od San Miguel Tzinacapan
C 560100 Cape Verde   Kodé di Dona
C 560101 Amdo   Tibetan Monastery of Labrang
C 560102 Tadjikistan   Maqâm Navâ, Jurabeg Nabiev and the Dorrdâne Ensemble
C 560105 Baloutchistan   The Instrumental Tradition
C 560107 Cuba   The Valera Miranda family
C 560109 China   Fanbai - Budhist liturgical chant   Hymns to the three jewels
C 560110 Cameroon   Flutes of the Mandara Mountains
C 560111 Uzbekistan   the art of the Dotâr - Hamidov, Khodâverdiev, Razzaqov
C 560112 Azerbaïdjan   Alim Qasimov
C 560113 North India   Dinkar Kaikini
C 560114 Japan   The art of Shakuhachi - Katsuya Yokoyama
C 560115 Madagascar   Mikea country
C 560117 Namibia   Songs of the Ju'hoansi Bushmen
C 560119 Venezuela   music from the Orinoco River - Cheo Hurtado
C 560121 Turkestan   Kirghiz Komuz and Kazakh Dombra
C 560122 France   The Epinette des Vosges - dulcimer
C 580005 Armenia   Traditional Folk Songs and Music of the Ashug
C 580008 Central Africa   Gbaya music - songs of reflection Vol 1
C 580015 Peru   Taquile, Island of heaven - Quechua music from lake Titicaca
C 580016 Tibet   the ritual traditions of the Bonpos
C 580017/18 Baloutchistan   The Musics of Ecstasy and Healing
Double CD
C 580022 Brazil   Upper Xingu's music
C 580027 Gambia   The art of the Kora - Jali Nyama Suso
C 580029 Ireland   The Gaelic heritage and music from Connemara
C 580031 Hungary   The Last Passage
C 580035 Portugal   Trás os Montes - harvest songs and the shepherds' bagpipe
C 580036 Sierra Leone   Traditional music
C 580037 Sri Lanka   Ritual and religious music
C 580038 Syria   Muezzins of Alep - religious chants of Islam
C 580041 Yugoslavia   Eastern Serbia - the candles of paradise
C 580043 Vietnam   the tradition of the South
C 580044 North India   Professional folk musicians
C 580045 Turkey   Cinuçen Tanrikorur
C 580046 Madagascar   Possession and Poetry
C 580047 Turkey   the living art of Talip Özkan
C 580048 Ivory Coast   Dan masks
C 580049 Solomon Islands   Music from Guadalcanal
C 580050 Zaire   Mongo polyphonies
C 580051 Mongolia   Kazakh songs and the Epic tradition of the West
C 580052 Rumania   Wedding music of Maramures
C 580053 USA   Gospel - Flora Molton and Eleanor Ellis
C 580054 Bangladesh   Music of the Garo from the Madhupur forest
C 580055/56 Ethiopia   Vocal and instrumental music
Double CD
C 580057 Turkey   Anatolian sacred songs - Ashik Feyzulla Tchinar
C 580058 North India   The musicians of the Desert
C 580059 Japan   Kinshi Tsuruta - Katsuya Yokoyama
C 580061 Belgium   Ballads, songs and dances from Flanders and Wallonia
C 580062 South India   The art of Vina - E S Shastry
C 580063 North India   Mithila - love songs of Vidiapati
C 580065 Japan   Shômyô, Budhist liturgical chant, Tendai sect
C 580066 Iraq   The Maqams of Baghdad
C 590001/2/3/4 South India   an anthology of S Indian classical music - L Subramaniam
Quadruple CD
C 600001 Poland   Folk musical instruments
C 600002 Denmark   Singers and Fiddlers   Various Artists   Review
C 600003 Netherlands   Songs Adrift
C 600004 Finland   Traditional music
C 600005   Lituanie   Le Pays des Chansons   Various Artists   Review
C 600006   Croatie   Musiques d'autrefois   Various Artists   Review
C 600007 Slovenia   Folk music and songs

Old Hat Enterprises

CD1001 Music from the Lost Provinces - Old-Time String Bands from Ashe County, North Carolina, 1927-1931   Various Artists   (1997)
Grayson & Whitter: Train, Short Life of Troubles, I've Always Been a Rambler, Handsome Molly.  Frank Blevins & His Tar Beel Rattlers: Nine Pound Hammer, Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss, Don't Get Trouble on Your Mind, I've Got No Honey Babe Now, Old Aunt Betsy, Sally Ann.  Ephraim Woodie & The Henpecked Husbands: Last Gold Dollar, The Fatal Courtship.  Jack Reedy & his Walker Mountain String Band: Ground Hog, Chinese Breakdown.  Smyth County Ramblers: My Name is Ticklish Reuben, Way Down in Alabama.  North Carolina Ridge Runners: Nobody's Darling, Be Kind to a Man When He's Down.  The Hill Billies: Cluck Old Hen.  Woodie Brothers: Likes Likker Better Than Me, Chased Old Satan Through the Door.  Carolina Night Hawks: Governor Al Smith for President.
CD1002 Violin, Sing the Blues For Me - African-American Fiddlers 1926-1949   (1999)   Review
Johnson Boys: Violin Blues.  Andrew & Jim Baxter: K C Railroad Blues, The Moore Girl.  Peg Leg Howell & His Gang: Beaver Slide Rag.  Mississippi Mud Steppers: Alma Waltz.  Tommie Bradley: Window Pane Blues, Adam and Eve.  Alabama Sheiks: Travelin' Railroad Man.  Whistler & His Jug Band: Pig Meat Blues.  Frank Stokes: Right Now Blues.  Bo Chatman: East Jackson Blues.  Mobile Strugglers: Memphis Blues.  Tennessee Chocolate Drops: Vine Street Drag.  Kansas City Blues Strummers: Broken Bed Blues.  Henry Williams & Eddie Anthony: Lonesome Blues.  Memphis Jug Band: Memphis Shakedown.  Henry Sims: Tell Me Man Blues.  'Blue Coat' Tom Nelson: Blue Coat Blues.  Booker Orchestra: Salty Dog.  Joe Williams' Washboard Blues Singers: Baby Please Don't Go.  Mississippi Sheiks: Stop & Listen Blues No 2.  Cow Cow Davenport: Stealin' Blues.  Jack Kelly & his South Memphis Jug Band: Highway No 61 Blues.  Louie Bluie & Ted Bogan: Ted's Stomp.
CD 1003 Folks, He Sure do Pull some Bow! - Vintage Fiddle Music 1927-1935: Blues, Jazz, Stomps, Shuffles & Rags   Various Artists   (2001)   Review
Memphis Jug Band: Rukus Juice and Chittlin'.  Walter Jacobs and Lonnie Carter: The Jazz Fiddler.  "Peg Leg" Howell and his Gang: Moanin' and Groanin' Blues.  Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers: Dance Hall Shuffle.  Banjo Ikey Robinson and his Bull Fiddle Band: My Four Reasons.  Joe Williams' Washboard Blues Singers: Wild Cow Blues, Worried Man Blues.  Tennessee Chocolate Drops: Knox County Stomp.  State Street Boys: Rustlin' Man, Sweet to Mama.  Alec Johnson: Sister Maud Mule.  Georgia Yellow Hammers: G Rag.  Peetie Wheatstraw and his Blue Blowers: Throw Me in the Alley.  Dixieland Jug Blowers: If you Can't Make it Easy, Sweet Mama.  Frank Stokes: Bunker Hill Blues.  James Cole's String Band: I Got a Gal.  South Memphis Jug Band: Doctor Medicine.  Abrew's Portuguese Instrumental Trio: Cabo Verdranos Peca Nove.  Henry Williams and Eddie Anthony: Georgia Crawl.  Bo Chatman: Good Old Turnip Greens.  The Blue Boys: Memphis Stomp.  The Bubbling-Over Five: Get up off that Jazzophone.  Alabama Rascals: Rukus Juice Shuffle.  Mississippi Sheiks: Lazy Lazy River.
CD 1004 Down in the Basement - Joe Bussard's Treasure Trove of Vintage 78s, 1926-1937   Various Artists   (2003)
The Lost Child : Stripling Brothers; How You Want It Done! : Big Bill; The (New) Call of the Freaks : Luis Russell & His Orchestra; The School House Fire : Dixon Brothers; Greenback Dollar : Weems String Band; You Got to Go Down : Blind Gary; The Old Ark's a'Moving : Aa Gray and Seven-Foot Dilly; Runnin' Wild : James Cole's Washboard Four; Keep it Clean : Charley Jordan; Get The "L" On Down The Road : Bill Johnson's Louisiana Jug Band; I Got a Bulldog : Sweet Brothers & Ernest Stoneman; Old Hen Cackle : Coleman & Harper; Song from a Cotton Held : Bessie Brown; Atlanta Bound : Gene Autry; Easy Rider Blues : Soileau and Robin; Hot Lips : Bill Brown and His Brownies; Uncle Dave's Beloved Solo : Uncle Dave Macon; Hastings Street : Bund Blake-Charlie Spand; Ain't That Trouble in Mind : Fields Ward & The Grayson County Railsplitters; Give the World a Smile : The Corley Family; Original Stack O'Lee Blues : Long Cleve Reed and Little Harvey Hull - Down Home Boys; Hot Town : Fess Williams and His Royal Flush Orchestra; Paddlin' Blues : Gitfiddle Jim; Plow Boy Hop : Grinnell Giggers.

Old Hat Music

OH1CD The Old Hat Concert Party   Katie & John Howson, Reg Reeder, Adrian Turner, Font Whatling, Cyril Barber, Ted Chaplin, Tony Harvey, Des Miller, David Webb, Ted Stevens.  (1999 [same as1986 MC])   Review
Oscar Woods Polka / Old Joe the Boat is Going Over / Redwing; Story / Fellas in Love / Story;) Cecil Pearl's Hornpipes; Abey my Boy; Story; Stepdance to Albert Hewitt's Hornpipe; Marrowbones; In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree / Are We to Part Like this Bill / There's a Lovely Lake in London; The Wooden-Leg Family; Story - playing for dancing; Rig a Jig / Starry Night for a Ramble / Woodland Flowers; Happy Hours; Harry Cox's / Cromer Schottisches; Rattling Old Grey Mare; Oscar's Waltz / Peggy O'Neill; Is Izzy Azzy Wozz?; Alf Peachey's Polka / B B's; Waiting for the Wagon / Dennington Bell.
OH2CD Old Hat Dance Band   Various artists
OH3CD Katie's Quartet   Katie's Quartet   (1996)
BB's / Gaspe Reel; Sally Sloane's Barn Dance; Rufus Guinchard's Country Waltz; Julia's Jigs; Shipdham Polka; Rosalie the Prairie Flower / Stan's Schonisthe; Ring the Banjo /The Dragon; On the Green /Ponytrot Polka; Reel a Quatre / Chez Nous; Ada Philpott's Waltzes; Cameron Men /Billy Harrison's Polka; Padraig O'Keefe's / John Clifford's; Cabri Waltz / Wells Waltz; Magic Slipper / Little Diamond; Duke of Cornwall's Reel.
OH4CD Unbuttoned   Katie Howson & Jeannie Harris   (1998)   Review
The Sloe / Seamo's Polka / Lichfield Tattoo; Squashfields / Sonora Two-Step / Peanut Shoes; Molly Vaughan; Jack's Rambles / Oscar's Jig; Greengrocer's March; One Fine Morning (song); Charlie Lynch's Waltz / Valse de mon Pere; Captain White's Jig / Paddy Godden's Lancers; Captain Thunderbolt (song); Cababi Polka / Hohokum Polka.

Old House Music

OHC 104 Gin & Ale & Whiskey   'Traditional Singers from Dorset'   Bill House, Norman Grey and Fred Chubb   (1985)
Bill House: Timothy Briggs the Barber; One Night as I Lay on My Bed; The Bonny Blue Handkerchief; The Life of a Man; A Nutting we Will Go; Nothing to do With Me; Old Billy Pimple; Household Remedies; Annie Maria; Once to the Line; The Man You Don't Meet Every Day; Buttercup Jo; The Wexford Murder; The Comical Cock; I Am a Von German.  Norman Grey: Cock-A-Doodle-Doo.  Fred Chubb: Has Anyone Seen the German Band.
OHC 105 Fleetwood Mashers   Songs and speech from the Lancashire Fylde Coast

Osmosys Records

OSMOCD03 Mr Universe   Tony Hall   (1995)
American Tunes; Mr Universe; Scotland; Slow Air; Slow Hornpipe; The Blacksmith; Stitches in the Britches; Local Hero; Lovely Joan; Humphrey Lyttleton; Round the Horn; Jack Tar; Elizabethan Medley.

Ossian Records

OSSCD3 Folk Music and Dances of Ireland   Sean 'ac Dhonnchadhadha, John Reilly, John Kelly, Michael Tubridy, Paddy O Brien, Sean Keane
OSSCD8 The Russell Family   Miko, Pakie & Gussie Russell  (1989)
Originally a Topic release
Campbell's Reel; The Heather Breeze / The Traveller; St Kevin of Glendalough; The Potlick / The Peeler's Jacket; The Five Mile Chase; Russell's Hornpipe / Fisher's Hornpipe; The Poor Little Fisher Boy; The Walls of Liscarroll / The Battering Ram; Garret Barry's Reel; Tommy Glenny's Reel; The Connemara Stockings / The Westmeath Hunt; When Musheen Went to Bunnan; Tatter Jack Walsh; The De'il Among the Tailors; The Roscrea Cows; Fair Haired Boy / The Black Haired Lass; Off to California; Give the Girl her Fourpence; Nora Daly.
OSS9 The Lambs on the Green Hills   Songs from Clare   Nora Cleary, Ollie Conway, Mick Flynn, Siney Crotty
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSSCD10 Kerry Fiddles   Padraig O'Keeffe, Denis Murphy, Julia Clifford
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSS11 Traditional Flute Solos & Band Music From Kerry & Tipperary   Billy Clifford
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSSCD12 The Wandering Minstrel   Seamus Ennis
OSSCD13 The Lark In The Clear Air   John Doonan, Paddy Moran, Paddy Neylon, Noel Pepper, John, Dave & Mike Wright
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSS14 The Humours of Lisheen   John & Julia Clifford
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSS15 As I Roved Out   Sarah Makem, Elizabeth Cronin, Con Skully, Annie Jane Kelly, Johnny Hoare, Seamus Ennis, Maire Aine Ni Dhonnchadha, Tommy Makem, Sean O'Tuoma, Frank MacPeake
Originally an Ember release
OSSCD17 Master Fiddler of Donegal   John Doherty   (1989)
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
Hudie Gallagher's March / Untitled Reel; Black Mare of Fanad; March of the Meena / Toiten Bull; Kiss the Maid Behind the Bier / The Bargain is Over; The 21 Highland; Paps of Glencoe; Hare in the Corn; Knights of St Patrick; Dispute at the Crossroads; Roaring Mary / Stormy Weather; Miss Patterson's Slippers; Cat that Kittled in Jamie's Wig; Welcome Home Royal Charlie; Darby Gallagher; Untitled Highland; Heathery Breeze; Monaghan Switch; Black Haired Lass; Paddy's Rambles.
OSS19 Paddy In The Smoke   Martin Byrnes, Danny Meehan, Tony Macmahon, Bobby Casey, Sean O'Shea, Jimmy Power, Julia Clifford, Reg Hall   Review
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSSCD20 Darby's Farewell   Josie McDermott   (1977, 2000)  Review
The Kerry Man / The Pigeon on the Gate; Sixpenny Money / Garrett Barry's Jig; The Bush Hornpipe / Dunphy's Hornpipe; Moorlough Mary; An Cailin Rua; The Tap Room / Toss the Feathers; Dominic's Farewell to Cashel / Trip to the Cottage; The Collier's Reel / The Bank of Ireland; Micko Russell's Reel / Trip to Birmingham; Murphy's Polka / The Keadue Polka; Peg McGrath's Reel / Ganley's Reel; Ballad of the O'Carolan Country; The Flowers of Ballymote / Coleman's Cross; Una Wan; Una Bhan; Boys of the Town / O'Dwyer's Jig; Father O'Grady's Visit to Bocca / Darby's Farewell to London.
OSS21 Milltown Lass   Rose Murphy
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSSCD22 Irish Traditional Songs In Gaelic & English   Joe Heaney
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSSCD23 The Minstrel from Clare   Willie Clancy
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSS25 Music for the Set   Johnny O'Leary
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSS26 The Breeze From Erin   Willie Clancy, Tony Mcmahon, Eddie Corcoran, Tim Lyons, Seamus Tansey, Festy Conlan
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSS27 Dublin Street Songs   Frank Hart
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSSCD28 Grand Airs of Connemara   Festy Conlan, Sean 'ac Dhonnchadha, Padraic Ó Cathain, Tomas Ó Neachtain
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSSCD30 Jackie Daly  
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSS31 The Flags of Dublin   Paddy Glackin, Mick Gavin, Michael Ó Brien
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSS40 The Irish Edge   Paddy Tunney
OSS43 More Grand Airs from Connemara   Sean 'ac Dhonnchadhadhada, Padraic Cathain, Tomas Ó Neachtain, Feichin Ó Connluain
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSS45 The Star of Munster Trio   John, Julia and Billy Clifford
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSS46 Memories of Sligo   Tommy Healy & Johnny Duffy
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSS50 Irish Traditional Music From County Clare   Bernard O'Sullivan & Tommy McMahon
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSSCD53 Totally Traditional Tin Whistles   Willie Clancy, Micho Russell, John Doonan, Fintan Vallely, Josie Mcdermott, Michael Tubridy, Cathal McConnell
OSS59 The Bonny Bunch of Roses   Seamus Ennis
A Little Bench of Rushes.  The Kerry Recruit; The First House in Connaught / The Copperplate Reel; The Farmer's Curst Wife; An Leambh Sidhe (The Fairy Boy); An Clar Bog-deil (The Bog Deal Board); The Thrush in the Straw; The Cuckoo's Hornpipe; The Bonny Bunch of Roses; Gol Na Mban 'San Ar (The Women's Lament in Battle); The Wealthy Squire; Hogan's Favourite / The Connaught Man's Ramble / The Lark in the Morning / When the Cock Crows it is Day; Marrowbones; Will You Come With Me Over the Mountains?
Originally released on Tradition TLP 1013
OSS62 Heather and Glen   Folksongs, ballads & instrumentals from Scotland Lomax's 1961 recordings
Originally released on Tradition TLP 1047
OSS63 The Last of the Travelling Pipers   Felix Doran
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSS64 Autumn Apples   Pat McNulty
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSS72 You Rambling Boys of Pleasure   Robert Cinnamond
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSS74 A Wild Bee's Nest   Paddy Tunney
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSS75 Traditional Music from County Leitrim   Packie Duignan and Seamus Horan
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSS77 Paddy's Panacea   Tom Lenihan
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSS78 After Dawning   Joe Holmes and Len Graham
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSS79 Farewell to Lissycasey   Various artists
OSS81 Irish Fiddle Player   Jimmy Power
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSS83 The Irish Hammered Dulcimer   John Rea
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSS84 The Mountain Road   Various artists
OSSCD90 Came The Dawn   Seamus Creagh (fiddle)   (1994)
Reels: Pete Cooper's / Cronin's; Cottage in the Grove / Star of Munster; Col. McBain / O'Reilly's; Bridgett's / Jim Hodder; The Glen Road to Carrick / Gan Ainm; The Dawn 1 - 2.  Jigs: Connie the Soldier / Paddy Fahy's.  Hornpipes: Julia Clifford's / Sean Healy's; Johnny Cope.  Air: Lament for Kinsale.  Slides: Kiskeam / Art O'Keefe's; Merrily Kiss the Quaker / Dingle Regatta.  Polkas: Connie in the Pool / The Gortnatubrid.  Air: Táimse i m'Chodladh is ná Dúistear mé (I'm Asleep, Don't Wake Me).
OSSCD92 Jeannie Robertson  
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSSCD96 The Stewarts of Blair   Alex, Belle, Cathy and Sheila Stewart
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.
OSSCD97 The Singing Campbells   Traditions of an Aberdeen family   Ian, Lorna, Winnie, Dave, Betty Campbell & Bob Cooney
Originally a Topic release - see Topic Discography for track list.

Outlet 'Pure Irish Traditional Music' series

PITM1031 Gerry McFadden
Belfast Uilleann piper
PITM1035 Tomás Ó Canainn
Derry/Cork Uilleann piper, poet, singer
PITM1043 Cherish the Ladies
first of the name: Kathleen Smyth, Peg McGrath (RIP), Mary Mulholland
PITM1045 Jim McKillop
extraordinary Co Antrim fiddler
PTICD 1004 Pure Traditional Irish Accordion   Finbarr Dwyer
PTICD1007 The Best of Seamus Tansey   Seamus Tansey
PTICD 3007 Songs of the Chanter   The Armagh Pipers' Club

Pennywhistler's Press

PWCD80001 Ireland's Whistling Ambassador   Micho Russell   Review
The Rising Sun Reel, The Mason's Apron / Gan Ainm - reels, Winnie Hayes' Jig, A Song on the Galway and Cliffs of Moher Races, The Retreat - set dance, The Four Posts of the Bed - single jig, The Flip-Flop Song, Johnny Sally's Reel, The Steamroller MacTeige's Polka, The Milliner's Daughter - reel, When Mursheen Went to Bunnan - song, Come into the Town My Fair Lady - single jig, The Road to Galway / Gan Ainm - polkas, Napoleon Crossing the Rhine - song air, Cloichíní Beaga na Farraige - reel, The boys of Bluehill - hornpipe, Boil the Breakfast Early - reel, I Saw a Hawk in Dundalk - double jig, Sean sa Cheo / The Boy in the Gap - reels, Tá Dhá Ghabhairín Bhuí Agam - children's song, Christmas Day in the Morning - single jig, Amazing Grace / St. Anne's Reel / Sporting Nellie - hymn and reels.


NO NUMBER The Quiet Glen   An Gleann Ciuín   Tommy Peoples   (1998)
Jocelyn's Waltz / My Granny's Hieland Hame; Kitty come down from Limerick / Mamore Gap; The Green Fields of Glentown / La Cosa Mulligan; The Mouse in the Attic / The Fat Cat; Hector the Hero / The Coffin Ships; The Blooming Meadow / The Rose in the Heather; The Cup of Tea / Beautiful Gortree; The Quiet Glen (slow air) / The Quiet Glen / The Gortree; Black Pat's / Bonny Kate; Don't Touch the Green Linnet / Dooish / Gráinne's; Major Harrison's Fedora / The Bird in the Bush; The Green Fields of America / The Battering Ram; The First Day of Spring / The Kinnycally Klansmen.

People's Stage Tapes

03 Hingston's Half Hour   Pop Hingston
04 Devonshire Capers  Various artists
05 Songs of a Hampshire Man   Bob Mills   (1982)
Make Yourself at Home, Buttercup Joe, All Jolly Fellows Who Follow the Plough, Jim the Carter Lad, Rap-a-Tap-Tap, Sweet Hortence, The Jubilee Song, Two Old Crows, The Dreby Ram, Tipperary Joe, Little by Little, My Brother Jim and I, Balaclava, Charge of the Light Brigade, Jones Ale, We Thank You Lord, Little Brown Jug.
06 Sing Up, George   George Edworthy
07 Sepping it Out  Various artists
08 Devon Tradition   Amy Birch, Phoebe Birch, Avice Clarke, Nobby Clarke, Joe Davies, Harold Gill, Charlie Hill, Sophie Isaacs, Henry Mitchmore, Bill Parnell, Bob Penfold, Nelson Penfold, George Roberts, Jim Sanders, Bob Small, Brian Holland, Tom Orchard Snr, Tom Orchard Jnr:
Exmoor Ram / Molecatcher / When I was a Young Man / Tuning / Barbara Allen / Head a Nodding / Thrashing Machine / Sweet Willie / Navvy Boots / Leg O' the Mallard / Royal Comrade / Three Men Went a-Hunting / Farmer in Leicester / Seven Nights Drunk / Remington Greatmeat Pie / Up the Green Meadows / Rattling Irish Boy / Mortal Unkucky Old Chap.
Re-release of Topic 12TS349
09 Looking Back   Mary Duffy
11 Up to the Rigs   Walter Pardon
12 Catch Me if You Can   Charlotte & Betsy Renals and Sophie Legg
13 Jan's Courtship   Charlie Hill
15 Just Beginning to Sprout   Vic Legg


CDPH 1026 Live At Passim   The Boys of the Lough   (1997)
jigs: The Kincora Jig / Behind the Haystack.  listening tune, Shetland reels: The Day Dawn / Pit Hame Da Borrowed Claes / Da Fashion O' Da Delting Lasses / Da Peerie House Under Da Hill.  song: General Guinness.  reels: The Boys of Twenty-Five / The Boyne Hunt / Chase Her Through the Garden.  songs: The Flower of Magherally; The Hound and The Hare.  marches: The Cameron Highlanders / The Balkan Hills / The Atholl and Bredalbane Gathering; The Golden Slipper / The Streamstown Jig / Johnny McIljohn's Reel / Sonny Mazurka.  song: The Shores of Lough Bran.  slow air and slip jigs: Ar Eirinn Ní Neosfainn / The Whinny Hills of Leitrim / Another Jig Will Do.  song: The Darling Baby.  reel: The Nine Points of Roguery.

Proper Records

PROPERBOX3 Farewell to Ireland   Various Artists   Music of the early Irish immigrants, recorded in the USA   4 CDs   (1999)   Review
Pat White: I'm Leaving Tipperary, It's the Same Old Shillelagh.  James Morrison: Farewell to Ireland, The Tailor's Twist / The Flowers of Spring.  The Flanagan Brothers: The Moving Bogs / Miss Thornton, The Beggarman, The Night Pat Murphy Died, Paddy in London, The Leitrim Thrush / Fermoy Lasses, My Irish Molly-O, Irish Delight / Tura Lura Lura.  James J Mullan: Arrah, Come in Out of the Rain, Barney McShane.  P J Conlon: The Banks of Newfoundland, The College Grove / The Floggin' Reel.  Tom Morrison: Dunmore Lassies / Manchester Reel / Castlebar Traveller.  Packie Dolan: A Drink in the Morning, Erin's Green Shore, The Grove Hornpipe.  Paddy Sweeney: George White's Favourite / The Lass of Carracastle.  Michael Coleman: The Job of Journeywork, Mrs Kenny's Barndance.  Patsy Touhey: The Steampacket / Morning Star / Miss McLeod's, The Maid on the Green / Jackson's / A Drink of Water, Bonnie Kate / Jenny's Chickens.  John McGettigan: The Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door, Martha the Flower of Sweet Strabane, Rare Old Irish Whiskey, Fisher's / The Cliff, Maggie in the Woods / Spanish Ladies / Rose Tree, Lovely Molly, Me Husband's Flannel Shirt.  Frank Murphy: The Rakes of Clonmel.  Neil Nolan: Miller's Reel / Duffy the Dancer.  Pat Roche's Harp & Shamrock Orchestra: Boys of Bluehill / The Stack of Wheat.  John McKenna: Back in the Garden / The Flowers of the Red Mill, Colonel Frazier.  Hugh Gillespie: Dowd's Favourite, Versevanna, The Irish Mazurka.  Dan Sullivan's Sharnrock Band: Johnny Will You Marry Me, Ricketts Hornpipe / The Stack of Barley, Nano's Favourite, From Galway to Dublin.  Eddie Meehan & John McKenna: Bridie Morley's.  Michael J Cashin: Ginger's Favourite / The Bogs of Allen.  Dinny Doyle: Let Mister Maguire Sit Down, Tommy Murphy Was A Soldier.  The Four Provinces Orchestra: Maggie Pickens / Cameron's Wife.  Packie Dolan & Michael Coleman: The Blackhaired Lass / The Dublin.  Murty Rabbett: Molly Durkin, The Stack of Barley / Bantry Bay, Tickling Mary Jane.  Paddy Killoran: The Jolly Tinker / The Pretty Girls of Mayo, McDermott's / Memories Of Sligo.  William J Mullally: The Green Groves Of Erin / The Ivy Leaf, Humours of Mullingar / Jackson's Wife to the Road.  Edward Mullaney & Patrick Stack: The Rambling Pitchfork, The Chicago Reel.  Tom Morrison & John Reynolds: Sweet Flower of Milltown / The Boys from Knock.  Frank Quinn: The Wicklow Mountains High, Paddy McGinty's Goat, The Cherry Blossom, Twelve Stone Two, The Tanyard Side.  Martin Beirne & His Irish Blackbirds: Kilkenny for Me / The Boys of Ireland.  John Griffin: Myself and Martin Tracy, The Real Old Mountain Dew.  Ed Reevy: Tom Clarke's Fancy / The Boys at the Lough.  Maurice McSweeney's Stars of Munster: Bank of Ireland / Wind that Shakes the Barley, Martin Wynne's / Craig's Pipes.  James Morrison & Tom Ennis: Black Rogue / Saddle the Pony.  Erin's Pride Orchestra: The Stack of Oats / The Shannon Waves.  Paddy Sweeney & Paddy Killoran: Farrell Gara / The Silver Spire.  Michael & Connie Hanafin: Rodney's Glory.  Michael Gafney: The Night Capture / Mysteries of Knock.  Eleanor Kane: The Moming Dew / The Traveller's / Shark's Favourite.  P J Conlon & James Morrison: The Tap Room / The Moving Bogs.  Tom Ennis: The Kildare Fancy / The Stack of Wheat.  Joe Flanagan: Scotch Mary.
PROPERBOX 6 - Doughboys, Playboys and Cowboys   The Golden years of Western Swing   Various Artists   4 CDs   (1999)
Fort Worth Doughboys: Sunbonnet Sue, Nancy Jane; Milton Brown: Oh You Pretty Woman, Brownie’s Stomp, Who’s Sorry Now, Down By the O-H-I-O, The Eyes of Texas, The Yellow Rose of Texas, My Galveston Girl; Bob Wills: Osage Stomp, Who Walks In When I Walk Out, Never No More Blues, Too Busy, Playboy Stomp, New San Antonio Rose, Bob Will’s Special, Liza Pull Down the Shades, Lil Liza Jane, That’s What I Like About the South, Stay a Little Longer; Bill Boyd: Boyd’s Blues, Barn Dance Rag; Patsy Montana: I Want To Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart; Roy Newman: Sadie Green; Doug Bine: Rambler’s Stomp; Tune Wranglers: Red’s Tight Like That, Buster’s Crawdad Song, El Rancho Grande, Texas Sand, Chicken Reel Stomp; Jimmy Revard: Big Daddy Blues, Dirty Dog, Lose Your Blues and Laugh At Life; Washboard Wonders: Feather Your Nest; Shelly Lee Alley: Women Women Women; Buddy Jones: Mean Old Lonesome Blues, The Women About To Make a Wreck Out Of Me, Streamlined Mama, Rockin’ Rollin; Mama; Derwood Brown: Bring It On Down To My House; Cliff Bruner: Corrine Corrina, One Sweet Letter From You, Kangaroo Blues, Truck Driver’s Blues, San Antonio Rose, Draft Board Blues; Crystal Spring Ramblers: Fort Worth Stomp; Light Crust Doughboys: Blue Guitars, Just Once Too Often, Pussy Pussy Pussy, Let’s Make Believe We’re Sweethearts, Good Gracious Gracie, Mean Mean Mama; Modern Mountaineers: Dirty Dog Blues, Mississippi Sandman, Loud Mouth; Bob Skyles: Hot Tammale Pete; Nite Owls: Married Man Blues; Lee O’Daniel: There’ll Be Some Changes Made, Dirty Hangover Blues, Lonesome Road Blues; Range Riders: Range Rider Stomp; Sons of the Pioneers: Hold That Critter Down; Smokey Wood: Moonlight in Oklahoma, Keep on Truckin’; Brown’s Musical Brownies: I’m Confessing; Claude Casey: Pine State Honky Tonk; Adolph Hofner: Better Quit it Now, I’ll Keep My Old Guitar, Cotton Eyed Joe; Hank Penny: Cowboy’s Swing, Mississippi Muddle, Wildcat Mama; Rice Brother’s Gang: King Cotton Stomp, Steel Guitar Stomp; Jewel Cowboys: My Untrue Cowgirl; Sunshine Boys: Gonna Get Tight, What’s the Matter; Louise Massey: Billy Boy; Port Arthur Jubileers: Jones Stomp, Pussy Willow; Ted Dafner’s Texans: Blue Steel Blues; Hi-Flyers: Watcha Gonna Do; Sons of the West: Sally’s Got a Wooden Leg; Al Dexter: Pistol Packin’ Mama; Spade Cooley: Forgive Me One More Time, Shame on You, Oklahoma Stomp; Porky Freeman: Boogie Woogie Boy; Zeke Clements: Oklahoma Blues; Jerry Irby: Nails in my Coffin; Like Wills: Bob Wills Two Step; Tex Williams: I Got Texas in my Soul, Smoke Smoke Smoke that Cigarette; Jesse Ashlock: Betty Ann; Don Churchill: One Year Ago Tonight; Johnny Tyler: Oakie Boogie; Johnny Lee Wills: Square Dance Boogie; Hank Thompson: Humpty Dumpty Heart.
PROPERBOX 7 Broke, Black & Blue   An Anthology of Blues Classics and Rarities   Various Artists   4 CDs   (1999)
Ed Andrews: Barrelhouse Blues; Tom Delaney: Georgia Stockade Blues; Memphis Jug Band: Sun Brimmers Blues; Big Boy Cleveland: Goin’ to Leave You; Blind Blake: Dry Bone Shuffle; De Ford Bailey: Up Country Blues; Sippie Wallace: Dead Drunk Blues; Long 'Cleve' Read and Little Harvey Hull: Original Stack O’Lee Blues; Barbecue Bob: Easy Rider Don’t Deny My Name; Kid Brown: Bo-Lita; William and Versey Smith: Everybody Help the Boys Come Home; Luke Jordan: Church Bell Blues; Emery Glen: Two Ways to Texas; Barbecue Bob and Laughing Charlie: It Won’t be Long Now; Weaver and Beasley: Bottleneck Blues; Lewis Black: Rock Island Blues; William Moore: Midnight Blues; Johnnie Head: Fare Thee Well Blues Part 1; Jim Jackson: My Monday Woman Blues; Frank Stokes: What’s the Matter Blues; Rosie Mae Moore: School Girl Blues; Tommy Johnson: Cool Drink of Water Blues; Ishman Bracey: Left Alone Blues; Mooch Richardson: T and T Blues; T C Johnson and Tom Nelson: T.CJohnson Blues; Rube Lacy: Ham Hound Crave; Texas Alexander: No More Women Blues; Willie Jackson: How Long, How Long Blues; Tarter and Gay: Unknown Blues; Chicken Wilson and Skeeter Hinton: Chicken Wilson Blues; Mississippi John Hurt: Stack O’Lee Blues; Peg Leg Howell: Broke and Hungry Blues; Victoria Spivey: Funny Feathers; Will Ezell : Pitchin’ Boogie; Jed Davenport: Mr Devil Blues; Kid Bailey: Mississippi Bottom Blues; James Wiggins: Weary Heart Blues; Henry Townsend: Poor Man Blues; Eli Framer: Framer’s Blues; Aaron T-Bone Walker: Trinity River Blues; Charley Taylor: Heavy Suitcase Blues; Joe Calicott: Travelling Mama Blues; Garfield Akers: Jumpin; and Shoutin’ Blues; Jim Thompson: Bedside Blues; Son House: Walking Blues; Willie Brown: Future Blues; Louise Johnson: Long Ways from Home; Bayless Rose: Frisco Blues; Arthur Pettis: Good Boy Blues; Little Brother Montgomery: No Special Rider Blues; Blind Willie Reynolds: Married Man Blues; Willie Walker: Dupree Blues; Skip James: 22-20 Blues; Sam Collins: Lonesome Road Blues; Leroy Carr and Scrapper Blackwell: Midnight Hour Blues; Jabo Williams: Fat Mama Blues; Georgia Boyd: Never Mind Blues; Kokomo Arnold: The Twelves; Big Joe Williams: Little Leg Women; Bessie Jackson: That’s What my Baby Likes; Peetie Wheatstraw: Good Whiskey Blues; Cripple Clarence Lofton: Strut That Thing; Louie Lasky: Teasin’ Brown Blues; Bumble Bee Slim: Cold Blooded Murder No. 2; Blind Boy Fuller: Baby, You Gotta Change Your Mind; Walter Davis: Ashes in my Whiskey; The Mississippi Moaner: It’s Cold in China Blues; Jazz Gillum: Jockey Blues; George Clarke: Prisoner Blues; Casey Bill Weldon: Back Door Blues; Buddy Woods: Don’t Sell It (Give It Away); Washboard Sam: Booker T Blues; Little Buddy Doyle: Hard Scufflin’ Blues; Lonnie Johnson: Jersey Belle Blues; Tommy McLennan: Baby Please Don’t Tell on me; Faber Smith and Jimmy Yancey: East St Louis Blues; Bukka White: Bukka’s Jitterbug Swing; Big Maceo: Can’t You Read; Memphis Slim: Life is Like That; Forest City Joe: Memory of Sonny Boy; Lee Brown: Horseshoe Boogie, Ruby Moore Blues, Lowland Blues, Round the World Boogie, New Little Girl. Little Girl; Jimmie Gordon: Rock that Boogie, Fast Life, Mistreated Blues, I Ain’t Like that No More, My Baby’s Acting Funny, It’s Time To Go, That Woman’s a Pearl Diver, Jumpin’ at the Club Blue Flame; Johnny Temple: Chain Gang Blues, Yum Yum Yum, I Believe I’ll Go Downtown again, Something in the Moon That Gives Me a Thrill, Dixie Flyer, Believe My Sins Have Found me Out, Rhythm Mama.
R2CD 40-107 The Irish Music Anthology 40 Classic Songs, Jigs and Reels   Various Artists   (2000)   Review
Frank Quinn & Joe Maguire: Sailing Home.  The Ballinakill Ceilidh Band: Knocknagow / The Fowling Piece.  John J Kimmel: Bryant's Favourite / Birds in the Tree.  James McCafferty: The Donovans.  Liam Walsh:The Faithful Brown Cow.  K Scanlon: Bonnie Kate / Swallow's Tail / Molly Branagan.  Packie Dolan: Mother Malone.  Packie Dolan and Michael Coleman: Stirling Castle / Lady Mary Ramsey.  Michael Coleman: Lord Gordon's Reel.  The Thunder Brothers: The Tipperary Christening.  Paddy Killoran: The Grease in the Bog.  John McCormack: Ballymore.  Kincora Ceilidh Band: Lasses of Carracastle / Maid of Mount Kisco / Ruth's Bush.  Angela Murphy: The Dacent Irish Boy.  Leo Rowsome: The Independent / The Star.  Ed Reevy: Tom Clarke's / The Boys of the Lough.  John McGettigan: The Maid of the Moorlougjh Shore.  The Fingal Trio: Sean Bhean Bocht / The Dancer at the Fair.  The Moate Ceilidh Band: The First House in Connacht / The Green Gate.  Barbara Mullen: The Garden Mother's Lament.  Delia Murphy: The Bonny Girl's Lament.  James Morrison: The Fisherman's Lilt / Colonel Fraser / New Tobacco.  John McKenna & James Morrison: The Tailor's Thimble / The Red Haired Lass.  Richard Hayward:The Bright Silvery Light of the Moon.  The Flanagan Brothers: The Sprig of Shillelagh / The Rose Tree.  William Andrews: Ask my Father / The Mountain Lark.  Sean O Siochain: The Bold Thady Quill.  Hugh Gillespie: Finnea Lasses / Curran's Castle.  Frank Lee's Tara Ceilidh Band: Kitty's Rambles / Merry Old Woman / Humours of Ballinafad.  Margaret Burke-Sheridan: Danny Boy.  Neil O Boyle: The Harvest Home / The Green Mountain.  Paddy Beades: My Darlin Colleen Bawn.  John Sheridan: Killarney / Believe me if all those Endearing Young Charms.  Michael O Duffey: The Lark in the Clear Air.  Michael Grogan & John Howard: The Drunken Tailor / The Teetotaller.  Edward Mullaney & William Stack: Maid in a Cherry Tree.  Frank O Donovan: Sitting on the Bridge Below the Town.  Maurice McSweeney's Stars of Munster: Bank of Ireland / Wind That Shakes the Barley.  Patrick J Touhey: Drowsy Maggie / Scotch Mary / The Flogging Reel.  Larry Griffin & Dan O Sullivan's Shamrock Band: I'm Leaving Tipperary.

Reynard Records

RR 02 Pass the Jug Round   Various artists   (1982?)
Mickey Moscrop: Pass the Jug Round; John Peel; Tom Brodie: The Birds; Joe Thompson: Horn of the Hunter; Joe Bowman; Robert Forrester & Norman Alford: Cumberland Waltz; Robert Forrester: Copshawholme Fair; Corby Castle; Moe Thompson: The Welton Hunt; Jim Nixon: The Keach in the Creel; Harvey Nicholson: The Copshawholme Butcher; Watty Graham: Longtown Dialect/Cumberland Reel; Len Irving: The Lish Young Buy-a-Broom; Jim Matthews: My Uncle Pete.

Robi Droli (now Felmay)

Not just a record company with several different labels, but also a distributor of a number of other Italian labels - presented her in roughly alphabetical order.  Most are available in the UK through ADA, PO Box 800, Belper, Derbys DE56 2ZA, UK.  Tel:01773 850000.  E-mail:

Associazione Culturale Barabàn:

ACB CD01 Il Valzer dei Disertori   Barabàn
ACB CF02 Canti Rituali, Balli, Piffero   Canti e musiche popolari dell'Appennino pavese
Cassette and Booklet
ACB CD03 Matuzine   Compagnia Strumentale Tre Violini   Musica violinistica del nord Italia   (1990)
Matuzine / Vilota / Saltin; Ballo dal curioso accidente / La Pollacina; Bal Frances / Moleta; Spagnoletto / Bergamasco; Mazurca di Zavattarello / Valzer del mandriano; Pairis / Primavera; Resiane: Ta Uciarska / Ta mvdvedawa; Va per tera / Giga; Scotis; Sunade di Nearies / Polca dell'Acquacalda; Calisson / Contradanza.
ACB CD04 Naquane   Barabàn
Christé; Carmagnola / Alessandrina; Gentil galante; Ballo dal curioso accidente / Ballo del'orso; La Brunetta; Naquane; La Merla; La fia rubada; Stranot di Lisander / Alessandrina; Fuoco e mitragliatrici; Ruggero / Danza di carnevale
ACB CD05 Pas en Amur   Compagnia Sonadur di Ponte Caffaro   (1993)   Review
Bal francés; Mascherina; Oibò; Monichèla; Landerina; Pas en amùr; Salta 'n barca; Sefolòt; Zingarella; Molèta; Spasacamì; Partenza Manöèl; Fiorentina; Biondina; Bas de tach; Bosolù Franceschèta; Bal de Iusegn; Bal de l'urs; Cadina; Tonina; Róse e fióri; Segnù; Ariòsa; Scotis; Pastorela; La bella inglesina (La e Mi); Monfrine de Marcèlo No 1; Monfrina de Ciù (Sol e Do); Monfrine de Marcèlo No 2.
ACB CD06 Live   Barabàn   (1994)
La merla; Ol me buntemp / Balletto dello Squilletti / Sestrina; Danze di carnevale; Donna lombarda; Polche dell'Appennino; Pastorale; Gin Gin / Manfrina; Lena; Valzer per Sarajevo; Le pute ege / Monfrina di Carlin; 0 Gorizia tu sei maledetta; Balli distaccati; Ven a cà el sò umen; Ballo dal curioso accidente / Naquane; La Brunetta; Saltarello / Kak pri luge, pri luzke / Russiano.
ACB CD07 Il Ballo dei Pazzi   Compagnia Strumentale Tre Violini
Le Valli dei Cavalieri: a) Piva b) Bigordino; Danze di Ostiglia: a) Balino Vecchio b) Il Basino c) Scharpolino; Variazioni sul Ruggero: a) Ruggero Ducale b) Variazioni sul Ruggero c) Tresca di Benni; Danze Di Fossano: a) Contradanza b) Balletto con Variazioni; Monfrine Padane: a) Mantovana b) Parmense c) Modenese; Il Ballo dei Pazzi; La Dragona e la Marchiatta a) La Dragona b) Marchiatta Detta il Tamisuar; Danze Resiane: a) Canzone a Ballo b) Aria di Danza Di Resiani di Tarcento c) La Guerra; Tu Tramontis; Arie da Battello a) Bao b) Biondina c) Aria del Zufolot; Barabani e Mantovane: a) La Mantovana b) Baraban c) Ballo di Mantova d) Il Baraben l'e Mort e) Bal Del Baraben; La Furlana e la Schiavona: a) Canzonetta Furlana b) Schiavona; Monfrine delle Alpi: a) Bergamasca b) No7 Op 49 (G. Clementi) c) Comasca; Suite Zuanzigiuava: a) Ta Lessigiava b) Ta Zuanzigiuava c) Joue par Giovanni Negro d) Vieil Air du Pere de Anna Negro e) Joue par Giovanni Negro.
ACB CF08 Curi' O Gent   Canti delle mondariso pavesi, lomelline e Oltrepò
Cassette and Booklet
ACB CD09 La Santa Notte dell'Oriente   Barabàn
La luna e 'I sul; Viaggio a Betlemme; Piva e Saltarello; Puer natus; La Santa Notte dell'Oriente; Bambin d'amur; Pastor Gelindo; Nina; Piva di Rosate; La Stella; Questua per l'Epifania.
ACB CF10 Mondine Di Valle Lomellina   Curmaia siur padron
ACB CD011 Noi siamo i Tre Re (We are Three Kings)   La tradizione dei 'canti della stella' in Valle Sabbia   various traditional groups   (1998)   Review
Cantori della stella di Collio: 0 dolce o felice notte.  Cantori della stella di Treviso Bresciano: Noi siamo i Tre Re.  Cantori della stella di Comero: Noi siamo i Tre Re venuti dall'oriente.  Cantori della stella di Sabbio Chiese: Noi siamo i Tre Re.  Cantori della stella di Bione: Noi siamo i Tre Re.  Cantori della stella di Lavenone: Noi siamo i Tre Re.  Cantori della stella di Capovalle: Vado a cantare le grandi allegrezze.  Cantori della stella di Vobarno: Noi siamo i Tre Re.  Cantori della stella di Crone: Nacque Dio nella capanna.  Cantori della stella di Mura: Noi siamo i Tre Re venuti dall'oriente.  Cantori della stella di Pompegnino: La Stella di Pompegnino Cantori della stella di Carpeneda: Noi siamo i Tre Re.
ACBCD12 Eva Tagliani   La voce delle mascherate   (2000)
L'ui bella, Si L'era un giovane di Milan, Monte Nero, Mamma perché piangi, La Santa Croce, Draghino, Fernando e Bortolino, Cecilia, Teresina e Eugenio.


fy 8007 Passione   Banda Ionica   (1998)   Review
Per Domenico Morelli; Jone; Pianto Eterno; Marcia Funebre; Una Lacrima sulla Tomba di Mia Madre; Ai Miei Genitori; Pace.
fy 8009 A Cheap Present   Birkin Tree   (1999)   Review
The Lark in a Clear Air / Con Cassidy's / Clive's Reels; The Gander in the Pratie Hole / The Corsair / The Glories of Spring; A Cheap Present / The Session Chaser Reels; Gloomy Winter / The Early Depart; Skies Through Leaves / Paddy Taylor's / Nuala's Bonnet; The Teacher / Ship in Full Sail / Marco's Jigs; Lonely Waterloo / Christmas Eve; Bliss in Connaught; Hughie's Cap / The Galtee / Seamus Egan's / Last Night's Fun / Tommy Peoples' / Ashmolean House.
fy 8012 La Macina   La Macina   (1999)
La pasquarella, Saltarello, Monaca a forza, L'anatra, Io vado in filandra, La malmaritata, È ffinidi i bozzi buoni, La cena della sposa, Donna Lombarda, Mariuccia a mme mme gela ..., Il marito giustiziere, C'era una volta caterina nerina baffina de' la pimpirimpina, Valzer risaltaito, Convegno notturno.
fy 8015 Microcosmi   Trio Argia   (1999)   Review
Comare; Sulcis; Aggius; Ninna nanna di Anton' Istene; Serenada di lerru; Gubbura; Sa danza in 'swing'; Ballittu.
fy 8016 Treo   Tri Muzike   (1999)   Review
Katsivella, Nigun, Ketri Ketri, Lebedik un Freilekh, Stani Stani, Ovodovjala Lisickata, Krivo Oro, Üsküdar, Kolo Nova Gradistanka, Uzicko Kolo, Ta Matia, Krivo oro.
fy 8018 A Volte Ritornano   Mauro Palmas, Elena Ledda etc   (1999)
Son Cieco, Dalle Belle Citta', Otto Ore, Regazzine Vi Press Ascoltare, Camicia Rossa, Rondinella d'Aspromonte, Cassisa Agghja 'Intu, Saluteremo il Signor Padrone, So' Stato a Lavora' A Montesicuro, Fuoco E Mitragliatrici Gorizia, Partigiani Fratelli Maggiori, Bella Ciao.
fy 8019 Lost in Ecstasy   Galata Mevlevî muisc and Semâ Ensemble   (1999)
Nay Taksim; Ferahfeza Saz Semâisi; Ferahfeza Son Pesrev; Ferahfeza Son Yürük Semâi; Entel Hâdi Entel Hak; Ey âsik-i-didâde; Enler Demine destûr alalim; Semâ Ritual in Suzidilare.
fy 8021 Yasko   Yasko Argirov   (1999)   Review
Sopka Rtchenitza, Bavnno Makedonsko and Kyutchek, Trakiysko Horo, Strandjanski Mohabet, Kopanitza, Taxim and Oriental Kyutchek, Strandjanska Rtchenitza, Sirto, Graovsko Horo, Karsllama, Tzinganski Kyutchek, Rumanian Tune.
fy 8023 Car der Steili   Tre Martelli   (2000)   Review
Le Tre Monferrine di Gegno: a) La Bèla Martina b) Pàn e Pòm c) Trìc e Tràc; E Cavour...; Monferrine di Masserano: a) Monferrina b) Monferrina; Er Car di Traslòc Danze dal 'Sinigaglia': a) Danza e Marcia b) Monferrina n 5; Galantòne; Schottisch; Ën Val d'Andorn; Mazurca per Nene; Jolicoeur; Polca di Masserano; Polca Ernestina; Polca di Masserano; Maria Scëtta; Mazurca di Castelceriolo; Scottish della Trappa; Hale-Bopp Scottish; Ra Balada 'd Caterinein; Danze Piemontesi: a) La Ringhengò Marie Sofie b) Potà 'd Farin-a c) Perigoldino d) Sbrando e) Monferrina; Polca dël Fernèt; Polca di Anita; Polca dël Fernèt - ripresa.

Madau Dischi:

D 08 Ten da Chent l'Archët che la Sundada l'è Longa   La Ciapa Rusa  (1982)
Danze da piffero; Questua delle uova / Curenta; Mazurka; Re Gilardin; Danze della Valle Borbera; La bevanda sonnifera; Carnevale di Roccagrimalda; Gentil galant / Giga.
Republished by MW Records, 1996, as MWCD 4014
K 012 I Müsetta   Bani e Tilliòn
Polka; La Strada di Mede; Polka; Mazurka; Teresina; Giga di Bobbio; Brunetto; Giga d' U Rus; Polka di Giuanein; Mazurka; Valzer; Polka; Valzer di Jacmòn; La Luigina; Bacicin.
D 014 Stranòt d'Amur   La Ciapa Rusa   Canti e danze dell'Alessandrino   (1983)
Il Draghin / Alessandrina; Perigurdino / Giga; Dona Lombarda; Curenta / Bisagna / Polca; Il Frate Confessore / Mazurca; Strambotti / Monferrina; La Munighetta; Monferrine; Adrè la Riva; Guarda la Luna / Polca.
D 025 Il Ballo della Lepre   Riccardo Tesi  (1985)
Republished by MW Records, 1996, as MWCD 4001

New Tone:

NT 6708 Retanavota   La Ciapa Rusa
La Monia Sola / Su e Lun-na / Piana pre Pietro; Purvi e Piova; I Servitur / La Ragazza Assassinata; Le Strese Cose Ritornano / La Finestra sul mare / A Miguel / Come tempesta/ Piccoli Equivoci; Chansun di Espouze / Sbrando del Roero / Sbrando di Bra / Monferrina di Bonomino / Il Checco / Monferrina Modenese; La Pastora e il Lupo; 'Nsumma al pont ad Mantua; Pifferata degli Abbà / Diana / Pifferata di Monsignor Vescovo; Fia ad Quindes An; Il Passo del Bosco / Luna d'Agosto / Amsun; Contrasto / Il Gutturnio di Bani / Ret a 'na Vota; Monferrina / Monferrina / Allemanda / Borea; Cansun Büsiarda / Sestrina per Stefano.
NT 6709 Trallalero   Squadra di Canto Popolare Valpolcevera   (1993)
Catainoìn a fa u pisettu; A mè muè ghe l'ho ditu; Strasétti d'Arbà; Scioglilingua; Carvallo bionco; Dammi la man bionda; Cin-ci-là; Facciati alla finestra; La partenza; Mammà dimmi perché; Madunin-a di pescuéi; Ma che figura; U cittu; Un bicchier d'acqua; Quell'uncellin del bosco; Paritò farò partenza; L'usignolo; No ta lagnà.
NT 6713 Argia   Alberto Balia ed Enrico Frongia   (1993)
Itta dd'oi est; Gentil e graiziosa; Fiuda Bagadia; Canto in re; Argia: Introduzione / Melodia mediterranea / Danza ipnotica / Scongiuro / Danza di possessione / Festa; Larere Bombo: A se seria / Larere Bombo / Passu torrau; La Filugnana; Ninna nanna a cantare; Ballu lustru variato.
NT 6719 Scennenno d'a Muntagna   Paranza di Somma Vesuviana   (1993)
Quant'è bello / Bella figliola ca te chiamme Rosa; Aggio menato na rezza ammare / E 'o ttengo l'acqua d''o sit''e Nola; Uh bella figliola, comme ve chiammate / Nu' journe me ne jeve mare mare; Hanno femut' se gghiute e 'e vvenute; Alli uno, alli uno; Figlia figlia jesce e abballa; Vuje vulite cozzeche, chiene / Nanassa nanassa / Garuofane e mele; Rangio e mosca; Caro Cumpare; Fronne / 0' cucuzziello; Madonna delle Grazie; Quant'è bello.
NT 6720 Racconti a Colori   I Suonatori delle Quattro Province
Terra d'Ombra; Sposin; Sestrina; L'Allegria; Racconti di Gina; Rosso di Marte; Mas-Cin; Lampi ed Tron; Serenin; Cadmio; Annalu; Baciunein; I Concerti; Vanela; Bella Noeuva; Lacca di Garanza; Vanela.
NT 6722 Gèsu Bambin l'è nato   Ensemble del Doppio Bordone   (1993)
Annunciazione; Patorella / Piva piva; Natale Carnico / Novena; Caminando giorno e notte / La cioca d'la Valada; La notte di Natale / Qual vagante stell; Bambin Divino / Queslo nobil bambin; Li trei Re Magi / Sunada d'j bargé; Gesù Bambin l'è nato / Gesù Bambin / Heri heri pastoreli; Viaggio a Betlemme / Aria; Piva rinascimentale / Piva di Binasco; Sonata del Bambin Gesù; La stella / Ninna nanna del Gesù Bambino.
NT 6726 Forse il Mare   Ritmia   (1994)
La stella e la luna; Serenata mare; Siscari; Adieu adieu; Moresca nuziale.
NT 6727 Intonos   Tenores di Bitti   (1994)
Cantu a isterritas; Cantu a ballu seriu; Cantu 'e ballu a passo torratu; Cantu a ballu lestru; Muttos; Cantu a s'andira; Boche 'e notte.
NT 6729 Aji e Safran   La Ciapa Rusa   (1995)
La casa di Vronovski / Tasso barbasso / Centi; Cecilia; Su,su / Monferrina del mon Sion / Lagalatrà / Arbi / Al fiol del giacu / Monferrina d'j armugnach; Cus feve si marin / Papa demi la bela; Fruja,fruja Ciacio / Mita la strada / Marlipo; La casa della luna azzurra / Mercoledi delle ceneri; La Torinese; L'è stato il vento / Marcia / Marcia / Gran cuntradanza; Bel galant / Marcia / Bisagna; Vioire / Ad oriente.
NT 6743 Organittos   Totore Chessa   (1996)
Baronia (ballu brincu); Costera (danza); Supramontes (ballu tundu); Sonettes (pass'e trese); Ballu Seriu (passu torrau); Dilliriana (dillu); Trieddas (campidanesu); Barbagia (passu torrau); Mandrolisai (ballu tundu); Balentia (danza); Organittos (danza/passu torrau).
NT 6746 Ammentos   Tenores di Bitti   (1996)
Ballate a ballu tundu; Misteriu; Satiras; Si viti a mondu de tinne furare; Su rosignolu; Muttos; Su nenneddu; A Mama; Sa ballerina de carassecare.

Robi Droli

D001 O Senti che Bel Cantà   La Ciapa Rusa
Canto di Maggio; Le Nozze del'Alpignano; 'l Moru Sarasin; Stranòt; Dona Fransiesa; Madona 'd la Guardia; La Fija dal Povr' Om; Ninna Nanna; Giacu Trus; La Ragazza Guerriera; Questua delle Uova; Il Marito Confessore; L'Asu Mort'; Cul Vec / Carlin Passa da Là; Strofetta di lavoro / La Melia.
RDC 004 Faruaji   La Ciapa Rusa   (1987)
Trichete Triche / Monferrina di Casine / Cin Cin / Monferrina del Paluc / Fela Balà / Monferrina di Frankie; La fanciula Rapita; Perigurdino / Curenta; L'Annunciazione; Polca di Jacmon / Ploca di Centi / Polca Antica; Calisun / Baligurdin; La Monaca Salvata / Sestrina; Carlin di Maggio / Valzer; Ratto al Ballo; Giga / Perigurdino.
RDK 007 'Cmè Müsa e Pèinfar   I Müsetta
Guarda la Luna; Valzer di Giafer; Polca di Giulitti; Valzer in Do; Polca; Il Sirio; Polca di Ustinoli; Libiam nei Lieti Calici; Ho Girato Tutta l'Italia; La Zecchinetta; Lavora ti Paisan; Tutte le Lettere.
RDC 011 Eiv' Vü:sto u Luvvo?   I Suonatori delle Quattro Province   (1988)
Alessandrina; Mazurca; Monferrina d Napoleone; Tutti ne van pe Americhe; Alessandrina; Valzer; Povera Donna; Stranòt / Valzer; Alessandrina; Valzer / Polca; Scioglilingua; Polca; Perigurdino.
RDC 015 Antlogia   La Ciapa Rusa   (1990)
Danze da Piffero; Mazurca; Re Gilardin; Il Draghin / Alessandrina / Perigurdino / Giga; Il Frate Confessore / Principessa; Strambotti / Monferrina; La Munighetta; Gin Gin / Monferrina / Monferrina; Questua di Maggio; Strambotti; Ninna Nanna; Fillastrocca dei Contrari; Canto di Questua delle Uova; Curenta 'd l'Asu Mort; Suite di Monferrine; La Fanciulla Rapita; L'Annunciazione; Polche; Calisun / Baligurdin; La Monaca Salvata / Sestrina.
RDC 5024 Omi e Paiz   Tre Martelli
Brando / Brando / Brando 'd Gamondi; I'e 'na Fijetta de Quindez Ani / L'Era 'na Fietta 'd Quindez Ani / Scottish 'Ra Stra per Rod'; StrasÀ; Curenta / Burea / Alessandrina di Andrea / Monferrina; Pasand 'n Cula CuntrÀ / Quand a na Siji LÀ SÜ 'n Savoja; Paiz der me Paiz; Monferrina / Monferrina / Monferrina; Sa LÜNes LÀ / Mazurca; O Dime 'n PÒ Bel Giuvu; La Marchera / L'Anvarett; Dutur s'al Entra an Camera / Polca di Nello / Polca di Ernesto; UardÈ 'l Frigg.
RDC 5025 Launeddas   Efisio Melis / Antonio Lara   (1995)
Efisio Melis e Antonio Lara (Milano 1961): Fiuda alligra e punt'e organu parte 1 & 2; Punt'e organu e sampogna parte 1 & 2; Fiorassiu e punt'e organu parte 1 & 2; Mediana a pipia parte 1 & 2; Ispinellu e punt'e organu parte I & 2.  Efisio Melis (Milano 1930): Fiuda Bagadia; Ballu Logudorese.
RDC 5034 Splende la Luna in Cielo   Voci del Lesima   (1996)
Splende la luna; Le carrozze; Capriccio / Picchia picchia la porticella; La bella nova / Oh Cegni Cegni bello; Dammi un ricciolo; Filastrocca / Majulin; Dormi dormi; Inglesina; Il delltto; Ferruccio; Sü e sü per San German / La bella si marita.

Other Labels:

K002 I Suonatori delle Quattro Province   (AC La Ciapa Rusa)   (1986)
Alessandrina; Piana; Stranot / Sestrina; Giga; Monferrina; Alessandrina; Perigurdino; Valzer del Lento; Polka; Mazurka di Ivano; Polka; I Disertori; Mazurka / Polka.
APG CD001 Taxa   Coro Gabriel   (Accademia Popolare Gallurese)   (1997)   Review
Ottava; Loda; Bruneddha; Tibi; Sanctus; Tuldio'; Ninna Nanna; Ave Maria; Muttetti; Baddihttu.
LPPG 218 Giacu Trus   Tre Martelli   (Pentagramma)   (1998)
Bal 'd Rico dl'Ariot; Dutur s'al Entra an Camera / Purca; An su la Riva de lu Mar / Vas; E Ben Vena Magg; Pasanda per Curs Acqui / Brando / Monferrina / Monferrina; Sun Comprami 'n Umetin / Masorca; Giacu Trus; La Parpaiula; Me Voi Pie' cul Giuanin / I Fio' Disu a le Fie.
TM 001 Trata Birata   Tre Martelli   (Associazione Culturale Tre Martelli)   (1982)
Sbrando; Galantone La Na Gunzo; Perigurdino; Povra Dona; E ben vena magg / monferrina; Giga; Danza di Luglio; Lachera / Giga / Calisun; La Bergera; Curenta dei butei; Trata birata; Alessandrina; Questua delle uova; Valzer dra streia.
TM 003 La Tempesta   Tre Martelli   Canti e danze traditionali tra il Tanaro ed il Po.  (Associazione Culturale Tre Martelli)
La Tempesta; Curenta; Se la me Mama l'è 'na Cativa; Vas (R'irtim Gir); Nori e Marimadone; La Ran-na e'l Babi; 'l Prinsi 'd Carignan; Vas del Moru; Oh che Giudisi d'in Pari e d'na Mari; Curenta; Mariana l'è 'n'Ambisiusa' 'l Fiò del Re l'è 'ndá a la Cassa; Brando.
TM 005 Brüzè Carvè   Canti e danze tradizionali delle Langhe e del Monferrato   Tre Martelli   (Associazione Culturale Tre Martelli)
Beltrando / Monferrina; Là 'nsla tera benedia; Ra terla / 'r brando di coscrit; Margheritina di Ricüniz / Polca di Vigi; Valzer di Frumento; U ie tre bel fie; Mazurca Uacia-ch'al-pianz; la ran-na ià tre fie / Brando; La cansun büzarda; Scottish; Me car Miclen; Sbrando; Se la vendessi / Mazurca.
CD 003 Ballo delle Valli Occitane d'Italia   Silvio Peron & Gabriele Ferrero   (Soulestrelh)   Review
Val Vermenagna: Courenta 'Le belle si maritano'; Balet 'Materin pa tant chot'; Courenta 'd Chiquin; Courenta 'd Batista; Balet del baro.  Val Maira: Courento dla Rocho.  Val Varaita: Countradonsa e Balet de Janetou dal Counh; Courento dc luzep da' Rous; Courento 'escuro' de Jouann Bernardi; Balet de Juzep da Rous; Bouréo vièio de Jouann Bernardi; Balet de Juzep da Rous; Bouréo de San Martin; Balet dal Bornh d'ell Chambeto; Moulinet; Countrodanso de Juspin Sezet; Balet de Juzep da Rous; Courente de Coustiole dal Bessé e de Jouann Bernardi; Balet de Girba; Gigo e Balet de Jouann Bernardi; Tresso e Balet de Juzep da Rous; Courente e Balet dal Bessé, Grondo Gigo de Blins: Gigo, Cadrìo, Pountarelo e Balet.  Val Po: Giga de San Frount; Bouréa de San Frount.  Valli Germanasca e Chisone: Bouréo de Ruclarét; Courento d'Adrïén; Ëspouzino de Ruclarét; Courento 'della stecca'; Courento de Bar' Falipin.
Enrosadira 0010 Apotropaica   B E V - BonificaEmilianaVeneta   (Enrosadira)   (1999)   Review
Al loov in t'al bosc, Manfrine nove (Manfrina d'Arian / Manfrina del mezzo / Manfrina dia Burana, Pasemezzo dal me amor /1050 Km a Ovest, La Lena, Il diavolo in carrozza, Al Bigoun, Battagliero / Parco Nord, Turibolina, Oi giovanoni!, Suite apotropaica (Furlana della bugna / Giga tradizionale / Giga apotropaica, Il disertore.
K001CD Su Banzigu   Tenore 'S. Gavino' de Oniferi   (Kuntzertu)   (2000)   Review
Su Banzigu, Muttos, Sa Leppa Pattadina, A Signorina S, Paules de Vele, Disisperu Amorosu, Fizu 'e Su Giannile, Su Socialista..., A S'Andira, Su Lamentu.

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